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  1. scolopax

    Pheasant disease

    None apart from some treatment for gape worm, I now get some of my pellets treated with flubenvet What you do need is the number of a vet specialising in game or poultry, if and when they start to look under the weather conatct the vet. Better having appropriate treatment straight away than using trial and error whilst all the time losing birds. A lot of ailments look very similar and can only be really acccuratle diagnosed by post mortem.
  2. scolopax

    Best day of the year?

    1st September on the foreshore, always the date I looked forward to most
  3. It is the way it is going, at least in arable areas, the big boys are getting huge and the medium sized family units are dissappearing.
  4. scolopax

    Oh yawn!

    In my area we started losing our hedgehogs long before the badgers started to appear on the scene. I would hazard a guess that the vast amount of slug pellets that are spread around the arable crops have more than a little to do with it. The vast majority of wildlife declines can be attributed to changes in farming practices.
  5. scolopax

    Let's just enjoy our sport.

    20 years - 30 years ago wandering around with my brother rolling over rabbits bolted by our pet Jack Russell, shooting walked up wild grey partridge and jumping mallard off drains. Hardly saw a pheasant. There has certainly been a lot of changes in such a very short time.
  6. scolopax

    Bridge on the River Kwai

    Dutch were captured in the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), a lot were civilians, hundreds of thousands were interned/imprisoned
  7. scolopax

    Regionalised Terminology

    one from my father in law......broad face chicken....North Yorks for an owl
  8. scolopax

    Led up the garden path....

    I voted to stay in, mainly because I am consevative in my attitudes to almost everything and generally have a dislike of change. I hope I am wrong but when I first saw the claim of £350 million a week for the NHS, or whatever it was, I hoped the electorate was not too stupid to fall for that one simple statement (lie). Most probably did'nt but I think enough did to sway the vote, it was decided by that simple lie. And now one of the pro brexit groups admit they effectively lied through their teeth ..all about emotion not about Facts was'nt it?? Anyway I await the results of Brexit with a mixture of interest and trepidation, it has the potential to efect me personally in a big way (badly), but one thing I will not do is blame the politicians for it (well maybe that fool Cameron), they in the majority did not want it and now have to try and make it work. The only people to blame if it goes wrong are thse who voted for it.
  9. scolopax

    Led up the garden path....

    from the BBC article quoting the leave campaign Arron Banks: Leave.EU, which was backed by then UKIP leader Nigel Farage, lost out to Vote Leave in the battle to become the official Leave campaign in the 2016 EU referendum. It ran a "disruptive" campaign instead, Mr Banks told the committee, adding: "We were not above using alternative methods to punch home our message or lead people up the garden path if we had to." Mr Wigmore, Leave.EU's director of communications, said "the piece of advice that we got, right from the beginning, was remember referendums are not about facts, it's about emotion and you have got to tap into that emotion". He said the campaign had aimed to "make fun" of journalists and his role in it had been that of an "agent provocateur
  10. scolopax

    Regionalised Terminology

    Hull Croggy - to take a lift on a bicycle. ie. gizzus a croggy tenfoot - alleyway Bain - child town - city centre..or a town Twagging - skipping school Tourist- no local term for them , as we dont get them.....possibly wezzies is as near as it gets loads more which I cannot recollect at the moment
  11. scolopax

    Pump or Semi?

    Thirty years wildfowling and I have never seen anyone use a pump action. Lots of auto's but do not discount a double barrel shotgun. The third shot has little benefit and might even be a disadvantage IMO.
  12. scolopax

    D Day

    Probably amazed and proud of the incredibly high standard of living we now possess in a more or less equitable society with an almost total lack of real poverty.
  13. scolopax

    Mini windfall...

    errr what do you mean exactly by equity?
  14. I think / guess that in the OP previous experience on the continent the estates would be subdivided into safe and unsafe areas for hunting purposes, becuas ethey would be using centerfire rifles in possibly a driven scenario? So large areas would be closed off to any non hunters for safety reasons ? That does not happen in the UK.
  15. scolopax

    Mini windfall...

    Recently I has a very pleasant surprise in my pay packet, on investigation with payroll I will recieve a top up to monthly salary as compensation for a change from a final salary pension scheme to a direct contribution scheme afew years ago. I will get this until I retire or change jobs, so potentially for another 20 years. Now it is a nice sum, not huge, worth to me about £400 a month take home. So the question is, what best to 'invest' it in ? Otherwise it will just get lost in general household expenditure My first thought is a rental property, one can be purchased here for about £100K, with a rental income at about £500 a month any better suggestions ?