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  1. Bobba


    I bought my Mk 60 20 bore Gd1 in 2009. It was 1/4 and 3/4 fixed choke and came in a cardboard box!! I immediately had it multi choked and it was reproofed.by Nigel Teague. On inspection there are no "fleur de lis" stamps. Like Scully, I've shot HP steel through it over the years with no detrimental effect. It's my gun of choice. Always has been. Buy it and enjoy it.
  2. No, No, No. People may be prepared to pay the extra few quid but those charities would become government departments. They would be reliant on Treasury funding. But the Treasury is full of suits whose only aim in life is to cut funding under the guise of “efficiency gains” Ha Ha. The end result would be ex-charities having to do more and more with less and less until they become ineffective and the public dissatisfied with their service. Let charities be free of control of the Whitehall despots
  3. Brian Rix Whitehall Farces. On stage, careering in and out of doors. A bit like politics. As for decorations it goes with the job. Didn’t John Bercow spend silly amounts on the Speakers appartment?
  4. Inconsiderate joggers who believe they have right of way on pavements and footpaths and refuse to detour around pedestrians forcing the pedestrians to step aside. Jogging on pavements and public footpaths should be banned. Joggers should train at the gym.
  5. Bobba

    Dead Fox

    Did any of the autopsies ever identify any badgers shot first then flattened afterwards?
  6. Almost as good as the Cottingley Fairies 😭
  7. On BBC S West news this morning it was reported that one part of the proposed Bill to which the protesters objected was making Trespass a criminal offence. The view of the protesters is that it is their legal right to Trespass !!!
  8. One of my permissions was suffering this problem and also installed locks. Portable angle grinders destroyed them on a regular basis. Heavy duty drop bars ( that drop into the ground) had to be installed. There was one unsuccessful attempt to grind off the locks. No troubles since then.
  9. As I understand it, Only the Executors to the estate can decide what is going to happen to the guns. They should inform the licensing authority that issued the SGC and apply for a temporary permit Sn 7 Firearms Act 1968. Poss 6 mth cert to give time for decisions on what to do with shotguns
  10. Bobba


    Yup. Sit down for a tinny and a sandwich and then having to turn the telly off to avoid feeling depressed.
  11. Bobba


    There are ones I really dislike. At certain times of the day we're inundated with Funeral plans, Funeral Insurance, Equity Release. At the times of day when the silver surfer wrinkley brigade are watching and at the coronavirus peak when people are dying. Talk about playing on peoples fears.
  12. As I have little knowledge on cartridge construction so could somebody help me out please on the above? My limited understanding suggests to me that if you have a 28gram 6 shot cartridge then it contains 28 grams of lead shot sized 6. It seems to me therefore that if a 20 bore cartridge and 12 bore cartridge are each described as 28 gram 6 shot then they will both have the same amount of lead shot i.e 28 grams of size 6 lead pellets. So, how can an equivalent 12 bore cartridge have more pellets than the 20 bore? Thanks.
  13. I have had a Miroku 20 bore for many many years and it's my gun of choice (I also have Beretta SP 12 bore and a .410). When I bought the Miroku and a slab of cartridges I commented then on the fact that the cartridges were yellow. I was told that this is to make them stand out against 12 bore cartridges (which, presumably, are not yellow) so that you do not inadvertently drop a 20 bore down the barrel of a 12 bore where it will disappear out of sight and then put a 12 bore behind it and fire. Whether this is an urban myth or not I really wouldn't know. But I certainly wouldn't like to tr
  14. Thanks. Agreed, as to the hearing aid itself. But the additional digital functions I am looking for are the wire / mini speakers to the ears as opposed to tubes, and, the bluetooth pairing to the TV. Sadly, neither are seemingly available on the NHS aids. Hence my original query. At least we have an audiology service on the NHS. I was told by the NHS audiologist that in the ROI those who are acutely deaf - which significantly / adversely effects their way of life / work - they are dealt with by the state. For those with just hearing impairment they are given a voucher to cash in at a comm
  15. A quick google search looked promising. Download and print off?
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