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  1. I’ve been looking for a replacement bolt handle for my 303 for exactly the same reason - I actually sliced my index finger open recently while trying to rack the bolt rapidly to clear a jammed cartridge. Would definitely be very interested if you do decide to knock up a few more!!
  2. Amazed this hasn’t gone yet! Very generous offer, would have had it if I were closer!
  3. I’d successfully talked myself out of bidding on anything until seeing that video...so many decent and interesting guns available for very reasonable money
  4. I’ve only used chemical strippers before, how do you deal with the chequering when sanding off a lacquer finish?
  5. Brilliant, thanks all for your advice. Will take a look at the chemical strippers available locally and give it a try!
  6. Looking for some advice on the best way to strip a lacquered gunstock prior to refinishing with oil... I’ve used Nitromoors in the past with mixed results, the modern version isn’t as effective as it used to be! Any advice much appreciated!
  7. Strangely I found my sxs more fiddly to load, the ou seems easier to drop the two cartridges in to. Definitely find the slight spring back annoying on some guns, I use an auto now though so no longer an issue!
  8. I found plenty available on eBay, you need one that’s threaded and supplied with a nut, not the type intended to be screwed into a wood stock
  9. Some places have timer delays on the stands so you can shoot solo. Otherwise ask when you’re booking in and they’ll probably put you in with a friendly squad. Most people will be happy to button for you at each stand but probably easier and more enjoyable to go round in a group
  10. Genius - thanks! Why didn’t I think of that..?
  11. Bit of a long shot but looking for a forend sling swivel mount for a 303...seem to be available online but are expensive! Has anyone got one kicking about they don’t mind moving on for not silly money..?
  12. I’m on the hunt for a pine tree sapling if anyone can help?
  13. Are you heading anywhere near Gatwick in the near future?
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