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  1. Project next week.

    Get your coat!
  2. Another example of NO justice

    Only ONE of those words is correct, the one that refers to age.
  3. Another example of NO justice

    Not where we are headed, we have arrived at the liberal let it all happen, sod the victim, it's the perpetrator we protect version of Bliars Blighty! It is a shame that these judges do not have to justify their decisions and face a vote every couple of years!
  4. Project next week.

    Now it all starts to make sense.
  5. Extreme cold weather gun oil

    We used PX 24, used some yesterday after shooting a few clays.
  6. Project next week.

    Great stuff, you can make brackets, but don't want to! What is it really for?
  7. decoying

    Read through this forum, it's all in here!
  8. "im mainly..watchin' stuff"

    I thought you were fixing a Landrover!
  9. Rusty knife

    Perfectly legal if you have a good reason as you would have. Now you have two old knives!
  10. Beretta briley mobile chokes set

    What constriction are the two on the left of your first picture?
  11. Any advice on an old knife

    That is the same picture I posted.
  12. Any advice on an old knife

    Like this;
  13. Any advice on an old knife

    If that is correct, where is the release button that would lock it on to the rifle? FB can you measure the overall length, blade length and width and the handle dimensions please.
  14. Any advice on an old knife

    Something like this; Although the blade is a different form, the handle is very similar.
  15. Any advice on an old knife

    It is possibly a German WW2 Army Dress Bayonet Short Style Horster Solingen