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  1. Bobba


    Can't help with the upgrade path but just an observation on your concern about keeping all your files, photos, docs etc. For years I have had an external hard drive on to which I regularly back up all my files etc so that in the event of a PC failure or loss of data I have a second copy and can restore back to normal. So, before you begin the upgrade path I recommend you buy an external hard drive and back up your files to it in case things go wrong.
  2. Thank you for the list. Of the South West 6 MEPs, three supported the gun ban, two against and one not on the list (NK) I now know who not to vote for.
  3. I've heard of ( but no knowledge of) cross breeds such as Labrador / Poodles = Labradoodles; and, Cocker Spaniel / Poodles = Cockerpoo or Cockerpoodles but friend has acquainted me with a new breed. She is very excited at the new arrival but I wonder if the breed name she's given it is a fake? The dog is a Fox Terrier / Cocker Spaniel cross which she is calling a " F.o.c.k.e.r".............Really? incidentally would someone educate me please on the difference between a cross breed and a mongrel. Is it, for example that a cross breed is a mix of two different pure breeds and a mongrel is a mix of two mixed breeds? i.e. A Hienz 57. Thanks.
  4. Bobba


    According to some news reports Macron is not suggesting that France will fund the rebuilding costs. He is launching an international fund raising appeal so the world can rebuild the cathedral together !!!!! So much for French pride and picking the pockets of international sadness at this loss.
  5. Bobba

    British rail

    What is British Rail? Does it still exist?
  6. Seen another in Bristol on a van " Joseph the Carpenter"
  7. The DVLA website contains advice on driving and eyesight problems.
  8. If you intend to build a brick permanent structure close to or incorporating part of your neighbours wall I suggest you read the Party Wall Act.
  9. Bobba

    Kids ey !

    Saw a new take on this the other year. A mate (as I understood his invention )had a piece of 4" plastic drain with end caps. The front had 12" length of plastic outlet pipe glued/welded into the centre and into the back plate he'd fitted a gas igniter (I think that's what he called it). He'd put a small spud in the front outlet, unscrew the rear end cap, squirt in quick start (from a car bar) into the drainpipe, refit end cap and wallop the gas igniter thus propelling the spud forward at a rate of knots. He was in his md 40's so boyhood fun with things that go bang seems hard wired into our psyche.
  10. Bobba

    New lawn care

    A cautionary tale. Last year I was over generous with one of those combination weed killer / feed products. Patchy areas of destruction was the result. Gently does it is my lesson learned.
  11. Bobba

    Kids ey !

    Being 1943 born in Bristol our playgrounds were bomb sites. We made our share of bows and arrows, catapaults and French arrows. The latter were lethal: we weighted the ends with transformer wire from discarded radios and front loaded them with 6" nails. Bonfire night was lethal. Rockets out of drainpipes like bazookers wearing Mark IV goggles to protect our eyes and air bombs aimed at 2nd storey Windows to scare neighbours. Scrumping apples and roasting over open fires on bomb sites. Gang fights against the Kingsdown gang and avoiding the local bobbies who could be very old school when it came to punishment. Looking back we must have been a nightmare for our parents and neighbours. With that experience I made sure my two boys towed the line.
  12. Indeed. Brilliant comeback by Ronnie.
  13. Found another one. Second hand goods shop Stokes Croft Bristol. "Happy Tat" ( i.e Habitat")
  14. Yup. Forgot that one. Stoke Hill.
  15. I do enjoy the use of a play on words to draw attention to a business. Three here in Bristol which are popular are:- Jason's Donna Van, Bare Grills, The Cod Almighty. I'll keep on looking. Any PW member have any other genuine examples from their area?
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