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Pocket hides


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I’ve got the Intrique Camo Net In Realtree.  Its very light and folds down real small to put in a rucksack etc with Plastic decoys etc, magnet, battery.  It was a little pricey £66.95 for a 5ft by 12 Feet piece but really worth the money No bulky scrim to carry and the pigeons haven’t got a clue with it. 10 out of 10 in my book.


I purchased mine from Target Sports of Bolton 01204 496008 and the service was excellent.  They advertise each month is Sporting Gum Magazine which is also excellent.


Hope this helps



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I also use theRealtree netting,but I managed to get a deal at a gunshop.I got one piece which is realtree cloth for £15 becuase it had faded in the shop window & another piece which has leaf effect cut into it for £20 from my local gunshop.I like it because it folds up small & it does'nt tie itself in knots.The only bit of netting which I don't like much is the one that is nearly see through,as I think that defeats the object.

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Hiya Steve

I've just had the Springtime Specials through from Attleborough Accessories & they've got a special offer on netting.The cost is £20 + P&P.Their no is 01953454932 or you can log on to their website at www.attacc.com.Their website is'nt updated yet but it will be soon.

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