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  1. Help identifying please

    Looks like an old wash boiler, as suggested, but I have seen them used on building sites as water boilers. Back in the 1960's there would be as many as 6 of these things under a crude shelter. They were heated by a gas ring fitted underneath and run off Calor gas cylinders. It was the job of apprentices to go down to the site huts around 11.45am. and make all the tea in the 'billy cans' ready for the 'Men' coming in for lunch. 'Dean' made later models with pressed steel outer casings and enamelled finish which were fitted with a wringer to put the clothes through.
  2. Disgusting

    Er.....................The Police Service
  3. Disgusting

    I think you may find they were NOT 'asked' to attend in the first place, BUT they had to ensure that they had their WALLETS with them
  4. Can’t stand this new layout

    There you go then.......................................lack of practice ?
  5. Yet another national amnesty

    Correct ! I speak from experience.
  6. Yet another national amnesty

    And Father Christmas will be along soon too !
  7. Snap cap with wool mop

    If you have damp in your cabinet to a degree whereby the chambers of your guns need permanent lubrication, I would suggest you need to get it sorted ?
  8. How do you clean yours?

    Cutbacks, cutbacks !
  9. How do you clean yours?

    I just leave it for the Butler to do !
  10. All Change at Astley Gun Club

    Do not be so critical on yourself !
  11. Nicest stock wood for my budget?

    OR an MK10 ? (back on shelf) Strange, I could say the same about Beretta ! ( No, I do not shoot one, I have a Browning !)
  12. Has anyone had experience of a W J Williams

    The 2 3/4" chambers are a bit unusual in a 20 bore of that weight, has it been re-proofed ? As already said, it was probably made in 'The Trade' and the name applies to the retailer. There are a lot of 'Webley's' out there !
  13. Nicest stock wood for my budget?

    Under 'Gun parts', sorry !
  14. Nicest stock wood for my budget?

    Have a look at Guntrader in the 'Equipment' section, then Shotgun parts, there is a double advert on there for new gunstocks , made to measure. Pick your own wood.