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  1. It's a question that you alone probably can answer as barrel lengths and how the feel / handle is a personal thing. I always used to get 30" barrels as they just felt right with me and 32" felt awkward in the handling off them. Last year I came across a 525 special edition in 32" flavor and it felt right and now currently using the 725 pro trap in 32" and doing great with it.
  2. Sounds about right for that area, very long delays in processing renewals as well at least 9+ months last year.
  3. The Raven sporting looks good with the adjustable comb. What does it come supplied with, barrel lengths, and what price will the adjustable stock version be?
  4. Same here going into town, still people using their mobiles glued to their ear.
  5. Fauxdegla is a great ground although it has it's own mini climate. They operate two token methods of paying for your clays, the standard one is on the white card where you top up and shoot all what you have topped up with on the day and the gold card, which used to cost a fiver. with this card you can top it up with as many clays as you want, but don't have to shoot all on the day, take the card home with you ready for the next trip. I find the gold card the best as if the weather turns, you can think enough is enough, also if you top up with 500 clays they give you an extra 50 clays. One
  6. I had two 692's and between them they had fired around 500 cartridges. The first one was replaced by gmk for other faults on top of what I sent it back for, the second one the usual top lever jamming problem. Seen the top barrel not firing problem twice on different guns, a friend had the gun fall into halves problem. Sold my Beretta's and currently using Browning's, one of them had to have the bite adjusted and the one I bought s/h had to have the bottom firing pin replaced.
  7. New Beretta's = poor quality and reliability, old Beretta's = quality and will last a life time. Browning's I now have 2 of them (sold my Beretta's) = niggles with the firing pins a common problem, and did have the top lever stick on the 525, which was a a quick fix, some have reported rust problems with the 725, which I have seen myself on a friends gun. Out of the Browning's vs Beretta's after years of owning Beretta's sold the lot of them and now have the 525 and 725 pro trap which are great guns, even with the niggles as at least they can be still used where I have had and seen Ber
  8. I had to go for an interview when I applied for a passport a couple of years back, even though I had an expired old type one. They say it's to prevent fraud and other related things, the passport office know more about yourself than you do. All sorts of questions are asked, so they know if the applicant is genuine, they even send a letter asking questions to your referee to tie every thing together.
  9. BerettaSV10


    My friend and myself have a 725 his has been hit by rust in three places, the rib, in the choke threads and the works inside the action, mine has been ok so far. He treats stores the 725 the same way as his other guns and the 725 is the only one that's attracted rust.
  10. You might be better off with the pilla X6 (or more commonly known as pilla x) as on the X7 the lens insert is pretty small due to the curvature of the lens with the side of the lens insert being in your eyes focal point, while on the X6 the insert covers all the way to the side frame locating pins.
  11. It will need a new firing pin soon, which is a common Miroku / Browning fault, cost me £30 to have one replaced recently.
  12. Struggling to get any interest in it, just seems like any other day.
  13. At the moment have all the guns I want, but sold my s/a on the grounds that I did not want to use a s/a again. The cabinet is lost without a s/a and it's so tempting my local place has a new Remington 1100 in stock, though they also have the A400 multi target in as well. Swore I would not buy Beretta **** again and any how both are way above my current budget and Wabbitbosher has some excellent bargins.
  14. It's tempting to visit him because of his good reputation, only snag if I took my certificate with me I might come away with several guns
  15. If you are using one of the brass choke gauges they are not worth using as they are only any good on the bore size that they have been machined for. Is there any markings or notches on the chokes.
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