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  1. Pot noodle sandwich - Lovely!
  2. Fatcatsplat

    The Repair Shop

    Watching 2 hours of cleaning, sanding and laborious painting ain't exactly riveting telly though
  3. Wish I could manage a team - Get into an absolute tangle every time and can't seem to get it right - Even a team of two!!
  4. Been there and done that!! You could see the fish all day, but just not interested in anything - It's a lot of money to pay to blank
  5. Fatcatsplat

    Six Nations

    It's rugby for Heaven's sake - It's a big violent, aggressive game where testosterone takes over and little lambs turn into tigers (and vice versa). It happens and you cannot stop it or sanitize it and i frankly don't want it sanitized - It's nothing new - Remember the 99 call on the Lions 1974 SA tour? Tim Rodber punching seven bells out of Erasmus in 94? England playing Wales in the 1980 Five nations game? As a kid, that was the stuff that completely attracted me to rugby in the first place and kept me playing it for over 20 years
  6. You can go the standard burger route, but if you want to make some serious dough, there's two routes i'd advise: 1) Barbecue - Slow cooked and lovely and suits batch cooking an absolute treat - Waning a little now, but still very popular 2) - This is the money shot - High protein vegan food - I know that's blasphemy on here, but you will make an absolute killing. The kids in my firm are all body conscious and carbs are the work of the devil - If you do add a meat protein, make it chicken or salmon. Add a blender and make it a herbal juice bar as well The main ingredients are dirt cheap and the longevity of the food is pretty good as well. You'll have to wedge out a bit on avocado and such like, but it is definitely the way forward with the Yoof of today.
  7. In a rush they are a good thing, but i prefer to make my own now in batches and freeze them - I know what ingredients are in there, and more importantly, i know how much salt, sugar, fats etc are in there
  8. I'll have to get back down there - My Brother In Law said it had been fishing well recently
  9. Just finished off my last jar of cowboy candy - Think i need to go extra large this year!!
  10. "Craft" as such is a marketing thing - They are just (mainly) small independent breweries, brewing for a chuckle and a small profit if possible, because they're fed up to the eye teeth with insipid lager and ales being badly served in rubbish chain pubs. If you want to make your own, watch this
  11. Very hard to shoot if they see you. They make pigeons look positively pedestrian with the way they jink about
  12. Fatcatsplat

    1917 film

    I'm damned if i know what film you boys saw, but the one i saw was fairly flippin' good to be honest with you. Admittedly you didn't see him reload (equally you never saw him defecate or urinate either, but i guess you take those for granted), so i counted and he never shot more than 5 times in a row - That's his magazine capacity as shown when they first went over. The river scene was pretty good and the general cinematography was really well shot and looked great on the big screen and the pace of the film was excellent. The actors were well cast with George Mackay very believable and Cumberbatch was very good at the end.
  13. Health app on an iPhone - Step counter is very accurate
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