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  1. Looks like I'll have to fire up the engineering lathe and make a mandrel. Thanks chaps.
  2. Latest batch of Fiocchi 3" magnums I got from John at FES have a rto closure rather than 6pt crimp. When fired they are still quite curled in which will make refilling them difficult. Any ideas for straightening them up? Others I have are crimp closed and I would like to reload them all that way. Thanks.
  3. I would take the A1 if you want to sell it seperately.
  4. Only claygame sell it now but for silly money.
  5. You can buy a 1000watt electric boiling ring, not boiling plate, off Ebay for £11 with simmerstat temperature control. I just got one for making shotmaking ingots. From experience the boiling plates don't reach as high a temp as the rings.
  6. Looking for a good used 20gauge Beretta.
  7. sitsinhedges

    Vectan AS.

    I'm after some Vectan AS if anyone has a few kg knocking around that they want to shift.
  8. It's propercartridges.com. I spoke to him earlier, seems quite busy.
  9. His website is still up if you Google it
  10. 13 shotmaking drippers. 7no 0.7mm orifice for 7 shot and 6no 0.8mm orifice for making 6 shot. Drippers are M8x12. £5 per dripper posted. Prefer to sell in 2 sets but may separate.
  11. My Mec 650n 20 gauge progressive reloader is about 4yrs old. Bought new by me along with the adjustable charge bar. Will crank out several hundred shells an hour. Latest primer feed. All in great nick. £350. Pm for pics as PW wont upload them.
  12. They always fire second try or in the top barrel.
  13. I have a Franchi Alcione One in 20g, owned it for a few years and it's been a great gun apart from getting an occasional light primer strike on the bottom barrel. Has anyone any idea what could be causing this? Thanks.
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