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  1. Go on to air arms owners site and get in contact with Julian bond. He will sort it out without a doubt. Good luck.
  2. Carry pigeon also. Use mine when roost shooting saves carrying a game bag.
  3. Look at argos new dartboard blade 5 with surround only £35? and get to keep all your fingers
  4. Are there more in the series about pattern testing yet?
  5. Air isn't a problem commercial size compressor
  6. Cheers all. For use in new job never needed one before so know nothing about them. Understand you get what you pay for but didn't want to fork out unnecessarily
  7. Thats what I thought not a lot of poke.
  8. Thanks just took a look it says £20 all but a few pence.dont know if it would be up to daily use though.
  9. Looking for an air impact wrench nothing too fancy but enough power to be usable. Any on the cheaper side to stay away from?
  10. Seen labs that wont go into thick cover to retrieve a bird but not a spaniel.
  11. Old boggy, if he is bending it with hot oil would you want to stand over a boiling pan of oil in the heat we've had recently? Maybe it's a comfort thing lol.
  12. Me personaly I wouldn't worry about her turning around as long as she wasn't running in. All she's doing is marking for the retrieve in my mind but each to their own. All will have different expectations.
  13. Wouldnt know mate but they only a few quid for a full set of Julian bond on aaoc.
  14. Just a thought but would it be possible to get one 3d printed?
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