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  1. Thanks one and all our next door neighbour has a security system (upgraded) so will monitor against CH thermostat times I like the workaround solution of timer settings. Thanks. No, we do not have cctv or lights but neighbour does! will ask our CH chap to check
  2. In October last year I sought opinion on a problem with a Salus system. The problem was that when on the evening setting, 4-9 pm, somewhere between 7-8 pm (I didn’t sit and watch it) the ambient temperature reading with a mind of it’s own switched to 20.5 degrees. This overrode the programmed setting temperature so the central heating shut down. lots of friendly suggestion but no definitive solution. My friendly heating engineer couldn’t solve it either. Well, to resolve the problem, earlier this year I replaced the Salus with a Drayton Digistat +3RF. I didn’t need the CH during the summer months but used it earlier this week and ****** me the problem continues. Quite unbelievable. It was suggested last time that something in the property may be interfering, but we have nothing that regularly trips at that time. Could it be an external source? My brain is addled on this one so any thoughts gratefully received. Thanks.
  3. Travelling from Bristol my next nearest (over the bridge) seems to be Wollaston lakes, Lydney. Have you any personal knowledge / experience? Thanks.
  4. The Sally Challen case comes to mind ( she killed her husband by hitting him 20 times with a hammer). Coercive control, adjustment disorder and diminished responsibility were her grounds for appeal against conviction for murder. Similarly, Penelope Jackson also says she was fed up with years of abuse. It seems a precedent may exist. So, watch this space.
  5. My thoughts on this type of question are like my thoughts on wine. If I can’t tell the difference between a £10 and a £25 bottle of wine then why waste £15?
  6. Does any PW member fish here and have up to date information on what is, or is not, going on? I’ve fished it about three or four times a year for many years, but when I went last week the place looked run down and neglected. Waste bins overflowing, one massive bin was full of water plus waste, uncollected black bin bags, banks overgrown in part. The owner was not there and there was an honesty box with no price list. No ‘phone signals so I couldn’t check prices on line. And now the website and server are down. All very, very sad indeed because it was a great venue and the owner is a great guy. My visits go back to the days when it was owned by the Dutchman Edward. The fishery is part of the Angiddy river, dammed in three places to make three lake areas. The fishing was good. Edward sold up and the new chap enthusiastically modernised the place and was keen to make your day a good one. But my thoughts are that perhaps Edward may not have properly explained the river silt problem that had been building up over time, or that the situation may not have been properly understood. Either way, the silt is now a major build up in all three lakes making many of the pegs un-fishable or unenjoyable. This limits the number of fishermen and, thereby, income. A sort of downward spiral. I also wonder whether the stocking density has been reduced as a result. Dredging or pumping out the silt is the only answer and that will be costly. I wish the owner well but as things stand I will not now waste the journey. Very sad all round. So, if anyone has any info please let me know. Thanks.
  7. Really? Evidence / link please. Thanks.
  8. Thought I’d post this in the craft section for interest to the knife makers. our son in Singapore sourced it on line for my B’day as he cannot pop over due to COVID. Well, he could leave but getting back? That would be difficult Butchering meat at the weekend was a dream. My questio is how do I maintain 20 degree sharpening angle on a whetstone. Is there a gadget somewhere. Thanks
  9. I experienced similar difficulties with my old - very old- iPad. I was experiencing difficulties with other sites too. It seems that after a few years Apple do not allow upgrading the software which could, potentially, resolve the problem. So I bought a new, basic, iPad and all is OK.
  10. Hi, same here. For us it’s the river Avon. 👍
  11. Unless you’ve deep pockets you may care to choose somewhere different to Chew Valley Lake. 2021 pike season = £55.00 per session bank fishing and £120.00 per boat (2 people) !!
  12. Conveniently ignoring the fact that “You can’t make a silk purse from a sows ear”
  13. In the ‘70’s I worked with an army Colonel who enjoyed a pint or two. His advice was, on arrival, to always reverse in to the parking space. In this way you were facing the way you wanted to go which, after a pint or two, was important. His thinking was that in reversing out after a beer or two there was a greater risk of nudging another vehicle with the obvious risks of confrontation etc. Since then, I have always reversed in to parking spaces as it seems the most sensible way to park. (I hasten to add that I do not drink and drive)
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