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Hi All

Does anyone know of someone who uses a pump action for pigeons.I dont & I'm not sure of the reasons why.I've been thinking of applying for a 8 or 10 shot for the spring as I can't reload quick enough.Pump actions are very cheap & the extra shots would certainly help!

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Hi Lazza,


I used to use a pump action for years and thought they were great.  I switched to a Mossberg 9200 semi-auto a while back and found them even better!  Pump actions are cheap, but the physical movement of racking the slide makes the gun move around a bit.  A semi-auto will give you multi-shot capability and allow you to take a follow up shot that bit quicker.  Over here in NI, our auto's & pump's have to be restricted to 3-shot as anything over that is classed as an assault shotgun (our police force take an understandably cautious stance on these things).  ******!


If you liked that last website, check out www.mossberg.com - loads of pumps on that!



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