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  1. I've been there twice recently and compared to what it used to like a few months ago, with traps not working and general untidiness a lot of work has been done, new counters, cages painted and woodwork refreshed, it's the best it's been for a long while. Plus the car park has been extended too.
  2. I agree with Mr grumpy, Stephen at Fawcetts is a very good gunsmith.
  3. If you are improving, the beads are not impairing your shooting, leave them alone. The front one unscrews, you will break the white bit on the mid bead and be left with a tiny metal rod sticking up on the rib. All "coaches" have their foibles and ideas but not all of them are good ideas and removing beads on a shotgun is not one of them.
  4. Hey up, we are talking about a new Browning, not some antique shotgun 😲
  5. Leave the beads alone and find another instructor, seriously.
  6. You can post the barrels at a post office,
  7. I visited on the 29th of April, the new building is quite impressive and the staff have always been friendly. I thought the Perazzi wall a bit pointless, if you want to buy one you would go to the factory and have it made to measure. So long as the traps are looked after I will go there often as I like the ground and prices have not increased even in the restaurant.
  8. Iain Furness was out with a bloke yesterday. I like the new building 😀
  9. These can be ground down to fit Beretta Micro Core pad.
  10. Lucas, If you read this again, next time look at the manual for the gun, there is an exploded diagram showing what you need to know regarding screws etc; 😃
  11. All 525 based guns still need a screwdriver for the stock bolt.
  12. Recoil pad needs a phillips screwdriver as mentioned stock bolt needs a large cheese head bladed screwdriver.
  13. I've read this from the start and I would ring the relevant firearms department of where ever you live and tell them what has happened. I've been shooting for over 40 years and I never have contacted any FEO, I would rather deal with the organ grinder first.
  14. I've had a couple of S7's too and never stopped shooting at all, I'm in Cumbria the same as Scully.
  15. If you need spares Richard Gray has a load on f/book on Shooting Clays.
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