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  1. In arable East Yorkshire I now hear more quail than cuckoos, this year quail 2 : cuckoo 0. yet on some ground I stalk in SW Scotland there are plenty of cuckoos
  2. Honest mistake to make with terrible consequences, she should not have fled or tried to claim diplomatic immunity but her crime was minor, albeit with severe consequences.
  3. scolopax

    Forum change

    You are correct. Names and thread titles are now in bold black, or at least there has been some form of font change
  4. Wire haired Viszla. Beating, wildfowling, deerstalking, peg dog.
  5. No consent issued for the upper Humber so no wildfowling on my local marshes, for now, for ever?!? I was on a family holiday near the solway so snuck in a morning flight. Got two greylag so an excellent result.
  6. Excellent article in this weeks Countryman’s Weekly describing the current situation on the Humber. there will be no Wildfowling at the starting of the season , in fact we can only hope but not expect to get some wildfowling later in the season.
  7. Not like I used to do. Was often an anti climax, get there on the first and find the place packed and my chosen spots already taken by others.
  8. Once the figures come out which compare the grades from last year with this year I will reserve judgement, but I can guess which way they will go ^
  9. was this colony not wardened? Beach nesting terns always have a very hard time of it, if it is not natural predators or the tide it is ignorant members of the public. I think in the past the local colony to me suffered terrible predation losses to just one pair of kestrels!
  10. i have noticed that the professional guides, who in previous years post lots of pictures of big bags of stubble shot woodpigeons at this time of year, have gone very quiet with their social media output. Yet they have on other topics (ie deer stalking), mentioned that they are busy with the 'Danes on the pigeons' etc, yet are choosing not to self publicise, as they normally would. Makes me think they have doubts themselves about where their activities fall within the GL's.
  11. quite quickly he started to refer to it as an acronym and continued to do so
  12. but this was not aimed at the general public, it was aimed at shooters, BASC members to be more specific
  13. i think you will find at least one vocal critic has joined PW from the Stalking Directory just to rabble rouse his anti BASC agenda on here
  14. Don't stress, a couple of foxes do not spell disaster. Lots of shoots get by with very little fox control, too many get a little stressed / obsessive about them. Make sure the pen is totally sound, and make sure it has a good electric fence of at least two strands. A few rags with assorted smelly fluids never do any harm, creosote, diesel etc. Put a highseat up near to the pen in a good vantage point. If foxes start taking poults (not a given) then a few first and last light sessions in a high seat usually quickly deal with any culprits. No need to stay up all night.
  15. scolopax


    They will be returning after their moult. I think a large number cross the North Sea to the Waddensee early summer on a moult migration
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