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  1. Yikes! What a lovely response to my post. This is something that I cannot get over and to say that I am overwhelmed would be the understatement of the year. I shall sleep tonight, knowing that soon, courtessy of Aga Man, I shall be getting a brace of Wood Pigeons. The sheer pleasure that these will bring me, will far outreach the effectiveness of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, wonderful though these treatments are. Thank you, you lovely people and forgive me as I drool at the thoughts of my, soon coming, gastronomic miracle. Again, thanks and special regards to you all. Cypher000
  2. Looking at my post from my now helpless perspective. I wonder why I bother. But I am and always have been, a scrapper. So....The thing is I have been trying to get hold a a couple of decent Wood Pigeons to pop in my freezer, with the intent of eating them. Six weeks ago I was told that I have a mere three months to live. Not something I can argue with when I look back at my rather ragged medical history. But what raised my hackles up most, was the fact that I have been trying to get a couple of decent stoggies to make myself a lovely meal with and just haven't been able to locate one, never m
  3. Hi Rimfireboy. Many thanks for the lovely packet of spent .22 cartridge cases. They arrived here safe and sound and are in beautiful condition. You will be pleased to know that they will suit my purpose perfectly. Thank you and all yours for the help you have given me. I shall not forget such kindness. By the way, you forgot to enclose your address so that I could return the postage. If you can let me have that, then I shall be happy to do so. Again, many thanks for all you have done for me. Regards to all the membership. Walt.
  4. Hi Guy's. Looking for a small supply (dozen or so) used .22 cartridge cases. They have proved to be very useful fitted into the end of my Crossbow bolts. Stop the string from wreaking havock to the fibre glass tube. Just by chance I discovered that they were a perfect fit. If anyone can help me out with this, then obviously I would cover the postage and packing. Be very grateful to anyone that can help me out. Many thanks. Walt.
  5. cypher000

    Wanted Baikal

    Looking for a second hand Baikal IZH 60 in .177 cal. Single shot model. Must be in good working order. Be pleased to hear from any member who can help me out with one of these. Disabled so must be post prefered. Thanks for reading.
  6. Nothing heavier than Ratting. Best thing ever, but I have a notion that .177 will do a far better job. Thank for the post. Regards Walt.
  7. Appreciate the pointer and will certainly follow it up. Let you know if anything come of it. Regards and thanks.Walt.
  8. Hi Guy's. Does anyone have any experience of this or do they know of anyone who has successfully completed the conversion? I have this 2250 which has (is) serving me well, but would love to have it converted to .177. I understand that it has been done many times and am wondering if there is any gunsmith among us who has done it or would do it? Can anyone help me out on this? Regards. Walt
  9. Hi Guy's, anyone have one of the old .22 blank fire revolvers? Any type or condition as long as working. Used to have one of the ROHM pistol types but it kept spitting hot rubbish into my face when I got to the last two shots. Frightened me and frightened my dogs too. Anyone have one to sell, will you let me know? Regards Cypher
  10. cypher000

    Chinese B2

    Hi Leftandright. I jumped for joy when I saw your post, some beautiful looking rifles there and no mistake. I would just love to have em and give em some tender loving care, but sadly they are all .22 and the flavour I am looking for is .177. What a heartbreaker this search is turning out to be. Everybody but everybody is yelling their heads off that .177 is the way to go, but nobody has one, or at least nobody has one they are willing to part with. I don't get it Leftandright, do you? Thanks for the offer. Regards Cypher
  11. cypher000

    Chinese B2

    Hi Shootfirst. Yeah, well lets hope he saw the funny side of it. He aint the first one that has marked em up like that though. Well I guess you get to love em that much you think of em as priceless. Maybe they are, eh? Regards Cypher
  12. cypher000

    Chinese B2

    Hi Lefty478. Thanks for coming in. Guess I should know a bit about them. Much underrated and grossly maligned by the 'knockers'. They have their shortcomings, not all of them mind. I have had some real crackers, well made and very accurate too. Low powered, yes, but they can be stropped up if thats what you want. Trigger unit is their downfall,sadly. Me, I like to keep them at 7-8 ftp. It suits my needs for ratting purposes. Cheers mate. Cypher.
  13. cypher000

    Chinese B2

    Hi Shootfirst. Don't think that would be any good to me at £70 somehow as I could buy a brand new one for £40 from SMK. Still I appreciate your coming in and trying to help. Regards Cypher
  14. cypher000

    Chinese B2

    Looking for a B2 in .177 calibre. Preferably in working order, but I guess I could fix some problems. Anyone have one of these they would sell?
  15. cypher000


    Looking for a second hand SAK silencer in black with female 1/2 UNF thread. Can anyone help me out. Thanks
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