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  1. 2 x t.i.mags sold to Deershooter
  2. 5 x 10 round sold to Mr Smith pending payment
  3. is bank transfer ok with you
  4. £55.00 signed for delivery. if you have all 5 i will through in one of the connectors for joining 3 mags together.
  5. ruger 10/22 10 round rotary mags for sale x5 £10 plus p+p each tactical inovations 25 round mags for sale x2 £17 plus p+p each butler creek 25 round mag £15 plus p+p butler creek 25 round mag needs sticking together but still works £5 plus p+p
  6. Had phone call from police tonight,your SGC is up for renewal is it ok to pop out and see you tomorrow evening. Great i thought lets get it done out of the way. Thing is i haven`t even put my 201 form in yet haven`t even printed it off. Hows that for service for a change.Thanks Avon & Somerset police.
  7. Thanks for the info Andy,ordered 30kg from john. can`t get over the price
  8. if the cull is to continue then they need to be made an example of and bang them all up.protest is one thing but if that protest could endanger lives then they need to be shown what will happen to them if they break the law.
  9. i quite like how work it in new zealand. zero for young drivers i think it`s under 21 then low middle and high readings. low is borderline and given a warning middle is what is about 3-4 pints of normal larger they are held until below the low limit and summoned to court with a short ban of 3-6 months high is an instant ban and summoned to court to find out how long at least 18 months. they do a drugs test aswell that is scraped on the tongue they do all this from a mobile station with all the proper gear in it.
  10. but it`s the rspca their aloud to do what ever they want.
  11. some of these responses are scary, we are always complaining that the police are making their own rules up regarding firearms (you have to phone 101 before you go out and get cad number )and many other things that someones feo has said or not said and multible people are on here saying dont do it, if it becomes common place then it will become accepted and the made law. so what is the first thing people are doing when being pulled over while going about their legal job/hobby ? say they are carrying guns. as already stated they would have done a pnc check and if the car is in your name they will know you are a gun owner.if they ask then tell them no reason to lie. if you are and they ask to check it then let them they have that right. if they want to look in the boot of your car or van then tell them where to go,they have to have probable cause to search your your prperty they just cant do it. if people keep letting the police do what ever they want it becomes common place and open to abuse.
  12. if the drawings for the planners had on them that they were to scale and the scale is plainly written on the plans then this person is at fault.if it is not written on the plans then the guy that done the regs drawings is at fault and imo would have been wrong not to attend site and check details.
  13. because planning application drawings are what they say they are,they are drawings the planning committee look at to see if the building is in keeping with the area and not look an eyesore.any technical information is in writing,the planning committee are not expected to take out a ruler and measure drawings to get the sizes.
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