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Suspicious website? Opinions?

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On 05/05/2021 at 09:35, dabloobana said:



Yes very fishy.

I am posting a site thats dodgy. Not claiming its my site. Not vouching for it.  Not promoting it.

Im Saying its dodgy.

Im Not selling anything.

Im Not asking for money.


Also since Im so fishy, and had only 7 posts (you checked), it would have only taken another click to see my intro.

Also i can understand if maths is not someones strong point so heres a refresher:


24 April 2012 (my joining date) is 9 years before  24 april 2021.


Anyways nothing i can say will convince you, so let me make it easier for you all:


Dear admin, i am very fishy. My posts are fishy. Yes its my website which i am promoting.

Hope that satisfies you.


To anyone else who cares to listen: (clearly they cant read my post)- I know its dodgy, I have written its dodgy. I have pointed its fishy. My quote is "its so dodgy its funny"






This is not a fishing forum its a shooting forum 🤣

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