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  1. Bobba

    Grounds for divorce?

    And then pour in the port. Even worse.
  2. Bobba

    Yet another scam!

    I avoid these calls by not answering my landline if the screen shows a number not in my directory. If a caller not in the directory is genuine they can leave a message. If not then as soon as the answerphone message kicks in tha caller rings off. And, if curiosity gets the better of you, you can always try to return the call only to find the number is not recognised!! Surprise surprise. Problem is, nuisance calls have now started on my and Mrs B's mobiles. "Like to talk about your accident". We both reply which accident? The one at xxx or the one at yyy or the one at zzz? They ring off. We block the Number. They change the No but they key is the screen shows the call is from Leeds. So we don't answer and block the new number. Hopefully over time they will run out of numbers.
  3. Bobba

    Argos - peculiar text message

    For info: Received a text message, allegedly from Argos. Mrs B and I have no recollection of ever dealing with Argos let alone having given them my mobile No. I have binned it but thought I would post a heads up in case it's a scam. The message reads "We are in the process of increasing your limit by £300.00 but would like you to confirm you agree with this decision" there followed a web address link including the words "mobile,argos,vi ew - our info"
  4. Bobba

    foregive those that trespass..

    In the ROI trespass has been a criminal offence since 1994 (Public Order Act) which contributes to many "Travellers" coming to the Uk. The other is their deliberate criminal intent as a way of "earning a living" Vince Green is right about Rathkeale. The Independant did an interesting article on "Rathkeale: a small Irish town swollen by the proceeds of crime". It seems that many of the families activities are now international.
  5. Bobba

    There is a first for everything

    My SGC is due for renewal in April. Got a call from Firearms Liaison Officer 17 Jan, could he inspect please. I said I'm off to New Zealand in 7 days. He adjusted his visits. Inspection completed. Letter arrived. Form downloaded, completed and sent in before departure. Things looking good. Well done Avon & Somerset.
  6. Bobba

    Hearing loss- anyone suffer?

    Scully. An observation if I may. Some years back my GP diagnosed me with Labrynthitis. This was worrying for a number of reasons, not least of which was my scuba diving. In a boatyard I bumped in to a guy who turned out to be an ENT Consultant. As a chancer I mentioned my difficulty. He was cautious in his response but suggested from what I described that, with my GP, I look at "Benign Positional Vertigo" as more of a possibility. Apparently some similar symptoms can lead to confusion. There are BMI articles and self help exercises. I followed that advice and in my case it was indeed BPV. I have had no related issues since then. On a personal note as to hearing loss (I'm 75). As a result of 5 yrs in rock bands in the 60's (lead guitar 2 X 30 watt vox's and stood next to 4 speaker column 100 watt PA) and at that time an old sxs without ear defenders it is said that I am now profoundly deaf over certain sound ranges. Both ears have aids. All on the NHS. Free battery supplies an annual checkup.
  7. Bobba

    Windsor Davies

    For those who like to reminisce (and at my age that includes me) YouTube "It ain't half hot mum full episodes". Quite a bit out there to take you down memory lane.
  8. Bobba

    Where did they go?

    Same here just Nth of Bristol. OSR on part of one farm only but criss crossed by footpaths so a no go. Another area where OSR was planted was devastated by flea beetle and is now wheat. My farmer friend has given up on OSR. That aside there are almost no pigeons. Those that can be seen are in the hedgerows and trees. I shot two roosting last week and they were full of Ivy berries. V frustrating.
  9. Bobba

    Kit trolley

    Finally had the scrapers fitted to help stop mud sticking to the wheels. All I need now is pigeons. Sweet B all north of Bristol at the moment
  10. Bobba

    Camera glasses

    Thanks. PM sent.
  11. Bobba

    Camera glasses

    I am generally happy with my hit rate on woodies, crows etc. However, there are not many pigeons about at the moment so I've taken up clay pigeon shooting where my hit rate has plummeted. And it's the usual story of the harder you try the worse you get. So, I want to try and film what I'm doing and quietly sit and analyse the errors. I've tried one of those bullet cams off the bay and mounted at the end of the barrel but the result is the picture breaks up when the shot is fired and I can't see diddly squat. So I am looking for glasses with integral camera or maybe a v small camera to mount on my prescription shooting glasses or maybe a DIY approach of a small camera on a head band. I've looked at products like Aimcam and Ivue but these are the best part of £200 and beyond my budget. Any ideas from PW members to my problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for that. Golly gosh. Hopefully this whole mess will be resolved by the time of my renewal
  13. I am some way off renewing my SGC but this thread prompted me to look on line at Avon and Somerset renewal form. The accompanying notes ask the applicant to state whether they have suffered from any of the listed conditions. If the answer is yes then A&S "may" ask the applicant to obtain a note from their GP and the applicant to pay for that note. So it would seem that, currently, a note will only be required IF you have suffered from one of the listed conditions. it seems to me that one possible way to resolve this with those police forces which demand a note from your GP is to get a copy of your medical history from your GP. This is a free service - see NHS websites. Attach it to your reply to the police saying to the effect"as you can see from my medical record I have not and am not suffering from any of the listed conditions". Just a thought.
  14. Bobba

    hydrostatic test

    Go on the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) website and "find a club near you". Then contact them to find out where they get their cylinders tested.
  15. Bobba

    Red dots for shotguns

    There was a lengthy thread on this topic a while back which I cannot now find. Can anyone find a link fo me please? Thanks in advance.