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  1. Bobba

    Forum change

    Ditto. Sort of mucks up my PW browsing enjoyment. Perhaps the mods can Find a software patch so that the forum works on all platforms.
  2. Ouch! Gosh Scully, I wasn't contradicting you or picking an arguement with you. Merely confirming your point from my own experience.
  3. I once experienced this slim (and slimmer) chance. It can happen. Quite unbelievably in my case by what proved to be a trespasser walking her dog on the other side of the hedge in which I was sat shooting over stubble. Part way through the morning I became aware of what at first looked like two schoolgirls walking around my car parked in the corner of the field, so I wandered down to see what was going on. Getting closer I could see it was two female community support officers. We had a friendly chat, they noted my SGC No and I asked them why they were there. They said a woman had repor
  4. It must be difficult for the younger folk to relate to those times (1955). Looks like Nick Hewer and I are the same age. It wasn't that long post-war. Food rationing ended in 1954. Many families shared rented accommodation. We did. Fortunately it was my mothers sister and her family but with a tyrannical maternal grandfather in the attic. A bit like the Adams family without the humour! My dad was a panel beater. I was lucky. I had a dad. Three of my mates didn't because their fathers never returned from the war. For most there was certainly no spare cash for holidays, you made good with what
  5. Bobba

    Tony Abbot

    The same Tony Abbott who says that elderly coved-19 patients should be allowed to die to reduce the economic costs of lockdown. This, of course, raises the question as to at what point do we become "elderly"? Bearing in mind the Abbott is 62 yrs of age!
  6. Indeed. All of this is educative for me. We have access to the farm Polaris and by agreement scoot around margins where they exist - although there are not many.. Perhaps our permission doesn't claim payment. Perhaps the additional yield by not having them exceeds any subsidy payments. I'm curious. I must enquire. Soil compacting is another topic I've not encountered. Our permissions are exclusively arable so very large tractors and spraying trailers, combine harvester and grain trailers and heavy bails on wagons will compact the soil. It's never crossed my mind that for some it's a
  7. Me too. Mine is the Osteo version. Left hip replaced, knees knackered, right knee needs doing - too much skiing over the years (not now!). Right hip agonisingly painful. Naproxine 500mg supplemented by paracetamol. Starting to use a stick. NHS say 28 days to see a consultant and 36 weeks thereafter for op. ie 10 mths total. Horrifying wait. We are having to consider digging deep. Fortunately my shooting buddy is like a mother hen as I hobble around trying to be useful. Ibopfufen tablets are a big no no with Naproxine. Is there anything on the info leaflet which says the gel is ok with
  8. Sympathies. Mrs B has recently developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which is a very painful wrist problem in both wrists. Referred to a specialist GP the advice is wrist splints, overnight bedtime, for 8 weeks and Naproxine 500 mg. If this doesn't work it's an operation.....waiting time? Unknown.
  9. Bobba

    EE scam

    Things may not always be what they seem to be. There's software out there that makes an incoming call from, say, Thailand, look like a local number (eg Bradford) when it pops up on your screen. My wife's younger brother, sadly now deceased, used to do Commision sales when living in Thailand and that is how his employer operated. These days I do not answer calls on my landline if the No is not in my directory.
  10. Thank you one and all Sorry, can not use this one Ben. B-in-law in Corfu spends most of his time glued to his computer studying the GG's. Thanks for this one Chris. Mrs B is taken by it so it's this one this week and one of the others when next it's our turn to choose.
  11. It started in lockdown but lingers on. The upside is that as we cannot travel it keeps us talking with friends and family abroad. Corfu, Singapore etc. And something to do when Sunday lunch is in the oven. I'm stuck for topics - old age !!! So ideas welcommed please. So far we've covered Horses, Games & Pastimes, The human body, Entertainment, Geography, science & Nature, Food & drink, modes of transport, Xmas, british Fauna, Fun facts, colours, pandemics, religion, general knowledge. Thanks.
  12. For those with personal memories of wearing knitted swimming costumes suggests that we're all gentlemen of a particular age (group). The comments brought back memories of the local corporation baths in Kingsdown, Bristol. The springboard was anything but. More a thick slice of tree trunk. Wearing my newly knitted trunks I recall jumping off the board and surfacing with trunks around my ankles due to the weight of water. very embarrassing. As already said, climbing out of the pool with one hand holding up your trunks. But times were different then. Make do and mend. So knitted trunks were
  13. Paint them. Print photo of pigeon on A4 paper. Take to B&Q paint mixing dept for sample pots of both shades of grey. (They scan colours to get matching colour mix) obviously you don't say why you need it, just looking for 'pigeon grey colours!. White emulsion for the bars. Cheaper than new purchase.
  14. I did not do it myself by experimenting with comb raisers / stock extenders from fleabay. That is why I Went to a Professional gun fitter / gunsmith who determined my personal quirks for the gun fit and adjusted the stock accordingly. In very crude terms Worrall, they put the stock in a machine and bend it. I recommend you See a professional, as does JohnfromUK. So come on Grand dad dig deep. That's what we grand dads are for 😇 ATB
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