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  1. You will know if he packs up the weed, he will be able to buy YOUR cartridges as well as his own ! 😄
  2. That is exactly what I used, except for the Corporate jobs where time seems to be the most important thing, then the leather slip on pad and the Beretta gel comb raiser came into their own.
  3. I would go down the football route and get Clodhopper to buy YOU your first club !
  4. Lovely fish, was it on a fly ?
  5. I still have one and use it with a reasonable degree of success and I do not need to carry a battery !
  6. Thanks Guys, now sorted courtesy of John Knibbs. Thanks JJ's Dad for that. £12.50 for spring + P& P. delivery tomorrow.
  7. Has anyone got, or know where I can find, a Beretta 12 bore 301 recoil spring that I can buy ? All the usual suppliers in UK are out of stock and that includes the e-store. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I suppose it depends if they are going on their hands and knees ?
  9. As long as the FEO has been informed as to their whereabouts AND the friend has notified his relevant FEO, they can stop there indefinitely.
  10. Does that mean she committed the Offence 144 times ?
  11. I have used Snowbee XS lines since they first came on the market, however last year I was due a new line and with the price of the Snowbee XS now, I asked the same question as the OP. The vote was unanimous in favour of the Barrio Lines. I ordered a WF7F which arrived within 2 days. I found it to be an excellent line and fantastic value for money. However, after a couple of outings, I noticed that there was a 'rough section' starting to appear or should I say 'feel' on the line. I contacted Barrio and the next day a brand new line arrived, no quibble, no questions or even the damaged line to be sent back. I now have bought a few of the lines and they have been completely trouble free. Excellent Company to deal with, superb products at a great price. I am in no way connected to the Company, but I know great service, when I am in receipt of it.
  12. To be fair, he probably stood more chance of actually getting away with it. It was only by chance that he was caught ! 😂
  13. I never 'slam' a gun closed and my 725 closes quite easily and has done that straight from the box. Try a light smear of grease in the bites below the barrels, that can sometimes help with both opening and closing the gun. They are the 2 grooves facing you on the bits that hang under the barrels and drop into the bottom of the action.
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