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Browning Barrel Weights - Use loctite on fixing screws or else


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Had a real problem with my 525 XS Pro this weekend when I couldn’t get the forend off to clean the gun. The reason being that the two screws that hold the tungsten barrel weights had unscrewed themselves due to recoil following a round of clays. The weights had dropped and the screws had then wedged the forend wood hard. The gun wouldn’t lock shut nor break open. It took me and a good engineer friend four hours to get the thing apart and able to remove the forend completely. Believe me it was a right royal PITA. The whole problem could have been avoided if the Browning weights had been supplied with spring washers or with an advisory to use loctite threadlocker on the screws before using the gun. You have been warned😱😱


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They are really poorly designed and after today’s experience are now residing in the bin. The joke of it is that Browning will charge you the thick end of £60 for this product which IMHO is definitely not fit for purpose. If in future I need any extra weight I’ll use golfers stick on lead tape. 

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