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  1. Bobba

    No need...

    Is it really possible for a member to block everyone and, yet, still be able to post comments? If so, then to my mind it is unacceptable as it allows a member the opportunity to make adverse comments without fear of criticism by others. In such circumstances Admin should block that member from posting.
  2. Bobba

    Boundary issue

    Don't know whether it could apply here but look at The Law of Adverse Possesion.
  3. Bobba

    Cheeky Robin

    An amazing pleasure out of such a small incident. There was I trimming the laurel when not two feet away this little tinker decided to join me. Stayed for a minute or two. Enough for polite conversation..........
  4. Bobba

    No easy life

    "It ain't worth a candle" I'm aware of a number of so say origins for this expression but none tie in with my grandfathers explanation to me. He said it related to the pits when they were privately owned and pit owners provided the candles for underground work. To identify pit candles they were coloured. If miners wanted candles for home use they bought them at the ironmongers and they were creamy tallow. If a pit manager passed a cottage window (generally a tied cottage) and saw a coloured candle burning inside then the only way that candle could have got there was by theft from the pit. Consequently the miner list his job and was evicted from the tied cottage. Hence the expression "It ain't worth a candle". Has anyone else heard of this expression being attributed to pits / mines?
  5. Although not a biography as such, another cracking read is "SAS Rogue Heroes" by Ben MacIntyre which recounts the beginings of the SAS in WW2 My favourite is "Adolph Hitler, my part in his downfall"
  6. Bobba

    No easy life

    My maternal grandfather was a hewer of coal in nine mile point pit, cwmfelinfach. The backs of his hands had what looked like blue tattoos which, in fact , were scars from coal falls filled with could dust. They used the the galvanised bath as there were no bathrooms at that time and the cludgy was at the end of the garden. I spent many many weeks visiting when a child. The pit was still working. His father was a miner in Treorchy. It wasn't a hard life just for the men. Women too had it hard, especially when fathers and sons worked down the mines and on different shifts. Constant cleaning, cooking, washing etc. When Mrs B researched the family tree she read up on life down the mines. What stuck in her mind was a report of a miners son asking the Dr why his mum died so young. "She was worn out" was the recirded reply.
  7. Bobba

    Caroline Flack RIP

    Last year someone I had known for almost 50 years (but had not seen regularly as he moved to another town) sat down in the street and set fire to himself. He died in hospital. I shed a tear at such a loss. His eulogy was skilfully crafted by the priest, referring to his troubled soul. The above thoughts by grrclark fully reflect my view on the matter.
  8. Watching it now. What a skilled woman.............. at not answering the question and only trotting out party sound bites . But then, doesn't that apply to all politicians?
  9. You seem to have a down on accountants. Why? Did your wife run off with one? As to "team of accountants" , do your research properly. The Treasury is the home of civil service career economists who advise on the economic aspects of policy i.e the "let's assume" brigade, where their assumptions are invariably wrong or subsequently revised to fit the outcome. The accountants merely bring to book the expenditure incurred on those policies.
  10. And finally? Richard Greene in a Robin Hood, Roger Moore in Ivanhoe and Bruce Seton in Fabian of the Yard. with all these old folk memories does anyone know the age profile of PW members?
  11. Have a look at Uttings website for scopes. Worth a go. Several offers available. Have used them a number of times. V good.
  12. ABC Minors, Flash Gordon films, TV would be Casey Jones, Corky the circus boy (Micky Dolenz, later a member of the Monkeys). How is it I can remember all of that but not where I put my watch yesterday? Now that's a sign of getting old !
  13. Bobba

    1917 film

    I've seen it. To me it was something of a curate's egg. On balance, it wasn't for me.
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