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  1. Thanks to Roughshooter I got all the components I needed from SSM International. Powder at £40/kg, I bought enough for 5000 shells. He has shot and wads along with primed cases too. I also got 5000 primers from clay game. I wont be needing much for some time now.
  2. It's ironic that making our own lead shot is what makes reloading shotgun cartridges a viable proposition. Not for much longer now thanks to basc.
  3. I would be very interested in this but you're a bit too far away from.me at 108miles
  4. 1000 20 gauge Guilandi super g plastic wads h21 height. £20 collected from Kettering. May post at cost.
  5. Box of 250 Eley 18 gram fibre .410 cartridges. £85 collected from Kettering.
  6. No 😁 It's a 20g Franchi Alcione that I've owned for 9yrs. Brilliant gun for the money 🙂
  7. I'm having trouble with light strikes on a shotgun bottom barrel and so am looking for someone to resolve the problem. Hopefully close to Kettering. Any recommendations?
  8. They're a non starter at that silly price. Much cheaper to buy factory made shells.
  9. Struggling for shotgun powders around here. Does anyone know of anything available in driving distance of Kettering. What have you...
  10. I've proved this recipe with Vectan A0 and fibre wads. Unfortunately I'm on holiday and not able to access my data sheets right now ✈
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