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  1. Yes, but he had a wicked sense of dry, Scottish humour too !
  2. Having met him, I am sure he meant ENGLAND
  3. Both sound 'fishy' to me !
  4. Wouldn't know, I do not recall ever catching it !
  5. I too went through the short is best syndrome in the early 70's. I bought an AyA 25" boxlock, couldn't hit a thing with it so chopped it for an AyA No. 2. with 26" barrels. I hit most things with that. So, the proof being that an extra inch DOES make all the difference !
  6. Home made magnets that only use hypa flap decoys, the arms are carbon fibre and the 2 machines weigh less that 1 wiper motor variety. The poles and bases for these machines are made from childs aluminium stilts. Shell decoys, plastic barrel seat, lightweight nets, Pinewood hide poles. All fits into a folding wheelbarrow and good to go. I am nearly 4 score years !
  7. Yes, but it does seem to be connected with something called 'New Money' ?
  8. In my experience, some 'guns' just HAVE to pull that trigger. I know, I have loaded for, shot with and picked up behind a lot of them. I once collected some 30 odd cartridges from behind one gun, he was intent on leaving them where they lay. When I mentioned to him that there was a bag for used cartridges on the gun bus, he replied "Your'e the picker up" ! I said no more and walked away. I made a point of picking up all of his empties throughout the day, these were deposited in the footwell of his Range Rover whilst he was collecting his birds. Welcome to the 'Money Man's' world of game sho
  9. Briley extended in I/C or 1/4 any good ??
  10. I advertised some chokes for sale on here and was asked if they were 'steel' proof. As they were Mod and less I presumed that they were perfectly safe to use with steel. I suspect that we now have a new generation of shooters who have been brainwashed when it comes to steel shot and proofing ? After all, not only does ingested lead shot kill millions of wildfowl every year, it vapourises them into the bargain !
  11. That would account for the 'Chipmunks' singing with those squeaky voices then ?? I have a farmer friend with a collection of Marshalls and still uses 12 bore cartridges to start them.
  12. Both eyes open eh ?..................THAT'S where I am going wrong !
  13. I was shooting large numbers of pigeon back in the 1960's and remember the tales of vast numbers of pigeon taking off for France every year. I seem to recall those tales AND the pigeon numbers seemed to stop 'going to France' after we joined the EU ?? I moved house about 6 years ago from a location where I stepped through my boundary hedge onto some of my er 'Perms', to a smaller property in quite a densely populated area. Since living here I have seen more wood pigeons than I saw in the 12 or so years at my previous home. I watch large flocks of pigeon heading out from nearby woodlands
  14. 17 years of that, but we shot every week ! Thankfully the ground maintenance was taken care of by the Landlords, although we had to have a clean up of wads every so often. I heard just about every excuse for missing targets, that has ever been invented, including one person who reckoned that he could not hit the Compak targets because we used numbers and NOT letters. Apparently another ground that used letters and not numbers (but easier targets) he always shot well at ?? The only reason we used numbered traps was because we had access to large stencil numbers ! I do not envy you
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