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  1. 6no new .9mm drippers to make around 5.5 shot. £24 7no once used .5mm drippers to make around 7.5 shot £30 Forum wont let me upload pics but they are all M8x13.
  2. Just buy index funds and find something else to worry about 😀
  3. I believe the movement is based upon who is buying or selling throughout the day. This is easily tracked in realtime as it happens at any point .
  4. 50kg of hard lead ingots which have been fluxed and alloyed with linotype to a proven recipe to make excellent shot. £100 collected from Kettering.
  5. 250 Eley 3" magnum 410 shotgun cartridges. 18gram no6 fibre. £75 collected from Kettering
  6. A0 is the better powder for 28 gram loads. Dear to buy now though.
  7. I proofed a 20g load that was 70mm case, Fiocchi 615 primer, 18grains Vectan A1, b&p z22 wad, 24grams lead shot, 6 petal crimp. 1280 fps and 712 bar average pressure. You really want a proper crimp on a 70mm case, not an overshot card and roll crimp purely for volume for the recipes to fit correctly.
  8. Just apply and see. We've all got history.
  9. Hope you feel better soon.
  10. The reason why you would have an unmoderated gun is weight and handing. I love hushers but they are unwieldy lumps at the best of times unless it's a single barrel. Got a nice little single 20 for the odd walk out where every shot is a snap shot. I've just fitted an adjustable bead at the breech end with nothing at the muzzle. Tips the barrel upward when sighting thru and puts the shot on the bird.
  11. They're Optima Plus in mine, longer than the standard ones. Awesome gun.
  12. You can do this with Vectan AS but it's criminally expensive now they only sell it in 500g tubs.
  13. I would just buy Fiocchi at £70 a slab.
  14. Eley CT 28g fibre acted like a subsonic round in my moderated o/u. That said I only ever use 23/24grams of lead for Clay's in any gauge and have never felt at a disadvantage.
  15. I bought another new one 3yrs ago and have done 60000 trouble free miles in it. Can't ask for more at the price. Shame they don't do an affordable 4wd version in this country.
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