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Found 8 results

  1. Hunting boar in Spain with the mrs this winter... My last kill of the season was through my trusty old XP50 thermal scope, on my favourite MSR-10 Hunter semi-auto rifle. After two days of arduous recon, from a hillside we finally found a suitable one down at the bottom of the valley. I set up 100m away from the boar, downwind, 14 degree angle downhill to target, and the hog had stopped to take a drink in the ice cold mountain stream -- everything was perfect... But we chose to gamble on moving in closer to a species that's highly mobile, as agile as a mountain goat, and can disappear like a ghost. The white noise of running water, the pitch black night and a strong headwind allowed us to reach a new vantage point just 65m from the animal. After a few minutes the beast presented broadside for a textbook neck shot, instant drop, immediate humane kill. (There were further rounds in the mag if needed, and one ready in the chamber less than 100 milliseconds after firing the shot.) Our chosen bullet has a proven track record from 50m to 300m for big game, providing acceptable expansion. Extraction was more of a challenge. We soon discovered that the boar was on an island surrounded by a deep quagmire. I struggled to find a safe path through the swamp, but after I'd failed from 3 separate routes the mrs just waded in, finding a safe path using red torchlight, deployed her drag strap to pull several kilos of meat up onto the bank, and commenced skinning and gralloching while I fetched the jeep. Loadout: Rifle: Savage MSR-10 Hunter (semi-auto AR-10) chambered for 6.5 Creedmoor Riflescope: Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 (on Tier One QD) Spotter: Axion 2 LRF XG35 Ammo: Norma Bondstrike 143gr Sticks: Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 tripod Neck-shot down in a mountain stream: Boars are more nomadic and unpredictable than deer... The elusive, wild, rugged "Jabalí de montaña" breed seen in these video clips inhabit a crazy mountainous landscape, living everyday life at altitudes exceeding 2,000 meters. (The highest mountain in Britain is Ben Nevis at 1,345 m, or compare with Snowdon at 1,085 m.) This boar variety is pure lean muscle but also highly intelligent. It strolls up steep slopes and cliff-faces *literally* like a mountain goat, and disappears into terrain or scrub like an ethereal phantom. They endure an arid climate that swings between extreme heat and cold, generally from -7°C to 33°C. While deer don't need to drink because they get enough water from their diet, boars do need to drink regularly -- another challenge of living in this high-desert environment. Seasonal streams are a good place to find their tracks -- distinctive circular hoof-prints. Their only reward for this harsh lifestyle is almonds, the main crop grown here and a boar's favourite food -- which elsewhere in the peninsula boar-hunters use as bait. Spain is a fascinating country to hunt in. They have seasons for rabbits. Some autonomous regions have declared a wild boar emergency, allowing new opportunities for hunting with thermal optics. Recon:
  2. Hi Guys, DRIVEN HUNT / MONTERIA IN SOUTH OF FRANCE: Wild boars, Red deer, Fallow deer and Mouflon ESTATE: 1 hour from Montpellier Airport – 2h30 from Toulouse Airport – 1 200 hectares (fenced) DATES: 8 and 22 March – 5 and 19 April – 10 Mai PRICE: ONLY 450 euros / gun (less than 350 pounds) with typical French breakfast and meal. OTHER INFORMATION: Accommodation available nearby and French hunting licence mandatory (100 euros) The line usually counts 20 – 25 guns for an expected bag of 40 animals (70% of wild boars). 1st drive: quota of 3 animals / gun maximum 2nd drive: unlimited This is a really nice estate. The biggest I know with over 1 200 hectares fenced. The place is full of boars and other animals. 2 or 3 trophy animals are taken on each hunting day. Pick a date; it’s going to be fun!! More information or bookings on ucp.pj@orange.fr or 0033 763 276 565
