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  1. what about shooting a few with the 22lr would this be ok as it will be much quieter as there is an industrial estate across the way, or does the law state shotgun only ?? if so what no cartridges
  2. How can we stop them, they fly in land in the pond and sleep on the islands we cant get too
  3. They will not be disturbed they are almost tame, they come so close you can almost grab them, we need to do something as they have taken over the pools i cant believe how many have come this year its crazy
  4. So does that mean they can be controlled all year or only up to 31st July by the means you mention in your post
  5. @clay shooter thank you very much for such a detailed explanation i really appreciste it One other thing is does the GL28 licence forbid shooting geese after 31st July
  6. Do you have to apply for a GL28 general licence then as this was one bit i didnt understand, its not like the general licence for pigeons and crows then
  7. I read that but how do you prove you are culling under this criteria, would the HUGE amount of bird c&@p all over the fishing platforms count towards this
  8. My local fishing club has a huge issue with canada geese taking over 3 small ponds, there are so many of them the place is un fishable, is there any way of getting rid of these pests Can they be shot under the canada geese general licence (GL28), I have had a read of this licence but im not very good with taki g this stuff in and although i have read it i dont understand it, if they can be shot what time of year can this be done Any genuine help would be very much appreciated so once we are out of lockdown something can be done
  9. Thanks again all culling will be done in line with both mine and the fisheries licences
  10. Thanks guys i will take a trip down the gun shot tomorrow and get some cartridges I also have a 22lr so this could be an option as back stop is not a problem, if i set up right i can shoot into a high bank which was created when the ponds were dug out years ago Would a 22lr be ok for a chest shot ??
  11. What size shot as i have read they are hard to knock down
  12. Hi All Can anyone offer me any advise on the best way to shoot cormorants, I have been asked by a small fishing club to control the cormorants on their 2 ponds as the fish are being eaten so quickly they really need it sorting. I have been added onto the Defra licence by the club so all legal and above board. Thing is I have never shot cormorants and would like some advise from anyone who has culled them on the best approach Thanks in advance
  13. Selling my Nitesite Wolf Rtek with rangefinder Excellent condition only used about a dozen times £550 collection from DE13 area or buyer arranges postage Thanks
  14. This is my gun sorry not sure why the advert has been duplicated and posted twice I have only paid once to list it 😁
  15. This is my gun and it is in very good condition selling due to lack of use. Sorry not sure why it has 2 listings ????
  16. This is my Gun and is in as new condition it has been fired less than 25 times totally unmarked
  17. shawn9914

    22 rim fire

    I have a cz 452 with 16 inch barrel and sound mod complete with scope in perfect condition £295 if your interested, DE13 postcode area
  18. All sorted now thanks
  19. Looking for a cheap larson trap can collect within 1 hr from Derby area not too bothered about condition as long as it works needs to be able to fit in my car not interested in any huge traps Thanks
  20. Isn't there an England rugby player that is a farmer as well think his name is Julian White he is also an MBE is it worth sending him a letter asking for his celebrity status to try and help
  21. thanks guys I will have to sit and watch them destroy the maize field or walk round the edges shouting bang bang then
  22. I have looked endlessly through the forum trying to find out where we all stand regards shooting crows and other corvids I have read about now being able to get back out on the pigeons but need to know if we are able to get on the crows yet Could someone please let me know where we are with with shooting crows on crops as I have a few fields of maize that they are pulling up and need controlling Thanks
  23. I know the 1 l8tr eco boost engine has had issues large car supermarket we do work for put about 6 new engines in them last year Do your research https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/1025672/Ford-EcoBoost-engine-problems-fire-recall-1-0-litre/amp
  24. Which crow decoys should I buy, should I go for full bodied or shells, plastic or flocked. How many will I need to draw them in. What do you use and how many do you put out in the field Cheers
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