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  1. Hi I’m selling this gun it’s now £160 with silencer or £130 without
  2. hi buddy i'll have your 99 if it is still available


    best wishes paul

  3. i'll take this please if still available atb paul
  4. Thanks for the advice guys, new breasts it is then , some comments really made me chuckle Thanks peeps
  5. Trouble is they are £2000 what do you guys and gals think Atb Paul
  6. Hi, I went for the full length one to get more shots and a thumbhole one coz its an ambi stock and my dad and lad are leftys so this way it suits us all Atb paul
  7. Hi, one of the best airguns you can buy, I would buy it and swap the stock with a sporter one it might suit you more, its worth a try and you will never lose money on it if it dont work out Atb paul
  8. Yes to the scope if pm comes back OK Atb Paul
  9. Hi £15 posted for the scope any good to you? Kind regards Paul
  10. thanks for letting me know, the pics i have are to large to upload on this sight, i will just have to email pics if people are interested atb paul
  11. http://www.airgunbbs.com/showthread.php?702599-lovely-solid-pine-rocking-horse Link with pictures Atb Paul
  12. hi all, im selling a solid pine rocking horse, very well made and looks great, £300 collected please pm me if interested, im having trouble uploading pics but can email them if interested atb paul
  13. Hi, I have 1 more of these left up for grabs
  14. Hi I had 2 of these but are now both sold, I might have another one at my dads, I will find out tomorrow Atb Paul
  15. New gerber Bear grylls knife with case Hi all, I've got a gerber Bear grylls folding sheath knife for sale, it comes with a very nice carry case and pocket survival guide all in it's box, the blade is 3-3/4 inches and over all it is 8-1/2 inches, it it razor sharp as are all gerber knifes, they retail at £35.99 I'm asking £22.50 posted, PayPal you pay the fees Atb Paul
  16. Great gun mate, you will easy get £380 good luck with the sale
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