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  1. Have you lot actually listened to yourselves? This forum used to be about pigeon shooting, but now it's just descended into a Darby and Joan club for blinkered racists and bigots to talk about the good old days when Enoch was the man I'm done - Seeya
  2. Party round yours it is then!!!
  3. 🤣🤣🤣 It has indeed. Not like it was in my day you know
  4. Looks excellent - And crucial sauces are always a good shout (Also love the kegerator - You running a couple of corny kegs?) Edit - Have you got a recipe please?
  5. That's quality stitching - All by hand or do you have a super duper machine?
  6. I've heard lard, mashed potatoes and all sorts - All tosh. It's basically just a really, really good milkshake. Maccas are great at what they do and at the price point it comes in at and they are damned convenient. It's not great cuisine and you're not going to get your 5 a day there, but if you're hungry and on the hood, they are awesome. Plus another vote for the coffee and ice creams as well
  7. We did it 7 years ago at the Essex jamboree in Chelmsford - If you have a large youth event, give BASC a shout
  8. Netflix ran this advert last week for their Motley Crue documentary - With a picture of Steel Panther - A Motley Crue parody band - As said above, it happens
  9. We were there Sunday and combined it with a cheeky weekend away in the Cotswolds - 3 full bags of new bits and pieces and a happy missus
  10. Phil - What do you think the week cost you all in, with flights, hotel, stock and fitting?
  11. Works a treat as well and dead, dead easy - Make sure you get some risers for the bottom of the bin - Terracotta plant stand supports work really well
  12. The football is still pretty dire in comparison, but I'm not really much of a football fan - Rugby and cricket really stand out on their own and are excellent to watch
  13. I managed to make a rough chipotle from smoking the ones you sent me. Have planted loads of jalapenos this year and hope to nail it
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