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A friend's o/u stopped firing the 2nd barrel, and I decided I wanted to have the extra full choke on a semiauto barrel bored out a bit, so off to Leech and sons gunsmith in Boreham, near Chelmsford. 

I was primed to hear bad news, as her o/u is old and all manner of issues could have arisen, but he said he'd call with an approximation of cost before he went ahead with any work. 

He found a couple of issues, but sorted them with no problem, and the whole cost was less than I expected, done quickly and with total competence. 

Can't recommend Dave at Leech and son enough, my semiauto barrel looks like I took it out of the box yesterday, and her o/u is ready for another few decades of clay busting.

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I heard the same thing, way back, but in conversation with Dave the gunsmith, he mentioned that covid had allowed him to pretty much clear his backlog, and he had my guns for 3 days before phoning to say they were done, including 1 day which was letting the epoxy set in a crack in the stock, invisibly fixing it. 

It's a 35 min drive to Leech and son, but I first used them to service a pal's beretta, and fix a seized hatsan, and the level of service and value for money made me a confirmed customer. 


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