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  1. Fair enough, but the content they produce now is very good for free.
  2. You can actually watch on You Tube, videos made by The Gun Shop. They don't take money from shooters either and I'm sure that they do more for the ordinary person than what BASC achieves.
  3. I find the videos that The Gun Shop make one of the best things on YouTube, they cover a lot of different subjects from clay shooting, game shooting, steel shot and various subjects involving game keepers and land owners. What does BASC do, any thing?
  4. Perfect eyesight now, I can read the bottom line at the opticians, no problem...........and see motor cycles at speed coming towards me.
  5. I had mine done years ago, so I know what it's like to go blind slowly.
  6. It's ok to read a number plate, but can you see a motorcycle approaching you at 60mph when you are waiting at a junction ? Think about it 🤔
  7. I have a light full, silver band, I don't think it's been ever used £30.
  8. I stopped 10 years ago, New Years eve, that was it, I used to like those Navy fags, I used to have a mate on subs too, he used to leave his motorbike with me too Norton 650ss😃
  9. My last renewal was quite funny, he came with a piece of paper with some serial numbers typed on it, "this are the guns you own now" I replied no there not, which they were not. I got sorted out eventually but Cumbria have hardly any staff and I agree it could be done over the phone in about ten minutes. In the last ten years I've been issued with a sec7 twice, my SGC arrived about two months later both times.
  10. Mine is due in October 2021, let's wait and see.
  11. All the earlier guns had a forcing cone that you could see, according to the info I'm going to post is a triplex design in the Vantage. https://firearms.1shotgear.com/products/blaser-f3-vantage-shotgun
  12. I've never had anything to do with Doctors letters, have you?
  13. I'm getting fed up with various "rules" being imposed on shooters, it's not the Law and what will happen if we keep accepting them?
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