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  1. Isn't there an England rugby player that is a farmer as well think his name is Julian White he is also an MBE is it worth sending him a letter asking for his celebrity status to try and help
  2. thanks guys I will have to sit and watch them destroy the maize field or walk round the edges shouting bang bang then
  3. I have looked endlessly through the forum trying to find out where we all stand regards shooting crows and other corvids I have read about now being able to get back out on the pigeons but need to know if we are able to get on the crows yet Could someone please let me know where we are with with shooting crows on crops as I have a few fields of maize that they are pulling up and need controlling Thanks
  4. I know the 1 l8tr eco boost engine has had issues large car supermarket we do work for put about 6 new engines in them last year Do your research https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/1025672/Ford-EcoBoost-engine-problems-fire-recall-1-0-litre/amp
  5. Which crow decoys should I buy, should I go for full bodied or shells, plastic or flocked. How many will I need to draw them in. What do you use and how many do you put out in the field Cheers
  6. shawn9914

    Lofting poles

    all sorted now thanks
  7. Which lofting hook design do you find best, I have seen a couple of different design on how they attach into the decoy and I am unsure which to go for
  8. shawn9914

    Lofting poles

    Hi walker Was hoping around £20 max as new ones are £50 ish I just want a cheap set to try on some new land How long are your set Are you Burton side of the m42 junction
  9. shawn9914

    Lofting poles

    Set of used lofting poles wanted must be cheap condition doesn't matter as long as they fit together ok 25 -30ft ideally
  10. Yes I will leave it for now and hit it in May with either air rifle or shotgun
  11. Been to one of my permissions today and sat with the binoculars watching the rooks frantically building their nests ready for the year This wood gas been very quiet over the winter not sure where they go but they are back here in numbers now Should I strart shooting them or let them be for a while as I know I need to thin them out for the farmer But I don't want to scare them off and stuff my shooting up and them to move on to another area
  12. Many thanks for all the replies I will give doveridge shooting ground a call only 15 mins up the road Where is he based please
  13. I have contacted a company called Pennsports regards getting some lessons on shooting with both eyes open as I am struggling at the minute to master this, I have had a price of £165 per hour plus cartridges plus clays does this sound about right for shooting lessons as its a bit more than I thought it would be just wondered what any of you have paid in the past Cheers
  14. shawn9914

    Sign this

    Isis should be kept out this country https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/231521 Whatch how fast the counter goes up
  15. Fiat Fix It Again Tomorrow 😀
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