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  1. shawn9914

    Sign this

    Isis should be kept out this country https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/231521 Whatch how fast the counter goes up
  2. shawn9914

    First car for new driver

    Fiat Fix It Again Tomorrow 😀
  3. shawn9914

    Tough day

    Yes that is the leaf in its crop but such small quantity all birds had very little in them so why they not eating much they just seem to sit in the trees all day
  4. shawn9914

    Tough day

    Also forgot to say opened the crop of 3 birds 2 had minimal amounts of rape in them and one had what looked like clover leaves perfect whole very small leaves would this be clover ???? None of the birds had much in there crop quite empty to be honest why would this be birds were shot at different times throughout the day Had a comfy chair and 4g on my phone so browsed eBay a little but mainly just enjoyed being outside for the day
  5. shawn9914

    Tough day

    Went out today was set up by 1st light and stayed all day till 4.45pm nice wind from behind, I have watched these fields and the pigeons have been on them and the damage is plain to see but they were not there today only good thing is the birds I did shoot decoyed into my pattern very well with no hesitation. Hardly saw a bird all day nearly 10 hrs in the hide and only 5 birds I went 3 hrs at one point around lunch without seeing a pigeon anywhere but hey ho at least when I got home the wife had washed her car cleaned the leaves up and mowed the lawn so not all bad
  6. shawn9914

    Cz 452 trigger kit

    Looked at these £109 compared to £15 for a spring kit which 1000's of people have fitted so will gamble on the cheaper option 1st and do bump test etc to make sure it's safe
  7. shawn9914

    18650 batteries

    Go down your local computer shops and ask if they have any old laptop batteries you can have strip them down and they will be 18650 batteries normally about 8-10 in each battery some will be ok some not but they are free
  8. shawn9914

    Have any of you seen this YouTube channel

    He seems a cracking shot too
  9. shawn9914

    Cz 452 trigger kit

    Now you have me concerned are you saying by fitting the kit from rimfire magic its unsafe they informed me they have sold over 6000 of the kits In what way will this kit make it unsafe Thanks
  10. shawn9914

    Cz 452 trigger kit

    Just spoke to them and ordered a kit £15 delivered Thanks for the help LB
  11. shawn9914

    Cz 452 trigger kit

    I have just bought a lovely second hand cz 452 and was out yesterday setting the scope up and I noticed the trigger feels very stiff to pull and almost to the point it goes clunk when fired I have read about trigger mods for this where the spring is replaced. Is this the only thing required to sort the issue out or will it need to go to a gunsmith for more in depth work. If a spring kit is all I need which do you recommend I fit as there are a few variations I would like to get the trigger to feel more like my hw100 air rifle if that's possible Cheers
  12. Hi all Do any of you watch this young lad and his YouTube channel just watched him drive up to Sweden over a 4 month period wild camping all the way He also has shooting videos and other great videos subscribe to his channel it's well worth it a great watch for most
  13. shawn9914

    My 4 x 4 just keeps going

    Yes Walker thats another thing no ecu to go wrong no cambelt on mine its chain just feels like it was built to last i am in it now as i type watching some rape fields I would trust this pajero every time over and above all the latest disco and range rovers I have had that went wrong every week 😄😄
  14. shawn9914

    My 4 x 4 just keeps going

    9 years ago I bought a cheap pajero as a run around whilst waiting for my new disco 4 to be built, I thought I would run round in this pajero for winter and sell it when the disco arrived. Disco arrived but I just could not part with the pajero so kept it, it is a 1996 swb manual 2.8td I have used it for shooting ever since and in 9 years all I have done is brake pads and a clutch kit Its amazing off road I have hankook AT tyres on it and it has never got stuck even in the deepest of mud I have jacked it up a bit by winding the torsion bars up I can use it in 2 wheel rear wheel drive 4 wheel high or go 4 wheel low which also locks the centre diff in this mode it really is unstoppable I paid £1400 for it in 2010 and it's still worth that now according to eBay and autotrader on other people selling them It really is my own little tonka toy I will run it till it dies now What do you have that just keeps going LB
  15. shawn9914

    Fishing lake

    That looks a lovely place to spend a week have saved to my favourites page