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  1. scolopax

    What am I hearing?

    simples.......water rail
  2. scolopax

    Best fowling locations?

    Top wildfowling estuaries...by reputation....the Ribble and the Dee in the west , in the east Brancaster and Wells, most clubs in these places have very restricted membership I believe
  3. scolopax

    Jack Shepherd Fighting Extradition!

    Of course he wants to get off the hook as you put it, he thinks he is innocent and who would fancy going to a prison for six years as I said earlier no malice...very harsh sentence
  4. scolopax

    Jack Shepherd Fighting Extradition!

    I think he has been treated harshly. My facts may be wrong but were they not both drunk and she was at the wheel of the speed boat when she crashed it? Six years in prison for a tragic drunken escapade with no malice.
  5. scolopax

    3.5 inch Itm cartridges

    The big bore users maybe interested, as loose ITM I see now impossible to obtain. I know some were buying these big 12 bore shells to extract the shot from to feed eights. i bought 100 a few years ago at £2 each for this reason, but they were cheap at that price
  6. I'm right handed with a left master eye. I shoot off my right shoulder and with my left eye either dimmed or shut, I'm not quite sure. It kind of works for me, one thing for sure is that I wasting my time trying to shoot with both eyes open.
  7. scolopax

    Wetland game cover

    canary grass in wide rows
  8. scolopax

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I am still very much on the fence with this Brexit thing, we live in interesting times as they say... But as the word democracy is flung around so many times almost as a weapon, I have a hypothetical question to you all on both sides If Corbyn somehow was put into power, and had a public referendum, lets say on banning all non pest control shooting, shooting for fun as the antis like to desribe it, and the vote went 52% for a ban. Would we all be so keen on adhering to the principle of democrarcy then?
  9. scolopax

    How far do you drive for your fowling?

    Between 30 mins and 60 mins to my local club marshes.
  10. scolopax


    Foxes are omnivores and can consume a large amount of vegatable matter. They do have a liking for sugar beet among other things, anything sweet is a favourite.
  11. scolopax

    Channel Migrants

    Saves you right for reading the Guardian.... as for well that is as true now as it was then
  12. scolopax

    Yorkshire Wood Pigeon Club

    There is a well established woodpigeon club in East Yorkshire
  13. scolopax


    not seen many this year but had loads last year.
  14. The bits of undevoloped land, railway sidings, docks etc were full of wildlife in the city where I lived, certainly far more than in the arable fields in the countryside a few miles away. Nesting skylarks, meadow pipits, reed buntings, spotted flycatchers, redpolls were very common, especially the ground nesters, even grey partrdiges did well if the bits of green where big enough. (IMO entirely due to no agri spays..the vegetation was alive with insects). All changed in the last thirty years, most of that 'waste' land is now housing or tin shed retail parks, and there are now too many carrion crows and foxes for ground nesting birds to survive.
  15. scolopax

    Hilderstone shoot

    There is great value in having stops, and also sewelling. Once they have been shot once or twice the birds run like hell, not just in the drive, but the next one and one next to that.