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  1. Phil - What do you think the week cost you all in, with flights, hotel, stock and fitting?
  2. Works a treat as well and dead, dead easy - Make sure you get some risers for the bottom of the bin - Terracotta plant stand supports work really well
  3. The football is still pretty dire in comparison, but I'm not really much of a football fan - Rugby and cricket really stand out on their own and are excellent to watch
  4. I managed to make a rough chipotle from smoking the ones you sent me. Have planted loads of jalapenos this year and hope to nail it
  5. Pretty sure it's full up there - Last i heard they had 20 guns and very few birds
  6. Love a scotch egg. Make my own with 2 parts sausage meat and 1 part black pudding - Game changer. And a bit of Englsih Mustard on the side (plus a sausage roll, pork pie and a pickled onion - British tapas at its very best!!)
  7. Yep - Absolute delight to watch. Women's T20 and International Rugby are on a par with the men's game
  8. My thoughts entirely - Everything else is Daily Express/Mail sensationalism
  9. Thought this was a post about Hawkwind. Oh well.....
  10. Best midlayers on the market imo
  11. Having cocked up a few cote de boeuf in the past, with a cindered crust and a raw middle, i went to reverse sear and have never looked back - Get yourself an instant read thermometer as well and it takes all the guesswork out of when it's done
  12. Pick them now, wash them and then freeze them - They will be fine. Old tip, but still worthwhile - Make your sloe gin in an empty and clean 2 litre drinks bottle - Tighten the lid and throw it in your car boot - Saves all that daily shaking nonsense
  13. Brandon Lee was killed when a previous round jammed and the next blank threw it out of the barrel - The guns need to be open ended to show the discharge as realistically as possible
  14. I think you may have been a bit Bavarian in your interpretation of his response - It was meant kindly in jest
  15. I've no idea - Danger Mouse is 40 years old, but never seems to age! My comments were more a generalisation to the various replies on here. Hope your missus is getting some life back in her legs after her efforts at the weekend
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