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  1. As above good condition couple of little marks.All functioning correctly.1” tube with red illuminated reticule and parallax adj.Screw in sunshade centerfire or rimfire compatable.£70 posted tracked.
  2. Yes forgot to say , very good timber well above average .
  3. I have one doesn’t miss a beat.It has mechanical triggers not inertia operated ones like earlier models. Shot loads with it.👍
  4. As above excellent condition worn about twice .With hood .It is 3xl to 4 xl I’d say so need to be 5’10 “ or taller and 50-52 chest .Ideal rough shooting or hide work etc. £20 posted.
  5. Been after one of these for a while now but variations are so tedious at the moment!🙄
  6. No 2 pending postage quote please.
  7. Big thumbs and hands must have touched something😀
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