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BEWARE SCAMMERS- Gun Sales advice

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When buying or selling a gun it is not advisable to part with any money, or the gun, until you have either item in your possession.

If a distance is involved that makes a face to face transaction difficult, then have the gun sent through RFD's, there will be a small charge, but its worth it.
The RFD receiving the gun will hold the gun until they receive authority to release it (upon the payment of the money).

Don't accept the arrangement where you meet to conduct the transaction and pay the money (or hand over the gun) and the Seller (or his friend), goes to get the gun (or the money)....he may not come back.

Always make sure, as Buyer or Seller, you get a receipt, having seen some proof that the name and address on the receipt is correct.

Read this link as well,

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