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  1. High Fly single clay pigeon thrower in good condition with a bagful of clays. £20 collected from Kettering.
  2. Lathe for sale
  3. What's with these bloody adverts popping up every time I click on a thread? Bloody annoying 😡
  4. Just found some more size 6 too 😁
  5. I have some spare unused shot drippers if anyone needs a set. They are either no6 or no7.5. A set of 6 for £25 posted.
  6. I doubt the public have any idea about this issue or care unless they are wound up by the media
  7. That was a very moving post. So sorry to hear of your loss x
  8. They are exactly the same as the standard ones in speed and noise. I have a case of standard ones for sale if you're up this way.
  9. I prefer plastic, easier to reload and better performance.
  10. I assumed it was mainly chilled shot, ie, pure lead pretty much.
  11. I bought some reclaimed shot once. It was very dusty with oxide so I ended up melting it down to redrip. It made the worst shot I gave ever turned out. Heaven knows what was really in it.
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