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  1. Nor in the 60's. Between 1963 to 1969 I played in two Bristol groups. It was not unusual (no pun intended!) to see a fight erupt on the dance floor. We did not stop playing in case it took over the stage and our kit was at risk. Often you'd see some poor sod being kicked only for some yob to stop dancing and run across and kick the victim just for the hell of it. Rural venues were sometimes the worse gigs as they seemed to provide an opportunity for rival villages to settle old scores and seldom were there "Bouncers" present as there were in city gigs. Oh the good old days !!!!!!
  2. Bobba


    Did you not ask the a Environment Agency "Why Not?"
  3. This...... No second guessing will help you. There are various law firms advice on line which refer to The anti social and policing act 2014 and if a person has a suspended sentence or served a sentence of between 3mths and 3yrs they are prohibited from Posessing a firearm or ammunition for 5yrs. Sentences over 3yrs is a permanent ban.
  4. Bobba

    Sat Navs

    I'm looking for recommendations to replace my geriatric Garmin. Around the £150'ish is my limit. I'm looking for one that updates maps for free, gives updated traffic reports and you can temporarily disable the speed camera function (for driving in France). I have no experience of TomTom and I know maps are a personal choice but which have maps (Garmin / TomTom) more in keeping with iPhone. Wide brief I know but advice based on personal experience is always helpful. For a number of reasons I do not wish to use my iPhone not least of which is they rely on 'phone signals and three times last week in France I didn't have a signal. And the need to update my current Garmin (at a price) became apparent when the road I was on did not exist.
  5. I too believe this to be so. Either a relative or Executor. But in my case my wife dislikes guns so the less she has to do the better it is for her.
  6. Ah, to clarify, I am only SGC so there's no FAC issues. He would remove guns then contact appropriate authorities to regularise matters. Everything is legal and above board and his integrity is beyond reproach.
  7. My wife and I have had the same discussion as the OP. It not only concerned death but importantly if I started to lose the plot and didn't or refused to recognise it. My long standing friend nearby is a SGC and firearms certificate holder. He has keys to our house and my cabinet. The deal is if I have any problems then my wife contacts him and he comes in and removes the guns. I'm 76, hope I never lose the plot. But that situation cannot be overlooked.
  8. In most cases that is irrelevant. In brief, the underlying philosophy is to prevent urban sprawl in the countryside. Too long to explain here. If you're interested Google "what is the green belt uk" or visit the website "Campaign For Rural England".
  9. Cussons Imperial Leather Soap and Old Spice aftershave.
  10. Agreed. Moreover in agreeing to it now the Council will set a precedent. Soon someone else will come along with a similar proposal and say you let that person have it so it's my turn now. Then another person will come along, then another, and another etc etc and the whole area is at risk of being covered with blots on the landscape.
  11. I do indeed. And his differences between the English and American language.
  12. Especially if you write your name in the snow and someone recognises the handwriting!
  13. Interesting. From what you describe would this seem to be only commercial / company to company type transactions at risk ?
  14. Never mistake arrogance for intellect.
  15. BASC website has an advice sheet. Google "BASC Certificate Renewals"
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