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  1. Bobba

    Tragic Accident

    Pub to pub on a night out with a loaded shotgun in the car defies imagination!!
  2. Now we have to be careful about posts on cyclists. ,!! But my take on cyclists, good or bad, is that in order to ride on the road they should have compulsory insurance (just in case of incidents like this) and as a road user a sort of road fund licence. If they have no insurance their bike is crushed - as can be the case with cars. that way it's an equal playing field
  3. BBC Breakfast did show a very Brief few words from Peter Bottomley MP who supported the action and rightly drew attention to recent attacks (some armed) on MP's and staff. Typically though, it was brief and never raised again that I could see.
  4. Me too. When one thing leads to another I'm often reminded of the old music hall song "The Gas Man Cometh" by Flanders and Swann
  5. Nobody would dispute this comment but it misses the point of the conundrum posed by the OP which is that in the described scenario were the shot birds legal quarry or not. So, David, as a 10 year paid up member of the BASC clan if I telephoned you for advice what would it be to this member in the circumstances described?
  6. Frankly, you could put this question to 10 lawyers, put them in a room for a day, and you will have 10 answers. Clover. GL36 - If used for grazing animals it could be regarded as preventing damage to foodstuffs for animals. If harvested it could be regarded as a crop. So possibly use this defence. GL34 to protect flora and fauna. Not defined in the GL as to what constitutes F&F and can't find a legal definition but the reference is to a Wild birds etc and maybe wild is the operative word and so it's perhaps relevant wild flora not cultivated flora. Maybe not possibly a defence. just my view.
  7. You guys must be relatively "young" men so take advantage of these low premiums while you can. Wait until you get to 70 and then 75. The insurance industry heavily load the premiums because, they say, we're old and a greater risk. Yet analysts in the financial press and travel industry pooh pooh this assertion. They say that claims and payments made per capita in these older age groups are lower than younger folk and it's an excuse to raise more money from an ageing population. Mrs B and I are both retired. I am 75. We like to travel and have annual holiday insurance. Last year there was a three month gap between renewal and our next trip so Mrs B discussed with the Co the possibility of letting the policy lapse and starting again three months later. The reply was that on taking out the new policy we would be regarded as new over 70 clients with a significantly higher premium and restriction conditions. Also, a mate who is 80 and a fit veteran mountain biker has extreme difficulty getting single trip insurance because of his age. So enjoy it while you can.
  8. The other Xmas I was buying some stocking fillers in Body Shop and a somewhat bedraggled young man street person in long RAF great coat came in and politely asked the sales lady if she would like £ coins change. She said yes and he changed up £20 quids worth. I commented that it was a good mornings work to which she replied it was his 3rd visit that morning and it was only 11 O'clock! I never give money.
  9. Interesting topic. I have been under the impression (perhaps mistaken) that skip raiding can be regarded as theft. Any ideas?
  10. Keep up, keep up........ :-) Everything has NOT reverted back to the old licence. Defra issued three new licences on 14 June. Visit BASC website "General Licence". Print off and acquaint yourself with what is required. Also on the FAQ's you will see that the BASC advice is that we can roost shoot and shoot over stubble.
  11. Is that possible? I ask because I tried it once on a sxs to see which barrel fired first and the mechanism was so well machined that I couldn't close the barrel with the piece of paper in situ. In fact, on reflection, I would be worried if there was sufficient clearance / wear to slip a piece of paper in. Thanks.
  12. You seem to be quoting from the GL31 issued by Natural England. This is no longer listed on the government website and is seemingly superseded by DEFRA issued GL36 where no such restrictions apply. So, as David BASC says there s nothing in GL36 which precludes roost shooting or shooting over stubble.
  13. Last time they relied on crowd funding. If these funds dry up one wonders whether they will risk their own money. The law firm may offer no win no fee but that relies on them assessing a good chance of winning and getting an award of costs. Litigation is always a risky business.
  14. Where did you pick up this info please? Thanks.
  15. No. I've never used cradles. Another thing to carry if you've no 4x4 I've sent you a PM on my Blue Peter skills for lander / bouncers (too long a description for here. But below is a copy of the finished article on the arm of a rotary Have fun
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