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  1. guinty1

    Good old DHL.

    Herpes by a big margin are the worse courier company by far, but a lot of companies must use them because they must be cheap. No matter how times I tell them to leave my parcels in my safe place if I am not in, I will come home to find them in plain view on the front door step. There is no use in complaining, they dont listen and fob you of with some lame excuse (I have left numerous bad reviews on trust pilot to no effect). One time they said their driver could not deliver my parcel as my driveway was blocked, I have an open driveway with no gates leading straight to my front door. i was in all day, their driver just didnt turn up, and just made this up to excuse his/her short comings. I now contact companiesI I buy off and will request they dont use Herpes if possible for my parcels.
  2. Further to my previous post maybe this could be an option. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393620335838?
  3. I bought a black widow slingshot last year and it takes quite a bit of strength to pull it back for any effect, I would suggest a 8 year old boy may stuggle with such a slingshot
  4. Just to mix it up a bit, there has been interest in these in the uk, technically it shoots a hollow arrow over a hollow tube. The arrow is propelled by compressed air just like a pcp, however if you were replace the arrow with an appropriately sized lead ball directly into the tube could it be fired,if so is this now a section 1 air rifle potentially (as it is reported the kinetic energy of this is in excess of 150ftlb).
  5. Regarding were this would fall within the Firearms Act 1968 it would firstly have to satisify Section 57 (1B):- In subsection (1)(a), “lethal barrelled weapon” means a barrelled weapon of any description from which a shot, bullet or other missile, with kinetic energy of more than one joule at the muzzle of the weapon, can be discharged. If it fufilled this there would be other things to be considered such as barrel length and overall length, which may elevate it into Section 5 The fact it appears it can be fired in full auto mode may also elevate it into Section 5
  6. There is an exception to the above for airsoft guns, were the limits are 2.5 joules for single shot and 1.3 joules for auto fire.
  7. The Policing and Crime Act 2017i inserts a new section 57(1B) in the Firearms Act 1968 to define the lethality by reference to the kinetic energy level with which it can discharge a bullet, shot or missile, as measured at the muzzle of the weapon. Consequently, the 1968 Act now defines a "lethal barrelled weapon" as a "barrelled weapon of any description from which a shot, bullet or other missile, with kinetic energy of more than one joule as measured at the muzzle of the weapon, can be discharged
  8. I have used creation watches in the past, however you are more likely to get snagged for importation taxes than in the past. Dont use them now for that reason.
  9. Price has been reduced to £50 for both +£3.50 postage.
  10. Sorry there was a mistake in the original posting and the modified choke is actually an improved modified. Both chokes are still for sale.
  11. Modified choke now sold, only cylinder one left.
  12. 2 X Browning Midas extended invector plus chokes, cylinder and modified. Brand new never been used. £70 Posted. Selling these for a friend, so contact me in the first instance and I put you in touch with him. Thanks for looking
  13. Gordon the answer to your question is NABIS, and the clue is in the first word which stands for National. Nabis deal with all things to do with the criminal use of firearms in the UK.
  14. Has anyone ordered from Beretta Italy website this year, since we left the EU. Would like to know if you were charged anything extra this end for importing from EU. Thanks in advance
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