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  1. Can I suggest that maybe you look as to 'why' the gun is slipping in your shoulder ? I have shot side by side guns for over 55 years and have never had one slip in my shoulder yet. Having said that, the length of pull has always been correct. It may be that the stock is too short (older guns often were) or, if it has a straight hand stock that you are not used to, that can cause problems too. My latest game gun is a 20 bore Browning O/U and that has a 'plastic' heel plate, I do not find that gun slips either. Before you spend money on a 'recoil' pad, have the fit of the gun looked at and also stick with lighter load cartridges which should help stop the gun 'jumping' in your shoulder on firing. I would much prefer a gun that is designed to be shot 'gun down' without a rubber pad that is likely to catch and snag on my clothing, thus preventing correct gun mounting. Take into account the position of your front hand too, it does NOT have to be holding the wood, hence the leather covered hand protector that fits to the barrels. Your front hand too far back, (holding the wood forend) can have the effect of shortening the stock.
  2. Talking to a Guy at the local club today, reckons he is getting S & B's around £180/1000. Obviously the 'current' version. He tells me they absolutely mince clays and with normal recoil. I think I will be sticking with my 24 gram Cheddite though.
  3. I wouldn't worry too much, he will probably be an ***. Commissioner in the Met inside 12 months ! 🙄
  4. Touch more heel work required, methinks !
  5. It does make you wonder if someone with such uncontrollable mood swings, should really have a gun licence ?
  6. Ah yes, 'I remember yew' !
  7. Westley


    If only you were nearer !
  8. Westley


    I doubt that any of the culprits had a gun licence to lose though !
  9. I use fibre in my Beretta 303 and my back bored 725 without any difference in performance at all.
  10. I did offer to let you try various colours that I have, to help you make you own mind up. I ended up with Pilla's and I am mid 70's. It's only the Grandkids money, after all.
  11. I watched a guy shooting yesterday, after each 2 shots he proceeded to wave the gun around in his efforts to eject the empties into the bin. I wondered what he did if he only fired 1 barrel ? He did very well though, managing all 6 empties straight into the bin. Just a shame that he did not put the same effort into his shooting really !
  12. It is VERY difficult to advise on lens colour because what suits one person may not suit another. Can I suggest that you get a cheap pair of clear glasses to start with, then ask others at the ground if you could watch some of the targets through their different coloured lenses. I always found yellow lenses to be too bright for me, but I have had a couple of eye operations and find most light too bright. I use a pale brownish/orange colour on dull days, darkening the colours if the day brightens. Try to avoid polarised lenses, they are a must for fishing, but a must to avoid for shooting. Unfortunately, most shooting glasses are made to enhance colours (except black). Having seen a few accidents over the years at various shooting grounds, I can not put sufficient emphasis on the need for eye protection. I put my shooting glasses on in the car park at the ground and they stay on until I leave or go into the clubhouse. Having lost the sight in 1 eye for a short time, it is NOT to be recommended, I can assure you. I did buy a pair of er................cheap...........Pilla's (£36) from Sportsman, they are again a brown/orange tint, and they have proved to be the BEST driving (daytime) glasses I have ever owned. 2 pairs of Raybans, now reside in the glove box. I have a range of different coloured Browning and Beretta glasses that I collected over time that I used for Instruction, you are welcome to borrow and try them, if you wish.
  13. Try just 4 single targets on the stands where you would normally shoot a pair. After a few rounds of singles, you should have locked the sight picture of gun/clay position from each stand. When you are shooting 20 single targets, then start with the pairs. It is just practice, practice, practice !
  14. My local clay ground has .410", 28 and 20 bore guns which can be hired for £5. All have shortish stocks. I would be inclined to phone around some nearby clay grounds and even consider at least 1 lesson with their Instructor for his first attempt. It really is money well spent, a decent Instructor will ensure he comes away unscathed and will want to go again.
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