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Found 14 results

  1. I have several spaces remaining on some of my shoots - available immediately. Runs from 1st April to 31 March each year. You are supplied with personal & vehicle passes and can attend at almost any time without making bookings, shoot when you like. Good varied quarry. Please p.m me with your full name, email address and contact phone number. I will mail you back a set of rules for information & arrange to have you shown round ASAP. My bailiff will be showing perspective members round this Friday during the day & will call you for a chat. Now the light evenings are here, evening viewings will be available as well. I have four places available at a Rawreth/WIckford shoot priced at £400 pgpa. I have one place available at a Billericay shoot priced at £420 pgpa Just One gun available at a lovely Rennendon/Runwell shoot at £550 pgpa. Just One gun available at a nice starter shoot at Runwell for just £175 pgpa. If you are the sort of person that shoots anything that moves without caring what it is - this is not the syndicate for you. I expect members to be respectful, considerate & safe. I only supply the appropriate number of guns depending of the size/type of shoot, nothing is overshot. I have 27 years experience in this area & am proud of my reputation. I can provide all details via email or telephone. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards Gordon
  2. Background. The Shoot is located on the fantastic Estate on the outskirts of Lockerbie in the Scottish Lowlands of Dumfries and Galloway. This shoot has prime access, being only 10 minutes from the A74 and is set in excellent surroundings. This shoot is of prime location within the lowlands near to the Scottish/English Border which is across 1000 acres, giving plenty of scope and variety of terrain all of which is easily accessible. The shoot has undergone reformation along with an improvement programme. Safety. Safety is our number one priority. We have a fully comprehensive health and safety policy incorporating a risk assessment for all sporting activities and shoot management aspects for the syndicate. A safety brief is delivered by our team captains at the start of all shoot days. The day’s proceedings. Our shoot dates are Saturdays with some dates set over the Christmas period the guns would be split into two teams and managed on a stand 1 beat 1 basis. The Syndicate meets at 08:45hrs for a 09:00hrs start, the teams are briefed by the team captains, this includes a brief on safety and layout for the day. We will then proceed to the drives for the morning. At around midday we will head to the shoot bothy were we will enjoy a comfortable packed lunch away from the elements, enjoy each others company with plenty of usual chatter on which birds were missed and the performance on the other teams beating. The teams will then proceed to the drives for the afternoon and will finish around 15:30hrs, the team will again head to the shoot bothy and enjoy another well deserved break. What to expect. An enjoyable day with the syndicate and its members, plenty of laughter and with some excellent scenery, a variety of terrain and areas to shoot. Not to forget some excellent quality and challenging birds. The quarry to be expected is Pheasants and Woodcock with the chance of duck. The birds presented have proven to be a challenge for its members over past seasons. This shoot is ideal for the experienced, novice and both female and young shooters as we encourage and promote the future of the sport. Any Guns wishing to bring their Partners and/or dogs with them for the day are most welcome to do so. Expected bag 40 head. What not to expect. Champaign breakfast, the sky full of birds and members of the British Aristocracy. Availability. I have a vacancy for 2019 season for full guns shooting fortnightly - expected bag range 30 to 60 birds stand beat 9 (possibility to add more) days £850 inclusive of liability insurance Land & topography The shoot is set within the rolling hills of Dumfries and Galloway giving way to some valleys which give some testing birds on some drives. About the hosts The Syndicate always makes any guest of visitor feel most welcome, the team Captains and Shoot Captain have a professional approach in the way that the day is controlled and organised throughout the day. Reviews Mr. Frederick Corbett 19:27, 17 December 2017 Reviewing multiple visits Having been there for my first visit on the 2nd December 2017, I was impressed by the professional way this shoot is run and organised , which importantly instills confidence in the safety aspects which are high on my own agenda. The shoot captains and the syndicate members made me feel very welcome from the outset and i enjoyed my day here immensely. Would I recommend ?......I have booked a further four days, says it all. Visited multiple times Quarry Pheasant, Woodcock Overall average 5.8 points Mr. Jim Sutton 19:56, 12 February 2017 Reviewing January 28th 2017 Not the best weather on the day but that didn't ruin what was a very enjoyable day. Friendly team and good shooting Overall average 5.3 points Mr. James Syme 08:45, 11 January 2017 Reviewing March 18th 2019 Very friendly syndicate members, Keeper & son very organised & relaxed with clear instructions & worked very hard to retrieve every bird shot. Does what it says on the tin. Will be back Overall average 6 points Mr. Mark Butcher 18:25, 11 December 2016 Reviewing December 10th 2016 My wife and I enjoyed an excellent day here ,group of guns where friendly and soon you felt relaxed . We split into two teams and after the briefing by the shoot captain off we went. We saw plenty of birds and everyone had shooting , I saw some very good birds on one drive in particular . All in all this is a well organized shoot and a well executed day ,terrain is interesting and provides a variety of exciting shooting. We hope to go back for an other day. Value for money definitely. Visited in December 2016 Weather Bright & Still Quarry Pheasant, Woodcock Format Mini driven No. guns 10 Drives 6 Expected bag 40 Actual bag 38 Overall average 6 points Mr. Stephen Scott 10:10, 6 April 2016 Reviewing I took a place here for a gun for the day, we managed to get 3 drives in before we stopped due to extremely bad rain and wind it was the weekend that most of Cumbria got flooded in December. However I was very kindly invited back for another day FOC. I could tell that Jon who runs the shoot was desperate to show it in all of its glory. The second day did not disappoint! Great drives and really friendly people in wonderful countryside I don't think you can get better value for money than the Corrielaw syndicate.
