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  1. Yes mate have seen it now.
  2. Post for cost??🤔🧐
  3. What’s pit to pit measuremnent please?
  4. Can confirm that!The A 400 Explor is only 6 1/2 pounds ,so nice for walked up Shooting .Only just got mine and it has the Gunpod device fitted. Beautiful O/U by the way!👌
  5. That obviously should say Beretta AL391 Urika folks.
  6. The concern is people may die!Yes it may be your own home but if you make a booby it reflects on the whole shooting community and as I said people may die!!!🧐🤔😕 I f you did that on any rifle range I know of , you would get a severe reprimand or even suspension! You don’t get a second chance with gun safety!🤨
  7. Actually, I think Scarecrow had a valid point.How would he know you use dummy rounds ??Unfortunately, there are people who leave rifles loaded when they should be made safe .I personally would have removed the mag or rounds before posting my advert.There you are my two pennorth worth.
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