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  1. Westley

    Blocked barrel with felt wads

    I have an Eley 'Gold DTL' in my bag that has a hole in the crimp which had allowed the shot to 'escape'. Thankfully it felt light and I checked it. If I had fired it that would have stuck the wad up the barrel. I just avoid Eley's !
  2. Westley


    Is it electronic ? If NOT you may struggle to find a young taker ! Especially IF my Grandkids are anything to go by. 😄 Serioiusly though, an excellent offer, I hope you find someone.
  3. Westley

    Advice please

    I was close, wasn't I ?
  4. Westley

    Slam Discharge in Semi Auto

    I have been using an auto in this manner for some 55 years, I have yet to have any mishaps. I have explained above, with regards to any second shot. It is the 'slamming' of the bolt during the initial loading that would cause any issues. The gun would be around waist height, possibly not held too securely and where would the barrel be pointing ? My barrel points at the ground some 20 feet in front of me and I can feel that the bolt has closed fully AND locked, with less chance of the 'slam' causing an accidental discharge.
  5. Westley

    Slam Discharge in Semi Auto

    By then my attention is on the second target and as it all happens so fast, I fail to notice the guns mechanism. BUT, by then the gun is in my shoulder and if it accidentally discharges, it would still be in the area of my first shot, so would not really matter. 😜
  6. Westley

    Advice please

    Wasn't he in 'Last of the summer wine' ?
  7. Westley

    Hide Poles ???

    Thanks, I can build hides, put out deeks, shoot birds. I just can NOT put the damned pictures on here ! 😄
  8. Westley

    First car for new driver

    My Grandaughter at 18 has just got her first car, a Fiat 500. My Son in Law is a tight Bas......careful with his money and I have no doubt he will have done his homework regarding running costs !
  9. Westley

    Tough day

    I did slightly better, 3 1/2 hours under some 'sitty' trees, 12 shots, 8 down picked 6, lost 2 in carrots. Sat in shirt sleeves, out of the wind. I did see a couple of thousand pigeons during the afternoon though ! Very pleasant. In answer to your question, it could well be clover. I saw about 30 on a grass field last week, I suspect they were eating clover. I have had some big bags on grass fields after the first cut of hay.
  10. Westley

    Hide Poles ???

    If you want some very good net hangers, buy some 22mm stand off pipe clips, the type that the pipe 'snaps' into. I then use some wood dowel into the top of the tube, with the pipe clip screwed into it. The clip can either be used to hold the net or some 3/4" plastic overflow pipe threaded between the net and snapped into the 2 front poles. A 3/4" plastic overflow coupling allows the pipe to be cut down for carrying and connected back to 1 piece for use. A quick spray of matt black paint over the plastic pipe, job done. I wish I knew how to get pictures onto here ! 😖
  11. Westley

    Hide Poles ???

    Thanks M. 👍
  12. Westley

    Hide Poles ???

    The ground is NOT always soft though ! Get along to your local £1 store and buy some of the green plastic ties for plants, also some of the round locking plastic rings for plants, they are brilliant for fixing the net to the poles. Pull the net around the back poles and clip it to itself using these reusable plant ties. I use the small plastic tubs that vitamin tablets come in, to store the plant ties in.
  13. Westley

    Prince Philip off the road for good

    What purpose would a prosecution have served ? Apart from the Court costs, the hearing would have been held in his absence, nothing achieved by putting points onto a licence he no longer has, so, 'not in the Public Interest' ! I feel that the other parties involved will be, WELL,' suitably compensated ' . The passenger has already made a fortune out of the Daily Mirror and probably more to come (she may be working her way towards a Damehood ?). By the time the Insurance has paid out too, it could well have been a bit like a lottery win. The passenger claimed that "She now feels safer that Phillip is off the road". The driver of the car that she was in, was certainly not 'hanging around' when the collision occurred !
  14. Westley

    Hide Poles ???

    Para cord and tent pegs, tied to the tops of the poles and stretched in 2 directions, according to wind direction. 10 plastic tent pegs weigh very little and with the 5" or so between point and kick plate on the hide poles I have no problems. I also peg the bottom of the net with tent pegs and/or cord to stop that flapping. A pair of secateurs will provide sufficient sticks to aid pegging the net down. I use 4 pinewood poles, 2 long at the back and 2 short at the front.
  15. Westley

    Slam Discharge in Semi Auto

    Which is why I always ease the bolt forwards using my right hand on my 303. I just hate that 'slam' as it closes, too !