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  1. I have 1kg of Maxam CSB5 shotgun reloading powder available for £37. Collection from Kettering.
  2. I wouldn't waste your time. They are far too heavy for such a small bore and are likely to be very slow. I found that a lot if 3" 410 shells are sub 1100fps by my chrono and so are subsonic anyway. Eley are a good example, I couldn't tell the difference between standard 3" and subs. Just buy Eley 3" fibre in my opinion.
  3. This older gentleman is clearly talking out of his backside. You maybe can't use reloads for registered shoots purely because they could give you an advantage of heavier loads but you definitely can for claybashing, and they are definitely as safe as any other cartridge if done properly.
  4. No thanks I already have a Urika Light to put it on.
  5. I'm looking for a Beretta al391 barrel in 12g, preferably quite short with game rib but flexible. Fixed or multi choke.
  6. Whst kind of baffles does this moderator have. One machined lump or seperate plates stacked together with spacers?
  7. I could see the pressures clumping poorly lubricated shot together but heat in that split second, not a chance.
  8. I think you're confusing fibre wads with over shot cards when having rolled turn overs. Not that I think that happens with them.
  9. That was some innings.
  10. These aren't fast by my chrono but they are very soft shooting an I've shot some reasonable birds over decoys with them. I'd take Fiocchi 3" all day though even if they are plaswads.
  11. Just for clarification they aren't actual dome nuts, was easier to call them that but they are 12mm long x 13mm AF brass hex bar with a dripper in two adjacent flats.
  12. I usually make my shotmaking drippers out of m8 steel bolts but because I needed to drill some really tiny 0.4mm holes I went for brass dome nuts. The resulting shot is far smaller than I expected, probably 3 sizes smaller and I can't work out why. It also runs very quickly. Any ideas?
  13. Might try that if I don't get a spare one here 👍
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