  3. Left home fairly early to see who was lurking about in the woods and riverside since yesterday. I had hoped to see a fox or even an otter as the light was only just creeping in. I was going to go the short cut through the woods but decided it would be better to go the long way as the path cuts round a couple of islands and it is all bushy so you are not silhouetted like I would have been going the short route. Fortunately the river had not come over the banktop here as it tends to in the winter but it was only 6" from washing over the path. I hadn`t even got my camera out when I saw movement in the corner of my eye, I stopped and slowly turned my head and saw the sinuous shape of an otter sliding towards the bank I was on! Result! The bank is 5 feet high or more at this point so it went out of sight and normally if they have spotted you they sink under and swim off downstream so I froze apart from my head which was swivelling up and down stream, just in case, and my hands which were getting the camera ready. It popped up upstream close in to the bank so I knew it had not seen me and I managed 2 shots of it one blurry the other you can just see it arching its back as it went under the water and under the branch in front of it. Apologies for the shaky camera work; First shot is the original photo the second a cropped picture from the original, otherwise it would be hard to see. If I had taken it a split second later you would have seen its tail, such is life. I walked on hoping to see it emerge again near the main part of the river, but I never did. I think it must have swum across, and I must have missed it, as the mallard that were on the water flew off in 3 flights one after the other, but the wigeon who were on the bank and the goosander were not phased at all. I had only walked 50m onto the main river bank properly when again I spotted movement in the corner of my eye, a big white rump patch of a roe. I was fully visible to them but they are conditioned to seeing people and their dogs, in fact there was one idiots dog chasing them the previous day while he just whistled and called its name! Oddly enough they were right next to where I buried one of my dogs. After that I turned my attention to looking for some nice pieces of driftwood as there can be some nice pieces that get left behind when the river drops, however there was only one piece today. However I must remember to keep myself upright as the beavers have been busy again and you would not want to slip and fall on this... More rain forecast through the week so I might have another wander down the river on Thursday and see what is what.
  4. Hoping that someone here local to me (im in portsmouth) could spare me some frozen game from last season (still in feather) or some fresh/frozen pigeon? Looking to introduce the dog to cold game soon and have an empty freezer. Would be eternally grateful and would obviously drive to meet wherever you are!
  5. Syndicate shoot wanted for next year 100 bird days with maybe a few duck. 4 guns needed, possibly more. We are Chesterfield, Derbyshire based but are happy to travel within reason. Atb delwint (mods please move, if you feel it needs to go in the wanted section)
  6. Just curious to see what types of manual calls you guys are using If you have ever thought about getting into the use of call's would really like to hear peoples opinions on calls in regards to the imported calls that are all factory injection moulded and the hand turn custom side.
  7. Hello, I am looking for shooting in the East Yorkshire area in exchange for fishing on a prime beat of the Driffield West Beck. I'm looking for preferably rough/walk up shooting and Duck flighting/wild fowling but would be more than happy with regular Pigeon shooting as well. If someone would be happy to take me a a guest or on a few trips then that would be great too . I am a young gun (18) but am very experienced and am currently training up a young springer who is coming along well and has accompanied me on a few trips. Many thanks Will
  8. Dear All, Some friends of mine and I are researching a fowling trip to Lewis and Harris next season and were wondering if anyone has any contacts up there for accom or guiding? Four or five of us looking for about four days of shooting. Cheers, OT
  9. Hi Guys, We will offer a new package in France for the next season ... we have tried it this year and it was fabulous !! For a group of 8 (or less) ... 3 shooting days - 3 nights ALL INCLUDED ! - 1 driven ducks day (bag limit 200 ducks) - 2 driven wild boar days (bag limit 20 pigs - no size limit) - 3 nights accommodation in Hunting lodge - full boar - double bed rooms - French licences - All transport (from / to airport) - Gun / Riffle renting if necessary ... 2 990 euros / guns (based on 8 guns) This package is also available with 300 ducks / 30 pigs and 400 ducks / 40 pigs (POA). Season is september to january. Do I have a team ? Regards from France, Pierre ucp.pj@orange.fr - 0033 763 276 565
  10. Hi, I have permisson to shoot pigeons on a land that is next to a nature reserve, in the evenings a lot of ducks fly over the land where I shoot. I was wondering (before I speak to the farmer) is it ok to shoot those ducks & goose that fly over.
  11. Just interested to know what choke and cartridge choice you guys use for duck? ive always stuck to 1/4 or 1/2 choke and 36g 4's just want to see how much it varys from person to person..
  12. Rough Shooting near Northop in North Wales (easy access - 5 minutes from A55 expressway and not far from Chester.) We have two vacancies to join our small, friendly rough shoot which was established around 10 years ago. We rear and release pheasants each year and enjoy a few informal days in season on Saturdays/Wednesdays, as well as rough shooting year around. There are pheasants, wild duck, geese, snipe, woodcock, wood pigeon, and crows. Good pigeon shooting over crops / stubble in the Summer. We overlook the River Dee, and have good wooded areas & several flight ponds. Membership would suit safe guns looking for year round rough shooting with some informal organised shoot days in season. Guns with dogs preferred, but not essential. £350 per Gun. Please send PM if you would like more details. Cheers, Spitzer
  13. Hi all I am getting together our first wild duck shoot on our 2 acre lake in Oxfordshire next Wednesday 5 th.there will be max 10 guns .guns will arrive at 2pm for drinks then set up for shoot till approx5.30 then back in cafe for food.There is no bird limit.we are getting between 50-100 birds in every night.the costs will be £100 pr gun with food and drink included. please can anyone interested contact me ASAP as first come first serve.you will need steel shot.Also we need some one with a good pick up dog to retrieve any birds if anyone is interested thanks
  14. Hi all i was just wondering if the pinks have arrived in any great numbers at Happisburgh as i have some marshes over there, we had a great season over there last year and have had some great early duck this season already. Cheers Paul
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