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  1. I think you may have been a bit Bavarian in your interpretation of his response - It was meant kindly in jest
  2. I've no idea - Danger Mouse is 40 years old, but never seems to age! My comments were more a generalisation to the various replies on here. Hope your missus is getting some life back in her legs after her efforts at the weekend
  3. I'm probably biased because i was brought up there, but it's one of the greatest cities in the world and i love it. You will also find that while you're admiring your white picket fences, your kids and grandkids will generally love it as well and will take any opportunity they can to visit the bright lights
  4. There's an assumption that everyone that wants to join is a retiree, which is quite true of the members i know, but not very representative of the shooting community as a whole, but shooting in this area of Essex is very hard to come by and them's the rules. A relaxation of those rules would get them lots more members and do the farmers that they serve a distinct favour
  5. Then you're quite possibly the wrong person to be commenting on this post
  6. I work in the city in London and most of the guys that shoot are like me, on a little diy shoot or buying an occasional day here and there, whereas most of the Hooray Henry types that i'm assuming this article refers to come from Fulham, Chelsea, Clapham and Balham, but they ALL, to a man, come from country money and go home at weekends and holidays, to the family seat in Dorset, Devon or Hampshire
  7. Drive finishes at 5.30 and it gets truly dark at 7.30 - Gives them 2 hours to sort their lives out. Plenty of time at the moment. It won't be later in the season, but that's fairly obvious
  8. Most jobs can be done with a series of hitches - The art of a good knot is speed, strength and an ability to be easily undone and the rope reused. Personally, the knots i always use are: Clove hitch Round turn and 2 half hitches Bowline Sheepshank Sheet bend Square/Diagonal lashings Figure of 8 knot - Single and double
  9. Smoke joint and then shoot - Problem - Although how many guys have you seen severely larruped after a sloegasm session on a shoot lunch go out for the afternoon drives Spend day shooting, go home, lock guns away, smoke joint - No problem
  10. Black and green montana, blue flash damsel, wooly ******, humungus, woolybugger humungus (naturally!!) and this time of the year, daddy long legs and spider patterns Never had any joy with boobies, cats whiskers or diawl bachs unfortunately
  11. I'd be tempted to ask for a cash discount and just go that route - As London Best says, somebody is paying for it. If you go 0% interest, you have to go through all the agg of form filling and then receive a bundle of unsolicited marketing e mails from the lender and their "friends"
  12. Stop derailing this oyster thread
  13. So you've been to Essex then....
  14. Don't bother with the Aldi £50 sit on top of the barbecue ovens - More grief than they are worth and you have to spend absolutely ages preheating them to get them to temperature
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