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  1. My farming friend has introduced me to this App from the App Store. Quite impressive in measuring field lengths eg from roads, etc. Recommended. Sorry for odd layout of OP. Still can’t get the hang of smartphones!!!
  2. Agreed. I’ve an ages old 9mm blank firing frontier colt. It achieves diddly squat scaring pigeons. Blanks aren’t cheap.
  3. Bobba

    Flower or Weed?

    Good Clue. Google images and it does look like Annual Yellow Sweet Clover. A weed. Many thanks.
  4. There has been a sudden growth of this plant in an area of our garden. I was in two minds to just dig it out as a weed, but my head gardener (Mrs B) wonders whether it is a flower. So I thought I would consult before digging it out and upsetting the Head Gardener!! Any ideas anyone? Thank you.
  5. The fast heating ring on an electric hob cracked. It was not cost effective to repair. Under the extended guarantee we were give a “gift card” 😂 to present at Curry’s towards a replacement hob. The value covered the hob plus the unused portion of the guarantee and was acceptable. When we selected a replacement hob Curry’s charged us £90.00 to fit it. We complained that we were not buying a new hob where fitting costs would be appropriate. Curry’s were replacing a hob which they supplied, which went wrong and they should carry the refit costs not the customer. The asst Manager said he had no option but to charge and to take our case to their guarantee dept and if they agreed they would give us another gift card and he would refund the money. Before we complain I thought I would consult PW colleagues to see if anyone has knowledge of consumer law etc to strengthen our case. I can find plenty of advice of problems post delivery etc of new items but not an item 2yrs old and under a guarantee. We will be adding that this problem is not for the first time. We had a similar hob about 3 1/2 yrs ago. It too went wrong. Was replaced and that time no fitting costs were charged by Curry’s. So, we have a precedent but it would be helpful to have consumer law chapter and verse to support our case. All advice welcomed. Thanks.
  6. Gosh, memory lane. From aged 15-21 (now 78) I fished regularly with my Father and on occasions would take a pike for my grandfather to eat. He loved them. Indeed, the then rod licence used to specify what fish you could take and size by specie. Long out of coarse fishing I somehow presumed that those days had gone. But, if I am reading things correctly, I was surprised to read that anglers are still allowed to take fish from the rivers. “Freshwater Rod Fishing Rules” on Gov.co.uk website state that on a daily basis anglers may take 1 pike (up to 65 cms), 2 Grayling (30-38 cms), 15 small fish (up to 20 cms). Eels must be released alive. Perhaps, to preserve stocks, it should now be the case that all fish should be released alive.
  7. Same thoughts, although Henry d says it is the property that has the two figures. So, I would speculate the gross as being it’s value for probate purposes and net is less any charges / mortgages which may need to be redeemed once the property is sold
  8. Hi, “back in those days” depend on how old you are!! I’m sure some on here (and I’m one of them) are old enough to remember the controversy / speculation surrounding Tamara Press the Russian women’s discus world record holder 1960-67. There was much speculation as to whether she was secretly a man or intersex. For such events there has been sex verification in the olympics since 1968 . So, one can only assume that people in such categories have passed those tests
  9. Nostalgia. Found at the back of one of my book cases. It must date from about 1970. It contains interesting lessons from that time eg how to cast with a centre pin reel !! A present from my Dad. So, fond memories as we fished together regularly.
  10. Bobba

    under attack

    How about a silhouette of a bird of prey bluetacked to the window? Or if you have any crow decoys place them where the intruder sits. (Although this could have the opposite effect 😂😂) “Other songbirds etc species” This is a tricky one I think. As I recall, the GL in earlier years once said “for the the protection of songbirds”. However, GL40 is now specific “to conserve endangered wild birds” and these are listed. So, if challenged it would be necessary to state which endangered bird was being protected. Looking at the list I would say I’ve seen song thrushes recently. Nobody could contradict you. Even if the complaint had not seen one it doesn’t mean that there were none in the area!!
  11. The thread size may be in the owners handbook. It is for my Miroku.
  12. Not sure if this has been covered before. Couldn't find it. So here goes. Despite GDPR et al, our wonderful Government has given the NHS permission to share all your personal health data with a 3rd party and sneakily not told anyone. You can however opt out should you wish to. Go tohttps://www.nhs.uk/your-nhs-data-matters/ where you can find information on how to opt out. You will need your NHS number. Not giving my data to some multi national where I have no say over how it is used.
  13. My left ear is the most damaged. In the early sixties I set out to be a rock and roll legend (without success). Behind me on stage were my two 30 watt amps and to my immediate left a PA column of 4 x 12” speakers blaring at some 75 Watts into my left ear. Add to this a bass amp, Hammond organ and a crash and bash drummer then the three nights a week over 6 years took their toll. Hence my left ear damage. Firing shotguns since has added to the problem and the audiologist confirmed that RH shooters suffer predominantly in their left ear. I have a NHS hearing aid in each ear. They’re pretty good except the sound has a distinct echo to it. I’m told you can get hearing aids with mini speaker type ear pieces but they’re expensive (£1,000+ an earpiece). Does anyone have any experience of this type of kit?
  14. Bobba

    D Day

    Aaah, sorry Dave, It’s just dawned on me. It wasn’t Normandy but the Mulberry unit you were enquiring on. But sadly, yet again, I have no info on the actual unit. The dive club used to dive Penzance most Easters as did other clubs and rather like stamp collectors we often swapped GPS No’s with fellow divers for good wreck dives. One asked me if I had No’s for the Moidart or Alisa Craig in Lyme Bay for which he would swap the Mulberry unit. Never heard of it but it was a good swap. Nothing much on the outside but brittle starfish and concrete but entry via large cracks the inside was a fiesta of cold water corals and mechanical pumps etc. I’ve still got the No’s if anyone wants to dive it Bob
  15. Bobba

    D Day

    Hi Dave Sadly not. Suggest you search “museums at Arromanches” and see if they’ve websites perhaps with further links. When the travel ban lifts it’s a worthwhile DIY tour staying in guest houses in the “Logis de France” system. Relatively inexpensive. My starting point was internet searches of WW2 places of interest Normandy then build your own tour. That should also include WW2 cemeteries which are very moving. Bob
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