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    Fish Kettle

    Iain I will see what is hanging around and be in touch. I can drop anything off on the way to Sporting Targets.
  2. And you will have to leave access for his soil pipe too!
  3. I don't often change chokes, either 3/4 and Full in the O/U or Full in the S-A or Pump. If I do change I go TIGHTER!
  4. Hotel California with a large helping of the Bates Motel!
  5. Your talents wouldn't be needed!
  6. Talk to your neighbour first!

    Women Ahhh!

    I bet she wasn't a real brunette and had died her blonde hair!
  8. There are apparently over 5m signatures which by the very nature of the system have come from all over the place, hence an invalid and useless display of how not to force your will on to 620 or so MPs.
  9. And of course if there is a 2nd referendum and it is still LEAVE by a majority however large or small, will there be a 3rd referendum?

    Women Ahhh!

    Were they BOTH blonde?
  11. Gentlemen, calm down, nice though it is and the premium 32" barrels who would cut up a nice stoke to make it an adjustable one? Turn up at the game shoot and your fellow guns will be laughing at you!
  12. Ooh, a lovely warm brown!
  13. Edd Oakley often has large ones!
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