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  1. Bobba


    Yup. Sit down for a tinny and a sandwich and then having to turn the telly off to avoid feeling depressed.
  2. Bobba


    There are ones I really dislike. At certain times of the day we're inundated with Funeral plans, Funeral Insurance, Equity Release. At the times of day when the silver surfer wrinkley brigade are watching and at the coronavirus peak when people are dying. Talk about playing on peoples fears.
  3. As I have little knowledge on cartridge construction so could somebody help me out please on the above? My limited understanding suggests to me that if you have a 28gram 6 shot cartridge then it contains 28 grams of lead shot sized 6. It seems to me therefore that if a 20 bore cartridge and 12 bore cartridge are each described as 28 gram 6 shot then they will both have the same amount of lead shot i.e 28 grams of size 6 lead pellets. So, how can an equivalent 12 bore cartridge have more pellets than the 20 bore? Thanks.
  4. I have had a Miroku 20 bore for many many years and it's my gun of choice (I also have Beretta SP 12 bore and a .410). When I bought the Miroku and a slab of cartridges I commented then on the fact that the cartridges were yellow. I was told that this is to make them stand out against 12 bore cartridges (which, presumably, are not yellow) so that you do not inadvertently drop a 20 bore down the barrel of a 12 bore where it will disappear out of sight and then put a 12 bore behind it and fire. Whether this is an urban myth or not I really wouldn't know. But I certainly wouldn't like to tr
  5. Thanks. Agreed, as to the hearing aid itself. But the additional digital functions I am looking for are the wire / mini speakers to the ears as opposed to tubes, and, the bluetooth pairing to the TV. Sadly, neither are seemingly available on the NHS aids. Hence my original query. At least we have an audiology service on the NHS. I was told by the NHS audiologist that in the ROI those who are acutely deaf - which significantly / adversely effects their way of life / work - they are dealt with by the state. For those with just hearing impairment they are given a voucher to cash in at a comm
  6. A quick google search looked promising. Download and print off?
  7. Thanks Westley, What Loop system do you have please? Not so silly at all. I think I will also explore Bluetooth headphones. The added advantage is that with headphones on I wouldn't be able to hear Mrs B when she speaks to me......... :-)
  8. Advice welcomed please from those with any experience of digital hearing aids and streaming TV programme audio from TV to hearing aids Via Bluetooth. Currently I have two NHS supplied aids with telecoil loop. NHS will not retune them for another 18 mths as it is a three year interval between consultations. This also affects my TV enjoyment as volume control has to balance the needs of both Mr and Mrs B. I’ve tried one of those neck loop digital devices plugged in to the TV optical output but it was pants. The NHS does not provide digital hearing aids and so I am considering purchas
  9. My understanding too. GL40 only for the protection of endangered bird species - listed by DEFRA. GL42 only for direct attack on livestock. So, if I saw a magpie raiding a blackbird nest I could not shoot the magpie because blackbirds are not on the endangered list!!! Somethings wrong somewhere in heads of Civil Servants
  10. Bobba


    I’ve had a full sets since 1975. My problem is a high roof to my mouth which, on certain bites, would cause the top plate to split. I searched and found a dental lab where the owner has done additional qualifications and can fit dentures. This gives him greater control over fit and design. The top plate now has a metal centre piece and no longer splits and the fit was fine tuned throughout the manufacture process. For me a far better result than when using a dentist.
  11. Gun License 1 of 2.pdf Gun License 2 of 2.pdf
  12. ? More restricted Chokes?? Not sure what you mean. What age is your Miroku? I ask because I bought mine in April 2009. At that time they came with fixed chokes 1/4 and 3/4 and stamped on the right hand side of the Over barrel it states "Special Steel - 20GA - 2 3/4" and 3". Mine was multi choked by Nigel Teague and I happily use any steel cartridges. Hope you enjoy the Miroku. A matter of personal taste, but I prefer it over my Beretta.
  13. Tried it in anagram solver sadly not the answer
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