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  1. BUT, you can offer to buy the barrels back. Spare barrels do not need to be entered on your shotgun certificate either.
  2. You already have the 2 perfect game guns now. The 725 is ideal for game and the Maxus is perfect for wildfowling/pigeons. Spend the money on cartridges.
  3. Westley

    Recoil pad

    If you can locate a Beretta gel pad for a FIELD model, it will go straight onto a 303 'Sporter' model. I know cos I have one on mine. The pads are no longer made but should be some used versions around. Make sure it has the plastic locking bits that screw onto the heel of the gun, the rubber pad will then clip into place on those. I have a 300 model that came with a kick-eeze pad already fitted on it, maybe a junior or lady had used it previously. Any pads like the kick-eeze can be made to fit by careful grinding.
  4. He is, or was a Q.C. they are 'expected' to make stupid statements ! I know, I have witnessed it many times.
  5. I had a shooting pal who was a Police diver. He salvaged two damaged fishing umbrellas from a lake for me. I cut out the stays of both and still use them to put decoys above the crops. They are spring steel and will bob about realistically in a wind. They drop into the umbrella pocket on a rod holdall that I use for my hide poles etc. A small wood block , with a 1/8" hole drilled in it, glued into the base of the shell decoy. The rod fits into the hole in the wood block, job done. The shorter bracing umbrella stays I use on sown or shorter crops, in the same manner.
  6. The gun could be 40 to 50 years old and as you say, you do not know it's history. It looks to be in reasonable condition inside, so should give you many years of trouble free shooting. BUT, remember it's age, things can wear out, bits can drop off or break, I know because I was around 35 when that gun was built and bits are now breaking or dropping off me ! 😂 Get it fixed, enjoy it and look after it. I have an O/U Trap version of a Pigeon Grade, mechanically sound, but just a small crack in the forend. I do know it's history over the last 40 years and it still gets the occasional outing.
  7. How much did the last service cost you ?
  8. The problem being, that with the heavily blacked out windows that some find preferable, it is often impossible to determine who or what is driving the vehicle until it is stopped. I was working during the 1990's, so I have seen and heard it all before. There is an element of the community who just want to be left alone to run their drug business' and prostitution unhindered, perhaps it is time we just left them to it ?
  9. We will never know, BUT I bought a speed controller afterwards !
  10. The gunshop shelves are full of them ! Most of them rendered worthless.
  11. Trial and error helped me choose the right speed ! Now you mention it, I have to get my turntable in for repair as soon as poss. !
  12. I agree entirely, the most effective speeds have been quoted above, I just have a tippex marker painted on my controller, at the best speed for my machines.
  13. I believe that the speed is more critical than we think. Several years ago I was shooting over laid barley, my shooting pal was quite a few fields away, on the opposite side of a small valley, also on a laid patch of barley. He was pulling most of the birds off their flight line to his machine, which had a speed control on it. My machine was running at a fixed speed, which was slightly slower. As his battery began to die, I started to pull more and more birds to my machine . I then had the bulk of the shooting. I then saw him out at his machine as he was changing the battery. Once more the birds switched back to him, with me pulling the odd bird, usually just after he had fired a shot. So, speed is critical, a lesson learned. I bought a speed controller the following day.
  14. My advice would be to take it to someone like John Wiseman at Cannock. He does a lot of renovation work on Brownings and would certainly be able to advise you accordingly. As above, take it to a gunsmith and preferably a barrel specialist.
  15. Yes, usually two 12 volt, 12 amp hours. I have about 6 of them which I use in rotation to equal their wear and try to make them last longer. I also keep them charged up when not in use.
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