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  1. Whilst the 'Shooters' just had theirs 'chewed off' !
  2. Welcome LB ! I have to clean the bloomin kitchen here too ! After washing the floor, that puts me outside the back door. Nothing for it then, but to lock the door and go to the pub until the floor is dry !
  3. Do you mean that KENT is moving into Wales then ????????? I am afraid that all of this GP nonsense is causing quite a few elderly shooters to give it all up and sell their guns. But, I suspect that could well be the motive behind it in the first place.
  4. In England it is NOT where the lead is going BUT the species that it is being used on. So, what if you were shooting pheasants or partridge over that field ? How big a puddle constitutes 'water' when being shot over then ?
  5. Although my copy of 'Fair Game' by Charlie Parkes and John Thornley is the 1987 version and I am sure that there is an updated version available, I have looked up the following. Any Game shot legally on your side of the fence and landing on land belonging to your neighbour, becomes the property of your neighbour, dead or otherwise. (The Game, NOT the Neighbour ! ) Should you cross the boundary to recover any game, you commit the Offence of Trespass. IF you should take your gun with you, you commit the Offence of Armed Trespass (for which there is a Power of Arrest). You also commit the Offence of Common Trespass, if you send your dog to retrieve any shot Game, although you are not held responsible IF the dog enters that land of it's own accord (ie:- Run's in ?). Although Rabbit's are NOT Game, they are covered by the Game and Night Poaching Acts, so the Offence of Trespass on Land in Pursuit of Game applies. With regards to the issue of shot fired from your land and landing on the land of another, the act is considered to be a Trespass, even though no physical entry has taken place. With regards to the book, 'Fair Game' it is written by 2 ex Police Officers, both of whom were Police Wildlife Liaison Officers in Derbyshire. I believe that EVERY shooting syndicate should be in possession of a copy as it can solve a lot of problems that can arise. I speak from experience.
  6. Perhaps you should move ??
  7. Those Instructors were very often a mix as the range was used by both Regular and TA units (known as SaS). We as er.......... 'Civvies' were, of course, just renting the range for the day and as such, knew nothing. I also went there during training with the Police, we would use their 'village' set up for our training. I suppose we were just lucky, we always came back with the same number of weapons that we went out with.
  8. I picked up a mixed case of 20 bore stuff from a gun shop near to you. There was a box of 32 gram 5's and 30 gram 5's in that. I fired a couple of cartridges out of each on some clays. I collect my new false teeth next week ! 🙄
  9. Well, I beg to differ too ! It was the Military who used the term 'accidental discharge' in the first place. They then went on to tell our Civilian club that their Instructors were far better trained than our 2 CPSA qualified Instructors. Oh yes, I had first hand experience of the 'Military'on a regular basis, even to finding a rifle in the woodland whilst collecting clays. It had 'gone missing' whilst being used on a night training exercise. We would often come out of our clubhouse to be looking down the barrels of a shotgun from the next range. This was one of those superior Instructors teaching a group of Cadets on shotguns, on the clay range ! After 17 years there and roughly one argument a week, I was left less than impressed by the Military.
  10. Westley

    First for me.

    The only Cranes that I have encountered were on Liverpool Docks !
  11. I must be honest and say that I do NOT like guns in a clubhouse. This is due entirely to having had the misfortune of witnessing TWO accidental discharges of shotguns in clubhouses. IF ever I am putting an unslipped gun into, or removing it from a gun rack, whilst the barrels are still pointing at the ceiling, I open or close the gun and then complete the operation. EVERY week, at whatever ground I happen to be at, I witness some of the worst gun handling imaginable. Most of which is by, dare I say, game shooters who seem to think it perfectly acceptable to wave a closed gun around the room, prior to opening it. My gun remains locked in my car when I am in the clubhouse. As the car park is ALWAYS the busiest place on the ground and my car is fitted with an excellent alarm system, I think the gun is safer there, than in a gun rack. Having run a shooting ground for some 17 years, I suppose it was inevitable that I would encounter most things concerning guns and their misuse. However, I have never encountered a 'stolen' gun, 3 'misplaced' guns, yes (those taking the wrong gun home) but thankfully never a stolen gun. That may have been in no small part due to being on a Military Range, where MOD security were on site. For all of these 'stolen' guns from gun clubs and shooting grounds, only something around 0.02% end up in the hands of criminals, but I doubt your FEO would admit to that one ! I suggest that maybe Criminals find it difficult to procure a Doctors Letter ? 🤔
  12. AAAAAaaaaaaaagh NOT the dreaded Baikal Record !! 😯 The rest may be of some use to a collector ?
  13. Great fish, it looks reasonably Cormorant proof too !
  14. Yes, I have fleece backed winter golf gloves which have a simulated 'all weather' leather palm for grip. I also use the fingerless woolen mitts that have a fold over flap to cover the fingers between drives. I went to American golf shop and tried various types of winter golf gloves, including 'named' gloves (if you must ! ). I did find them cheaper on line though.
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