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  1. Bill I sold it to a lad in Durham, recon it would be a good 20 years ago as far as I know he still has it .
  2. Bill I forgot I have been fortunate enough to have owned and used one of Stanley Duncan’s old guns, it was a William ford chamberless 10ga effectively an 8g it was engraved with pongo his dog and him punting on the Humber bit of a rubbish photo but the best I have on my phone
  3. Bill same as you been collecting bits and bobs all my shooting life, and bought the first item over 4 decades ago. I Still have it including a lovely letter from you a few years back with pinks flighting on the page thanking me for I think a 4 bore shell ? All the big guns have gone but still got a fair collection of memorabilia / cartridges etc only recently moving it to a bigger room and I have started buying stuff again . My son who was a young wildfowler has no interest in it at all so it looks like when i hang my waders up and go it will all be sold or thrown into the skip !
  4. Richard still got thousands here at fighting from inland, some have slipped over to the Humber but anything from 2-5k have been flighting daily since the start of the month... Will start loosing them now most of the stubbles are worked up, time to get the motor packed and head north,
  5. New photon xt arrived today from Thomas jacks (warranty claim) so unused plus a doubler and adaptor two months old from scott country along with the proper the Yukon photon st 30 mount all in cost me £600 would take £400 plus postage was going to refit it today to my rifle but an archer add on has come available so im going to go down that route for foxing instead.
  6. Terror is the way forward mate
  7. I sold my right for other reasons than just kent arriving , and did you not get notifications like the rest of the common right holders where it clearly states how including the case in black and white from the council how wild spaces fund got in whos ******* up whos back DNT
  8. DNT you say your association is protecting shooting well I have to disagree there, in this instance as anyone can see whats going to happen . Your club has highlighted that anyone can sell a share of common rights to a club albeit masquerading as a conservation body, Even sub let as in the case of davies v davies which has been brought to light with your actions, how long do you think it will take for other clubs to realise that they can buy a 1/4 share of a right down there and have it as a club marsh eh ? I can see it all happening and going tits up as who says any other club will only le
  9. Infact if you go down the route of the Davies vs Davies case that has been brought to light by kents actions theres nothing to top me buing the rights myself and sub letting to 5 clubs and remaining the owner now that's a thought eh ?
  10. Boyd does it really matter anymore down there ? they have hardly won the golden goose marsh have they ! Kent are in now and to be honest if they are true to their word and only have one man on the marsh per day I cant see much difference it will make to a area which is a shadow of its former self. More disturbing I would have thought for the locals and resident club members is now the opportunity for other clubs to follow suit , I recently sold my rights down there and since been offered a full right and a quarter share which could effectively place another 5 clubs shooting the same area and
  11. How about me ? I Would rather not answer you as i feel its a waste of time and energy on somebody i couldn't give a toss about anyway! so same as you end of convesation
  12. Thank you for that compliment
  13. You can call me a bore if you like paul iv been called a lot worse I find it quite amusing and its not the first time but again jelous kids will be jelous kids, I have a cracker of a name for you but ill save that for a special occasion when im not so busy, at least Im not boring as you with your continual jealousy and swipes at people that have better or get off their fat **** and get shooting rather than continually snivel and moan at people that actually make thing happen for themselves have a nice day matey im off to feed my ponds
  14. Panama It appears I will have to give you this one and yes you are right the days are numbered of the exclusive clubs infact I think faster than they realise, but let me put you straight on one thing I have never been in an exclusive club in my life I bought the right to shoot at brancaster/holkham same as you or any other man could have done if they really wanted too. I have had the best of it there seen the big numbers of geese dwindle through "perhaps" the likes of me and others over shooting a marsh which was good because for years it never got much pressure or attention. Then the outsid
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