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  1. Some of the airgun bits are a little hard to sit through, although slightly better than camomile tea and counting sheep at getting me to the land of nod
  2. My local reservoir, Hanningfield, is now open.....and booked solid.....
  3. Old Pork Pie Shoppe in Melton is good, but i reckon Leeson the butchers in Oakham pips them to the post - Especially the Stilton and Chilli Jam version
  4. Couldn't you just supply the tenants with socks and jumpers?
  5. https://www.bt.com/tv/documentary/seaspiracy-netflix-truth-facts-ali-tabrizi-stop-eating-fish Maybe not as cut and dried as that
  6. Ham and pickle - Not my favourite, but you want something you can put down in a hurry and a triple stacked club with maple bacon and smoked turkey will invariably end up a soggy mess on the floor
  7. Many years ago, my stepdaughter's boxer ate through the kitchen wall while she was out - In typical boxer fashion, he ignored the gate that he could have pushed over or jumped over and ate his way through a breeze block and plaster wall!
  8. When i looked a few years ago, the increase in price vs volume just didn't justify it for me, unless you're deliberately after a nice shiny set up - Are you doing kits or all grain?
  9. You can get a 50 pint fermenting bucket in Wilko's or the Range for around a tenner
  10. It's sort of a good idea, but not sure it's of any real practical use - You now your boundaries and you know your sweet spots where and when you shoot. Would have thought recording it like this doesn't really tell BASC very much either, but it would give locations, quarry and frequency of visits to any anti who managed to breach the database. Based on what i have seen of anti behaviour, i would think they would have a horde of nerds queueing up to be the one to bust through.
  11. Daft question, but bear with me!! Having spent an absolute fortune on seeds this year because i can't find my leftovers from last year, is there any reason why i can't just buy a bag of mixed chilis from Tesco, harvest the seeds and dry them out? Do they need to be dried or can they be planted fresh out of the plant?
  12. Acme 211.5 is recommended for labs
  13. You've just got to get through it (but make sure you still have plenty of fuel!). Lockdown has been kind to me in that WFH i can do long smokes regularly and i can finally make a brisket that wobbles
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