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  1. Is there a Chartered Surveyor on this forum who can offer initial outline advice on a particular aspect of this Act please? To my amateur reading the Act seems silent on whether an affected neighbour can refuse scaffolding on his / her land and, if they can, what is the legal basis for that refusal. Certainly the developers builder and equipment can come and go during the working day but there seems no mention of scaffolding which would still be there at the end of the day. Hence the question. Thanks.
  2. Inside the packet was the slogan “It’s the tobacco that counts” which gave rise to an infantile shaggy dog story joke.
  3. I too am a fan of Opinel knives. I have three. But it is useful to remember that they are lock knives and carrying one in a public place without good reason has its risks.
  4. I tried one of the cheap bullet cams. Waste of money. Too fiddly for real time pigeon shooting and the recoil destroyed any meaningful / useable footage. I have an Aircam. Getting direction set up on the camera prior to shooting is extremely difficult and fiddly and one knock when transporting in the glasses case and the setup is destroyed. Crock of messy stuff. If you are successful in your endeavours please post your findings.
  5. Not another Committee! Let’s not forget that a camel is a horse designed by a Committee.
  6. A shooting buddy has a Beretta semi-auto with factory fitted kick off system. He chose it because of his shoulder/neck problems. He believes that these systems can be fitted post production. Perhaps an Avenue worth exploring.
  7. Thank you for you lecture in response to my hypothetical question. I will treat it with the contempt it so richly deserves.
  8. I do not have one of these gadgets but when the subject crops up a little unanswered query raises it’s head. So, I thought I would pose the question here. And, please chaps, don’t knock the afflicted………. A shooter has a 30” barrel shotgun and has become used to shooting by way of the manufacturers little bead at the end of the barrel. The shooter replaces the bead with a ruby / truglow gadget. Let’s say about 2” long. When the shooter now looks at the red dot to assist his / her shooting it is 2” closer to his / her eyes than the original bead. Does this have the effect of “shortening” the barrel by 2” and shooting as if with a 28” barrel? Thanks
  9. Bobba


    Just received an email from Amazon to say effective from 19 Jan 2022 they will no longer accept Visa credit cards due to Visa high charges. The email looks genuine enough and card changes have to be done through my account on their website, but I thought I’d check to see if others have received a similar email. Curiously, Amazon are willing to accept Amex. Yet when I worked in a mail order Co we would not due to Amex’s high charges. How the world of finance changes.
  10. Bobba


    Just posted on BBC News. Passenger dead. Taxi driver in hospital. Three arrested under the Terrorism Act.
  11. Saturday Telegraph general knowledge crossword 6 down?
  12. Bobba

    flu jab

    Thanks for the posting. Brought back old memories of when I played in groups in Bristol in the 60’s. Pete Budd, the Wurzels front man, started in Les Watts and the Rebels, soon to become Pete Budd and the Rebels, then Rainbow People who had a residency at The Glen (Mecca). We covered their slots there when they had breaks / holidays. Happy times.
  13. This. I have had both hips replaced and each time followed the instructions of the Consultant and Physiotherapist. Getting the joint mobile again is the key.
  14. My pet hate. And, not collecting spent cartridges is not the monopoly of semi auto users. Call me old fashioned, but I regard not picking up cartridges as bad form, bad manners, disrespectful to other guns, and a misplaced arrogant belief that it’s someone else’s job to pick them up. And before someone asks, Yes, I have pointed out to offenders the error of their ways. Rant over. And breathe………….
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