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    Lead ban

    Hi, not at all. Sorry if it reads that way. I was only wondering how the law, when enacted, will cope with stockpiles which will obviously exist. Your observation is as relevant now as it will be in the future. Who checks if we’re using steel when shooting ducks on ponds? No one. And, no one will know or really bother as long as those ducks do not enter the food chain. Regards.
  2. An add on to this advice is to get a cheap pencil torch and with tape wound around it slot it into the top barrel. When you swing along the wall / ceiling line you will be drawn to the dot of light and not to the bead or elsewhere. This helps you ensure that your swing is consistent.
  3. Bobba

    Lead ban

    Stockpiles, be they pellets, cartridges etc, raise the interesting question of whether there will be a transition period to use them up or sudden death i.e. with effect from -/-/- no more lead thus leaving owners of cartridges, bullets etc with a disposal problem. Hopefully common sense will prevail and there will be a long lead time to the cut off date which will allow stockpiles to be used.
  4. Bobba


    Years back I bought my Miroku MK60 lightweight hunter 20 bore. It came with fixed chokes 1/4 & 3/4. Like you I thought of having the top barrel bored out so popped into see Nigel Teague. His professional advice was to have both barrels multichoked. It wasn’t a sales pitch. He said he would do whatever I wanted. As I recall his advice was based on having to set equipment up to bore one barrel he may as well bore both at the same time. Also, in doing one barrel it would have to be reproofed. So, again, better to do two barrels at the same time. And, multi chokes gave better choice than fixed chokes. I multi choked and have always thought it the right decision for me. It may not be for you but I thought I would relate the experience to give you food for thought. (I still have the gun)
  5. Good Luck Denny. Sorry to see you go. Yes, arthritis is a bug err. Aged 78 I’ve had both hips replaced. My knees are knackered and some degeneration of the lower spine. Fortunately I can still get out there on the easier shoots with work around solutions. For example I now take a garden kneeler for getting up and down and a pick-up stick to minimise the bending. There will come a day when I have to say no more but with a careful approach I hopefully I’ve a few more years left.
  6. So true, yet that bunch of muppets on the board of Natural Resources Wales still saw fit to remove magpies, jays and jackdaws from the Welsh GL for the protection of birds, even red-listed birds.
  7. Similar to “Plumbs” made to measure easy chair / settee loose covers. All bumf that comes through our door states genuine half price offer. But never have I seen any full price quoted. Of course price depends on chosen fabric and furniture size but no example price etc etc is ever quoted.
  8. Went to mow the back garden lawn today and found four earth eruptions - as per photo. Any ideas please? eg are they ants nests? If so, then how to get rid of them. Thanks
  9. Could someone educate me on this point please? Somewhere in the mists of time someone told me that once an air rifle is classified as a firearm it remains classified as a firearm even if it is tuned down to below 12 ft lbs for the simple reason it can be tuned up again at any time. Is this true? Thanks.
  10. Ditto. It’s part of my club membership. Also, one of my permissions requires it to shoot there so no choice in the matter.
  11. 2BSH………British Standard Handful
  12. Just don’t let her read these posts or all could change in the blink of an eye !!
  13. The NHS are about to change my Phonac aids (with large gauge tubes) to aids with Bluetooth and rechargeable batteries. I’m interested in the Bluetooth box. Could you provide details / link please? Thanks.
  14. Lloyd, PM sent. Regards. Bob
  15. Thanks. How frustrating and annoying for you. Prior to retiring (2nd time) I was Finance Officer in a Bristol mail order Co. running Sage Payroll.Before that 14 yrs Chief Acct in a Govnt Agency. In all that time I have never experienced HMRC requiring changes to an employers payroll functionality. Every day’s a school day. so that you can have confidence in what your people are saying I would spin the tale that HMRC are drawing a blank so could they let you have a copy of what HMRC sent them in order to help your discussions with HMRC. If they cannot provide the evidence then Iwould start to be suspicious and ask them in such circumstances how they justified their actions. If they do give you HMRC docs it starts your audit trail with HMRC. good luck
  16. Hi Lloyd90, it’s been three weeks since you raised this with payroll. Have they resolved the problem for you? Thanks
  17. Having read this I checked in the garage. It seems my post was incorrect (apologies). I didn’t use silicon. I used decorators caulk. Would that be OK?
  18. Our house is 1930’s. On the walls, I think they call it blue mortar bonding over bricks with polished lime mortar finish. There is a gap between the moulded skirting and the floorboards. Very minor movement etc over the years causes the blue mortar bonding behind the skirting boards to turn to dust which, with gravity, falls and the carpet butting to the skirting boards develops a black grey stain around the room. So, I have taken to silicon infilling between the skirting and floorboards to prevent this unsightly damage. It works. So, by my experience, I would take steps to avoid unsightly carpet damage.
  19. Bobba

    New York

    Beretta Gallery, Madison Avenue. One block over from Central Park.
  20. If you haven’t done so already then GL33 is a useful read. We back on to allotments with its fair share of magpies. A couple of years back I borrowed a trap from the farm including Malcolm the bait bird. Very successful until some tree hugging person reported me to the RSPCA. They shoved a note through my door wanting to discuss my trapping of wild birds. I politely told them to sod off. But not to start a street war I returned Macolm to the farm. Pity really. It was very successful. Now it’s my AA S410 within the confines of my garden.
  21. Make sure you send it in at least 8 weeks before renewal date. If they can’t do it by the due date you can request a temporary cert under section 7 of the firearms act.
  22. Agreed. When there is a call to ban, for example, pump action shotguns how often do we see the response “ it’s not the gun, it’s the person behind the gun that is the problem”. What this requirement (GP Medical form) is attempting to do is identify those who should not be behind the gun. To that extent the detractors / objectors should accept it for what it is trying to do - weed out those with medical conditions which preclude them from owning a gun and which they would possibly not disclose by the previous arrangement of self declaration.
  23. Thanks one and all. Plenty of time to sit and play. Just tested positive to the lurgy. Symptoms so far no more than a bad cold. Hey ho.
  24. I’m trying to knock up a quick street map using Google maps. The total area in question can fit the screen of my PC. However, when I use “Screen Copy” key the image copied to Word is cluttered by both the Tool Bar and on screen tags eg Search, Restaurants etc. I’ve looked at how to get rid of the clutter. This includes pressing the Alt key and Screen Copy key simultaneously. But it doesn’t work. Any ideas please on how to get a copy map page without clutter would be appreciated. Thanks.
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