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  1. If the chap had obeyed the officer’s instructions he would not have been shot. An accident brought about by his own actions.
  2. Had to spend £3 trying to obtain the Fox red nose which my young lad wanted. In the end had to swap one from his cousin.
  3. have your say they say.......... https://basc.org.uk/have-your-say-on-natural-england/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=Orlo
  4. anyone shooting Canada Geese out of season will not get a ‘well done’ from me.
  5. When I was one I had just begun,When I was two, I was nearly new,When I was three, I hardly me,When I was four, I was not much more, When I was five, I was just alive,But now I am six and clever as clever,So I think I'll be six now for ever and ever...Dunblane - 25 years
  6. scolopax

    council tax

    The poll tax was by far fairest system. But those who suddenly found themselves having to pay something whereas previously they paid nothing, did not quite think so.
  7. Right......how the hell is it racist to wonder about the skin tone of an unborn child?!? I am pretty damn sure like myself most of the public, if not all, had that thought even if in passing. Just like the vast majority will have wondered about the child’s hair colour. Am I racist? Are all those others who had that thought racists too?
  8. Interest in vermin shooters?! Maybe the £100,000+ BASC spent on the Welsh general license case may help you answer that? Ain’t no game birds on a General License.
  9. I have not been closely involved in this, but BASC have spent a lot of money on the case, partly on legal advise. And yes Juniper is still in charge.
  10. Just to bring you up to speed we did not get a consent to shoot the Upper Humber last season. A lot of hard work was put into trying to turn the situation around but NE are like a brick wall. We can only hope for a consent for next season. if progress is not made on the Humber I truly fear for wildfowling on a national scale.
  11. They can have whatever pay rise they want so long as it comes from savings produced from reducing the 1,300,000 NHS headcount.
  12. So very sad, my deepest condolences to you and your family RIP Andrew
  13. May I ask why? He may be a thoroughly decent guy but has no wildfowling pedigree and has been a member for just 4 years?
  14. Yes I have previously posted this, but not everyone looks at the wildfowling sub section.
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