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  1. I am just sorting the coming seasons days and paying for them. Don't have to do any of the work though as the shooting is in Yorkshire. I do think it's an age thing that comes to most of us, just not yet for me.
  2. Good luck, main thing is the boys get their fish to cook. You really must get your admin assistant to do a better job!
  3. I've laways found it odd that hopeful shooters look to a shooting forum for permission. Much better to be on a farming forum!
  4. In the Fens there is a new way of gaining permission. We have a syndicate, the 20 or so Members are vetted by the Syndicate leader, he runs the show and we all post reconnaissance and results and the Farmer often reports birds feeding. When he wants some cover he asks and we go out shooting. Works very well so far.
  5. Mate of mine took my old machine and gutted it for the stainless steel drum, took it up north to a Mate as a fire pit.
  6. Morning Chris, I would strongly suspect the machine has had its day. A new bearing and the removal and fitting of it would be a right pain in the butt. With a new one delivered for not a lot of money, I had to bite the bullet a couple of years ago. Good luck.
  7. Each competing for the best spot.
  8. All the time people go along hoping it might be better gives them another year to offer the same carp at an ever increasing expense. They will eventually die out when they run out of punters.
  9. I think he will enjoy colouring them in!
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