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    ALL over the place chasing WOODPIGEONS, CARTRIDGES or CLAYS!
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    Shooting Woodpigeons, Game and Clays. Photography and Aircraft.

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  1. A shame you are not closer, I would happily show you the results of CCL Stock Oil.
  2. Almost correct, the muzzle flip was addressed by porting barrels in the top, chokes with ports all round do not reduce any perceived muzzle flip! Mandel chokes are superb pieces of engineering, being extended allows them to be fitted and removed far easier than un-extended chokes.
  3. I was asked to photograph part of my body by the receptionist and stated that it wouldn't show what I was worried about. She gave in and booked me a telephone chat with the Doc who is seeing me on Monday.
  4. Are you in this black and white clip?
  5. A great shame, he was a Gentlemen, one of the few politicians I actually had some time for. RiP
  6. Blimey! My last monthly bill was £18 and I do a fair bit of watering. Will go down now as we approach winter.
  7. That sounds most disappointing!
  8. I happened to call my surgery this morning and asked to see a Doctor, the receptionist said a Doctor would call me later. When he did, I stressed I wished to see him face to face and he offered me an appointment on Monday!
  9. Looks like Mr Lemon or his staff have incorrectly sent the hardener/accelerator. Dan, whereabouts are you?
  10. More gun than rod and a lot of loud rock music and some concerts helps me.
  11. Don't forget, always an odd number, they can count you know!
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