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    ALL over the place chasing WOODPIGEONS or CLAYS!
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    Shooting Woodpigeons, Game and Clays. Photography and Aircraft.

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  1. Ask Melb3, his wife might!
  2. Nearest oat cake shop. Just ask a local!
  3. Yes please Steve after 2 or 3 walnuts and a couple of oaks and beech please
  4. The car in question was not a "Driverless" car, the pillock of a driver had fooled the computer!
  5. That would appear to be the crime hot spot in Sweden.
  6. The simplest answer is to get whatever is cheapest and will be available from your chosen supplier, but as SS says Gamebore Velocity are pretty good and quite cheap. I had to deliver a couple of thousand this morning and the chap has invited me back to make sure his new trap works tomorrow.
  7. Except for being able to perform an emergency stop when necessary!
  8. Yes, I have seen the videos! Anyway, the suit arrived and is a little too large for me, but I am very happy with it.
  9. The patch to fix it after the Forum update has not worked YET!
  10. They will be enforcing the "Rule of Six"
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