  3. Hi Guys, We will offer a new package in France for the next season ... we have tried it this year and it was fabulous !! For a group of 8 (or less) ... 3 shooting days - 3 nights ALL INCLUDED ! - 1 driven ducks day (bag limit 200 ducks) - 2 driven wild boar days (bag limit 20 pigs - no size limit) - 3 nights accommodation in Hunting lodge - full boar - double bed rooms - French licences - All transport (from / to airport) - Gun / Riffle renting if necessary ... 2 990 euros / guns (based on 8 guns) This package is also available with 300 ducks / 30 pigs and 400 ducks / 40 pigs (POA). Season is september to january. Do I have a team ? Regards from France, Pierre ucp.pj@orange.fr - 0033 763 276 565
  4. Hi Guys, Great driven boar opportunities on a famous estate near Montpellier (easy access from the UK with Easy Jet). Over 1000 hectares fenced to provide good results. Dates : - 14 / 15 FEVRIER 2015 - 8 MARS 2015 - 22 MARS 2015 - 5 AVRIL 2015 - 19 AVRIL 2015 - 10 MAI 2015 Price: - Driven day : 450 euros (350 pounds) including breakfast and after hunt traditionnal meal. - Back to back days : 900 euros - Extra are : French licence (100 euros), Transport from/to Airport (available from 4 guests at 50 euros / guest), Accommodation (from 75 euros / night) Info: - Individual or group welcome - 25 pegs - Expected daily bag : 30 to 40 animals with wild boars (over 50% of the bag usually) but also fallow, mouflon ram and red deer. - 2 drives / day - 2 to 4 trophy animals in the bag (wild boars or others) How does it sounds?
  5. The Field Sport Britain Crew paid us a visit last week and ended up with 2 boars, including a nice tusker over 100 kg. Check this video and feel free to contact me if you want more informations.
  6. Hi guys, We currently have a great offer for driven wild boar in South of France : Based on a group of 8 guns ... only 950 pounds / gun including : - 2 driven days (beaters, hounds and transport on the estate) - 2 nights full boar accommodation - French licence and insurance - gun renting (shotgun or riffle) - transport airport - Bag : up to 10 wild boars ... extra wild boars available at 500 euros (400 pounds) ** NO SIZE LIMIT ON THE BOAR ** Our estate is based 30 minutes from Carcassonne Airport - cheap flights (around 50 - 80 pounds) ! Program (flying from London Stansted to Carcassonne airport) Arriving on tuesday at 5 pm - transfer - diner on the estate - night on the estate Wednesday : breakfast - driven day with traditionnal lunch (2 or 3 drives) - diner and night on the estate Thusday : breakfst - driven day - late lunch - transfer to the airport in the afternoon - departing at 5.45 pm Well ... that's a 2 driven days - 2 nights full boar accommodation package ... ideal to discover our quality estate and achieve a bag of 10 boars or MORE !! @ 950 pounds / guests (based on a team of 8) Anyone interested for january, february or march ? Quick presentation of the estate :
  7. Hi Guys, Here's a quick video of our wild boar estate in south of France ... This hunt took place last year ... Hope we'll like it ! Pierre,
  8. Hi guys, We run a 500 ha wild boar estate in South of France. We are based 30 min from Carcassonne Airport ... just ideal to travel with Ryan Air from the UK ! We offer tailor made packages to suit each guests requirement ! We recommend a 2 hunting days - 3 nights package ... hunting lodge on the estate with good food and fine wines ! We run our "10 boars back to back days" every month. Price / group (3 to 8) is only 7 900 euros ! Including : - 2 hunting days with hounds and beaters - 3 night full boar accommodation on the estate (very nice hunting lodge) - up to 10 mdedium size (30 to 60 kilos) wild boars Extra : - French licences (available online) - Extra wild boars from 500 euros - Alcohol - Transport from / to the airport - Gun hire It's just ideal to enjoy a quick visit in south of France with some friends ! Contrary to some other estates, we are please to welcome small parties and will try to give you loads of opportunities to shoot at boars. Let me know if you want to know more ... Cheers, Pierre
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