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  1. You ask if it would be possible for you to work in America. Our American friend says yes. I am not contradicting him but if it is important to you then I would check. I say this because our son did two long periods in New York in banking. His wife is a qualified physiotherapist. Not only were her UK qualifications not recognised there but she was not allowed to work in any capacity. They lived a block or so away from Central Park and so to keep her sanity she became a volunteer there.
  2. A mate has the Beretta 20 bore with kick-off which he finds very comfortable with his shoulder problem.
  3. If you're looking for ideas there's a topic further down the list on Kit Trolleys where there's a photo of mine fitted with mud scrapers.
  4. David, as I understand it the BASC was attempting to contact the ACC concerned with these matters to obtain confirmation that there would be uniformity of application across all police forces. Has this happened please? For example, as I understand it Durham say pest control ok, Avon and Somerset say no.
  5. Bobba


    You must have liked it. You told us three times 😂😂😂( just leg pulling)
  6. David, is it not possible please to use the BASC members emailing service for this important clarification? Thanks.
  7. It appears that there is no national approach by the police. By this topic, Cheshire seem to allow crop protection. The Durham police website says "shooting vermin alone for the purpose of protecting crops and livestock will be permitted". Yet, I asked Avon and Somerset for guidance on essential crop protection, solo, (my permission has started drilling) and I was told "I cannot give you authority to leave your home for this reason". I've no gripe with A&S firearms dept who have a good reputation. They will no doubt be complying with the requirements of those further up the greasy pole. But it would be helpful and give clarity if there was a national approach. Particularly as those getting it wrong (according to how their police force see it) run the risk of losing their licence. I understand that the BASC are seeking guidance, on a national level, how the police will view such activities and what they intend to do. As soon as they know they will be updating members.
  8. Thanks. You keep safe too.
  9. Bobba


    What? Oldypigeonpoper? Never.
  10. Exactly. I sought advice from my licensing authority (A&S) about essential crop protection and the reply included " I cannot give you authority to leave your home for this reason".
  11. Easyjet cancelled my flights to Corfu return. They keep emailing to select an alternative flight but I want a refund. They are obliged to give one but impossible to contact. If anyone knows how to resolve this mess please advise. Thanks
  12. In real life Frank Bourne was awarded the DCM for "outstanding coolness and courage" in the defence of Rourkes Drift. He retired a Lt Colonel. Nigel Green acted the part well in Zulu.
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    Why do ....?

    Seen on a bog house wall "No matter how long you shake your peg the last drop dribbles down your leg."
  14. We use Mini black cable ties
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