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    FISHING, Shooting Game and Clays. Photography and Aircraft. Reminiscing about shooting woodpigeons when we were allowed to!

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  1. Trying to die with a smile on your face then?
  2. Don't beat yourself up! I bet the Beretta fires a lot more rounds than the other guns.
  3. Nice work Mate. Any luck with finding a new genie to go in the lamp?
  4. We are currently in unprecedented times. The lockdown approach appears to be working in the United Kingdom by giving the NHS the breathing space to prepare for the mass uptake that we all hope will not happen. The lockdown was poorly followed in Italy and Spain, they have the highest case numbers and the highest death rates. I would love to be out shooting woodpigeons, I have farmers that have drilled their fields contacting me. I cannot get to any of my permissions without driving. I would normally go with a Mate, but that would mean being in the same vehicle. I am sitting at home between working shifts, essential shopping, gardening and tidying up. I will comply with the lockdown because I can see the advantage of doing what I am told and massively reducing social contact.
  5. Well if they are still for sale later this year and you drop the price a bit, I may well be interested in the lot. But currently I do not need any clay pigeon cartridges as there is a countrywide lockdown.
  6. Then we may have to wait for Jdog to sort out the flower colour. Does yours have good thorns?
  7. Oh was expecting another GU related topic. Pyracantha Lots of help on th RHS website that I cannot access from work.
  8. Yes and are often fixed to a vehicle so pulled if vehicle is moved. I think Simon needs to fettle it a bit so that the pull weight is a bit more reasonable.
  9. Surely even Ditchman can work out why there is no barrel!
  10. Bet the rag from that will be filthy!
  11. Many years ago we adapted a water cannon disruptor to fire 4 star, quite a good flame on it (50 Ft), now that would work in Simons garden!
  12. Take lots of pictures for the forthcoming DEFENDING MY FUEL thread!
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