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  1. Please keep PW uptodate and the outcome as I suspect it may not get much press coverage.
  2. Bobba

    Vote for Red Squirrels

  3. Bobba

    Alleged Russian assassins on TV

    Are you suggesting that you condone their actions?
  4. Bobba

    Extended Hedge Trimmer.

    I have a two stroke (pre mix) Mytox with long pole hedge trimmer (plus strimmer, brush cutter, chain saw). A good product and although well balanced it did get very tiring on a long hedge some +8ft high. I solved the problem by having the hedge reduced to 6ft. An option worthy of consideration.
  5. Bobba

    What tree is this from please

    Jdog seems to have gone "walk about". Is there a reason?
  6. Bobba

    Shower Problems auto reset.

    No idea except to say that websites such as The Shower Doctor may contain something useful
  7. Bobba

    VPN providers

    Jaymo, thanks, would be interested in outcome of your experimenting. Will look at tvcatchup.
  8. Bobba

    VPN providers

    Political activist? Perish the thought.....! No, I travel quite a lot outside the UK and as a TV license payer get extremely annoyed that I cannot access UK TV when I want to and, although not hyper sensitive about my privacy, I am getting increasingly irritated that organisations are monitoring what I do. Thank you one and all for your contributions.
  9. Bobba

    VPN providers

    For various reasons I am thinking of using a VPN service but have no experience of them Does anyone use a VPN service on their Android / iPad /PC etc? if so, would you share the pros and cons and which one you use please. Thanks.
  10. Bobba

    Gordon Brown Fears Another Economic Meltdown

    Not a particular fan of Gordon except for the fact that he designed the five economic tests to be met before we joined the EMU and adopted the Euro. We never met the tests and thereby frustrated Blairs rush to join the Euro. Brexit would probably have been impossible had we been in the Euro. Thank you Gordon.
  11. Bobba

    Sat afternoon thread

    Envious. Have done Sydney Harbour Bridge walk. That was awesome.
  12. Bobba

    please take time and help

    Another idle thought.- sorry, I've been painting the garage and idle thoughts rattle around. You could write to the Council, again under the freedom of information act because I believe the act requires them to respond in a given time frame, and ask them "to state the legal status of the roadway which passes through the cemetary lodge. For example, is it a public a public right of way over which the public have unfettered right of access" no need to explain your reason for your request. In the event that they confirm it is then you have further grounds to write and challenge the proposed closure asking them to explain the legal basis of their proposal to close a public right of way as you believe it a a matter for public consultation and/or referral by you to the LGO. It may be a drip feed process. These matters invariably are. Good Luck.
  13. Bobba

    Keeping Cats Indoors

    I knew as soon as I closed the lid on my iPad that someone would prove me wrong. Made me laugh. Congrats.
  14. Bobba

    please take time and help

    One idle thought. Perhaps you should write to the council quoting the Freedom of Informatin Act ( google it first to get the right parts) and ask for a copy of the restrictive covenants which are on the title deeds when they sold the gatehouse. There may be something there in terms of continuing public access which may assist you. Alternatively, if you do not wish to alert the Council to your thinking then speak to Land Registry about how to get a copy of the register for the property. As I recall it's a matter of downloading and completing form OC1 and paying £7.00. The register for the building will show any restrictive covenants. Good Luck.
  15. Bobba

    Keeping Cats Indoors

    There are two subjects on here that can give rise to a heated exchange of views and they are cats an cyclists. Thank goodness cats can't ride bikes !