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  1. The internet is full of numpties posing with "guns", however proving that they are real and not just Co2 guns, replicas or deacts is another matter.
  2. It is academic what the magazine capacity is of a pump action/ semi auto shotgun once you shorten the barrel to under 24" it gets classified under section 5 rather than section 1. So regardless if it can hold 2 or 10 it will be a section five if the barrel is shortened below 24".
  3. Possession of a section 5 firearm is a more serious charge than section 1
  4. (ac)any self-loading or pump-action smooth-bore gun which is not [F7an air weapon or] chambered for .22 rim-fire cartridges and either has a barrel less than 24 inches in length or F8. . . is less than 40 inches in length overall;
  5. This shotgun would appear to fall under section Section 5(1)(ac) not Section 1
  6. These were the in thing when I was a boy clarkes nature treks or the pasties shoe as they were also known.😁
  7. Hi, You can get a new one from Beretta eu at the moment for 79 Euros, works out slightly cheaper when converted to pounds https://estore.beretta.com/en-eu/case-in-polipropilene-for-a400-xcel-multitarget/ Regards
  8. For sale, A packet of 100 reloading cartridge cases .44" S &W special calibre. Remington Peters head stamp. £22 posted
  9. Hi, i have been given the job to find 3rd party club insurance for our small non commercial clay shooting club. Can any one recommend any decent companies or insurance agents to deal with. Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. This is a scam, I got the same type of e mail last week, even gave my acccount number. Logged on to my account (but not through their email) none of the details they stated in their email matched, including the account number. Deleted it. Never click on any link on any of these types of emails. If in doubt Log onto the genuine companies web page and check to see if there is anything amiss. Paypal one is very common at the moment, got the same e mail 8 times in one day saying there was suspicious acitivity on my account.
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