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  1. Scout knife sold to me!!
  2. Fatcatsplat

    E.A rod licence

    I managed to do that when applying for a Canadian visa and paid 50 over the odds - Well chuffed
  3. Fatcatsplat

    The return of the Cafe Racer

    That's an itch I need to scratch sooner rather than later. Tidy job
  4. Fatcatsplat

    Pastrami, do you like it?

    If you bake it, it's pastrami, if you boil it, it's salt beef. Salt beef needs to be thick cut but pastrami works best in wafer thin layers
  5. Fatcatsplat

    Nuts and Bolts

  6. Fatcatsplat

    Motorcyles and Shotguns

    I had an epiphany the other night when my grandson walked in with his hockey kit - My 32" barrel browning fits lovely and it's as unobtrusive as you can get. Saves a fortune on breakdown cases https://www.sportsdirect.com/grays-gx3000-hockey-bag-863019?colcode=86301945
  7. Fatcatsplat

    Save our reseviors

    This is what does my nut in - I'd love to have a go at chalk stream fishing and will probably lay the dough out one day, but it's frighteningly expensive when all you're going to get is a 6 inch catch and release brownie. I'm looking at Croatia and Bosnia maybe to bring the cost down. Interestingly, the cost of salmon fishing in Scotland seems to have plummeted though as most of the rivers are showing very few fish
  8. Fatcatsplat

    Save our reseviors

    My local is Hanningfield in Essex and it's being kept afloat by Polish, Romanians, Lithuanians and Latvians ledgering with Powerbait or spinning from a boat. 8 fish ticket is £27 and with fish averaging 2-3lbs each that's not a bad return. I went out last Sunday and there was a match on, so suddenly fly fishermen everywhere - I have no idea where they go for the rest of the year. Essex is fixated with big, fat carp - Put your tent up, get your 3 rods out and go to sleep until your bite alarm goes off.
  9. Fatcatsplat

    Patio slabs

    Well I saw this episode of Brookside once....
  10. Fatcatsplat

    Trout fishing newbie

    My father in law just got me onto this and must admit I'm getting better results.
  11. Fatcatsplat

    Worst movie you have ever watched.

    Fight Club - Helena Bonham Carter gets her kit off. Enough said Admittedly Meatloaf has bigger bangers, but size isn't everything.
  12. Fatcatsplat

    Trout fishing newbie

    You can buy it when you want, but it still runs out April 1st every year....
  13. Fatcatsplat

    One for the Fowler’s

    If they get processed into the food chain and not just dumped I see no problem
  14. Fatcatsplat

    Charger leads, plugs and thieving magpies

    Now that I like!!
  15. Fatcatsplat

    Trout fishing newbie

    I tend to buy line 1 weight bigger than the rod. Airflo do a really good starter kit with pretty much everything you need for under a ton. I think dry fly is harder than wet because your cast needs to be spot on, landing nice and gently. A few hours practising your casting on a lake is infinitely more fun than practice casting in your back garden or local park. Have a look at Fishingmegastore.com, especially in the reader offers section. Edited to say, that rod sounds a little heavy for stream fishing - I'd probably go with a 9ft, but a 4 wt