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  1. Westley

    Semi Auto Club

    Shot a local 50 birder today, I started off with a 28 gram up the spout and 24 in the mag. After about the fourth stand, due to the heat and standing around, the Master Plan, went out of the window, I was just bunging 2 of anything in and shooting the bloomin thing, finished the remainder of the shoot without any jams. 28 and 24 Cheddite Trap plastic wad.
  2. Westley

    Semi Auto Club

    I have a Beretta 303 (same mechanism) and regularly use 24 gram Cheddite with no problems. Sometimes it is a 'between the ears' thing though and if I start to think about the possibilty of a 'jam', my performance suffers (so to speak). If this happens, I put a 28 gram up the spout and a 24 gram in the magazine. With regards to 21 grams, my 391 will cycle them but the 303 struggles and they both hate Hull Comp X's.
  3. Westley

    Golden Wedding Anniversary

    Usually yes ! Congratulations to you both.
  4. Westley

    Holes in lawn ???.

    Are you sure it is not a golf course ??
  5. Westley

    Shotgun cert full ?.

    Surely they will only transfer the 'hand written ones' IF you still own them. But I can assure you that adding a page USED to be the normal system in my current Force area. Thank you.
  6. Westley

    Shotgun cert full ?.

    Mine is away at present, for just this very thing. The last occasion that this happened (quite a few years ago), I simply phoned the Firearms Department and they posted out another page, which I duly stapled to my Certificate, no problem. Now I have had to post it to The Firearms Department, who are attaching another page ?????
  7. Westley

    Clays to game

    On the plus side though, the entries are always very poor, so you could make a name for yourself ! After all, clays are so easy !
  8. Westley

    A word of warning

    AND fishing glasses !
  9. Westley

    Clays to game

    I have shot far more of both than I care to remember and I would suggest that flighting or roosting pigeon shooting can be really exciting. I can not realistically say the same for pigeons shot over my decoys. If I have got my set up right, most of my first barrel kills are within a 30 foot circle of the pattern centre. There will be outlying second or even third barrel shots, yes, but they are fewer than in the central area. My pigeon shooting is either a solitary sport, or at the most, with1 trusted companion. My clay shooting on the other hand, is usually done in a group of at least 3 but more usually 5 or 6 and is a far more jovial affair, which includes lunch. That is not to say it is non-competitive, but it is a bit more enjoyable.
  10. Westley

    Clays to game

    Ultrastu, They are called 'clay pigeons' because they were the follow on to live pigeon shooting. The first artificial targets were glass balls and then eventually onto a mixture of clay and pitch, producing what is, today's clay targets. Have a look at something called 'Helice' on You Tube. That is a target fitted with a plastic wing, to represent the flight path of a live pigeon.
  11. Westley

    Ditchman and God

    I do believe so.
  12. Westley

    Ditchman and God

    I think you could be right there..........."99 times, change hands, don't care if I do go blind" !
  13. Westley

    Ditchman and God

    Careful then.....................I woke up blind in one eye due to detached retina ! Now sorted, thankfully. My old man once said to me, many years ago, "You will go blind if you don't stop that" , seems he was half right anyhow ! Chin up mate and keep hangin in there. Best wishes, W.
  14. Westley

    Repairing line guides

    It was some 60 years ago I'm afraid, so remembering the different models is a bit difficult. The original building is still there today, but I think it is all flats now. I think it became some type of Seaman's mission before it was flats. The rod that I inherited from my Grandfather was whole cane butt and middle joint and a split cane top. My Father's rod was the same but he broke the top section on a tree and had it replaced with fibre glass. As it was solid glass back then , it ruined the entire rod, making it very tip heavy. The complete built cane throughout rods were generally quite heavy and were often known as 'Avon' rods, built to land a barbel. Coupled with an 'Alcocks Aerial' reel, it made quite an expensive combination. Fix that tip ring and give the rod an occasional outing and enjoy.
  15. Westley

    Repairing line guides

    Many years ago I had a few of Forshaws rods, including some fly rods, I just wish I still had them. I lived close to their premises on the outskirts of Liverpool and my Grandfather and Father used only their tackle, or tackle supplied by them. I think I still have some of their 'Hooks to nylon', in their packets. The top ring is quite an easy one to replace as there is only one bit of whipping to do. It was a regular occurrence to damage the tip ring and they were readily obtainable back then. Forshaws used to offer a ring replacement service (excuse the expression ! ) or a full refurbish if needed.