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  1. No Bob Ross tonight!
  2. Welcome to Pigeon Watch!
  3. I didn't tell my FEO, the Gunsmith was the person who said the shop was following new rules. Consequently I then had to tell my FEO in order to get the Barrels listed so I could collect them. I do not have a problem with any of this and believe it was new guidance adopted in line with the EU which we were still in at the time.
  4. Well here in Cambridgeshire I have had two guns worked on with odd barrels and the Gunsmith insisted they needed listing on my SGC before he could return them. Consequently I got them added to my SGC. Not a problem for me.
  5. Until you put them in to a Gun Smith who follows the rules and insists they are on your SGC before you can have the gun back.
  6. I bet Dan Bromley AKA Barrelblacker would know!
  7. He must be thinking about that one!
  8. What did you have done Nev?
  9. Whats a bafger and does the answer involve more red wine?
  10. Blimey, I wonder what gave the game away?
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