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    another scam

    This is a scam, I got the same type of e mail last week, even gave my acccount number. Logged on to my account (but not through their email) none of the details they stated in their email matched, including the account number. Deleted it. Never click on any link on any of these types of emails. If in doubt Log onto the genuine companies web page and check to see if there is anything amiss. Paypal one is very common at the moment, got the same e mail 8 times in one day saying there was suspicious acitivity on my account.
  2. Have these chokes i want to sell, but not certain what gun they would have come with. I believe them to be Browning invector type, but not 100% sure. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows. Ps.No markings on the box and no markings on the chokes, except for the little nicks you usually see on Browning chokes around the rim.
  3. The clue is in the title of the subsection "7 Conversion not to affect classification."
  4. See below from firearms( Amendment Act) 1988 Section 7 7Conversion not to affect classification. (1)Any weapon which— [F1(a)has at any time (whether before or after the passing of the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997) been a weapon of a kind described in section 5(1) or (1A) of the principal Act (including any amendments to section 5(1) made under section 1(4) of this Act);] (b)is not a self-loading or pump-action smooth-bore gun which has at any such time been such a weapon by reason only of having had a barrel less than 24 inches in length, shall be treated as a prohibited weapon notwithstanding anything done for the purpose of converting it into a weapon of a different kind. (2)Any weapon which— (a)has at any time since the coming into force of section 2 above been a weapon to which section 1 of the principal Act applies; or (b)would at any previous time have been such a weapon if those sections had then been in force, shall, if it has, or at any time has had, a rifled barrel less than 24 inches in length, be treated as a weapon to which section 1 of the principal Act applies notwithstanding anything done for the purpose of converting it into a shot gun or an air weapon. (3)For the purposes of subsection (2) above there shall be disregarded the shortening of a barrel by a registered firearms dealer for the sole purpose of replacing part of it so as to produce a barrel not less than 24 inches in length.
  5. If you have a half an hour to spare this is worth a watch, the attention to detail is amazing, never mind the time to build it.
  6. A list of calibres that benefit from obsolete status can be found in appendix 5 of the Home Office guide, Firearm Licensing Law. Just Google it.
  7. As long as they are under 2.5 joules for single shot type and 1.3 joules for auto type guns they will be classed as imitation firearms sec 57(4) of the 68 Act. Does not mean much in England, but in Scotland it means you don't need a air weapons licence. Normal power level for a gun to be classed as firearm is normally 1 joule, but the above exemption for power is applicable for Airsoft.
  8. The energy for a gun to be considered a firearm was set out in the Policing and crime Act 2017 Section 125 as below. In that section, before subsection (2) insert— (3) “(1B)In subsection (1)(a), “lethal barrelled weapon” means a barrelled weapon of any description from which a shot, bullet or other missile, with kinetic energy of more than one joule at the muzzle of the weapon, can be discharged. Also the same Act sets out the energy levels for airsoft guns at 2.5 joules for a single shot gun and 1.3 joules for an auto soft air gun.
  9. 45 Euros on the Beretta EU site
  10. sportspursuit.com have a decent selection Salomon gortex trainers for well under £100 and also they are doing Lowa Renegade gortex boots for just under a £100. Best boots I have ever owned, these usually retail for about £180. comfortable straight out of the box.
  11. Possible they could be charged with section sixteen of the Firearms Act if it can be shown that the 'gun' was in fact a firearm, ie above the 1 joule limit.
  12. There are two main types of BB guns, firstly the plastic 6mm type that normally have power well less than the 1 joule limit set for firearms in the 68 Act and secondly the 4.5mm steel type that can have power above the one joule limit normally between 2 to 3 joules and are therefore classed as firearms, as they have the potenial to cause a lethal injury. I dont think it was wrong to call the police in this case.
  13. I use a black and decker 18 volt lithium ion dustbuster Flexi about £80, but probably cheaper if you have access to a black and decker outlet near you. Decent run time and gets into all the difficult areas around the seats.
  14. Not interested in starting a thread on the the quality of Hunter wellies, but just a heads up for anyone looking this brand cheap. Sportspursuit.com are doing Hunter Mens Commando Full Zip Wellington Boots (Dark Olive) for £74.99.
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