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    Fishing, shooting, ferrets, rugby, motorbikes and real ales...
  1. Any pictures of the traps bud? Are they drop traps?
  2. Still waiting on the ties James.
  3. 14) 2 ties - one with a pheasant on and one with cartridges on - both predominantly green in colour - £13 posted for the 2 I'll take the ties please. I can do a bank transfer tomorrow if ok?
  4. Hi, would you take £20? I'm in Wimborne, so only round the corner from you.
  5. What thread are you after? I have a Hardy Gen IV that's had little use. 14.1 spigotted.
  6. Dimensions and your location please?
  7. Thanks mate, I'll take it please. PM me your preferred payment method.
  8. Will this work with a Sky setup? Any pictures?
  9. How about £20 posted? I take it your too far to collect. I'm in Dorset.
  10. Sorry Dave, after not hearing from you I left it behind. Looks like it will be ground up for ground bait. ATB Martin
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