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  1. lol 2l diesel, the td4 is the bmw engine I'm led to believe.
  2. Due to early Christmas present from my wife, for sale: 52' plate freelander. 2dr, green, hard top. 156000 miles 11 months MOT Had this vehicle for several years, never had a problem off road. last MOT, 2 new tyres, new pads, new backbox. Just normal wear and tear items. Had the master and slave cylinder replaced a couple of years ago, running fine in 4 wheel drive. Pretty clean, no dents, a couple of light scratches (bushes when lamping), interior good, no rips or tears. Needs a good valet. Only bad point, rust around the rear/boot handle. You can pick up a replacement door on eba
  3. Have a couple of cameras surplus to requirements now as wifes upgraded to DSLR camera. Both in perfect working order. 1st 1 Month old Sony H400B Bridge camera. Wife couldn't get on with it hence new DSLR camera. Spec: 20.1 megapixel CCD sensor 63x optical zoom lens, f/3.4-6.5, 24.5 - 1550mm equivalent Optical SteadyShot Image Stabilisation 3inch LCD screen, 460k dots Electronic viewfinder (EVF) 720p video recording, with optical zoom ISO80 - ISO3200 1cm macro HDR backlight mode, Sweep Panoramic Intelligent Auto, Advanced Flash Extra Battery and Charger Paid £200 3 weeks ago, £150 delivered
  4. Great festival got my tickets and costume. Recommend to anyone.
  5. I'll take it, posted £50? where abouts are you?
  6. Keith Jenning, nice guy. We had a coffee and traded shooting stories.
  7. WOW 3 weeks. Week 1 - posted form, Week 2 - Firearms officer visit, Week 3 - Cert arrived!! Can't fault that.
  8. Pekator Tuning kit (as seen on Utube). Larger hammer spring and relieved valve stem. £35 delivered. WARNING : bought this as an upgrade for my FAC AT44, only to find out the latest models already have them fitted.
  9. I'I take that please PM on way
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