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  1. That’s your answer if you’re in Donny. Prices are cheap and they have plenty of space. rick
  2. George, am am I reading that correctly- you had h&s build and sell you three rifles which you then brought back here? How long ago was that? thanks, for ick
  3. Did they provide you a written, official refusal with those reasons or was that a phone conversation?
  4. A lever would be fine, but if you are seriously considering it then look into the single shot options. Great break gun cartridge. Rick
  5. The 44 mag should do it in a rifle. The 440 marlin would definitely do it. Probably some others as well. Rick
  6. That’s what the water i saw looked like. A bit of slack pools but mostly freestone tumbling streams. Thanks rick
  7. When you have the ubiquitous 308 available in every shop which is a superior cartridge in every way to the 30-30, the 30-30 will be relegated to a niche cartridge for someone who that wants something different. I’d liken it to a 221 fireball vs 222/223. It exists here and is good for what it is but it will never have a large following even if it is a great cartridge. Rick
  8. casts_by_fly


    I’ve considered it but I’m also itching for an SL upgrade. I love my car but the slightly bigger SL would be nice. I don’t thrash mine around (either too many people on the road or no good roads here) so haven’t felt the need for a suspension upgrade. If I had to replace any of it for wear I would definitely be there though. Rick
  9. casts_by_fly


    I’ve got a 12 plate (new body style) 200. Mine has been remapped up over 240 bhp and it is a fantastic car. It is my daily driver and my weekend fun car all rolled into one. With a couple mods it is a fantastic car. For me, Smartop, a good wind deflector, the remap, and an under seat subwoofer have transformed the car from good and fun to great and a blast. The MOT flew through just today and with 70k on the clock there isn’t a single issue that it has had. I’ve put tires on it twice, haven’t yet changed the brakes, gone through a couple head lamp bulbs (I drive with them ‘on’ all the time) and that’s it. If you you want to get a little crazy the amg 43 and 55 are a bit wild. I drove the 43 2 weeks ago for a couple hours and it is very rapid. thanks, rick
  10. Hi gents, Im heading to the hills near Florence in August for two weeks with friends. Since we are driving I can take along whatever gear I want and was thinking about the fly rod. I was just in the area for work last week and the Tiber was looking interesting. I found out that stretch of river is open fishing (just rod license) and that got me wondering if there was anything else in the area. Anyone done it and willing to share tips? PM is fine if you don’t want to put it on an open forum. rick
  11. What they said. If you find a great deal on one or more components then it can come down but standard retail is in the 30-35p region. That said, just do it- well worth ir in the 17. rick
  12. Hi ben, this is the shoot that I was on when I lived up there. Remember the fiber wad big steel loads? All shot there. Rick
  13. CENS electronics but I don’t know which. I got the about 6 years ago. Batteries are energizer. rick
  14. I would get a couple weekends from mine. Usually 2-3 months before they start beeping with a low battery. And batteries are cheap on amazon. Rick
  15. Exactly the same thing. The pigeons I shot this year with the same gun and load didn’t complain and they were beyond decoy range. Just buy a box and try them Rick
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