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  1. daystate say they dont send out serviced rifles less than 11 so it must be a pellet issue ....
  2. got my rifle back from Daystate after a service . to my surprise the stock had been replaced with a very nice walnut ambi. it was beech on the original rifle . seemingly there was a bit of an accident and the original stock was damaged so to replace it with a bonny walnut one is a top drawer thing to do so thx Daystate. i mailed them to say thx but also inquired why they set it at 10.5 lbs and not 11.5 i thought it would be set at. waiting on a reply but just thought id ask to see if any of you guys that have a daystate and have had it serviced what poundage did you get out of your rifl
  3. para90

    9.5 lbs

    good lad ........am 44 young lad
  4. para90

    9.5 lbs

    i dont know how long its been at that f/lbs and it drops bunnies at mt zero no prob so a previous post said what i preach myself ...if its not broke dont fix it ....but now knowing its at 9.5 there is obviously something u/s so a well earned tune up wont harm it
  5. ill go and have look...makes sense...my nv is setup like that looks abit unorthodox ....pretty trick though ...
  6. get yourself a sa80 sling m8 yuo can carry the weapon uptight to your chest/shoulder basicly in the position when moving with hands free . if your not familiar with the sling/setup take a look m8 ,never carry the weight in yuor hands and can extend in the prone position . no rippoff prices for a single sling you still need to hold that slides off yuor shoulder get an original issue one bud 10 quid tops .....u need side mounts but you can postion it to suite .......... handles a sa80 20lbs plus ..........
  7. whats the scope setup all about andie ?
  8. para90

    9.5 lbs

    are there many greys on your shoots then :blink: ive been shooting since i was 14 so 30yrs now and i dont think ive seen that many greys in all that time never mind get a bag like that ...was that a new shoot were they hadnt been controled if you dont mind me asking . i shoot in fife/angus were they are few and far between.....
  9. para90

    9.5 lbs

    sa80 a2 fine bit of kit as long as the split pin dosnt fall out the of the trigger assembly :o anyway guys ORDER ORDER.plz gentlemen using dirty accupells .5.5mm 14.3g i think, taken it in monday to get her serviced and see whats what cheers
  10. para90

    9.5 lbs

    cheers for the quick reply ....nice one bud and cheers for no ripping into me for not cleaning my GAT haha SHOW CLEAN FOR A MONTH LOL
  11. para90

    9.5 lbs

    only getting 9.5 out of my 22 harrier x . i have never cleaned the barrel ....shoots fine and still drops bunnies at 35 yards but was shocked to see low figures after i chrono d it .... ive used many rifles in my time in the forces i.e. the sa80 can have 900 rounds put though it before cleaning and it wont effect the weapon ballistics......so if i havent cleaned my 22 airrifle with the power only at sub 12 lbs would not cleaning the barrel be causing the rifle to shot 9.5 lbs with lead build up .... hope that dozny sound to stupid a question lol..........cheers
  12. para90

    lrf 400 hawk

    merry xmas guys . got my hands on a hawke lrf 400 cheapish . do most of my shooting with an NV scope so was wondering the best way to use the rangefinder at night without the use of naked light . any tips would be appreciated guys cheers the readout is in black type with no illum which i think will be a pain in the butt so i`m open to suggestions.....
  13. ambuse this guys soz but i renewed no long ago for my swb shogun ...no claims and use her only for out shooting ....thought to my self i only need legal cover so typed in 3 party only as we used to get 3rd p years ago for our first m/bikes ,dirt cheap ???? 70 quid dearer than fully comp ***???that has got to be against sometype of consumer s rights .
  14. para90

    help ?

    thought it could be the wee rubber seal on the tip of the bolt/probe ? as you say ukp im still knocking over bunnies at that pressure so why all the fuss ? just thought it would be sitting at 11 ish certainly not low 9 ss cheers for the imput
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