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  1. reloading supplies

    It's a hat that Tommy Cooper used to wear
  2. 20 bore; yes or no

    I have a 30" Franchi Alcione One that I bought new about 6 yrs ago for £700. I've put tens of thousands of shells thru it and it hasn't missed a beat. Beretta own the Franchi brand now and the quality seems to reflect that.
  3. National insurance after early retirement

    The amount of years you needed was reduced some time back, I believe to make it easier for people from the EU to qualify, think it's about 30yrs you need now.
  4. Hello, I am thinking of reloading for my 20 hush O/U that I have used a while and am quite taken with, I was wondering if it would be cost effective using new components or possibly once fired Eley Hush 67mm   24g#7.5 cases that I have been using, the load I would like  would be 28g #6 subsonic, I have reloaded CF for years but never SG, I have come across a load you recommend that looks perfect

    best Regards



    1. Is that thing still dripping
    2. Hushpower .410 O/U

      The problem with an O/U from a DIY point of view is lining up the baffles forward of the muzzle reliably. I have seen plans for one hushpower that just used a heavily ported barrel, a fatter tube and nothing forward of the muzzle. That was a single 12g and an American design.
    3. Bitcoin- buy now?

      What fund is that?
    4. Bitcoin- buy now?

      What's Move?
    5. Royal Mail - Tracker

      Royal Mail are the pits. All the other courier firms leave them standing.
    6. 11 FUD Pigeon Decoys For Sale

      OK, £35 now.
    7. 11 FUD Pigeon Decoys For Sale

      11 FUD pigeon decoys for sale. Only used a couple of times. They've had the overly wide ground stakes trimmed down to a more sensible size to save weight and make them easier to stick in the ground. They also come with the original two packs of spare rivets. £40 delivered
    8. A bit demoralised.

      I nearly gave hushers up as a bad deal way back when. I can still remember the moment that changed my mind where I was tucked up against a wood and a crow came over high. I swung thru and nailed it and it fell virtually at my feet. If it hadn't been for that I would likely have become their worst critic but it showed me what they can do and I've had some cracking days since then. I mostly use my Franchi 20g or Urika Light these days though as I shoot a bit less and enjoy these more.
    9. Diamond shot

      A Fool and his money, lol.
    10. A bit demoralised.

      One thing I did do on my Investarm was to take off the quite bulbous bead and fit one that was just above the tube which made the gun shoot a little higher. You could fit a grub screw and have no bead at all as long as the end bush can't spin. I also fitted short piece of raised rib on the back of a single husher that meant you were looking down towards the muzzle more and so was pointing the muzzle up towards the correct POI, if that makes sense.
    11. A bit demoralised.

      The problem with red dot sights is that you have to lift your head off the stock to put your eye in the right place. More like shooting a rifle. Investarm O/U hushers shoot to the point of aim fortunately and don't have these issues.