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  1. Had another piece (shoulder ) tonight for myself and my partner!Good lady thought it was amazing!Ok tonight I think!🤭😉
  2. Very pleased with my half lamb box ,still have about half of it so next time!👍
  3. Not up for sale that often.Just bought a Silver Pigeon ,otherwise would have had a bid on it.
  4. What’s pit to pit measurement please?
  5. So this this will also fit a 243 1/2 unf?
  6. No I have owned two both ejector multichokes, never had a problem shot loads of stuff with them!👍
  7. Mine doesn’t miss a beat but I’m very fastidious about cleaning ,every couple of hundred shells but I think it would be fine anyway to be honest.
  8. Yes I researched a bit now the mk4 will do 2000 yd’s apparently!🤭
  9. What’s maximum range of it please?
  10. Oh I see. Easy enough to put photos on here just need them shrunk to like to 800x600 or smaller.I use Image sizer app.
  11. fallowbuck


    No 5 pleaseP.S. 15 too please
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