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  1. Cheers 👍 Cheers 👍
  2. Cheers Graham, I've never used them before do you have any experience?
  3. Hi guy's, I'm in the North Tyneside area and I'm looking to get my BSA Ultra mmc serviced locally if possible. Has anyone got any recommendations for a shop/gunsmith in the North Tyneside/Newcastle area? Cheers in advance 👍
  4. After watching the video on the Navara crash it reminded me of this one :o . . . . . hope he put the lottery on that day. http://youtu.be/T6RTR6KXDxg
  5. Hi guy's, not been shooting for a couple of months due to illness but got out today. It was a beautiful sunny day as I headed to my permission and the fields seemed to be very active with blacks so I was rather excited to say the least. I met up with my shooting partner and we decided to try and get on the blacks so set up 6 FUD's and 2 full body decoys and waited. We didn't wait long before we had blacks coming into the decoys and we ended with 14 Rooks, 11 Jackdaws and 1 Pigeon. Could have been more as at times they were coming in to the deeks in big groups but they were also like aeri
  6. Great shooting, good to see all those squizzers on the floor.
  7. After nearly 4 years on my permission this is the first time a Magpie has come within range. This came as a shock as at the time I was stalking along the edge of the woods and just getting into range of a rabbit that was oblivious to me then this magpie dropped out of a tree in front and landed about 30yds away ...... decisions decisions = magpie lost. !!
  8. Great shooting lads. Job well done.
  9. Great shooting, well done.
  10. We would all like to have more flying around but sometimes the pigeon air traffic control divert them! At least you got out for some enjoyment.
  11. Well done guy's, a nice bag of tree rats.
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