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  1. sitsinhedges

    Powder change

    The original C&G cd has some very dodgy data on it.
  2. sitsinhedges

    Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon S 20 gauge

    How old is the gun? What does the date stamp say?
  3. sitsinhedges

    Gamebore 12g Impact Tungsten Matrix 32g 5s

    Provisionally sold to Luke Pulford.
  4. 14no 12gauge Gamebore Kent 32g 5 ITM Tungsten Matrix non tox shells. £15 collected from Kettering
  5. sitsinhedges

    Battery Pressure Washer

    I considered one then bought one of those pump up jobbies for about £15. It's good enough to wash my van with.
  6. sitsinhedges

    Changing primers on a recipe?

    No, 614 is the mild Fiocchi primer. They are also slightly fatter than a Cheddite cx50
  7. sitsinhedges

    Changing primers on a recipe?

    615 is a medium primer and cx50 a mild one so I wouldn't worry. Keep an eye on the barrels, if they're dirty the pressure could be a bit low and not burning completely.
  8. sitsinhedges

    Eley .410 3" 18g fibre cartridges.

    They are shot size 6 standard velocity. To be honest I tried a box of subs once and they weren't any quieter
  9. 250 12g Lyalvale Express English Sporting 7.5 plastic. £45 collected from Kettering.
  10. sitsinhedges

    Nikon Prostaff 7s 10x30

    Bought new by me a few months ago to get me out of a fix when another pair I had ordered hadn't arrived in time for a trip to a bird sanctuary. I had gone to buy a smaller pair but these were so bright in the shop I had to get them. Lovely little compact set that are small enough to always have to hand but big enough to get a decent picture through them. Want £125+ postage and will try and upload some pics later if there is any interest otherwise I will I ebay them. Only selling as I have a larger pair and also the smaller ones that did turn up eventually so too many bins now.
  11. sitsinhedges

    Eley .410 3" 18g fibre cartridges.

    I have around 400 Eley 3" Magnum 18g fibre 6 cartridges for sale. Want £75/250 or £7.50 per box depending on how many you want. One rate collected from Kettering. Thank you.
  12. sitsinhedges

    20g hushpower - o/u or pump action?

    I handled a 410 pump at the weekend. Even with this small gun the weight of the mod on the end was very apparent and I could feel it pulling on my left shoulder when I mounted it. The O/U is better balanced.
  13. sitsinhedges


    It's also my understanding that lino is about 20% antimony. Who knows for sure? I do know that all my shot is much harder than factory which seems to be largely chilled shot.
  14. sitsinhedges


    I always used to use 3 or 4 to 1 but now use 5 to 1 and it seems just as good. The lino makes the dropping work better and it's all plenty hard. Good luck dripping 9's I never managed smaller than 7.5 shot with a .5mm hole.