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  1. On these I used artist acrylic paint from hobby shops and mixed my own. But I’ve just downloaded a pigeon photo and printed on to Matt paper and will take to b&q to colour match for sample pots of the two greys to see how that works in refurbishing decoys.
  2. Quick question on Webley MkIII I’ve had mine over 60 yrs and the front sight now wobbles / floats in its “slot” so it doesn’t hold zero. So as not to damage the gun I’ve tried wedging it with bits of cocktail stick but it soon dislodges. Advice on a solution to the problem please. Thanks.
  3. I made some similar to yours except I didn't like the paintwork on the Jack Pyke wing sets so painted them up. As you say, cheaper and rewarding when your own DIY pulls them in.
  4. Thank you one and all. I can't think of anything within the property which may be interring the frequency I will change the batteries to see if that is the problem. Thanks, John, if a solution is posted on that forum I would be grateful for the info. Thanks. Bob
  5. We have a Salus Programmable Room Thermostat Model No RT500RF Currently the afternoon / evening setting is from 4.30pm to 9pm. Every evening at 8pm the room temperature reading (which can be seen on the screen) switches itself to match / equal the programmed temperature, irrespective of what the room temperature actually is. The result is that in believing the room has reached the programmed temperature the central heating shuts down. From what I understand of the manual the reset button merely sets it back to factory settings i.e. deletes my programmed settings. But that would not a
  6. Bobba

    Road kills ???.

    Sheep on open moorland roads would be a tempting target😇 but it can result in expensive bodywork repairs
  7. This could well be a serious case of domestic violence where police forces are supposed to have specialist teams to advise and deal with. But from what you describe your SIL will not walk down that street for fear of repercussions.
  8. Been there.....many years back Miroku MK60. Problem identified by an instructor. Fast forward to a few months ago at Barbury Castle and a lady was berating her husband that the second shot (on report) on her new gun wasn’t working. Tactfully I asked if she was fully releasing the trigger. Later we passed again and I got the thumbs up. So, as has been suggested, it could be operator error perhaps?
  9. In April my right hip decided to give up. Telephone chat with GP. I was told that NHS hospitals were refusing to accept GP referrals during lockdown. It then took 9 weeks for a response. The letter said estimated minimum 28 days before seeing a Consultant and estimated minimum 36 weeks before an operation. 10 months or more of prolonged pain. I had a look at a private op. I learned that rather than clean up capacity in local NHS hospitals where orthopaedic staff are waiting to work, the NHS were block booking private hospitals facilities in Bristol and Bath because those hospitals were clean
  10. Bobba


    My mother was born in Cwmfelinfach in 1914. Not far from Aberfan. Aged 14 yrs she entered service in Bristol where she remained for the rest of her life. But in her head she never left Wales. And so, every summer holiday by train and bus she returned with me in tow. I would spend days wandering carefree up "The Dingle" and watch the coal working of Nine Mile Point where my grandfather had been a Hewer of coal. We would catch buses to the surrounding villages to visit her friends. I developed a great affinity for the area, which I hold today. Fast forward to 1967, I was playing in a Bris
  11. Bobba

    Yet another scam ?

    I had that one (from HSBC) but with slightly different wording. Deleted. HSBC are aware of these type of scams.
  12. I've lodged this Q with Amazon chat. 48 hrs no reply so I thought I would ask PW members if anyone has used Amazon in other countries and, if so, how it works. Is it that you just join up and send goods within that country? The reason of course is Covid. Normally our son does a visit from Singapore in Nov each year and we visit friends in Germany each Dec. Clearly not a desirable option so we would like to send presents. The Singapore Amazon is in English and you can switch the German website to language of your choice. So using their sites at first glance is to register and proceed as
  13. But the unknown, yet to reveal itself, is how The Orkney and Shetland Islanders will react to a Scottish vote in favour of independence. Already they are talking of operating in a similar way to the Channel Islands. So presumably they would control their own oil and fisheries within their own limits. The SNP remain quiet on this issue.
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