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  1. casts_by_fly

    Waterproof moleskins?

    Hi guys i have waxed leggings already. I’d rather not have another thing over top, rather I want a pair that is waterproof from the off Thanks, rick
  2. Hi all, I have a full gun on a syndicate this season and can’t shoot on the 5th of Jan as we will be traveling. The shoot is in Sussex between Hayward’s heath and Lewes. We are targeting 70 birds days, but there are no overages and no hard numbers. We shot 96 yesterday and 69 two weeks before. There are a lot of birds on the ground and they are all flying well right now. We shoot 8-9 guns nominally but we’ve shot as few as 7 and the ground works for 11 guns and the day could vary depending on people. It is a very friendly group of guns and beaters and I wouldn’t be giving up the day if we were in the country. The shoot is a mix of open field driven and woodland driven with good birds presenting in both cases. We shoot 6-8 drives depending on light and how quickly people move through the day, stopping for elevensies after the third drive and lunch after the fourth. Light refreshments provided at elevensies and lunch and there are always some cakes shared around at both. It’s a really great day out for all. £300 plus beaters tip at the end of the day (£20). If interested, PM me or message here. Happy to answer any questions. thanks rick
  3. casts_by_fly

    Waterproof moleskins?

    Hi all, per ear the title, is there a such thing as waterproof moleskins? I prefer moleskins for a day of shooting because they are comfortable and warm but after getting a bit soaked through Saturday (only below the coat and above the boots) I’m looking at the weak link in the clothing chain. If they don’t I’ll try silicon spray first but I don’t think that would help against what we had Saturday. Goretex would be better if it exists with moleskin. Worst case I’ll look at breeks that are goretex. Thanks rick
  4. casts_by_fly

    20 bore game cartridges- a brief review

    I wouldn’t be surprised. I have some pure gold 12’s and they have a bark to them. Not excessive recoil, just a load bark. Thanks, rick I’ll trade you my regals if you are interested. I’ll shoot the full flat (probably at pigeons) but given the choice I wish I had only bought one box to try them before I got the full flat. Thanks rick
  5. Hi all, i knwo there are are a few of us who shoot a 20 here so I thought some others might be interested in my ‘taste testing’. Aside from a box of eley VIP given with the gun and a box or two of pheasant extremes, I’ve shot proper cartridges in either 28 6’s or 32 5’s since I bought it a number of years ago. I am about out of them so I picked up a couple boxes from just cartridges this week. Specifically, Gamebore regal 28 6’s, 25 6’s, and hull three crown 25 6’s. Today shot all of them at pheasants. These are standard height pheasants up to 40 yards. All were shot through my beretta silver pigeon which weighs just over 6 lb. I’ve loved George’s 28 6’s because they are soft shooting in a light gun. They kill well when I do my job. The 32 5’s are sharp. They bark a bit at the muzzle and are sharp on the shounder. In a heavier gun they would be fine, but if I need a heavier gun and want to shoot that load I’ll bring a bigger gun. These are fine for the occasional drive or for the one gun shooter. The regal were new to me. The 28’s were surprisingly harsh. I thought the regal was a softer shooting cartridges considering it was in a 65mm case and for older guns. Maybe they are lower pressure or something, but they are loud and sharp, about the same as the 32 5’s from George. Glad I only bought 2 boxes of them. Surprisingly, the 25g loads aren’t much different. They are just as loud though a little lighter on the shoulder (but not much). I would take George’s 28 6’s over the lighter regals. However, the three crowns are a sweetheart. I’ve shot them in a 12 and they are the softest shoooting 12 bore 28g load ever. These 25g in the 20 were no different. They are softer than a 21g 12 ga Comp-x in a heavy gun. No doubt the sweetest load ever. Also, they are miniature death sticks. Every bird I hit with them came down in a heap. I was incredibly impressed. Any 20 bore shooters would do well to grab a box. thanks rick
  6. casts_by_fly

    Shotgun from the States

    That would be illegal under American law. That is a direct export and would require an export license. rick
  7. casts_by_fly

    Shotgun from the States

    Basically not possible and certainly not worth it for anything that isn’t worth a lot of money and unique. rick
  8. casts_by_fly

    heathrow t3 foreign cash charity drop

    Just inside past security and duty free. Right in the middle of the walkway before you get to the railing overlooking the shops below. Big one Thanks Rick
  9. casts_by_fly

    3 inch Over and Under

    What price range are you looking at? I have something that would be good pending budget. Rick
  10. casts_by_fly

    Tweed shooting jacket ???.

    If you mean a coat, then this is a steal https://www.johnnorris.co.uk/collections/clothing-sale/products/harkila-torridon-jacket i picked one up before the season and love it.
  11. casts_by_fly

    Eley Imperial 12g

    D&J fiber are pretty rough. Dirty as anything. Rick
  12. casts_by_fly

    Just a question about sporting gun.

    Depends on your location. Not all stores stock all of the same. Tesco change local listings depending on what sells well locally. Rick
  13. casts_by_fly


    Yes, yes, and usually. Mine checked serial numbers when I moved down here and I was happy for it to confirm the paperwork was right. Thanks rick
  14. casts_by_fly

    .223 - 40g

    I’ve always shot 40 grain vmax. Not much benefit over 55’s for trajectory. Under 200 yards the extra speed buys maybe an inch if I remember correctly. Past that the low bc slows it down quicker so drop at 250 is about the same and past 300 a 55 ends up flatter. So for most people shooting fox and similar (ie inside 250 yards) just pick the more accurate one. I went with 40’s as it means the same powder to reload as my 20’s in the 17. rick