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Has your spaniel got wet the on the days shooting when its stiff? Mine gets stiff if I don't dry him off well and now I put a coat on him to travel home in after days done. After all if you got wet and cold would you not feel a bit stiff the next day.

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My old spaniel used to get really stiff after a day out from when he was about 8 or 9 onwards. Started giving him glucosamine and chondroitin tablets every day with his dinner and he was utterly transformed. He'd be fine after a couple of hours of rest after a day out, not stiff and creaky all evening and the following day as he had been. I think you have to give them the tablets all the time for it to work, but I was amazed how effective they were. Look out for bargains on them at holland and barrett, two for ones etc and it's not massively expensive.

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get them in the old tin bath with warm water you can almost here them go ooooooooaaaaaaaammmmmm

and a good towel down helps relax those muscles and joints

and if that does not work do it anyway they deserve it anyway :yes:

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