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  1. I have been reading very dirty cartridge , loud and impressive flash , but are they good for anything ? No4 bit big on pigeons , would they be any good for foxes ? Will be trying then in my Baikal SxS IJ-58MAE Cheers Steve
  2. Non Corrosive Cap printed on box , take it the caps the primer ? They seem in very good condition , will have to get around to give them a go lol
  3. The English Sporter 28g no7 1/2 you tried, are they plastic or fibre wad ?
  4. Might be a bit far Cullompton, they fill to 300bar http://www.subaqua.co.uk/JR_Services
  5. Looks like it , I have been reading on 'Russian Record Cartridges' thread thats running
  6. Given these cartridges today Baikal Record Cartridges 12g no4 They look in excellent condition, first time I have seen them, any views on using them ?
  7. Try it without the plastic insert in end of barrel ? Worked on my TX200HC
  8. With what your describing , mine Escort does this with Lyalvale Express Pigeon SP and Express Supreme Game only :( No problems with Hull CompX Fibres in 28g or 21g cycles all three carts
  9. Have also used Hull Intercomp HV Fibre 28g , Then COACH on this forum let me try some CompX fibres 28g the 21g and it cycled all three carts Eley First 28g fibres also work well.
  10. My Hatsan Escort 3" magnum cycles Hull CompX fibres 28g and 21g no problem Think important thing is cartridge length min 67mm , all so from new I put about 4 or 5 boxes of 32g fibre carts through it , wear her in maybe
  11. Steve'o

    Tx200 Hc

    My TX200HC .22 is a 12ftlb model And will do 620fps with 13.43g Falcon Accuracy Plus but will only group if I take this OUT of end of barrel
  12. I took all my pic's with my Samsung Galaxy S 2 camera 8 meg Look forward to seeing them pic's
  13. It will be marked on action in front of trigger guard if it is a IJ-58MAE
  14. Your Welcome hoggy But I am thinking its older than 10years ? Think there has been 2 models out since the IJ-58
  15. The screw in the lump under barrels , if u unscrew this it releases the ejectors for cleaning Date code on mine is LP77 LP 77
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