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  1. Now that's a stick blender!!!!!!!
  2. Try that with Doritos - They are a genuine firelighter!! Pringles have got me through an awful lot of festival munchie attacks - I'm forever grateful
  3. I reckon I could knock a pound out in 5 minutes (Please insert innuendo here as appropriate) - I tend to get larger cloves as the silly little supermarket ones are just a pain. Wonder if you could just put them in a juicer?
  4. Agreed - Prepping garlic is easy with a crusher and ginger is a doddle - Peel it with a teaspoon - and comes away dead easy. Have a look at Rajah or East End spices - They're dirt cheap and if you store them in airtight dark containers, they will last a while - Air, moisture and light are the enemy of dried herbs/spices, so keep 'em dry and dark. Regrettably i live in a household where we all have vastly different curry preferences, so can never batch cook unless it's a bland, middle of the road compromise. I do have a terra cotta pot tandoor in the garden though and make a mean
  5. The problem is that the treatment available now is so much better than it ever was and pets are living longer, healthier lives, but at a cost. What would have previously resulted in a pet being put to sleep years ago now has a solution, so the vet bills consequently go through the roof and you have an emotional conundrum of how much is too much. We had our lab/clumber cross PTS yesterday - Massive sarcoma on back right leg that had been cut out twice, but was now inoperable - She was right as rain (albeit with a football sized left bum cheek) until last week when it really took hold and w
  6. Just started watching it to remind me what the city looks like!! Very 2020 setting, but with 1995 attitudes - Ah, the good old days!!! All the grads these days just go to the gym, play console games and network in a sober, green tea, tofu, hot yoga style
  7. Fatcatsplat


    You'll possibly fly into Lubeck which is a lovely city - It's an "island" with bridges connected to the mainland and tons of medieval architecture
  8. The EGX 550 looks fun!! https://www.egearms.com/
  9. Were they filming The Hangover 4?
  10. Coarsely ground chuck with a decent fat content, chopped onion, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and smoked paprika - Robert is your father's brother!!
  11. Personally I'm quids in working from home - No suits, no train fare, no overpriced Pret A Manger and Starbucks coffee. I do miss a good boozy lunch though😥
  12. Freeze them first for a week or two - Kills any mites and their eggs
  13. I think it's Sarsons that have a quick pickling vinegar out at the moment - Few shallots nicely sliced, vinegar, pepper and sugar - Leave for half an hour and serve
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