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  1. My recent renewal was 2 months late being granted because they are very busy. That said, the feo was brilliant and supportive when my doctor was causing issues.
  2. The only time I've had a base seperate was in a Hatsan pump trying to eject the cartridge but in all fairness the gun was rubbish. I've reloaded probably tens of 1000s of shells.
  3. Resizing should keep the case integrity. I only ever reload once though because the crimps can begin to split and cause problems. If you look inside a shell the compression formed ones are one piece but the parallel tube type have a base wad which is like a thick washer seated in the bottom. Virtually all UK cases are parallel tube.
  4. I don't add any unnecessary wad pressure to any load. I think you will get lower pressures if the wad is uncompressed on firing as it gives room to the expanding gases before the shell opens.
  5. A good factory cartridge is Eley CT 28g fibre. They are nice and quiet. I've only tried 7 1/2s but a larger size would be better if possible.
  6. I usually load plastic but I have pushed a few fibres along with nitro card thru my 20g 9000 and they fed thru the wad guide just fine.
  7. 30 for 44 shots is good in any gauge 👍
  8. A lot of the claygame CD data is very suspect in my experience 😳
  9. I used to use 21grains of Vectan AS for 28 or 30 grams of shot with cx2000 primer and z24 wad. If it were me I would up the powder a bit if you feel it needs it. This is a standard proofed load by the way and I recall it gave about 1250fps in the real world.
  10. I need a couple too. I was wondering if any other bottles fit the bill. Pop bottles etc?
  11. Well I've had a bit of luck as John from FES had them in stock and was kind enough to add one to my order FOC 😁 Thanks again John, you really helped me out this time 👍
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