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  1. casts_by_fly

    Soft 20

    Exactly the same thing. The pigeons I shot this year with the same gun and load didn’t complain and they were beyond decoy range. Just buy a box and try them Rick
  2. casts_by_fly

    Soft 20

    If you want to take the term in its most literal sense sure. From the perspective of “absolutely hammered the bird with not a twitch before it hits the ground” that’s what I call crushing a bird in the air. Thanks, rick
  3. casts_by_fly

    Soft 20

    I wouldn’t put too much stock into what a calculation says of how many pellets you need to kill a bird. A 25g load of 6’s through 1/4 choke will crush a pheasant at 40 yards. Decoying pigeons at less than that you will have no problem with pattern density with 6’s. Don’t limit yourself unnecessarily. Rick
  4. casts_by_fly

    Soft 20

    The three crowns loads are the softest shooting I’ve ever seen. They are 6’s but there is nothing like them. Only thing close it hull comp-x extralights in a 21g 12 bore load. Not sure if they do a 20. Rick
  5. casts_by_fly

    Hevishot Cartridges

    Thanks. Too far out of my path. Thanks rick
  6. casts_by_fly

    Hevishot Cartridges

    Collection from? Rick
  7. casts_by_fly

    .17 , 20gr

    At one point there were soft points, hollow points, and fmj available in 20gr. I too didn’t see the benefit in the hmr. In the hornet that is another matter. Rick
  8. casts_by_fly

    28 in a 20 bore

    This is one good reason and example for minding the colors of your cartridges. All 20’s should be yellow with no exceptions. If you use multiple gauge guns ever (not just on the same day) then ensure that your colors don’t overlap. It is a simple thing that you can do as an added layer of protection. If you are observant you can catch things like this. thanks rick
  9. casts_by_fly

    Pheasant shoot

    Hi gents, nominally 8 guns. We’ve shot 7 and 9 and both work. This isn’t a commercial shoot selling loads of individual days through the season, rather it is set up mostly as a syndicate with a couple spare pegs going when guys can’t attend. Rick
  10. casts_by_fly

    Small household furniture to clear

    Small square end tables now gone. Open to any any offers on the others. I want them cleared. Rick
  11. casts_by_fly

    Ipad Pro 11" (2018) 64GB

    Thanks. Let me think it through and I’ll let you know. thanks rick
  12. casts_by_fly

    Small household furniture to clear

    Hi all, We are having a bit of a clear out in the house and want to make some space. All items are used but in generally good condition (any exceptions noted). All is furniture we have acquired over the years which has been superseded by other items but kept around to fill space. If shown with stuff inside, I’ll empty it out before collection. All are collected from surrey, either near cobham or slough (or points between). Deals for multiple items purchased as I want rid of all of it. If interested in anything and want better pictures just ask. In no particular order: Toshiba tv . 32” LCD, HD Ready (which I think is 720p). About 10 years old but was a good tv in its time. would be a good secondary tv or even a computer display. It has both hdmi and scart connections £50 2x sky+ HD boxes. Again, both are about 7-8 years old. Both were used as of 2 years ago when we moved, but we were given a new one when we got here and both have sat unused since. £20 ea. If you take the TV above, call it £10 and I’ll give you brand new hdmi cables to suit. Brown Wooden tv stand (has tv above on it). IKEA stand, 5+ years old but in good shape. will include 4 of the wicker baskets if you want them (2 shown in picture). Corner unit and about 36” across the front edge. £25 black wooden TV stand (has dvds in it in picture). About 50” wide, 4 shelves inside. Have had for 5+ years, not sure where we bought it from. good overall condition, one 10p sized spot on top where black paint has peeled off from an adhesive sticker that was removed). £25 white wine and microwave stand. Holds 20 bottles plus wine glasses of you want to hang them. was originally sold as a microwave stand but it would be fine for anything on top as the wood is solid. £25 ikea coat closet/wardrobe (pax series). Good condition. Has been used minimally. £50 ikea China cabinet. Adjustable shelves in top and bottom. clear glass front on top, solid bottom. Good for China and glassware, but also good for a shooting room to hold stuff (if it doesn’t sell I will do that myself). £50 two small square units. One a table, one a cabinet (beer bottle for size). White one could use a lick of paint and the wooden one has some scratches. £5 ea or free with a purchase above
  13. casts_by_fly

    Ipad Pro 11" (2018) 64GB

    Can you pm me the model number? I’ve considered an upgrade but my air 2 has been good to me. This might sway me. Rick
  14. casts_by_fly

    British passport renewal.

    Economy of scale. Less than one million certificates issued (combined sgc and fac as of 2010 per guardian article) many of which will be coterminous. All on 5 year cycle and going through 60(?) constabularies with varying levels of competency. Well under 1%. Per last British census, about 75% percent of britons have passports and they are on a 10 year cycle (so half the burden of a 5 year cycle) all of course processed through the home office with a unified Process. When there are 40 million certificates being processed, you will have an online option. Rick
  15. casts_by_fly

    Driven day on pheasants, Sussex, 5th Jan

    Hi guys Sorry for the delay. This day is taken. Thanks, rick