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  1. Fatcatsplat

    2019 Chilli Growing thread

    Is that Malt Loaf?
  2. Fatcatsplat

    1st time fly fishing

    Fishing Megastore is another one - Based in Glasgow and Edinburgh. https://www.fishingmegastore.com/feature-readerofferslist.html Shakespeare/AirFlo/Ron Thompson/Leeda are all decently priced for beginners - Ignore all the Hardy and Sage gear for the moment - Get yourself a 5 or 7 weight rod and a floating line to match, with a nice cheap reel to marry them up - You won't use the reel half as much as you do coarse fishing. Have fun!
  3. Fatcatsplat


    Sorry - Thought the reference to "It went off like a rocket" meant you had a mini erupting foam volcano on your hands!! Generally, when you've got that much fermentable content (the kit, the concentrate and the sugar) with a champagne yeast as well, I'd expect seriously aggressive fermentation and would use the biggest bucket I have so that there is enough headspace over the liquid to give the fermentation room to bubble and grow - Otherwise the airlock just gets clogged up or even blown out. What strength did it end up at?
  4. Fatcatsplat

    Six nations

  5. Fatcatsplat


    cookoff013 - Too many fermentables with the cider kit, cherry concentrate and sugar AND champagne yeast. You need probably double the headspace to get the gasses out
  6. Fatcatsplat


    I do a bit of Tai Chi as part of my lung rehab, working my way up to Yoga. The DDP Yoga (Diamond Dallas Page - Ex WWF "wrestler") looks particularly good, but also a fair bit of dough for the course - Anybody got any real experience of it?
  7. Fatcatsplat

    Fly fishing in Slovenia, Croatia or Bulgaria

    Good Grief!!
  8. Fatcatsplat

    3 x 19” and 1 x 17.5” shirts

    Not Mr Raja is it? If you get a chance, send the details over please and I'll give him a try. Anything that fits my ..er...unique frame is always a good thing!!
  9. Fatcatsplat

    3 x 19” and 1 x 17.5” shirts

    Sigh.....If only you were fatter...
  10. Fatcatsplat

    2019 Chilli Growing thread

    Have had mild success with scotch bonnets, but great success with chilli sauces and jams
  11. Fatcatsplat

    Browning Ultra models

    The Ultra GTi is probably the ugliest gun in the world - Awful wood and really bad 1980's boy racer logos on the action with absolutely no redeeming features whatsoever, BUT, it's a lovely gun to shoot, well balanced and fits me like a glove.
  12. Fatcatsplat

    2019 Chilli Growing thread

    I'm down for this - I've had 2 years of dreadful crops and want to give it a decent go this year.
  13. Fatcatsplat

    Fly fishing in Slovenia, Croatia or Bulgaria

    Have PM'd him, but think he's washing his hair at the moment!!! Thanks Walker570 - I'll follow that up!
  14. PW Massive, Fishing in Eastern Europe - Anyone been? I see loads of flyers in Borat style English that don't really tell me an awful lot and confuse the hell out of my poor little brain. Looking for some first hand experience or recommendations for outfitters or destinations - Somewhere relatively easy to get to, nice and pretty and not Russia! Cheers FCS
  15. Fatcatsplat

    Recommendations for 1st shotgun

    Over 10 years or so? Well worth it!