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  1. is this still available? & how do you deteremine short action?
  2. Is there a PW charity shoot this year?
  3. Tam


    Would take seconds to connect trip wire to alarm mine or attach to your car Squire. Sound of a 12 bore blank going off will either scare theme or wake you 😳
  4. Unfortunately didn’t have a choice 😔
  5. This can run in 4H on dry roads
  6. Pity there wasn't another X on there - billy bargain
  7. i am with Green Flag, a bit pricy but the only one that would recover my boat & trailer in the event of a failure on that
  8. A lot sharper thanks. Got a shadow @ side of view but hopefully that will clear
  9. Eye Operation pending for 8th July, can fly to Heathrow but can’t go on any rides @ Thorpe Park 😔 will ask surgeon but I think Shooting will also be out 😔
  10. Sorry, we are at Thorpe Park that W/end
  11. Many thanks to all that turned up today to support the Club & shooting a challenging course with the strong gusts of wind. ESAWC - James Morrison memorial trophy was awarded to Barry C after a shoot out with James scores on the doors - 1st 50 Watty - 125 Cartridges 2nd 45 Barry (tignme) 75 Cartridges 3rd 44 Barry C - 50 Cartridges, Trophy & Bottle Whisky 4th 44 (after shoot out) James - bottle Port 43 Gregg 43 Alex 42 Derick 41 Lynelle 40 Tam 39 Callum 38 Douglas 37 steven W 35 Edward 34 Rory 34 Bill 34 Stephen S 34 Colin 25 Kevin I can try & post pictures of Prize winners of no one objects (tignme) wasn’t letting go of his Prize 🤣
  12. https://www.google.com/search?q=Mothercare+Orb+Maxi+Cosi+Car+seat+adapters&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b
  13. Pm PayPal details please & I will pay tomorrow
  14. Tesco has some £40 malts for £26
  15. Think it’s a bit short notice for the 5th & John can’t make the 12th so would 26th suit PW members
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