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  1. Bobba


    No idea. Unless it's a requirement that the renting Co is responsible for the insurance. We'll have to wait and see. I visited New Zealand last year. They are all over the place pavements ,roads, wherever they want to go.And you can't hear them coming? Clearly the UK lunatics who dreamt this up have ignored reports of the cost to NZ taxpayers of e-scooter injuries.
  2. Bobba

    Sedwill gone

    "Yes Minister" and "Yes Prime Minister" were well written in their Machiavellian plottings of the Senior Civil Service and so close to reality. Now the top boys are sticking their heads above the parapet and getting caught.
  3. My shooting bi-focal prescription glasses are from Specsavers. They work OK for me. I selected the largest wire framed they had - this prevents me looking over the top of the glasses at the incoming bird then switching to through the lense to take the shot (I found this the cause of most of my misses)Mine are coated twice in yellow. I found one coat too pale.
  4. Bobba

    As bad as fb

    Stupid boy Pike.........
  5. Agreed. I had problems getting the original finish off of the Miroku. I was told by a gunsmith that some manufacturers have a baked on finish. In the end I resorted to VERY GENTLY drawing a Stanley knife blade across the wood at a steep angle rather like a wood scraper to remove stubborn areas. I used a bare blade i.e. Not in a knife / blade holder. Then worked down through various grades of wet and dry paper and ending up with fine wire wool.
  6. In Craft and DIY section there is a locked post on this subject. I did my Miroku MK60 and used the three part CCL gun stock oil finishing kit. What I found was that the bare wood darkened naturally without the addition of any colouring or wood dies. It's a labour of love. Good luck.
  7. Bobba

    Bad knee

    Have you spent time on your knees? Either working or obeying Mrs W!! Seriously though, I recommend a GP appointment soon. Why? For about 3 wks prior to last weekend I was renovating our flat and decorating at home, much of the time on my knees. Last Sat my arthritic right knee became slightly swollen. Sunday it was like a gala melon, excruciatingly painful and not weight bearing. Mon telephone appointment with GP plus photo's. (No face to face in lockdown) He was concerned about infection and referred me to A&E. 7hrs of X-Ray's, blood sample and drawing 50ml of fluid off of knee for lab tests. They too were concerned about infection. Apparently a seriouse infection can significantly damage a knee joint. In my case it was a significant bursitis problem aka "Housemaids Knee". Drawing off fluid eased the knee movement. Apparently it will be a good week before pain reduces and a further two weeks before the swelling dies down. so, pse see your doc. HTH
  8. And mob rule by the minority prevails, as in Bristol at the weekend where, because of the Avon & Somerset police low key approach to the Demo they took no action and allowed destruction of public property. Destroyed because the minority regarded a statue as offensive to "their" views. More worryingly are the views of the Mayor of Bristol who regarded critics of what took place as showing an "absolute lack of understanding". Clearly he supports minority mob rule if it suits his personal agenda rather than the views of the majority of the people of Bristol. (Respondents to a newspaper poll showed a majority of Bristol people in favour of retaining the statue)
  9. I've experienced the same on more than one occasion. I do not wish to debate the in's and out's of how it happened. But merely to endorse the statement above.
  10. Bobba

    Gun cameras

    Ditto. Extremely disappointed. Wouldn't recommend it.
  11. Make your own. Far more satisfying. We did. Branch from tree, 1/4 inch elastic from the local model store and a tongue from an old boot discarded on a bomb site held together with whippings you learned in the scouts. The best ammo was ball bearings. (My father was in the motor trade, so discarded ball races were wrapped in a rag to avoid shrapnel, placed in a large vice with a bit of scaffolding pole for extra leverage and ball bearings were recovered in that way.) Absolutely lethal.
  12. The photo reminded me of my transporting building bits in the mid 70's, but not to the same degree of seriousness. I needed two 9 ft concrete lintels for some work on the house. We had a Triumph Herald. So in two trips from the builders yard I lowered the passenger window and slid the lintel wrapped in an old sheet to rest on the back window ledge. I drove through the streets of Bristol with it protruding from the car and giving near side cars a wide bearth. It worked, but looking back it was a little foolish.
  13. Lloyd. Not clear from your address (Bristol, UK) whether you live within the boundaries of Bristol proper ( only locals will understand "proper" in the context of a Bristol accent / dialect)'or whether your area of Bristol does, for example, fall under another authority, say, of South Glos. If it's Bristol proper then you have a brown recycle bin for food waste which is collected weekly. So, there is no excuse whatsoever for your skullduggery methods of unwanted meat disposal. If, on the other hand, you fall within the boundaries of a different authority, please could you let readers know whether you also have a dedicated food recycle bin? And, if so, why you chose not to take the appropriate action?
  14. There is a British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) listed in Oswestry. They may be able to offer advice.
  15. Bobba

    Fence Price

    I've always found Fountain Timber, Brockley Combe as good suppliers of quality panels for the DIY guys and could possibly recommend a contractor if you've no time yourself
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