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  1. I fully expect to see your name in next New Years honours list, for your totally selfless acts, to preserve the food supplies of our Country !
  2. Wouldn't matter as long as it had some teeth, I feel ! 😬
  3. In that case I would suggest that you are fully justified, so go for it. Probably a shame that pigeons don't eat loo rolls too really ! PS. Should it go wrong you could always say that you cleared it on PW first !
  4. Can I suggest that the NFU get on to DEFRA for some clarity on the current situation then ?
  5. Maybe I have got this wrong, but it appears to me that those who are BASC bashing once again, are simply trying to justify their perceived right to go shooting at this difficult time. How can you expect ANY of our Organisations to give out any POSITIVE guidelines to Members (or in most cases Non-Members), when the interpretation of what is essential and what is not, changes from County to County. As someone who has actually been an FEO, all I can say is IF you feel that your going pigeon shooting is something of National importance, then GO, just do NOT look for anyone else to blame should it go ' whatsits' up and jeopardizes your gun certificate. I really can not see where the terms of the GL come into this issue, this is entirely the terms and conditions of a 'lockdown' and if you feel that your actions fall inside those terms, just go and shoot.
  6. No, I'm sure he is telling the truth !
  7. Any chance that you could send Packham and Avery a letter outlining your plans ? 🤔
  8. You might consider taking a more experienced air gunner to deal with the problem, having first cleared it with the farmer and ensured that the air gunner is clear, that it is by invitation ONLY ? You could stand to learn a bit about air rifles too.
  9. Going by the camera aiming point, I would agree with the above. However, looking at the behaviour of the birds after the shot, I am tempted to say you were in front ! Very hard to determine from a vid.
  10. I use white vinegar in the water with mine. It seems to do a good job on Beretta auto pistons.
  11. I recently bought a 301 'scrapper' that was sold for parts. When I stripped it, it was filthy. I used GT85 and a brass brush to clean the piston. The rod that the piston fits on I cleaned with a nylon pan scrub and again GT85. I then soaked the piston housing on the barrel with the same fluid and left it whilst I had a coffee. I then used an old screwdriver to get most of the carbon off and then a wire coat hanger to clean the barrel ports. I removed the stock and then the recoil spring fitted inside the stock tube. I replaced that spring with a new one. Just a point, IF you should change that spring it is NOT the same as the recoil spring in a 390/1 onwards. So watch out for that. The gun had a damaged piston and a couple of parts missing off the trigger unit. I replaced the missing parts and put in the bolt from my 303. The gun functioned perfectly including 24 grams. Just need to locate the upper portion of the bolt now. I use GT85 for cleaning all of my guns and has never been a problem and at £3 a can is a cheaper option. It is NOT a lubricant though.
  12. And Derbyshire and North Wales. 5 Scousers reported and sent home heading for the beach near Conway ?? The mind boggles ! Anyone fancy pigeon shooting ? Go for it Guys.
  13. Maybe the current quality of the magazine is due to poor editing, after all it must be difficult if you spend your working week travelling the county and shooting ?
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