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  1. Can't understand why folk use 28gram 20gauge cartridges for clays, we never need above 24gram in any gauge and I prefer 21gram in 20gauge. Especially with a light gun like a Silver Pigeon.
  2. I use a pair of Opticron T3 10x25 WP off Ebay for putting in my jacket or on my belt just in case. Been very pleased with them
  3. I've used a few of the Eleys and although they are far milder on the shoulder than Fiocchis they seemed to knock the pigeons down well enough.
  4. Sorry it sold yesterday. With the palaver of getting it posted I hadn't had a chance to update the listing.
  5. I have 2 no 10kg bags of Eley antimony hardened No5 lead shot. 1 bag has been opened to verify it is in excellent bright as new condition. I am selling it with the intention of buying an equivalent amount of No8 shot for my clay loads so it is priced accordingly, otherwise I will keep it for future use. Collection from Kettering preferred but willing to post. £35 per 10kg bag.
  6. I would like to do a few tests on csb5 in 20g with 21gram lead to replace my AS data. That was a really good light load. Birmingham is an hour away but it's finding the time.
  7. Lil gun is approaching £100 a kg against maybe £40 for what are standard 20g powders. Far too uneconomical. Vectan AS, A1 and A0 would be my choice if we hadn't been screwed by Lyalvale refusing to sell in economical drums. Now it's gonna be Maxam CSB3 if John from FES ever manages his planned journey this way. I'll edit this to say I'm talking about standard lead loads, not steel or other non tox which may be a completely different scenario.
  8. Isn't Lil gun a 410 powder, hence the name? I think csb3 will be my next 24 gram 20gauge powder.
  9. There is absolutely no difference to 12g reloading apart from slower powders. What do you think is different?
  10. I always thought you needed the cross pins to fold the crimp inwards on a rto?
  11. The data that is taken off the old claygame CD is largely garbage in my experience. AS has been priced out of the market by Lyalvale Express. Best option is to talk to John at Folkestone Engineering and get a recipe along with reasonably priced components to build it.
  12. You need a very slow powder to push out the relatively heavy 410 loads you require.
  13. The 410 should be easy enough with SP3. For the 20g I would look to proof a slowish 28gram load in something like CSB3 but that would take a little bit of money and effort. It's a shame the Vectan powders are priced out of the market now, I had some good data for those.
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