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  1. Trout fishing newbie

  2. One for the farmers on here.

    Yes, BUT, go and step foot on their "Little bit of England" and see what happens !
  3. Packing in the Fags.

    Good Luck and stick with it. If nothing else, you will be able to buy more cartridges ! I lost a good friend who smoked 60 a day, he was 66. His gun is in my cabinet ! Shooting is not quite the same without him.
  4. fishing rod + reel

    Well, if the reel is as good as their lager, it should be OK !
  5. Death of a loyal friend !

    I bought their 'floater' last season and that works well. Have you tried their intermediate ??
  6. Death of a loyal friend !

    Well, after some 20 years of use (but little abuse) my beloved Scientific Anglers Kelly green, Wet-Cel 2 passed away today. It had to have been one of the best lines ever made and was a 'go to fishcatcher' every time. It had saved a blank day many times over, and had caught an awful lot of fish, but it finally gave up today. It had more memory than enough, twisted and tangled whilst trying to cast and then refused to sink in any way evenly. As these lines are well obsolete, I had stripped it off the reel, cleaned and dried it, then stored it in large loops rather than on the reel, in an effort to prolong it's life. Now, the BIG question, has anyone any advice as to what it's replacement should be ? I have 3 clear intermediate lines, 2 Snowbee and a Hardy. Although they are good at casting, they do not seem to have the same hanging or level retrieve capabilities of the old Wet-Cel. Any advice, preferably with personal experience, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Guys.
  7. A lot depends on, if you are getting Legal Aid............................or not !
  8. Honest opinion on the kids and the internet

    Yeah, I can recall my old man telling me the same thing but it was not about the internet ! Still, I proved him wrong .................................. I went DEAF instead !
  9. Butt pad required

    If you plan on keeping the gun, bite the bullet and buy an Isis pad. I have a couple of them and they really do work.
  10. Sad loss

    I lost a 7 year old bitch in exactly the same way a number of years ago. 2 dogs later, and I will never forget her or that moment you describe. You have my deepest sympathies. MODS. Can this be moved onto the more current posting. Thanks W.
  11. Side by Side Club

    With a user name like mine, I feel that I should agree with the proposal.
  12. Cautionary tale

    I bought a woman's 'make up' oval shaped case thing for 50p at a car boot. It is a rigid case with a carrying handle on the lid. I leave my 2 spare 12 amp/hr batteries in this case and even charge them in it, that avoids any accidents with anything metallic, either in storage or transit. It also has space for a small tool kit, fuses, connectors, screwdriver and insulation tape. It even has a mirror inside the lid, which some of my shooting buddies have found useful !
  13. Essex masters

    Bloomin eck, he'll have a blue badge next !
  14. Cautionary tale

    Carry the battery in an old ice cream tub.
  15. side by side case

    I have a brand new canvas and leather similar to the Guardian green canvas case. I have used it once for a 30" gun and it has been stored for the past 6 years. I have now sold the gun and the new gun came in a case. PM me if interested, looking for £70 + P & P.