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  1. If the rifle means that much to you, the option above is the correct answer or buy a new bolt. Whichever works out to be the least expensive I suppose. Checking the headspace isn't an issue to a riflesmith. Headspacing would need to be checked whichever way you go. Tim
  2. Yes, I believe they have been bankrupted a few times before. The interesting thing this time is that all products have been removed from its website excepting ammunition. I believe that Vista Group has bought the ammunition arm together with the name and trademarks whilst Roundhill Group has bought the firearm manufacturing. Various other parts have gone to other parties including Ruger that have taken Marlin as I understand it. Tim
  3. Meanwhile back at the ranch and Centrepin’s question...... I would say you need an air rifle for the rats and a .22-250 or .243 for the foxes depending on whether you might get a chance at some small to medium deer as well. Good luck, Tim
  4. Thanks for your opinions so far Gents. I'm inclined to stick with my 425, even with shooting more often at the moment, I don't think I could justify swapping out for a 30 incher. I'm following Matone and Chesterse's train of thought and just trying a pair of chokes, probably super extended and see what happens. You chaps may have saved me the extra expense of the ported jobs if they are a pain to clean properly as I was thinking if I was going to make the purchase of going with super extended ported. Thanks, Tim
  5. Gents, I'm far from an expert shotgunner being principally a rifle shooter and would welcome views and advice on Teague extended chokes. Recently, I've started shooting clays far more frequently than I have done in the past as my 13 year old son as become very keen since acquiring an Armsan that he likes to use. The chokes will be for use in my Browning 425 28" Sporter for a few reasons: To improve performance and consistency. My brother has a 525 with 30" barrels that feels nicer on clays than my 28" gun and so the extended chokes might go some way to providing a 30" feel
  6. I'm a recreational deer stalker. I thought deer were classed as game but judging from the survey it would seem not. Overall, the survey was a load of cobblers. However, it would seem that I agree with many of you in that the use of lead is of little or no concern. It is plastic that is the enemy. Tim
  7. Thanks Ben. You've been a top bloke to deal with. It is a perfect shotgun for my requirements and I'm very pleased with it. Kind regards, Tim
  8. Thanks Gents, Mine appears to shoot equally well with JSBs and Bisley Magnums/H&N Baracudas in 4.51 and 4.52mm. You often hear talk about British and German bore sizes and which calibre of pellet is best suited to each. I'm more than happy with the accuracy that I'm achieving with ragged holes at 25 yards. It was just down to idle curiosity really. Tim
  9. Gents, In theory, should an Air Arms provide the best accuracy with 4.51 or 4.52mm pellets? Thanks and regards, Tim
  10. Put in for what you want/need and familiarise yourself with the relevant sections of the guidance note concerning good reason etc. Your local constabulary will find it difficult to refuse. Don't get bogged down in providing additional information in covering letters, I believe it will only over complicate and confuse the situation. It's just my personal opinion but I wouldn't bother with the HMR though. Good luck, Tim
  11. I have no idea what processing times are but don’t be shy. There’s no harm done in phoning up and chasing. Good luck, Tim
  12. They might be guidance only, but in my experience if you present your case properly in writing referencing the relevant sections of the document to aid your cause, they won't act against the guidelines. Tim
  13. You need to familiarise yourself with the Home Office Guidelines and put a well worded letter together stating your case and highlighting the deficiencies in your FLO’s reasoning. I wouldn’t baulk at copying in the Professional Standards Department (or whatever they call themselves now) and the Chief Constable. It worked for me a few years ago when I had a grievance with my Firearms Department. These idiots need putting back in their box. Good luck, Tim
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