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  1. https://www.songbird-survival.org.uk/news/sbs-submission-to-defras-general-licence-consultation?mc_cid=9c7cc4136d&mc_eid=1070f6677b&utm_campaign=9c7cc4136d-email_campaign_2019_05_15_10_36&utm_medium=email&utm_source=songbird+survival+mailing+list&utm_term=0_d2f73d13ed-9c7cc4136d-274118633
  2. Best bit: If using scarecrows, make it look as real as possible, dress it in your old clothes, sit it on a chair and put a gun-like stick in its hand, move it regularly (ideally daily or more frequently). Occasionally change places with the scarecrow, and use this method to shoot to scare or to kill woodpigeons (under licence).
  3. .223 rcbs die set fl neck & seater with shell holder, missing original locking nut on seater £40 posted
  4. atf

    .223 ppu

    295 x .223 ppu brass twice fired, fl sized, annealed & ss tumbled £35 posted
  5. .270 & up 36" ss pro shot cleaning rod & .30 cal pro shot cleaning jag £30 collected
  6. atf

    Lyman tumbler

    Morning terror, Paypal as a gift or bank transfer is good for me Cheers Allan
  7. atf

    Lyman tumbler

    Lyman 1200 pro tumbler with media and a part bottle of turbo brite. £55 posted.
  8. Mansfield (I'm on my mobile)
  9. I'm after comparator inserts & modified cases for .223 & .243 if anyone has them & no longer needs them let me know. Cheers
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