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  1. I've shot a couple belonging to friends, both of them sold them after about a month, one bought an F3, the other one went back to a Browning. I was not a big fan of high ribs to be honest. John's gun is for sale at Malmo's. Bit far for you to travel though 😃
  2. I went last Monday but waited until after 15.00 when the tower clays were easier to see. I too was dissapointed as there was no driven off the tower. I had very view no birds and the wind makes it more interesting, but never mind😃 It's still a good day out.
  3. I went there today too but timed it better than you for the weather 😃 I've shot with all the old boys there over 40 years ago and their version of "pull" has been the same for as long as I've known them😁 One or two have passed on but they still all enjoy shooting together.
  4. BlaserF3

    High rib

    Give Kelbrook a ring, Penny who works there is David's wife, there might be a s/hand one available.
  5. BlaserF3

    High rib

    David Connor is your man. https://highrib.co.uk/
  6. The easiest way to dry the gun is to use a hair drier. The fore end cap does need cleaning now and again, I have a Briely one on my 391, looking after that is a doddle.
  7. Every thing you need to know is on You tube, all that's needed is a philips screwdriver and a 13mm socket on an extension bar.
  8. No ned to re-read the OP he wants to raise the comb, to do that you need too remove the butt pad to get to the shims in the stock.
  9. The pad is just held on with two screws unless it has a kick off thing fitted. There is a video on you tube if you have a kick off fitted. Dead easy if it's just a pad.
  10. Why not alter the drop with the shims supplied with the gun?
  11. I've bought a few spares from here https://estore.beretta.com/en-eu/beretta-front-spacers-and-stock-plates-set-for-al391/1301/a350/a400-series/ very good service.
  12. The first one when I was 70 was done at the post office, they took a photo, I think I paid £20. I renewed by post last month as I received a renewal form . I'm 73 this year and enclosed a photo, my new licence was returned this week.
  13. I kept my motorcycle A,B1,B,BE,f/k/i/n/p/q. at my renewal at 70 years old. I also had my old one photocopied as proof of what I was allowed to drive.
  14. A Beretta mobil choke works very well, for a lot less money. https://simpsonsofnewmarket.co.uk/clay-shooting/spare-chokes/beretta-choke-key-12ga
  15. My local GP rang me asking for £25, I went in the same day and paid. As far as I know there was no delay in the Police receiving it.
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