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  1. Westley


    AND, in all of this lockdown business, you can 'post em in' should you get toothache , win, win, !
  2. So, NOT by ingesting lead then ?? Maybe we should ban Wildfowl from overwintering here ?
  3. A Dangerous 'halfwit' nevertheless ! Some of the things that I have witnessed today whilst out fishing, just beggar belief. Makes the PM look like the Brain of Britain ! We could be in for a loooooonnnnnngggggg winter !
  4. I still do it, even on a peg. I throw the 'kills' in front of me and the others behind me. I then know at the end of a drive exactly how many birds I have down. Just something I have done for many years and find it difficult to stop.
  5. It pays to leave the light on, if there is one on the battery pack. Do this around once a month, then re-charge it. I have had 3 different types over the years, but none of them have lasted due to battery failure. I have used them on a pigeon magnet and that extended their life a bit longer. I now just have Home Start, just in case !
  6. It is just routine for me to put my right hand over the breech as I open my gun, be it S x S or O/U, I then just place the fired cases into the bin. I cringe when I see idiots waving their gun around in an effort to empty the gun into a bin. Problem is, should they for any reason just fire 1 shot, they are still apt to wave the loaded gun around in an effort to hit the bin. Shame they do not put as much effort into hitting the targets as they put into hitting the bin.
  7. This last lockdown has certainly brought Tiers to my eyes !
  8. I bought mine off fleabay at £50 brand new. I had a Large size, but I think I have damp in my wardrobe and it had shrunk ! IF you are a 46" chest can I suggest that you buy an XL, that will allow you to wear a sweater in winter, still leaving the expander section for a waterproof. NO, I am 46" chest and need an XL !
  9. Having had cataract ops., my eyesight is near perfect, or at least my Optician tells me so, however sitting behind someone who has their foot on the brake and the bloomin indicator constantly going, I find highly irritating. My advanced course Instructor would look upwards through the windscreen and sarcastically ask "Aircraft Signals ?". Basically, unless you are in the right turn lane, where I will indicate until someone pulls up behind me, then stop it until the lights change, I see no point in indication until I am about to move off. How many times are you sat in, what can only be a left
  10. Buy a copy of Trout and Salmon, which now incorporates Fly Fishing magazine. There is a full list of stillwater fisheries and names of Instructors who will supply all the gear. You also get to take a fish home for tea !
  11. I recently went on a wrinklies driving assessment, I was worried that it was my standard of driving that was at fault and all of the other idiot drivers were right ! Suffice it to say after some 2 hours of driving, the only thing I was doing wrong was failing to take my vehicle out of D and into N or P when stopped in traffic or at lights. I always apply the handbrake, to avoid blinding some poor sod behind me with my brake lights. At the next set of lights, I moved the selector into N after applying the handbrake. Watching the opposite set of lights, I saw them go onto red. By the time I h
  12. I have installed a radiator in my 'Man Cave' (Loft conversion). It has a TRV fitted. I find that in the current climate if I have it on 4 or below, the Rad. is only lukewarm. Downstairs, is my Wife's domain and ALL of the TRV's are on FULL, with the exception of the gun cabinet room which is on the lowest (frost) setting.
  13. I think to say that there is nothing good about O/U's is rather a sweeping statement. I am shooting my first game day of the season next week, I will be using my S x S. The weekend will see me shooting at the local clay ground, using either my O/U or semi auto. Unless I have a S x S 'live pigeon' gun, or possibly a Winchester 23, then the average game gun S x S is ill suited for clay shooting. As I have not had my S x S out of the cabinet for some 2 years, but have shot a few thousand clays since then, using my O/U, common sense tells me to take the O/U but lugging an almost 9lbs gun around a
  14. As you become more proficient in shooting with an auto, you will learn to head those empty cases into the bin !
  15. Have a look on YouTube at 'balancing heating radiators'. IF they are not already balanced, it is worthwhile doing. As already said, WHERE is the room thermostat fitted ? I currently use a wireless clock/programmer/room stat. My Wife tends to leave it in the coolest room in the house, the remaining rooms are like sauna's !
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