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  1. sitsinhedges

    SIARM shipping

    Think you'll find overall John at FES is cheaper for those components anyway.
  2. sitsinhedges

    SIARM shipping

    Siarm stopped being viable some time ago. Shame.
  3. sitsinhedges

    Vectan prices USA vs UK

    The UK importer ******** it up for reloaders by stopping dealers from buying 20kg tubs and decanting it into smaller containers. They effectively doubled the price by only allowing their own 0.5kg pots to be sold. Now it's just not viable to buy at all but this is of little consequence to them as they were never interested in supplying reloaders in the first place but it was part of their obligation as importer so they had to. Their business is commercial cartridge production and that is where they make their money, not from a few kg of powder sold to us.
  4. sitsinhedges

    Jinxed & moderated may have to go.

    Moderated guns are good but you never get the same pleasure out of shooting them as you would something more elegant.
  5. sitsinhedges

    Opticron Binoculars

    Got two pairs great value.
  6. sitsinhedges


    When I first got my Opticron 10x42's I went to visit a friend who owns some big Swarovski's. Comparing them side by side, even he said that there wasn't that much difference. Apart from nearly 10x the price
  7. sitsinhedges


    Oh come on TIGHTCHOKE My point is that in optics probably more than anything else quality matters, and buying a good used quality brand will not only give you the pleasure of clarity and light weight but will also retain, if not actually increase its value over time instead of buying something that looks like it should be strapped to a battleship and that never gets taken out because it's too heavy and bulky. I'd actually gone to buy a slightly smaller pair of bins when I got these but looking thru them in the shop had me saying WOW, so I got them. Now I've got 3 pairs and this is the middle sized set. The other 2 are Opticron T3's, 10x42 and 10x25, both great value. The 10x25's aren't as bright as the Nikons but are slightly smaller, the 10x42's are slightly brighter than the Nikons but weigh nearly twice as much so you're less likely to take them out for a casual mooch. For just one pair the Nikons fit the bill nicely and will last a lifetime if looked after. PS, there are some new Opticron T3's in various combinations on ebay at very good prices at the minute as end of line.
  8. sitsinhedges


    Go well with your Hatsan
  9. sitsinhedges


    I've got a pair of Nikon Prostaff 7's 10x30 that I just had to buy to get me out of a late delivery for some others I had coming. Compact and very bright. £100 inc delivery. Got too many pairs now the others have shown up.
  10. sitsinhedges

    Shot making

    I always clean and oil my drippers after use, ready for next time.
  11. sitsinhedges

    Don't come on here much now.

    To be honest it's only if I see a poster asking a shot making or moderator question on the homepage that I click further to try and be of help.
  12. sitsinhedges

    Don't come on here much now.

    Nobody really cares I know, but I just wanted to say that since the format changed I hardly ever use this forum now. I used to be an avid poster but just find its current format user unfriendly so click on and usually go no further. I find the likes of AirgunBBS much more agreeable and easy to navigate. There, I've said it
  13. sitsinhedges

    Shot dripper coolant temp

    I think it helps to stop the shot chilling too quickly if it's moderately warm to begin with but I don't get too obsessed with it.
  14. sitsinhedges

    Alan Sugar tweet

    Everything's racist these days dontchaknow?