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  1. By the carp that is left in my barrels after shooting. I shot a 100 bird sporting on Friday using Cheddite and Hull cartridges. At the end of the shoot my barrels just had a slight 'greying' in them. With some cartridges there is a whole pile of rubbish including unburned powder flakes left behind, this usually involves spraying with solvent before using any brushes, to get them clean. When cleaning my gun, it was just one sweep through with a bronze brush followed by a single sweep through with a Napier patch, job done.
  2. Tell him to try one first. Mine was back on the shelf after 3 months but one of my shooting pals has owned one for about 4 weeks and he is shooting very well with it. A bit of a 'Marmite' gun really ?
  3. I shot over 100 of them today without any recoil issues and my gun barrels were very clean when I came to clean my gun. Eley Select have to be one of the dirtiest cartridges around, apart from Fiocchi !
  4. Cheddite Smart Strikes in 7 1/2's and 8's either plastic or fibre. Awesome in a Browning ProSport through 1/4 and 1/4 chokes. The cheaper Trap Cheddites are pretty good too, as are their 'cheapo' range, the Rapeed.
  5. Hmmmmmm, so many really. I'm a sad Hi-Fi owner still stuck in the 70's ! Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Wings, Joan Armour plating, Mike and Mechanics, listen to them a lot and like them all equally.
  6. Exceptionally well put Mel. At last the voice of reason !
  7. You will not regret it, cracking ground and very well run. I have been going since the days of manual traps, where you had to yell "pull" in order for the trapper to hear you ! 40 minutes from Switch Island, using the bridge.
  8. I trashed a pair of shooting gloves on a new XS Pro, the chequering was extremely harsh. I have now solved the problem though, I swapped it for a ProSport.....................sorted !
  9. Oh, I feel certain that he will be ! They do not want any more riots, it is getting too costly.
  10. Gordon, shot skeet at Sealand, North Wales Shooting ground last Saturday. At least 2 layouts open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Cafe also open, bacon barm £2.50 and very nice too. 100 clays £25. Not too bad a journey down M6 and then M56. There is also a reasonable shop and some good offers on certain cartridge brands. Black clays against sky background. Not too many people there, so no long waits. Worth a visit.
  11. At least the Officer had er................a 'Fair Trial' ! I am sure the 27 million will help ease the Family's pain. Out of the goodness of their hearts they decided to give some of the money back to the community......................all 500,000 dollars worth of it ! Oh and the 'Race' card was being played here in 1980's during and after the riots, it is NOT unique to USA.
  12. I have both. The front being only a small area, we decided to have artificial turf put down last June. Apart from brushing it once to remove pine needles, from next doors tree, it still looks excellent and has had many admiring comments. It was not cheap, but it came with a 10 year warranty and was installed by Professionals. The rear lawn is grass and as the lawn mower is getting old, well she is 74 this year, I bought a robotic mower thing, which I am in the middle of installing, it's only drawback is that it can NOT cook, so I am unable to bin the old lawn mower just yet !
  13. It was only 40 minutes for me, but I was meeting someone there at 1.30pm and could not get away until 1.00pm, so a heavy right foot was called for ! If you are shooting sporting, try some of the U/T 28 or 24 gm 8's in either wad format. I recently shot with the Oro Trap in 8 1/2's and plastic wad................Awesome cartridges !
  14. I too use nothing but Cheddite cartridges, picking up 6,500 tomorrow.
  15. To sum it all up, I am glad that I am at the end of my shooting career and not the beginning. I can reflect on some 65 years of game, wildfowl and pigeon shooting and the many, many happy hours and the great number of friends who's company I have enjoyed. Most of my game shooting having been done with a traditional English side by side 12 bore, which has been more than capable of killing a lot of game at some extreme, but sensible ranges. Like me, that gun is now feeling it's age too, although I am 25 years it's junior, I am reluctant to spend a lot of money to restore it and probably reproof
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