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  1. Couldn't agree more - Just because we are at the top of the food chain doesn't mean there isn't room for anything else.
  2. You can go in the oven at the very lowest setting with the door slightly open, or just hang in a rack over a smouldering fire. I generally just use standard dry barbecue rubs, although there's a wet Teryaki recipe that I've been waiting to do and this thread has reminded me - Cheers!!
  3. We could or we could pay £150.00 a year membership fee and include the legal expenses if you like
  4. Rather than giving it all the beans on a Non BASC forum, give em a ring and ask - They're very nice people in the main Edited to say - Would you rather they go bankrupt fighting cases with no chance of success?
  5. Not with the way the losses are running at the moment - They already have a very large self insured retention to keep the premium down, but the cost of the claims that were made were just astronomical and burnt through this quite quickly and then went into the underwriters chest. If they were to become a captive they could very well go bankrupt. As Nic has said above, of 150 claims, only 30 were advanced. If you think as basic letter from a brief is going to be probably a couple of hundred, but in this instance, you are going to need a specialist in their field and suddenly the cost has tripled before it's even gone anywhere near a court. The markets they have used have lost a considerable amount of money every year to the point that they are uninsurable in any reasonable way.
  6. Rather than just sit and berate BASC (which i did earlier), i did some research and made a few calls as i'm in the, industry and also spoke with BASC. Without giving away any privileged information, the situation for BASC in this instance is absolutely untenable - Due to claims volume, premiums and self insured retention having risen exponentially over the last 4 years, as well as the personal excess limit and combined with a restricted market and increasingly restrictive exclusionary language, they have genuinely had to drop the coverage. Even with the size of the pot they have to play with, this part of the coverage was by far the largest drain and frankly, they have done a cracking job of managing to get it renewed to this point. The only fault i can place here is that the press release to members did little to explain the full facts and perhaps, if it had, the members may feel a little less aggrieved.
  7. Thanks for that, but what has that to do with the price of fish? When you next see PG, you may want to remind him that the majority of his members work for a living, generally during the 5 days of the working week and enjoy their leisure pursuits at the weekend - Namely Saturday and Sunday. I would think Mr Glenser would be better employed convincing his neighbours that lawful pest control was being undertaken and perhaps they should turn their radio up a little to avoid the disturbance.
  8. Could i ask how many brokers you used in the RFP tender for coverage? How many markets did they tender to and with what fees/commissions built in? I've just looked on the website and see that Marsh used Markel - If you're going to go the Lloyd's route, there are an awful lot more syndicates to choose from. With 155,000 members (in August, 2019) x £13.50, that's a little under £2.1M in annual spend - Take out IPT and that's a gross of £1.87M - That's a hell of a pot to play with for what is a reasonably sentient cover, generally thrown in for free with a lot of coverages "With regards to the legal expense’s insurance only around 150 (1 in 1000) members a year make a claim, and of those only around a half (1 in 2000 members) have their cases taken up" - That's the whole point of insurance - The premium of the many to pay the losses of the few. What have the loss ratios looked like for the last 5 years? I'm genuinely interested and would be happy to converse via PM is you would prefer.
  9. I work in insurance and prices are going up massively - Particularly with regard to anything involving litigation, but even so, this is a suicidal move. If £13.50 goes on insurance, where is the rest of the money being spent??? On the back of their complete capitulation over lead, this is very poor
  10. My Uncle's drink of choice and mine as a youth - Would love to find out where to get peppermint from though. Used to be rum and pep, or another was shrub, whatever the hell that was
  11. Also 10 years out of date if you look at the photo
  12. Could have been really great, but wasn't. The two near us spent loads of money on climbing walls that were never staffed, so never open. Tons of racks of fairly meh gear, with a few bargains in the mix every now and then and a ridiculously expensive D of E expedition gear range - Gave a good scout discount on top of the card discount mind you.
  13. i did one a few years ago and to be fair, it was very good and i learned an awful lot, some of which i expected and lots i didn't. Hide building techniques were particularly useful and lots of common sense solutions to everyday problems.
  14. 103 - What a cracking innings!
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