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  1. As said, dump the shellac and oil the wood lightly, then finish with wax. i tend to mix beeswax with olive oil or almond oil. Polishing your wood during the evening can be incredibly therapeutic.....
  2. Fatcatsplat


    Loads of fruit and sugar did the trick for me - I've got a massive sweet tooth which probably doesn't help!!
  3. Fatcatsplat


    Never got anything with Blueberry to work, but Strawberry vodka was a massive hit!!
  4. It's all shaping up very nicely I reckon
  5. There are various travel companies that offer packages, BUT they ain't cheap. Would think it best to make your own arrangements and look at accomodation a little way down the trainline. As an example, hotels in Twickenham and Richmond go through the roof during internationals, but Heathrow airport is only 5 miles away and much cheaper.
  6. Not so much these days - Too old, fat and lazy! Still get out on the pigeons and wet a line occasionally
  7. If either ever had the mindset to actually get organised and go beyond being very angry online or in the pub, then i might be worried, but it's all a mixture of thickies, wannabes and the Peoples Front of Judeah
  8. Costermonger sold fruit and veg - Just googled it to check i had it right and coster was an old variety of apple! From a cockney who can't stand whelks or jellied eels!
  9. The Range were putting their aisles together last night
  10. Stick them in an old tobacco tin or just a foil enevelope with a piercing at the top to let the smoke out
  11. Prices are plummeting on the Dee as well - The river looks great, but it's empty
  12. I played against a Georgian international prop several waist sizes and a fringe ago in Spain on a tour and they are lovely scrummagers
  13. They used very, very old ones (Think tape deck and manual window winders) last year when i was in Utah - They are absolutely the mutts nuts. Went anywhere, at any angle and did it very comfortably.
  14. I drew Italy in the sweep at work - Well that's 2 quid wasted!! I've never known such an open tournament with no real home advantage for any of the big boys and nobody particularly on fire - Japan will be boosted by home advantage from being mediocre to probably quite good. New Zealand, Australia, Wales, England, South Africa, France and Ireland all stand a great chance of winning. Argentina, Italy, Scotland, Fiji and Tonga will all be fighting to make it past the pool stages. Russia, Namibia, Uruguay and Georgia will all be happy with points on the board. Mostly earlyish kick offs - Anyone recommend a suitable breakfast ale? Or perhaps a marmalade martini!!
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