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  1. I bought a 3 year old Rav4 2.2 diesel with 36,00 on the clock. I sold it last year with 112,000 on the clock, just serviced every 10,000 miles the most expensive repair was a cracked hand brake cable outer . 50 mpg on average good torque and very reliable.
  2. Gordon--the last Remmy I bought was an 11-87 Premier, it went through piston rings breaking and links like nothing that I had before, I do agree about the handling though. As a backup gun I have a 20 year old AL 391 Urika in excellent condition which I bought off Bryan for £500, it came in it's original case with all the bits. The only thing I have done to it was to change all the springs. I would have thought that someone like you with your mechanical background could tune a Teknys 😂
  3. Do you not remember Duncan Lawton and his famous bag of spares which were brought out to repair his Remington between stands? Beretta 300 series, miles more reliable.
  4. https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/local-news/men-arrested-after-shotgun-stolen-3669263
  5. It is a good ground, but the targets do not change often enough for me or Will.
  6. Cumbria are short staffed and have been for years, my last two renewals have involved being granted a section 7, but there was no problem giving me one.
  7. Never a truer word spoken Will. Waste of time going now, you might as well shoot Skeet or DTL now, what a waste of a ground for regulars.
  8. I've never seen floodlights at Coniston as they close at 17.00 on weekdays.
  9. Have you got Coniston mixed up with Crabtree ?
  10. BlaserF3


    I've no axe to grind with anyone, but this gives good advice about the RSPCA https://www.doglistener.co.uk/rspca-and-your-rights-refuse-them-access
  11. Have you tried their F/book page?
  12. When the batteries are not connected something is not working and they know it, why not make sure everything works first thing in the morning, I arrived at about 14.00 so they had have plenty on time to fix things, on the desk was a note saying that stand one was not working, not a very well run ground at all.
  13. Westlands could be a very good ground if everything worked as it should, I went last Monday as I thought everything should be working as it would have quite a few shooters there the day before, but no it wasn't. Two stands just before the tower were only throwing one clay instead of two, both batteries in the tower stand had the wires laying next to the batteries, so no tower targets at all, not very good in my opinion. I have only had everything working once, and I normally go there once a month, which made it a good shoot, but I don't think I'll go back as it's nearly a three hour round trip and I've had enough to be honest. I sent a message on f/book telling them about the day, but no reply as yet. The staff are nice people and the food is good but everything as regards traps working etc: needs to be sorted out.
  14. I find it quite odd that a well built gun like a Krieghoff needs a service, on a regular basis, when a gun like a Browning/Beretta will shoot for many years trouble free, I think it's called marketing.
  15. http://www.alanrhone.com/service-krieghoffservice.html It cost me £175 about six years ago, £230 now, bit of an increase.
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