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  1. shawn9914


    I doubt very much I could justify the huge joining and annual fees no matter what the rewards I thought the £450 I've paid for this card was high but I will soon recover that cost What would a centurion card get you if you had one
  2. shawn9914


    HI all Thanks for all the replies and sorry for taking so long to get back to you I have gone for the American Express Platinum card which seems to be the best one suited to me it does come with a £450 per year fee but this will be more than overcome in benefits, it gives me my wife and both kids unlimited lounge access to over 700 airport lounges world wide it gives me the wife and my kids full world wide travel insurance, plus various upgrades to different hotels etc etc etc I will be spending around 20k upwards per month on this card which gives me 2 free return flights to anywhere in Europe every month and from now till Christmas every transaction over 5k will get me double points so the fee soon gets swallowed up but I will be banking the points each month towards business class flights every so often for the wife and myself. Cheers LB
  3. shawn9914


    Hi All Does anyone know how air miles work regards credit cards as I have no idea, what I was thinking of doing was getting a credit card that issues air miles on purchases. With having my own business I was hoping to pay some purchases say between 10k - 20k per month on the card then pay the card off via my company at the end of each month to avoid any interest charges. I am pretty sure this would not be allowed but could anyone confirm this for me as I don't seem to be able to find the answer via google so was hoping you lot know more than google does ?
  4. shawn9914

    which binoculars to buy

    I am looking for a set of binoculars I want these for keeping in my motor home for looking at everything from wild life to boats out at sea etc, the thing is I don't want to spend a fortune £50 ish second hand will do but not sure what to go for there are 1000's on ebay etc. Do I go for a cheaper new set or older 2nd hand, what mag do I go for sometimes I am looking at stuff way out at sea or on top of a mountain. There are cheap Chinese new ones out there but how clear will they be also what make of 2nd hand do I go for with decent clear optics the choices are endless. Would I be better of with a spotting type scope on a tripod as these seem more powerfull and cheaper ??????? Any help appreciated as always Cheers LB
  5. shawn9914

    what time of day

    I hope to go out all day possibly tuesday so will get there about 8am with plenty of food and drink and I will see what happens a full 12 hrs in the field is better than 9 hrs at work even if I dont get many ? Cheers LB
  6. shawn9914

    what time of day

    Hi All I have been out over some type of cover crop and I set up about 4pm as had jobs to do 1st gggrrrr Anyway the birds were a little thin and I managed about 10 before 6pm then it went really qiuet and I only managed 3 more birds in the next 2 hrs so packed up This crop has been hit hard by pigeons and its a new shoot for me passed on by another farm I shoot on so I want to try and get a few for this farmer What time of day do you find best to shoot pigeons as I need to try and get up there again this week would I be better getting up there early ????? Cheers LB
  7. shawn9914

    Nitesite Wolf Rtec inc Range Finder

    Price drop £675.00
  8. I am selling my Nitesite wolf rtec complete with range finder due to loss of permission and lack of use, I have only used this about 5 times and it is in as new condition. Looking for £725 collected or buyer to arrange their own courier and insurance and I will box it up. PM if interested Cheers
  9. shawn9914


  10. shawn9914


    Price drop now £195
  11. shawn9914


    I am selling some of my decoy set up I just have too much stuff clogging up my garage 2, Magnets (one has arms missing these are £8 a pair to replace) 4, various battery operated flappers 1 set of timers and remotes for the flappers 1, 3 bird rotary machine 2, batteries one smaller than the other 1, bucket swivel seat 1, fold away chair with back rest 1, full set lofting poles and lofting hooks 2, nets 1, fold away back screen has a couple of holes in it with carry bag lots of various decoys (some could do with a touch up of paint) 1, Large carry bag for the decoys Only thing you need is a set of poles as i ran over them with my 4x4 Looking for £195 for the lot collection from DE13 Area in the Midlands
  12. shawn9914

    silenced shotgun

    stevo I am defo listening to you buddy as I really don't want to buy the wrong gun but these 410's are so quiet and would be perfect its just the range here is another 410
  13. shawn9914

    silenced shotgun

    Im not sure how far some of these shots are but they cant be far off the 40 yds mark at times
  14. shawn9914

    .410 Ambush on the corvids

    Bluebarrels What sort of range are you shooting the cords at with the hushpower Cheers
  15. shawn9914

    Weihrauch HW100S service

    Send or take it to the airgun doctor in cannock chase he is the best you will find sorted my hw100 while I waited it' now better than new Don' take anywhere else honestly he is superb ask on the airgun forum or check out his Google reviews airgun doctor