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  1. On a similar theme we were by a river outside Luang Prabang, Laos and I was fascinated by the work of a bunch of lads about 10-12 yrs of age. With a machete they fashioned bamboo and with strips of inner tube held it all together to form a speargun and the projectiles were pieces of umbrella wire rods. Very successful. I wonder how these ideas travel? Or do they? Is that necessity is the mother of invention wherever you live in the world?
  2. I picked up on the suggestion of CaptC and emailed a photo to Holts Auctioneers. One of their experts very kindly replied. He confirmed the identification of Hector Vector that it is a Lantaka and they hail from along the Malayan peninsular and right across China. From its styling it probably fairly late, probably around 150 years old. The mount is much later, probably purposely carved for displaying it. It would probably achieve up to £300 at auction subject to first hand examination. My daughter in law was delighted with this advice and the canon stays in store until their return to the UK.
  3. Now that sounds vaguely familiar !!!
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    We are not anti-neighbour. To us it is a practical problem. We have a square bay with french windows which open on to a stone patio. Next to the extension wall we have two extremely large pots which were placed in situ before being filled and planted with Camelias. We do believe that two burley chaps could not shift these without first emptying them. Between these pots are two elevated 3ft stone troughs which again were placed in situ before filling and planting. In front and lower down are another pair of identical troughs. Not only would moving them be problematical but we have nowhere else to put them and we do not want them on our lawn for 12-14 weeks. We do not want any scaffolding placed further away from the wall of the extension as this would restrict access to the french windows and our use of our patio. (particularly as summer may be comming......!!!) The neighbour on the other side is not without her problems. Her bay window doors open on to a new decking patio recently installed at great expense. She doesn't want damage and saying any damage will be rectified is not an answer to avoiding damage by not having the scaffolding on her land. So what we are looking for is a scaffolding solution which suits the differing needs of all three properties.
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    Many thanks. Have PM'd as advised. Bob
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    Are there any scaffolders / builders within the PW fraternity who can offer an opinion please? Background My next door neighbour (mid terrace of three houses) is going to upgrade an old loft conversion / occupiable space, completed by the previous owner, into one with dormer windows etc and, at the same time, re-roof the 1930's property. He is about to discuss Party Wall Act in so far as it relates to our shared wall in the loft (We are on the left in the photo and already have a full loft conversion). He has yet to discuss scaffolding. The front of the house is no problem as scaffolding can be contained within his boundaries. The rear of the property is a different matter. There is a full width single story extension. You will see from the attached photos that erecting scaffolding will not be without it's problems and he may well ask to site same on our property and the property the other side of him. For a host of reasons we'd rather not. We are aware that this work is development and not 'necessary maintenance' and so does it does not fall within the ambit of the Access to Neighbouring Lands Act so we are not obliged to agree to his request. Question for Scaffolders / Builders. Given the full width extension is it possible for scaffolders to lay planks on the roof of his extension and erect scaffolding in that way thus avoiding scaffolding on our patio? Advice welcomed please. I will then be better placed to discuss matters with him. Saffolding License Should we reluctantly agree then we will need an agreement / licence. Are these prepared by Solicitors or Chartered Surveyors. Does anyone know of a template or format somewhere I could view? Also, as it is he would require access to our property then I take it that he funds my expenses. Thanks
  7. Me too. Catapaults made as described by Denny. But like others we too called throwing arrows French arrows. The most lethal piece of kit were two bolts screwed (just) into either end of one nut (3/8th whitworth I think) with a chemical mix in between. Chuck them down the road and they went off like mini grenades. In those days (late 50's) bomb sites were our playground. You could buy chemicals for your chemistry set from model shops and chemists and experiment. In many ways, sadly I have forgotten the powder mix formula. Probably just as well!
  8. Bobba

    Tommy Robinson,

    BBC news 6 mins ago.Jailed for 9 months for contempt of court.
  9. Mine is from UKSW. Has served me well. My battery came from them as well.
  10. McSpredder asked: "Does this allow the organisers of the questionnaire to "harvest" the IP address of anybody who responds in support of grouse shooting (and might be likely to possess guns), and pass that information on to any of their less reputable associates?" Doubtful as it would be probably be an extreme breach of data protection.
  11. Thanks. You learn something every day.
  12. The survey software recognises if you have already completed the survey. Presumably by ones ISPs address. Good in preventing multi loading responses but prevents two ore more people in tha same household completing the survey - unless you go to the pub and use their WiFi !
  13. Then lead the charge........?
  14. Bobba

    Hen Harriers

    Appalling behaviour. The culprit is unlikely to be found. Police are appealing for witnesses. Quite laughable. They should just give it a crime Number then they can wash their hands of it like they do with most crimes. It is illegal to place fenn traps in the open but clearly people still do. Why can't they just pass a law that makes it a criminal offence to sell, buy, manufacture or own fenn traps?
  15. Very many thanks. Indeed it is. My daughter-in-law is extremely grateful to you. It now adds a new dimension to what she thought may have been a piece of formal military tourist tat. Some are extremely expensive. So she's taking it down from Facebook from being "free to a loving home" !! Clearly it needs a lot more research when she's next back in UK from Singapore. Regards
  16. The daughter-in-law is clearing out some family storage and came across this canon. She believes it to be an ornamental canon presented to her father, possibly in Brunei. (He was a retired Maj General now deceased). Although now an ornament she believes it to have been made from a genuine ships canon. It is very substantial in weight. Anybody any ideas as to whether it is what she believes it to be, or perhaps the real Mccoy? And any ideas as to value and what to do with it as she is not inclined to keep it. Thanks
  17. If you haven't got one then YouTube has vids on making Spring compressor
  18. Ditto. Not needed now. Only thing missing this way are pigeons.
  19. Bobba

    Tragic Accident

    Pub to pub on a night out with a loaded shotgun in the car defies imagination!!
  20. Now we have to be careful about posts on cyclists. ,!! But my take on cyclists, good or bad, is that in order to ride on the road they should have compulsory insurance (just in case of incidents like this) and as a road user a sort of road fund licence. If they have no insurance their bike is crushed - as can be the case with cars. that way it's an equal playing field
  21. BBC Breakfast did show a very Brief few words from Peter Bottomley MP who supported the action and rightly drew attention to recent attacks (some armed) on MP's and staff. Typically though, it was brief and never raised again that I could see.
  22. Me too. When one thing leads to another I'm often reminded of the old music hall song "The Gas Man Cometh" by Flanders and Swann
  23. Nobody would dispute this comment but it misses the point of the conundrum posed by the OP which is that in the described scenario were the shot birds legal quarry or not. So, David, as a 10 year paid up member of the BASC clan if I telephoned you for advice what would it be to this member in the circumstances described?
  24. Frankly, you could put this question to 10 lawyers, put them in a room for a day, and you will have 10 answers. Clover. GL36 - If used for grazing animals it could be regarded as preventing damage to foodstuffs for animals. If harvested it could be regarded as a crop. So possibly use this defence. GL34 to protect flora and fauna. Not defined in the GL as to what constitutes F&F and can't find a legal definition but the reference is to a Wild birds etc and maybe wild is the operative word and so it's perhaps relevant wild flora not cultivated flora. Maybe not possibly a defence. just my view.
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