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  1. When the batteries are not connected something is not working and they know it, why not make sure everything works first thing in the morning, I arrived at about 14.00 so they had have plenty on time to fix things, on the desk was a note saying that stand one was not working, not a very well run ground at all.
  2. Westlands could be a very good ground if everything worked as it should, I went last Monday as I thought everything should be working as it would have quite a few shooters there the day before, but no it wasn't. Two stands just before the tower were only throwing one clay instead of two, both batteries in the tower stand had the wires laying next to the batteries, so no tower targets at all, not very good in my opinion. I have only had everything working once, and I normally go there once a month, which made it a good shoot, but I don't think I'll go back as it's nearly a three hour round trip and I've had enough to be honest. I sent a message on f/book telling them about the day, but no reply as yet. The staff are nice people and the food is good but everything as regards traps working etc: needs to be sorted out.
  3. I find it quite odd that a well built gun like a Krieghoff needs a service, on a regular basis, when a gun like a Browning/Beretta will shoot for many years trouble free, I think it's called marketing.
  4. http://www.alanrhone.com/service-krieghoffservice.html It cost me £175 about six years ago, £230 now, bit of an increase.
  5. All parts are inclusive in the service. I've had a couple of K80's done and the service while you are there and what is replaced to be honest is second to none and the old parts are given back to you. Did they "need" a service? And the 10 year warranty is transferable and the service is not compulsory to validate the warranty.
  6. Many years ago I used to have a Baikal S/S which was tightly choked. My cure was to cut about 10mm off the barrels and as the chokes had a taper it worked very well. The rib was soldered back on and the bead replaced. Job done.
  7. Malmo Guns have a couple of Cynergy's for sale. I know the 525 is the better gun to buy though .
  8. He is on you tube Nick Penn, draw your own conclusions.
  9. I pop in now and again, much better location and free parking, massive improvement on the old place in Lancaster.
  10. Obviously you do not know Hamster's shooting background.
  11. The gun sounds like a Bitza to me, I have an old Beretta catalogue that has the 303 Trap version specifications and barrel length is either a 30" or 32" fixed choke or m/choke and has a two and three quarter inch chamber. The stock has a slight monte carlo comb and is fitted with a red ventilated pad. The rib is flat not stepped.
  12. A mate had the same problem using certain brands of cartridges, it was solved by replacing the breech plate where the firing pins come through for a slightly thinner one, it's been no problem since.
  13. I left British Gas and changed to Bulb, slightly cheaper but response it very good and quick.
  14. Have you a special reason for using a 3 1/2" chambered gun?
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