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  1. I’ve got a conundrum I use my vehicle for work (currently as disco 2) for driving around town doing repairs inspections for a social landlord and do anything between 8-20 miles stop start looking at jobs but I need to change I’ve been looking at a Freelander 2 dynamic but also a dmax purely for the fact I’m sick of the wet dog smell in the winter and the bit I’m beating at this year is a muddy mess. I feel I owe myself a decent motor after driving around heaps for years but can’t decide what’s best
  2. Does anybody run an Isuzu blade or Dmax 14/15 plate? If so what you getting fuel wise I need to change my discovery 2 to something better mpg wise as I use it daily for travelling around town for work 8-15 miles a day stop start but also need something to use for shooting/beating.
  3. Yeah kinda thinking the same mate plenty of reasonable pick ups about aswell tho
  4. Not sure what kind of pick up to get
  5. Going to have around 5.5k to spend on another shooting bus but no sure what to get toying with either a td5 or a double can pickup any advice would be helpful
  6. Where can I listen to that debate sounds very interesting
  7. I know a guy who can get some wild boar shooting from a farmer as they are an escaped farm popultion now roaming free do they have a season or are they classed as a pest due to the damage they do? Stevie
  8. He gets a warm Shower after a hard day to clean him off I actually had him our from 6am sat morning till 8 at night. Geese ducks and pheasant and he wasn't that bad the next day we were both pole axed though ha!!
  9. Is that the council black tar variety???
  10. I was thinking of planting brambles at the wood edge then maybe creeping brambles behind that as they are meant to be shade tolerant as is box hedging and maybe plant something else up either side of the fence to act as a wind barrier I only need 20-30 yards of cover to make it work I reckon
  11. It's on crown estates we ain't allowed to thin it out
  12. I'd agree with you there once they get a run about they are ok at sitting I trust my dogs reactions he sometimes sees things before me!!
  13. Someone needs to chrono this new batch
  14. I was thinking of that how far apart were you planting?
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