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2003 Jeep cherokee FS, Surrey

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Hi All,


Due to our impending move, I need to sell my Jeep.  I thought I would come to PW first as it is my shooting vehicle and will be perfect for someone else to do the same.


Summary details:

2003 (53 plate) Jeep Cherokee Extreme Sport

3.7L Petrol engine, automatic transmission

5 seater

~73k miles (my friends are driving it this week and next so it should still be under 73k when they are done)

part leather interior, aftermarket radio with hands free Bluetooth (original radio with 6-disc changer will be included so you have it)

I'll include the Cabela's seat covers that I have used on it but aren't currently in place (nor in the pics) as well as the heavy duty rubber floor mats

If you have a dog, I'll include the Saunders dog guard I've been using in it as well since I don't have a car that needs it

MOT until Feb 2020 (get you through shooting season!)




I've had it for the past 7-8 years and it has been my second vehicle, used for going shooting or fishing primarily.  In that time I've only put ~20k miles on it.  It has ~73k on it now (4500 per year average) so very low.  It has been great to me and perfectly reliable with no major issues.  It has a full 4x4 low lock range which is great if you are trekking through fields and woods.  It doesn't have a tow hitch so the transmission has never been abused with horse boxes or other.  Overall it is in great mechanical shape and good aesthetic shape.  The interior is very good.  The exterior is good, but there are two bits to call out.  First is the scrape on the rear passenger side bumper which has been there since I bought it (well, I did it 2 days later).  The other is the passenger wing mirror which has a broken gear inside and it can move (hence the black tape).  Those aside, it is pretty clean and will be a great shooting bus for someone.  I wouldn't sell it if we weren't moving.


Pictures attached.  PM me if interested.  Located in Horsley, Surrey.  It will be available after 27 August when our friends leave.  Any questions, please just ask.















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Dare i ask... what's she like on fuel, i mean i don't expect her to trun on a thimble full but i currently drive a Mitsubishi 3.0 V6 auto petrol  😀

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