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  1. The Sak is the best value for money for me. I’ve used mine in the 17 and it is perfect for a light gun. Mine is also for sale incidentally as we are moving but I’d recommend it regardless. rick
  2. Hi All, Due to our impending move, I need to sell my Jeep. I thought I would come to PW first as it is my shooting vehicle and will be perfect for someone else to do the same. Summary details: 2003 (53 plate) Jeep Cherokee Extreme Sport 3.7L Petrol engine, automatic transmission 5 seater ~73k miles (my friends are driving it this week and next so it should still be under 73k when they are done) part leather interior, aftermarket radio with hands free Bluetooth (original radio with 6-disc changer will be included so you have it) I'll includ
  3. In case any of you are interested, I’ve just listed my SLK for sale. rick
  4. Hi all, Due to our upcoming move, I am selling both of our cars. First up is my 2012 Mercedes SLK 200. This is my daily driver and I love it. I wouldn’t be selling it if we weren’t moving out of the country. I bought it just over 3 years ago and am the second owner. I bought it with 23k miles and it is sitting around 73k at the moment (I drive it daily so it changes). It is a very high spec model (full details below) and has been fully serviced on schedule either with mercedes or a merc specialist. Overall it is in perfect mechanical shape and very good aesthetic shape. There are
  5. Running down on time so open to offers. I don’t want to have to chop this in at a dealer. Thanks rick
  6. Running down on time so open to offers. I don’t want to have to chop this in at a dealer. Thanks rick
  7. This is my gun so PM here if interested. rick
  8. Hi all, I have a about a half tub from loading my 17 that I can’t move with me when we move home. £10 for whoever comes to get it. If you want an exact weight contained I can do that. It is about 10 years old and always stored cool and dry. Pm me if you want it. I’m surrey based and travel to slough for work. Thanks rick
  9. Hi all black used SAK moderator in 1/2” unf on FAC for sale. Had it about ten years and in good shape. Works like brand new. If you pick it up at my house I’ll throw in a free Parker Hale (I think) non fac with the same specs to save me the trouble of dropping it at the gun shop face to face only, somewhere in the Surrey/berks area (I’m near Cobham and work in slough). £15 PM if interested rick
  10. That’s your answer if you’re in Donny. Prices are cheap and they have plenty of space. rick
  11. George, am am I reading that correctly- you had h&s build and sell you three rifles which you then brought back here? How long ago was that? thanks, for ick
  12. Did they provide you a written, official refusal with those reasons or was that a phone conversation?
  13. A lever would be fine, but if you are seriously considering it then look into the single shot options. Great break gun cartridge. Rick
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