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  1. Back in my Boy Scout days (I think I can just about remember them) when we cooked on open fires we were guided on the burning properties of woods by an abridged version of The Firewood Poem by Lady Celia Congreve. It started These hardwoods burn well and slowly, Ash, Beech, Hawthorn Oak and Holly, Softwoods flare up quick and fine, Birch, Fir, Hazel, Larch and Pine, Elm and Willow you’ll regret, Chestnut green and Sycamore wet. There are many more verses, but this is the one we were tested on.
  2. This morning a friend went to drive to a business meeting. His car (parked on his drive) had two flat tyres. A note on his windscreen was from Tyre Extinguishers, a group whose aim is to make it impossible to own a huge polluting 4x4 in the worlds urban areas. The group believes SUVs have a disproportionate impact on the climate crisis. They have a website. Once again a minority group forcing their views on others and taking action irrespective of the consequences. Any other PW Member any experience of this lot?
  3. Here in Bristol there are many 20 mph speed zones. When you enter a zone there are 20mph goal posts either side of the road, repeater signs on lamp posts along the road and 20 painted in white on the road. As was pointed out to me on my speed awareness course last year 😇 in such circumstances the excuse “accidentally found myself” is unacceptable. My excuse was that I was getting used to a new car (had it two days) and was “ distracted”. The response was a knowing smile which said “ we’ve heard it all before”
  4. Bobba

    Home energy use.

    I know nothing about smart meters and will not have one. But I am surprised that you recorded about 60% (16kw) of usual consumption (25kw) when the house was empty. I’m not an electrician but have you tried switching off absolutely everything which consumes electricity and seeing whether the meter is still recording consumption? It may help determine whether the metre is faulty.
  5. As per the BBC. He’s to miss the Jubilee Thanksgiving. He’s tested positive for covid. How convenient
  6. Bobba

    Lead ban

    Hi, not at all. Sorry if it reads that way. I was only wondering how the law, when enacted, will cope with stockpiles which will obviously exist. Your observation is as relevant now as it will be in the future. Who checks if we’re using steel when shooting ducks on ponds? No one. And, no one will know or really bother as long as those ducks do not enter the food chain. Regards.
  7. An add on to this advice is to get a cheap pencil torch and with tape wound around it slot it into the top barrel. When you swing along the wall / ceiling line you will be drawn to the dot of light and not to the bead or elsewhere. This helps you ensure that your swing is consistent.
  8. Bobba

    Lead ban

    Stockpiles, be they pellets, cartridges etc, raise the interesting question of whether there will be a transition period to use them up or sudden death i.e. with effect from -/-/- no more lead thus leaving owners of cartridges, bullets etc with a disposal problem. Hopefully common sense will prevail and there will be a long lead time to the cut off date which will allow stockpiles to be used.
  9. Bobba


    Years back I bought my Miroku MK60 lightweight hunter 20 bore. It came with fixed chokes 1/4 & 3/4. Like you I thought of having the top barrel bored out so popped into see Nigel Teague. His professional advice was to have both barrels multichoked. It wasn’t a sales pitch. He said he would do whatever I wanted. As I recall his advice was based on having to set equipment up to bore one barrel he may as well bore both at the same time. Also, in doing one barrel it would have to be reproofed. So, again, better to do two barrels at the same time. And, multi chokes gave better choice than fixed chokes. I multi choked and have always thought it the right decision for me. It may not be for you but I thought I would relate the experience to give you food for thought. (I still have the gun)
  10. Good Luck Denny. Sorry to see you go. Yes, arthritis is a bug err. Aged 78 I’ve had both hips replaced. My knees are knackered and some degeneration of the lower spine. Fortunately I can still get out there on the easier shoots with work around solutions. For example I now take a garden kneeler for getting up and down and a pick-up stick to minimise the bending. There will come a day when I have to say no more but with a careful approach I hopefully I’ve a few more years left.
  11. So true, yet that bunch of muppets on the board of Natural Resources Wales still saw fit to remove magpies, jays and jackdaws from the Welsh GL for the protection of birds, even red-listed birds.
  12. Similar to “Plumbs” made to measure easy chair / settee loose covers. All bumf that comes through our door states genuine half price offer. But never have I seen any full price quoted. Of course price depends on chosen fabric and furniture size but no example price etc etc is ever quoted.
  13. Went to mow the back garden lawn today and found four earth eruptions - as per photo. Any ideas please? eg are they ants nests? If so, then how to get rid of them. Thanks
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