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  1. well done! enjoy it Always best to get the boundaries ironed out whilst looking at a map. I recently picked up some riverside duck shooting, had two long telephone conversations with the owner (who I know) and I was clear where his shooting started and finished. But just to be certain I met him with a map, and the shooting was nowhere as extensive as I had been led to believe, just mis communication/ confusion.
  2. if it comes to such extreme measures as fire works, ropes etc it is time to walk away and give them best. Shooting ducks which have to be flushed in such ways does shooting no favours. Maybe best to cull them on the water before they get a chance to pollute the wild mallard gene pool.
  3. need some hard cold weather starting about the 25th to drag the birds back into the woods for beaters days and to push the wildfowl back onto the foreshore for the last three weeks of season.
  4. scolopax

    Punt guns

    puntgunners are remarkedly coy about their bags, Only once I have been present on an estuary when a puntgunner took a shot, the result was 60+ teal I understand. He was certainly cripple stopping for some time aftrewards.
  5. I now have my second Wirehair Viz, I can only speak about those two but I believe they are great. The HWV are different breed to the smooth, not just a coat variation but a newish breed formed from crossing several continental types. The first one was a fully trained 4 year old when i was given him, owner emigrated, he was great but ran in terribly, mainly I believe due to him being used on stand and walk shoots every Saturday where the fastest dog got the retrieve. The second I have had from a pup and trained him myself, although he basically trained himself, all I did was instill and reinforce the basics of heal, sit and stay. I use him mainly for beating, wildfowling, peg dog and deer stalking. He is very friendly, very soft, sometimes completely barmy, and all in all very good at what he does (although this one is not a strong water dog). the one thing I will say is that neither dog were/ are great in heavy cover, they will hunt hard but dislike brambles, nettles etc, much more in their element in fields of beet or in open woodland, basically anything that does nor scratch or sting them.
  6. two cases, one of personal injury to third party and one a claim for a shot dog. I know payment was made in the first case but it was many years ago, in the second case (the dog survived) the owner got a substantail payout for the claim they made.
  7. Sabs are on his case now as a pub he owns in Lincolnshire hosted a meet of the local fox hunt.
  8. no, I wish it had not been introduced to start with. By all means give a heating allowance when it is needed, for the reasons it was intended. But there are a great many comparatively well off pensioners who receive it but do not need it, as attested to be some of the ‘tongue-in-cheek cheek’ replies to this thread.
  9. Nope. Only one population is thriving, the well known Forest of Dean lot. All the others as far as I can ascertain are not. I would go as far as saying that some are just about / barely hanging in there. Thermal, night vision, cashing in, the urge to ‘shoot a pig’, are all contributing to some of the populations suffering range and number contraction. They certainly have not thrived like it wa predicted they would do 15-20 years ago. In fifty years we will be lucky to have any. .
  10. Should be binned as soon as possible. To placate the grey vote at the age of 70 a parcel should arrive from. HM Gov containing a fleece, a sweater, a scarf and a woolly hat. To be marked up as government property to stop them popping them on ebay straight away. Can apply for new issue of same every five years. Much cheaper than throwing cash at the wrinklies, most of whom just put it down towards a deposit on there next six week holiday in the sun. Winter fuel allowance...bonkers,.
  11. Nice to see there are still some alive in that area every man and his dog wants to shoot one
  12. scolopax

    Poor old Elizabeth

    Just a press witch hunt. To me he did not do it, and what he did not do was not illegal anyway. All seems completely over blown to me.
  13. scolopax


    Never seen one. Still a few of the more common ‘rare’ birds I have to see, Bittern, pied flycatcher, honey buzzard have all eluded me
  14. Unfortunately the club has ceased to operate this permit scheme although there is the option of joining the club as a full member, giving access to all of our marshes?
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