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  1. That was the Ruddy Duck. There was an extermination program a while ago, I believe it was near enough successful, although I do not doubt a very few will have escaped the cull.
  2. iPad photos from my room window so not the bast quality. I am currently in a quarantine hotel in southern Norway prior to a work trip birds seen on daily exercise this last few days> redwing, fieldfare, blackbird, robin, great and blue tits, starlings, magpie, hooded crow, pheasant, mute swan, 2 grey geese poss Pinks, mallard, wigeon, teal (just 1), goldeneye, eider, scaup, common scoter, velvet scoter, red breasted merganser, guillemot (1), woodcock, wren, various large gulls, white tailed eagle, ****, cormorant, great northern diver. most frequently seen are th
  3. Outside my hotel room window and within 20m today I have seen a single guillemot, an eider, a pair of red breasted merganser and a mallard. Two days ago a white tailed sea eagle flew 30 m over my head. Not great numbers of birds, in fact very few, commonest are hooded crows, but a different range of species than I would expect to see back home.
  4. Can you change your misleading title, nothing more than poor click bait
  5. Snipe are exceptionally sporting bird, which is my way of saying I miss a lot of them lol. Jack snipe are very easy to tell apart by their habits once you have seen a few. They flush close with less speed, do not fly high or that far, usually less than 100m before dropping into cover again. And as far as I recall are silent when they flush, full snipe often give an alarm call.
  6. Really need to check out the general license for Jay control, there are certain circumstances when they can be killed but not many as I remember.
  7. It appears I joined in 2004. I have tended to wonder what happened to regular contributors who then disappear from the forum. Sad to think some will have passed away over those years.
  8. Never or at least very rarely use a torch on the marsh. Much prefer to allow my eyes adjust to the dark. Unless on the very darkest of nights my vision is good enough to pick out any gullies or other obstacles.
  9. I’m more perturbed you are thinking of getting a thermal for stalking.
  10. why not?? no wonder the country is in a mess if snow stops someone going to work
  11. the antis are absolute experts in media manipulation, straight out of the handbook for extremist protest groups. I have heard that the hunt in the OP were not out on Boxing day and the footage was from the earlier in the season, and it was not a farm either, but a series of industrial units. Not saying a fox was not killed but the antis twist absolute everything to manipulate the media / public. how would you suggest that hunts change their behaviour under the circumstances (whatever they maybe??) the only thing that would please the antis is to see a complete shut d
  12. I am 100% behind hunting with hounds. It is absolutely the preeminent field sport in its many guises. I have been known to occaonally whip in to various foot packs. Saddens me to read so many anti views on here. But I agree that hunting is now up against it, after many years of desperately trying the sabs have eventually managed to whip up parts of the mainstream media into a frenzy.
  13. Not bothered, it happens. Very rarely but ‘collateral’ damage is not unknown
  14. Of course he won’t go to jail. But he has a good chance at losing a large part of his SFP, or whatever it is called. Maybe the payments he receives for all five of his farms will all be reduced. He may have had permission from parish council ( does that count for anything at all?!) and possibly to some degree by EA, but it reads like he did not have a consent for works on a SSSI from Natural England. Which is the biggie, and most likely the very very costly one.
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