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  1. Thanks, do you know what speed they are doing?
  2. There will be variation within the shot.
  3. Csb5 will make the shells you require.
  4. I think it was 16mm plus a plastic obturator.
  5. I would try a 70mm crimped recipe in a 67mm case with rto. I have a 27gram recipe but only for Vectan A0.
  6. Hamilton is still a virtue signalling *****, not to mention hypocrite of the highest order.
  7. I'm building a house near Towcester. There are loads of butterflies but we keep finding wings with no body and it seems that something is eating them in their resting spots but we can't work out what. There are bats around but would they go around picking them off the walls where they settle?
  8. If you had been closer I probably would have taken this. I need a 12g loader for a few shells.
  9. Using brass for 410 always seems like hard work to me. There's no data and components are harder to get. Just use plastic imo.
  10. They were very heavy on the recoil when I used them.
  11. It's so variable that you would be better to stand at a distance and get a mate to shoot while you listen
  12. Where's the cheapest place to buy a 410 rto tool? There were some on ebay a while ago but not for that gauge anymore. Used to make my own but just can't seem to get it quite right lately so I'm looking to buy.
  13. Most of the data from the clayg and game CD is garbage imo ok as a rough guide but hardly definitive or complete.
  14. There's always one. I've used various chrony f1's over probably thirty years. They can be light sensitive for airgun pellets but are generally very good and are certainly the best bang for your buck over any others.
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