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  1. Comp X are about the only 28 gram cartridges that my Beretta 303 occasionally jams with. I stick with Hull Superfarts.
  2. Yes it has................................CRIME ! Smack or give a good kicking to a Bobby, you will get suspended sentence or Community Service. Have a large party and get fined £1000..................sums it all up !
  3. That is less than 1000 game cartridges, depends on how many cartridges you shoot in a year, but, you will certainly save that in a short space of time. I had my Westley Richards fitted by the makers in the late 1970's. Just a 'try gun' and a pattern plate was all that the stock fitter used. I have never shot so well with any gun ever since. It is used solely for game due to its weight of 6lbs 2ozs. and was left handed when I bought it.
  4. Not strictly correct, Land Owner or his 'agent'. I was in a syndicate on a large estate, owned by a certain Lord. As he was unlikely to be out with us on a shoot day, it was acceptable for the 'Shoot Captain' to be classed as an 'Agent', to allow a non-certificate holder to shoot under supervision on a shoot day. This allowed young shooters to have a day, in the company of Dad. It may pay to have a word with your local Firearms Department though, it seems that currently, Chief Constables can make up the rules as they go along ?
  5. The site for Beretta spares is OMPS2. If you Google that it will come up with the website. I had the parts within a week. Do NOT let anyone tell you that the springs for the 391 guns are the same they are certainly NOT. The 391 spring is around 1" shorter that the 303 springs.
  6. It DOES need changing, I have just rebuilt a scrap 301, the bolt on which was snapped (the bolt locking catch). I suspected that this was due to the bolt recoil spring being weak. I ordered a new recoil spring and due to P & P being £17 I ordered a new magazine spring too. (the P & P is more than the cost of the springs ! ). The cost of a new bolt assembly is almost the value of the gun and as such, it is well worth changing the springs. When I removed the old spring, it was almost 1" shorter than the new one. I have totally rebuilt the old 301 and it is now working a treat, it will cy
  7. I have a few weeks old 525 XS Pro through which I have been using Eley Superbs plastic wad. They are dirty compared to my usual Cheddites but a quick squirt of GT85 down each barrel, then make a coffee. I shove a piece of balled up kitchen towel down each barrel then push it through with bronze brush. I then follow that with Napier super clean patch stuff, job done. I do exactly the same with the Cheddite cartridges, but I just leave out the GT85 bit as there is no requirement for it.
  8. Well done and good luck for the future. It seems to be a common problem, my S in L was made redundant when the Company he worked for went into administration at the start of lockdown. He has a new job but £12,000 p.a. less and no Company vehicle or fuel card.
  9. I don't know him well enough to know his sleeping partners, but hey, each to his own, I suppose !
  10. Can not say that I dislike the Guy, it is his attitude that stinks !
  11. Sorry for delay, been off line for a few days. I used the technical approach.......er......Molegrips ! Gripped the brass with moles and used the allen key in the bolt, it was TIGHT, which is probably why it came out as a unit in the first place. Hope you do not need any bits from Browning, I have been waiting almost 2 months for a choke
  12. IF you want another for spares, I'll fish mine out of the bin ! 🙄
  13. Better hurry up and remove it before the hens all drop dead !
  14. My experience of Austrian Army gear was that whilst I was standing upright, it was OK. If I sat or knelt down, the it leaked at the pressure points. My shooting/fishing Pal got a very wet backside fishing from a boat during a heavy shower. I gave mine away to some young beaters, after warning them of it's downfalls.
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