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  1. maybe bacuase some of us would find it hard to justify a four year old killing a parrot sat in a tree?
  2. one of those threads where you will get a hundred different answers, usually suggesting exactly the same calibre that the responder uses. I would suggest it all depends on whether you want to home load or buy ammunition 'off the shelf'? Most gun shops will stock .243, .308, and possibly 6.5 x55, .270 and 30-06 Other calibres are generally more difficult to obtain off the shelf, but if reloading appeals to you then a huge range of calibres become an option. So, weigh up the differnt options........................then get a 6.5 x 55 like me ☺
  3. thanks, very comprehensive now any chance of answering my first question to you, why do the Egyptian geese on your permission need removing ?
  4. poor light and a very good decoy, looks like a stuffed eagle owl. I have had carrion crows come straight in to attack a plastic horned owl decoy.
  5. not too sure as I have not read, or at least cannot remember that part of the General License. I suspect not though, otherwise folk would not be shooting geese 'just because they can' or just 'because they are on the GL'. I really do think Avery has a good chance of winning his case against the GL.
  6. well lets just say he has doubts to the legality and wants an explanation, there and then, as to why the geese are been shot now, 6th April
  7. jeez this is hard.....imagine an officer of the law was to come over to you in the field and ask you why you are shooting Canada geese/ Egyptian geese...what would your reply to him be ?
  8. Mark Avery's latest blog post: https://markavery.info/2019/04/05/shooting-times-the-gift-that-keeps-on-giving/?fbclid=IwAR3c0qE1HKDLroahW12SpDwur-4jZNgxm7DwJip9TKd60kwQt9A65p6ny44
  9. When Wild Justice win their case we will not have to worry about killing Canada’s out with their traditional season.
  10. Wild justice has a good chance of winning this, the General License was always a fudge to try and get around aspects of the EU birds directive, and I suspect a decent lawyer might well rip it to bits. might be a good thing if it gets Canada geese off the general license, well there would not be a general license
  11. It will be a migrant from Scandinavia, they used to winter on the east coast in quite big numbers but only a fraction of numbers past cross the North Sea now
  12. a depressing little thread started on the other sub section....vermin control I just do not get it
  13. Robbed indeed, I had a couple of tickets for the last ever day wildfowling on that area. Yes we were mad keen, I was in my early twenties but always bought a second ticket so my brother or a mate could come with me. I had never seen wildfowl like it, wigeon which looked like vast clouds of waders when first seen, and skein after skein of Pinks flighting across the salt marsh thirty yards up even on a still day. Hardly ever heard a shot from the vast club marsh. All the other fowlers we met seemed to be good lads.
  14. only got out on my local estuary a fraction as much I did as years gone by but had 7 flights for 7 birds (3 geese 4 ducks) A weeks trip to Scotland gave me one Greylag but some tidy bags of decoyed ducks on the foreshore, once I realised the geese were not there in the numbers I hoped for I tried some different places to normal and it paid off.
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