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  1. The only reason that I mentioned this was a few years ago a chap put his No.4 in a gun rack alongside my 700 and apart from some very minor differences, they were identical.
  2. I am a few years older than you but during the lockdown period I did 5 minutes EVERY day, of gun mounting and swinging the gun along a fixed line. Because the ceiling involves the gun always at a sort of 45 degree upwards angle, I also used the white guttering on the garden shed as a guide, this is lower and about 20 yards away, so the gun is more horizontal. I used a kitchen timer set to 5 minutes. In that time I was mounting the gun around 40 times. Doing that twice a day, 5 minutes in morning and afternoon, that is around 80 gun mounts a day. I like to believe that my gunmount is almost perfect and I know that the gun is being mounted using BOTH hands equally. The use of just the rear hand will cause the barrels to drop, causing a see saw motion. Have a look at Chris Batha on YouTube, his gunmounting video is very good. With regards to the beads, forget them. You will see them in your peripheral vision, but you should not be conscious of actually seeing them. I use guns with 1 and 2 beads also a S x S, but I am never conscious of actually seeing them.
  3. The AyA no.4 is a copy of the 700 is it worth a look at one of those ? There may be more of them about. Could it be made to fit ?
  4. Depending on where you are situated of course, but North Wales Shooting School at Sealand have one on a Saturday.
  5. Or the "this gun smacks my face" brigade, well stop wrapping your leading hand around the barrels, that will stop you from lifting your head off the stock !
  6. Plus, most people who are not used to shooting a SxS believe that they HAVE to hold the wood forend and that can have the effect of making the gun feel 'short'.
  7. Just plug it into what is now a 12v outlet and no longer a 'fag lighter'. I have done that with both front and rear cameras. I bought an extension lead for the front camera, off Ebay. I have concealed the wiring behind door pillar trims, headlining and dashboard. If I need the 12v outlet for any other reason, it is usually when stationary anyway, so I just unplug the camera.
  8. I had a problem with the volume level on my 2019 sat nav. I took it back to main dealer and they had to connect a laptop to it to increase the volume. I was given a coffee and it took around 45 minutes, no charge, even though it is now out of 3 year warranty.
  9. Lovely gun. It has to be remembered that when that gun was made, it was probably for a younger person, possibly as a present. It would therefore have been fitted with a shorter stock. I have seen a lot of Westley's over the years and many had stock extensions, my own included, which was made in 1926.
  10. As long as HE signs it, anyone can write it
  11. I have done just this within the last week. A friend is giving up due to the general hassle of renewing his Certificate. We have sold one of his shotguns in a private sale. The remaining gun his Son wants to keep. As his Son does not have a certificate, I am keeping the gun until such times as his Son can legally own it. I have entered it on my Certificate and notified my relevant Force of my ownership of the gun. I also entered my details on his Certificate, classing it as a 'gift'. I also gave him a photocopy of my Certificate and advised him to contact his FEO and inform them of the transaction. This has been sufficient to satisfy both Forces of the transaction.
  12. You could go hairless just thinking about it ! 🙄
  13. I knew a gamekeeper who was knocked out cold by a falling pink foot. He was found when he failed to return home for his breakfast, still unconscious !
  14. Yes, the parts supplied by Chambers come as 'blanks' and require fitting, drilling, hardening and blueing. NOT a job that I felt I could tackle with the tools that I have. I have replaced pins and springs on a modern O/U, but they were simply one out then new one in. I just wish it's Gaurdian for the last 50 years had felt the same and taken it to a Gunsmith rather than 'have a go'.
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