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  1. I found plenty available on eBay, you need one that’s threaded and supplied with a nut, not the type intended to be screwed into a wood stock
  2. Some places have timer delays on the stands so you can shoot solo. Otherwise ask when you’re booking in and they’ll probably put you in with a friendly squad. Most people will be happy to button for you at each stand but probably easier and more enjoyable to go round in a group
  3. Genius - thanks! Why didn’t I think of that..?
  4. Bit of a long shot but looking for a forend sling swivel mount for a 303...seem to be available online but are expensive! Has anyone got one kicking about they don’t mind moving on for not silly money..?
  5. I’m on the hunt for a pine tree sapling if anyone can help?
  6. Are you heading anywhere near Gatwick in the near future?
  7. Basic shotgun cabinet, holds 3-4 guns easily if no scopes attached. 1260x250x260mm approx. Inside is lined with insulation board and carpet, lift off type door design. One key supplied, one lock is jammed but secures fine with the other lock. £25 or would swap for 12g clay cartridges. Collection only please from Redhill, Surrey
  8. Hi, is this a non-ejector, any idea of chokes and would you rfd?
  9. Any idea how many shots the recoil spring has done?
  10. Amazing, thanks - I won’t worry about it for a bit then!
  11. Bought a 1986 A303 recently, my first semi auto. Got on well with it on the clays, it didn’t cycle lighter shells well but was to be expected really, otherwise I really like it. I’ve read the recoil spring needs replacing every 5-10k rounds, how would I know if it needs replacing and any recommendations of where to pick one up?
  12. Just seen this on utube from Callum/EnglishShooting... has anyone else heard details of this? Seems that sadly the government may be looking again at further restrictions on sec 1 shotguns, semi auto rimfires and air guns. Possibly a lot of speculation as Callum acknowledges on the video but would be good to know if anyone else has heard of this independently
  13. RFD transfer? Drop me a pm if interested?
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