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Camera glasses

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I am generally happy with my hit rate on woodies, crows etc. However, there are not many pigeons about at the moment so I've taken up clay  pigeon shooting where my hit rate has plummeted. And it's the usual story of the harder you try the worse you get. So, I want to try and film what I'm doing and quietly sit and analyse the errors.

I've tried one of those bullet cams off the bay and mounted at the end of the barrel but the result is the picture breaks up when the shot is fired and I can't see diddly squat. So I am looking for glasses with integral camera or maybe a v small camera to mount on my prescription shooting glasses or maybe a DIY approach of a small camera on a head band. I've looked at products like Aimcam and Ivue but these are the best part of £200 and beyond my budget.

Any ideas from PW members to my problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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