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  1. Well mines an AL391 Urika field gun and the measurements are correct on original post.Also on the Beretta Europe site it states field pads are straight backed and sporters are curved backsI bought a gel pad in error as it had a curved back and wouldn’t fit flush to stock, 🧐🤔
  2. Their straight so that’s field pads .Sporters are curved.PMd you
  3. It’s actually TR2560?🧐🤭
  4. As above excellent condition odd little use marks.LED Lithium powered rechargeable etc About two hours useable light. Model T2560 .£45 posted.
  5. High tactical rings please.
  6. fallowbuck

    Roe antler

    Pm replied to.
  7. fallowbuck

    Roe antler

    If possible as per earlier PM .I would like the bottom left fourand the pair directly above them on the left?
  8. Mine methinks ! PM details please.
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