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  1. It seems very much like a sea eagle, solid wide wings, and a wedge tail, which importantly appears to be white.
  2. Are you sure that is not a white tailed sea eagle?
  3. Or option 1.5. We consulted with the cartridge manufacturers representative body
  4. yeah, as well as destroying trees, strip the bark off well established 20 ft tall 20 year old trees killing them, seen them devastate beech plantations. Corvids are no angels but the grey squirrel is in my view a bigger villain
  5. maybe they, like me, just do not see it as a farce.
  6. maybe graham Deakin, I know he makes brass shells and card cup makers
  7. do you really belive that ? Grey squirrels are probably much bigger nest predators
  8. mmmm...bet that's got them quaking in their boots so no new Maserati for you then ?
  9. what I find quite amusing is that the wildfowlers, generally a bolshie militant argumentative lot at best, have the attitude to this of "just get on with it, nothing to be scared of, steel works". We may think it could have been handled better, but it is no big deal. It is a voluntary phasing out of lead and introduction of non toxic shot, something we are all perfectly familiar with and happy enough to use. Do not get me wrong, many wildfowlers would prefer to lead, especially the old big bore users, but few would deny non toxic shot will do the job required of it. The elimination of lead from shotgun shooting was always going to be a hard sell, if not impossible, to most association members, so consultation would be a waste of time. Likewise the cartridge manufacturers were never going to jump for joy at the prospect of re tooling, R&D expense etc. So as far as I see it BASC et al made the decision to just grab the bull by the horns and get on with it, it will ruffle lots of feathers but they want to see us very close to lead and plastic free within five years so did it. I only trust they have very good reasons for doing so.
  10. what type of card are you using ? I bought the tooling from G Deakin last year along with a bag of cards (8 bore) , but the cards repeatedly split on the circumference of the fold. I still used them but they did not look very pretty.
  11. it would be a combination between weight and effectiveness, end of the world scenario you would need the ammo to last as long as possible and most probably need it to be man portable, ie you carry it. A slab of 12 bore shells is heavy. My vote in a survival scenario would be a silenced .22 rimfire, a few thousand rounds weigh very little and would provide small and medium game as food for years to come.
  12. colour blindness is hard to describe, I am red/green colour blind like most are. It is not best described as colour blindness, more like colour confusion, I can see all colours, especially in the primary, but lose the ability to differentiate those in the red/ green range when put against those in the same spectrum. My analogy is I can clearly see a yellow buttercup in a grass field at whatever distance, say 100 m, but for me to see the red poppy next to it you would have to pick it and almost put it into my hand, then I would plainly see it was scarlet. Green brown is a bit more difficult (don't get me started on about biege) I can tell you a fresh leaf is green, because I know it is, although my sight is telling me it is obviously brown.
  13. I have some Eley HV pigeon currently but they are green and I spend more time looking down for empties than I do looking up for pigeons lol
  14. do Hull CC still make the 'high pheasant' in a blue case?
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