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  1. My vote would go to picking up one of the last stainless Howas on Guntrader and in time dropping it into a Bell & Carlson Medalist or a McSwirley. There is a secondhand one available ready to go in a B&C. Good luck, T
  2. I'm another member that won't be renewing at the end of this month. I have only kept my membership going over the last few years because it's an easy route to insurance and for the odd time that I might need a pointer on firearms legislation. I fail to see what BASC offers to shooters. It certainly isn't a good read every couple of months. I find the magazine is more effective than a general anaesthetic. T
  3. Thanks TB, that's pretty much the same technique that I use by the sounds of it excepting the lube. I'll give it a go next time. T
  4. Thankyou for your reply. I've no idea how much work my secondhand gun has done but I suspect no where near 10,000 cartridges and my new one has yet to do a slab. They are brilliant tools excepting these seemingly tight tolerances that I think would be better if they were a bit looser. T Thanks Jim. I think that's the procedure that I generally use although a bit of jiggery pokery with no particular method also comes into play a bit. I have heard of some Armsans locking up completely with the barrel becoming stuck hence the reason for this post really. T
  5. Gents, I have two Armsans. The first is a minty second hand one and the second was bought new last summer. I have found that stripping both guns down to clean them is invariably a bit of a battle. The barrels are very tight to remove from and replace into the action. Have any of you experienced the same or does this ease up with time and wear? My limited experience with other autos (Berettas) is that the barrels slide in and out of the action very easily. T
  6. With that sort of a budget, I don't think I'd spend it on a single gun. I would get two high grade guns of your choice. One in 20 and the other in 12. The best of all worlds. T
  7. Agreed. It's far from what could be considered a professional response. It looks to me like a schoolboy wrote it. T
  8. Just use any 158 grn load with your preferred powder as a reference and work up. Tim
  9. Data for 310 is on their App/on-line. Tim
  10. I always wonder whether a GP is qualified to offer an opinion as to one’s suitability to hold a firearm certificate. Surely the opinion should come from a psychiatrist? Ultimately, I see it as a box ticking exercise. Kind regards, Tim
  11. Are you able to provide a source for your reference to only needing a clean medical history for a period of 3 years? I'm confident that the requirement relates to your full medical history. Kind regards, Tim
  12. I reckon that it's difficult to go wrong with either an RCBS Rockchucker Supreme or Redding Big Boss II. I have the former, my brother the latter. My only niggle with the Rockchucker is that the primers occasionally miss the primer catcher when de-capping but it is easily sorted by packing the catcher out a bit with Blu Tack or Plasticine. I believe 3 D printed replacements are also available on e-Bay from an enterprising sort. Tim
  13. By way of an update, I have just collected my shotgun from Hopkins and can say that I am very pleased with the result. The ding has been lifted out such that it's impossible to tell where it was. All is like new! Tim
  14. Thanks Peter, I'm intending on dropping in on Hopkins later today. Branthwaites also look good but are second on my list for no particular reason other than they aren't as local to me. Thanks all, Tim
  15. Thanks Gents, I haven't been to Hopkins for years but it's the nearest to me being about 20 minutes away. Looking at the opening hours, I get the impression that he's semi-retired. Tim
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