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  1. Freeze them first for a week or two - Kills any mites and their eggs
  2. I think it's Sarsons that have a quick pickling vinegar out at the moment - Few shallots nicely sliced, vinegar, pepper and sugar - Leave for half an hour and serve
  3. For a starter kit, the Wherry stuff is bombproof - Tastes absolutely like you'd get in the pub
  4. Nelson was only 5 feet tall and the statue atop Nelson's Column is 15 feet tall - That's Horatio of 3:1
  5. Smoke them for several hours on low - The fat renders and they are lovely
  6. Pretty sure that's cobblers - In that same vein, should you be locking up your cartridges?
  7. That looks splendid....and dirt cheap too!
  8. Simples - Put them in a tin with confectioners (or powdered) sugar like they do with Turkish Delight.
  9. I'm not impressed by them - You will get wastage, so economically it's a loss. Does draft lager really taste better than bottled/canned? If it's all carbonated, i tend to think not Does look sexy in your home bar though
  10. Fatcatsplat


    Despite having an all time high BMI of 53 a few years ago, when I was dead fit (more than a few years ago), climbing mountains and running marathons, I was still a stone overweight. BMI is just a broad gauge
  11. Get yourself a decent awl to make the holes with and use waxed thread with 2 needles (a pair of pliers are also a great idea!!). Are you looking to sew the bottom itself or the collar surrounding it?
  12. Any pictures? Would be nice to visualize.
  13. How did you do the cement/vermiculite mix? Is it on a firebrick bed? This is an itch i have to scratch
  14. Brisket - You've chosen the hardest joint to get right. There's not a lot of middle ground. It's either great or it ain't!! Keep it simple - A little salt and a lot of pepper and a whole bunch of time If it's a rolled brisket, unroll it and if the fat cap is more than half an inch or so, give it a trim, but don't go too mad - You need fat. Get the Egg to 225F (get used to Fahrenheit for BBQ purposes!!) and stick it on unwrapped. Once it hits 150F, take a look and if you're happy with the bark, wrap it in double layer foil with a few spoons of beef stock and then back in the smok
  15. I've got the Aldi version and it's just as good - Kamado/Green Egg - They're just 2 ceramic pots on top of each other with adjustable airflow. Having said that, i LOVE mine!! It's all about temperature control, air flow and smoke Best cuts would be pork shoulder for pulled pork, pork ribs (Look up 3-2-1 method), beef ribs (jacobs ladder) and the holy grail - Brisket!! There are lots of specialist barbecue bitchers around, but may i suggest while you're finding your feet, that you don't spend a fortune on something that ends up like dried leather. You'll need to be able to learn how y
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