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  1. The energy for a gun to be considered a firearm was set out in the Policing and crime Act 2017 Section 125 as below. In that section, before subsection (2) insert— (3) “(1B)In subsection (1)(a), “lethal barrelled weapon” means a barrelled weapon of any description from which a shot, bullet or other missile, with kinetic energy of more than one joule at the muzzle of the weapon, can be discharged. Also the same Act sets out the energy levels for airsoft guns at 2.5 joules for a single shot gun and 1.3 joules for an auto soft air gun.
  2. 45 Euros on the Beretta EU site
  3. sportspursuit.com have a decent selection Salomon gortex trainers for well under £100 and also they are doing Lowa Renegade gortex boots for just under a £100. Best boots I have ever owned, these usually retail for about £180. comfortable straight out of the box.
  4. Possible they could be charged with section sixteen of the Firearms Act if it can be shown that the 'gun' was in fact a firearm, ie above the 1 joule limit.
  5. There are two main types of BB guns, firstly the plastic 6mm type that normally have power well less than the 1 joule limit set for firearms in the 68 Act and secondly the 4.5mm steel type that can have power above the one joule limit normally between 2 to 3 joules and are therefore classed as firearms, as they have the potenial to cause a lethal injury. I dont think it was wrong to call the police in this case.
  6. I use a black and decker 18 volt lithium ion dustbuster Flexi about £80, but probably cheaper if you have access to a black and decker outlet near you. Decent run time and gets into all the difficult areas around the seats.
  7. Not interested in starting a thread on the the quality of Hunter wellies, but just a heads up for anyone looking this brand cheap. Sportspursuit.com are doing Hunter Mens Commando Full Zip Wellington Boots (Dark Olive) for £74.99.
  8. Have you seen this 525 on gun watch.
  9. Used but in good condition, Have used this very little and has been sitting in a drawer, Some of the tools on it have not been used including the grit saw. Few little marks on the blade see photo. The tools on it are a knife, grit blade saw, star head screw driver, three flat blade screwdrivers, one with a bottle opener, a metal file (unused), a pair of fiskars scissors and a set of pliers with wire cutters/ strippers (also unused). All the tools lock into position when opened. It will come with its canvas pouch that has a belt loop on it. Cost £54 posted. Payment by BACS (no fees for anyone) Thanks for looking. Regards
  10. Used but in v /good condition, 2 x HKS Mark 3A speed loaders with a Price Western Leather holder. All leather construction with a belt loop. £34 posted. Thanks for looking.
  11. https://www.johnnorris.co.uk/products/harkila-mountain-hunter-gtx-10in-boots?nosto=categorypage-nosto-1 These seem good value
  12. Had these in the past https://www.millets.co.uk/footwear/250743-brasher-mens-country-classic-walking
  13. Just got back from Northern Shooting Show, Traffic was terrible (8:30am) approaching from the south. Sat in near stationary traffic for over an hour to cover the last 2 miles. Show was just OK. I dont think i will go again.
  14. I recently bought one of these, its rechargeable, small and powerful. They are doing it direct from the manufacturer olight on ebay for about £56
  15. I bought this a while back, used the knife a few times and it been sitting in the drawer since. None of the other tools have been used if I remember correctly. So it has as its main tool a pair of pliers with wire cutters in the jaws, this function has not been used, but the cutting inserts can be replaced, held in place by a small screw. The other tools are a pair of Fiskars scissors, three straight blade screwdriver bits, a cross head screwdriver bit, a file, grit bit saw and a knife blade. (there is a few very small marks on the blade, but no damage). All the tools lock into place when opened and are released by a slide switch on each side of the main body. It comes in its original black fabric cover. I am looking £65 posted (second class signed for). I am ok with paypal but at the buyers expense. Thanks for looking.
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