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  1. Packing in the Fags.

    Good luck. I stopped 13 years ago aged 40, best thing I ever did. I got my head right by reading Easyway by Alan Carr, don't miss it one bit and wouldn't smoke another for a thousand pounds.
  2. Reloading data

    Or just get a 20gauge. A1is good for 24gram loads there.
  3. Reloading data

    You wont be copying that with A1, it's more for 32g+ in 12g.
  4. Shotgun being Hushpowered

    Just ring them and ask
  5. Shotgun being Hushpowered

    They offer a service to have your Beretta converted but I would specify max 26" barrels if I were to have it done or the finished item would be too long. Think the conversion was around £800.
  6. Shotmaker

    That's one of my old pots
  7. Wads primers powder

  8. Dripper nozzle

    They are too long and made of brass. I make my own out of mild steel bolts now but can see the promise in some of the 3D printer nozzles, short stainless ones.
  9. shotgun moderator by post

    Shops can't but maybe private individuals can, a bit like airguns???
  10. FAC AIR

    I've got the s510extra and find it runs best at around 24fpe. Go higher than that and standard pellets tend to deform and become inaccurate. Great for lamping off the quadbike.

    Plus it was for other stuff too. Could have saved a packet,
  12. Dacia Duster

    I know you can buy them on the continent but only the limited slip diff version over here. The Forestry Commission use them.
  13. Not the best of days

    They wont be living to a ripe old age.
  14. Dacia Duster

    That's 5yrs old. I always buy new.