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  1. Lightweight shotguns

    You are saying that you can not afford a 'clay gun', BUT. you would have to add some cash to the ultralight to get a decent deal. Why not just look for a decent Beretta 303 semi auto M/C ? There was a decent one in our local gunshop recently at £350, looked in reasonable condition. I have 1/4 choke in my 303 and manage rather well at clays with it. Look for a 'sporter' model at around 7 1/4lbs. it is a good weight for clays. Keep the ultralight for carrying around, carry the auto around in a gunslip.
  2. What the hell's wrong with me??!!

    Replace it with a Honda CRV, should be good for the next 14 years then !
  3. Calling Pinkfeet

    I used to find the 'Olt' worked on pinks, for me.
  4. Poacher fined..

    Oh deer ! Still, rest assured that he was NOT Eastern European.
  5. Fiocchi confused?

    I have used the Fiocchi PL28 and 30 fibre wads in 6 shot through my English S x S for a couple of years now. I really do not care what size the shot actually is, they kill most things that I shoot at and that is good enough for me. A bit dirtier that some other makes BUT the price is as good as the performance.
  6. Greener GP

    One for sale at the local club on Sunday, very good condition wanted £150 for it.
  7. Ah yes, I think I remember them too !
  8. Police Interceptors - Channel5

    WHAT do you believe the REASON for petty crime is then ?
  9. Police Interceptors - Channel5

    Most of them already do..................................just not legally !
  10. BASC free lottery tickets?

    You speak for yerself ! NOT if I get the cream !
  11. A little dissapointed in BASC

    I doubt it somehow.Many years ago, I seem to recall WAGBI and later BASC having access to some land in the Porthmadoc area. A lot of members gave up a lot of time and effort volunteering to undertake a whole load of conservation work and improving the habitat for both game and wildfowl. Just a shame that only the top brass of the Association, ever got to shoot it !
  12. A day of firsts

    NO, he has left it open ended on purpose, to be able to add more later !
  13. What is wrong with today's kids?

    You have my sympathy, BUT it is not just todays kids. I had my car tyres slashed back in the 1960's because I had the audacity to ask them not to play football outside, keeping my 2 years old kiddy awake. Those kids will probably be retiring (if they ever worked !) around now !
  14. Real emergency services car or not

    Ah yes, the Marina TC and the Allegro 1750cc. probably the WORST cars that I ever had the misfortune to drive ! Thinking about it the blue light was faster than the car.
  15. Touch of wind today

    I was about to say "It's an age thing", until I saw the picture !