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    ALL over the place chasing WOODPIGEONS, CARTRIDGES or CLAYS!
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    Shooting Woodpigeons, Game and Clays. Photography and Aircraft.

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    SxS .410

    I am intrigued!
  2. I use the heavy cartridges in a 12 bore!
  3. Perhaps Italy might stand down and let Georgia take their place
  4. Georgia are being most impressive, a joy to watch!
  5. Oh, you may have to rush on to the internet and buy lots of Xmas lights for them to help you put up!

    SxS .410

    Good luck, I reckon you may have to increase the amount you are prepared to spend for what you're after.
  7. They are bored and after something to do!
  8. I could send the wastes of space up to you!
  9. Only for the stupid, please form an orderly queue!
  10. Please round up your thieving scroat's and send them here to steal all of the awful tacky Xmas lights and carp that some of the local morons decide to decorate their houses with in bloody November! We will soon look like a council estate with the lights on all year!
  11. Vic I am currently with TalkTalk and will be moving to Plusnet when that expires. Good luck
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