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Pigeon Pasties

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    I was helping to run one of the Sacs snareing courses at Drumlanrig Castle yesterday so me and Joanna knocked up some pigeon pasties. This is what we had for lunch with the Russian salad at Drumlanrig and I bet the Duke of Buccleuch didn't dine better sorry no photos as we just finnished the last of them today

    with the last of the salad and a cold beer. :beer:

    2 Carrots

    2 potatoes

    half a small turnip (swede)

    frozen peas

    Dice the root veg small boil in salted water add peas 2 minutes before you drain veg when tender but not too soft (they cook on in the pastie) leave to cool

    take six pigeon breasts skinned season and sear in a hot pan that can go in the oven. ( I marinade the breasts in port and black pepper and garlic if liked)

    Flambe the breasts with some brandy or whisky remove and finnish in the oven N.B. they Must be rare as they cook on in the pastie.

    take the breasts and pulse them in a food processor with any juice from pan till you have a very coarse mix not to a paste but not too big lumps mix equal quantities of mixed

    veg and pigeon meat and once its cool use a saucer to cut out circles of rolled out puff pastriy I prefer Jusrole. put a spoonful of the mixture just off centre

    of the circle egg wash edges and fold over and press down edges. Put a small hole pastie and egg wash. Put in oven approx 15 minutes at gas mark 6/7

    or follow instructions on pastry packet to suit your oven. I use pastie molds I bought in lidls 3 different sizes for just under 4 quid they cut and crimp. Great wee

    tool for quantities above if you have any veg left add mayonaise and lemon juice for a home made Russian Salad. I forgot to add put any of the marinade thats left in before you put the breasts in the oven.

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