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  1. Hugh, I must thank you for wasting my time & my Bailiffs time - he waited for you for 25 mins on Sunday! It wouldn't have hurt to answer your phone. P.M. me if you are interested, yes I have places left.
  2. Cheers Paul,.... Apologies for not getting back to the others interested in the Wickford shoot, I am so busy I haven't got time to pass wind....lol I will contact you I promise... any lost days will be deducted from the shoot rental as I am a disorganised busy plonker...
  3. Only one shoot left. (Wickford) A few spaces available, PM with full name, email adds and tel number & I will get back to you.
  4. Hugh, I have passed info to my Bailiff who will arrange to show you round. P.M. me to get my details. All places nearly gone already.
  5. I have several spaces remaining on some of my shoots - available immediately. Runs from 1st April to 31 March each year. You are supplied with personal & vehicle passes and can attend at almost any time without making bookings, shoot when you like. Good varied quarry. Please p.m me with your full name, email address and contact phone number. I will mail you back a set of rules for information & arrange to have you shown round ASAP. My bailiff will be showing perspective members round this Friday during the day & will call you for a chat. Now the light evenings are here, eve
  6. Only Wickford Rawreth Shoot still available, others now full. Thanks guys.
  7. Apologies, I thought I had replied to all pm's. I am looking for fairly local guns who will renew each year. In my experience if you have to travel more than 10 miles or so you will not shoot often enough and will not renew. It is also not ideal for those that can only get down at the weekends. I would think you are probably at least 40 miles away. Regards
  8. FAC as well, .22 & .17HMR Have posted in the paid section. Once I work out how to delete this post I will delete it.....
  9. Yearly syndicate places available. Last few guns required. 2 guns available - Starter shoot, 120 acres - Runwell (Wickford), suit beginner or completely broke experienced gun.. - Just £175 for the year! 2 guns available - Billericay 600 acres+ £400 pgpa 2/3 guns available - Rawreth (Wickford) 600 acres £400 pgpa Some farms may be larger in size but the area quoted is for shootable arable land. I have been managing shoots for 25 years and only allow safe & sensible UK shooters. If you would like further information & to view please p.m me with your full nam
  10. Doh.... I don't post much as you can see.. I will move it to the other section. Thanks old chap.
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