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  1. Enjoying a nice peaceful Christmas......................................With the inlaws....
  2. Absolutely none, I'll sort you a pic tomorrow.
  3. Its ok I already have 2, one will be going soon to make room for hopefully an enfield, greener/martini, pump, savage/marlin bolt action. Then I can start looking for a 692 which will actually get used along with my trusty old semi. I need a bigger cabinet!
  4. As above wanted one for a while cash waiting.
  5. Apologies forgot the rule! Well Going through the bits there: Plugs - £12 Dizzy cap - £15 Filters - £15 Belt - £20 Tensioner - £35 I forget if there are other bits, I think there are from memory. But based on that (and from memory we paid slightly more) there is nearly £100 of kit there. Give me £30 for the lot and I'll be happy. This lot will give your engine a new lease of life.
  6. As title, full cambelt kit inc tensioner and service kit inc. plugs, filters etc. Offers.
  7. Hi Matt, I'm near York also. Also shoot clays and starting the long laborious hunt for permissions! If you want to team up and start door knocking properly then let me know.
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