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  1. If it is possible, then for evidence requirements I suspect it would be necessary to increase significantly the storage capacity. My dash cam has a 64 gig micro card and that lasts 2 1/2 hrs. I believe there are 128 gig cards.
  2. Bobba


    In terms of value you're right, there could be a trade off. But my point was keeping "control". Unless all fish caught are landed in th uk then we will have no idea what is caught and landed in other member states in terms of species, tonnage and size, as they certainly won't allow us to inspect their records in their countries. And there are factory ships, one operating under Dutch flag, which Hoover up fish stocks. Gove is considering reintroducing the 200 mile limit but unless he introduces with it a rigorous control system our fishermen still run the risk of being shafted by Johnny Foreigner.
  3. Bobba


    "A...... Fair........ Partnership is in our common interest" Let's not delude ourselves. The UK is the third largest contributor and our exit will leave an £88.9 billion shortfall in their budget which will have to found from somewhere. From where? Well, the U.K. of course. We will have to pay for everything we want in our negotiations. And, if the UK thinks it will keep control of our fishing then think again. It will be part of the price we will have to pay towards the "trade" deal. The real fight has yet to begin.
  4. Always wondered about these type of transactions in that is not the recipient guilty of theft by finding? The recipient found it in his / her account, knew it wasn't theirs, made no attempt to identify the rightful owner and began to derive benefit from it. Just wondering.
  5. Bobba

    Elon Musk

    Did 21 years scuba, some very interesting stuff e.g. Truk Lagoon, 40 mins in a wreck not seeing the light of day. But I take my hat of to you cave divers. It's not for me. For situations like the Thai boys, it's a good job that you guys are around.
  6. Bobba

    Christmas cancelled

    We've had one Xmas day already. Our younger son lives and works in Singapore. His company required him to be in the UK for two weeks. So, last weekend he and the daughter in law came home. Our elder boy and family joined us and we had a family Xmas day. A fresh tree, lights in the hall, the works. With the loft conversion everybody stayed over. As we get older (I'm 76) the opportunities to have our family around us get fewer and fewer. So we make the most of every opportunity.
  7. This goes back a long way in time. In the early 80's the first class carriage of the early morning Bath to London train would be full of MOD senior staff briefing themselves before meetings. Brown folder jackets were "normal": Green were "Confidential": Pink were "Secret". The pink files were quite revealing if you had practiced the art of reading upside down. Not sure whether it was MOD Police or the Spooks that cottoned on to the malpractice but it became known that one morning a couple of "Chaps" wandered through the compartment making notes then speaking to people. It was rumoured that many were later interviewed and had the security breach black spot on their personal file. I would guesse it was those reading Pink jacketed files.
  8. Bobba

    The Truth

    One of the best descriptions by a politician of a lie was by Alan Clark during the Matrix Churchill trial. He said he had been "economical with the actualite" The trial collapsed.
  9. Bobba

    Clive James

    And let's not forget the immortal words of Margarita Pracatan "I love you Clive James"
  10. Local farmers are saying Somerset has been hailed as an example for councils to follow; the county setup its ownSomerset River Authority, a pioneering partnership of local flood risk-management bodies, following disastrous floods five years ago. Lessons were learnt from Somerset Levels in 2014. They've got rid of the EA from looking after their rivers and now they have a river authority they haven't had any flooding since then
  11. Thanks one and all. As I said, it was a curiosity Q.
  12. A curiosity question which came up in conversation to which we have been unable to find an answer. So, does anyone know whether it is possible to buy 20 bore tracer cartridges? Thanks.
  13. Perish the thought..........
  14. When I was diving Truk Lagoon (Federated states of Micronesia) the Americans were wearing "T" shirts stating "I dove Truk Lagoon". I pointed out (humorously) that the past tense for dive was "I dived". The response was that you Brits drive your cars but the past tense isn't that you drived but you drove. Hence we Americans dove Truk lagoon. Touché.
  15. Two Nations divided by a common language !
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