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    all types of shooting,,cooking especially game,magic, having a few beers with the lads,my missus and my fabulous little girl.
  1. hi there and welcome, im from southend..................well not so sunny southend at the moment anyway.lee
  2. Hi all just a quick one... Could I please get your recommendations for a decent set of hide poles that are extendable enough to stand up, I'm not worried bout the price as I would rather by right first time... Many thanks in advance. Lee
  3. Hi all. Just some advise for a newbie wanting to buy some hide poles, looking for adjustable steardy buy once set up, all opinions welcome...... Much appreciated?
  4. hi all, my name is lee and i was wondering if i could ask for advise on which rotary decoy everyone would recomend,ive been pigeon shooting a few times and was set up by the person who i went through with all the equipment,but i am now looking to get my own stuff as ive just got a permission of my own,also any recomended books or dvds on the subject as i really wouldnt know where to start especially wheres good to set up etc....any advice would be appriciated.many thanks for any replies....lee
  5. a little more info anything to offer in return( shooting land to share etc)ie want to share permissions make new friends?
  6. well done that man,i dont see anything wrong with your offer,if only there were more of you around doing the same thing,i would jump at the chance of a days pigeon shooting for that small cost as im finding it difficult to find any shooting myself,hope someone takes you up on your offer and appreciates it as much as i would.
  7. sorry bsa tactical in .22
  8. basinator

    any good

    hi all just a quick question as ive no idea on air guns.i will be going rabbit shooting on wednesday with my rifles(22 17hmr)and will be taking afriend along with me.There are usually some rabbits at a certain place that i normally wouldnt shoot with my rifles due to it being a little unsafe.so my friend has just told me he owns a pressure powered bsa tactical in .22 and wanted to know the sort of distance these rifles could kill a rabbit and would they need to be head shots,(as i always try anyway) thanks again in advance for any replies. lee
  9. hi my name is lee and i am just saying hi to all at pw. I hope to make new friends so look forward to speaking to some of you along the way. wishing everyone a great new year. lee
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