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  1. My house, when it was OUR house used to suffer terrible evaporation, even through corks!
  2. So it is a WANTED ADVERT in the wrong place then?
  3. I thought Ditchman reported this the other day!
  4. Well I am very glad I slept through our latest batting collapse!
  5. Basically a big blank to turn the early stages of the fan or to get pistons moving in older engines. Home-loading would be possible on the percussion fired versions. Jet engine carts are often electrically fired.
  6. The very time when you are apparently watching!
  7. That will just be a surrogate for his missing locks!
  8. And the Canberra, still got one somewhere.
  9. Lockdown starting to get to you then Steve?
  10. Volume and price were the main reasons but most of all was performance.
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