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    Bonnybridge, Central Scotland
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    Rough Game/Wildfowl shooting 12 bore, Beretta 686 black onyx
    , Beretta Extrema 2, Howa 1500 .243
    Ruger 10/22 Stainless, Moderated semi-auto, Vermin control.
    Fresh water & sea angling (general & skate-barn doors)

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  1. is this still available? & how do you deteremine short action?
  2. Is there a PW charity shoot this year?
  3. Tam


    Would take seconds to connect trip wire to alarm mine or attach to your car Squire. Sound of a 12 bore blank going off will either scare theme or wake you 😳
  4. Unfortunately didn’t have a choice 😔
  5. This can run in 4H on dry roads
  6. Pity there wasn't another X on there - billy bargain
  7. i am with Green Flag, a bit pricy but the only one that would recover my boat & trailer in the event of a failure on that
  8. A lot sharper thanks. Got a shadow @ side of view but hopefully that will clear
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