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  1. Put in for what you want/need and familiarise yourself with the relevant sections of the guidance note concerning good reason etc. Your local constabulary will find it difficult to refuse. Don't get bogged down in providing additional information in covering letters, I believe it will only over complicate and confuse the situation. It's just my personal opinion but I wouldn't bother with the HMR though. Good luck, Tim
  2. I have no idea what processing times are but don’t be shy. There’s no harm done in phoning up and chasing. Good luck, Tim
  3. They might be guidance only, but in my experience if you present your case properly in writing referencing the relevant sections of the document to aid your cause, they won't act against the guidelines. Tim
  4. You need to familiarise yourself with the Home Office Guidelines and put a well worded letter together stating your case and highlighting the deficiencies in your FLO’s reasoning. I wouldn’t baulk at copying in the Professional Standards Department (or whatever they call themselves now) and the Chief Constable. It worked for me a few years ago when I had a grievance with my Firearms Department. These idiots need putting back in their box. Good luck, Tim
  5. I'm pleased with the offerings from Durham Decoys. Kind regards, Tim
  6. I've always had mine sat on the skirting. It's never been questioned since I started shooting rifles in 1996. Tim
  7. Agreed. If he’s not too far from you, Mike Norris is your man to tune the factory trigger. Tim
  8. Phone them and chase. Kind regards, Tim
  9. My brother recently had a small dink taken out of the forend of his two month old 525. He took it to a French polisher rather than a gunsmith/stocker. I have yet to see the repair but apparently it's invisible. Good luck, Tim
  10. Surely, you can't go far wrong with the Winchester Sporting Select that's in the classifieds on here or something similar. It looks like a lot of gun for the money. I would also endorse the comments above concerning searching out a good Miroku 70 or Browning 425. Tim
  11. Jamie, I don't believe that Sierra has ever produced an 80 grain Gameking, only 85 and 100 grain weights in that bullet range. However, as you say, they do produce an 80 grain Blitzking that is similar in appearance to the Gameking being a boat tailed soft point. Kind regards, Tim
  12. If you ask, there’s a decent chance he’ll do it while you wait by arrangement. T
  13. I think you'll find that the 452 Style is nickel plated, not stainless steel. Stainless is only available in the 455. Tim
  14. I think you'll find that you'll have to store your rifles on a slant as a shotgun cabinet won't be deep enough to take a scoped rifle put in straight. Ideally, you need an extra deep rifle safe. Kind regards, Tim
  15. Thanks Gents. I'll follow up on those leads. Kind regards, Tim
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