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  1. Westley

    New butt pad

    Ah, I see now. I thought it may have been a Tommy Cooper conversion job ! 😂
  2. I once had a 12 bore 686 EELL and that was circa 1985 ish. Very nice gun, bit heavy and I could not hit a thing with it. I went back to my Westley Richards and just stopped shooting ducks.
  3. Buy a Land Rover, they have automatic oil change ! It comes out from underneath faster than you can put it in at the top 😂
  4. Westley

    New butt pad

    OK, do you just tap it twice with the magic wand then ?
  5. Exactly as above. Mine are a bit older and I have had a lot of issues with them, especially the 'aftercare' or more the lack of it ! I have Emtech plugs which have been, and still are, great, but being almost completely deaf in my right ear and partially deaf in my left, due to a couple of minor strokes, I need enhanced hearing through my ear defenders. I bought the Cens when I was doing a lot of Instruction and when they worked, they were very good. However I began to have more and more problems with them and Cens seem to have a standard charge of £70 PLUS any further work that may be required (always after the warranty has expired). I now rarely use the Cens and have reverted back to my electronic 'cans' for clay shooting, but I still use the Cens for my game shooting (around 4/5 days per season). If I am shooting alone (pigeons) I use the Emtechs, which are passive. I found that I could have a conversation whilst wearing the Emtechs', prior to having the stroke, but they are useless now I am deaf. I remove the one Emtech and put my hearing aid in, to have a conversation. No good at a shooting ground though. I was game shooting with a young man who had bought some electronic plugs at the Midland Game Fair. He was very pleased with both the product AND the service that he had received, I can not recall the Company name, but there are not many doing electrical plugs. I am thinking of treating myself to some new electronic plugs but I will NOT be buying Cens again. Have a look at the Vario plugs.
  6. As all of the above, we had some in the early 1970's. I do not recall if they 'pinged' as advertised, I could not hit them to find out. Fired them from an old Eley 'Plus' trap.
  7. I have had a Sharp Ace and an Innova many years ago. They were both extremely accurate rifles in .177 form. I had stripped both of them and tweeked the 'dump' valve that let any 'excess' air out. The problems that followed were, anything over 12 pumps and the pumping got harder with each stroke (just mind yer eyesight though ! ), once fully pumped (around 25 pumps) the trigger pressure increased dramatically. If I was zeroing the gun, it paid to have an oxygen bottle available. By the time you had put 25 pumps in for each shot, it was near impossible to control your breathing. I developed a system whereby, as the cross hairs passed the target, either on the up stroke or the down, in time with your lungs, it was possible to snatch at the 8lbs trigger at just the right point and hit your target ! Oh, and forget zeroing in groups of 5, stick with 3 or alternatively join a gym. Having said all of that they did account for a lot of vermin for me, just not a very refined way of doing it. They eventually cost me a lot of money because having used both rifles for around 18 months, I gave up and bought a Daystate Huntsman and charging kit. When pumping the guns, I used to have the stock in my groin and my right hand did the pumping. My next door neighbour was around 80 at that time and she must have seen me from the rear when I was plinking in my garden. She never mentioned it, but always gave me a sort of knowing smile after that, so be warned.
  8. Westley


    I was advised to use rice too. Do I need to fry it or boil it though ? 🤔
  9. Now THAT worries me..............................I used 1000's of them and did not get my first shotgun until I was 21 ! ☹️
  10. Forget the bollards and electrify the cars ? I remember many years ago the local farmer got fed up with every weekend, someone trying to steal his old Ford Escort van. He would find the doors unlocked and some idiot or other had tried to start it. He removed the rotor arm to stop the theft but suffered damage to door locks and ignition switch. He made his own anti-theft device by using a sheet of thin plywood, this he completely filled with carpet tacks, redressing all of the points after knocking them through. He then covered it with a thin piece of sponge and placed the entire thing inside a cushion cover. This was then placed on the drivers seat and the vehicle locked. When I went the next morning to take a report of attempt theft of motor vehicle, he showed me his 'car alarm' ! The cushion, the seat (plastic covered back then) and the drivers door trim were all covered in blood, a LOT of blood. We never caught anyone BUT his vehicle remained untouched afterwards.
  11. Fiocchi PL28 is what I use in my Westley Richards boxlock. 28 gram 6 shot fibre wads AND 65mm case.
  12. Why not arrange a 'have a go' lesson at a clay shooting ground first ? At least they should have the correct gun/ammunition combo to avoid them getting hurt. I have taught countless youngsters over the many years that I have been an Instructor. They ranged from around 8 right through to young adults. I cringe when I watch well meaning 'Dads' teaching youngsters with guns that are totally unsuitable. I know of quite a few 'kids' who have absolutely no interest in shooting whatsoever, all due to Dad forcing them to 'have a go', which resulted in them getting hurt and being put off for good. When they reach 17, will you be taking them out in the family car for their first driving lesson ?
  13. I used to sit in my hide and during quiet periods I would be thinking up some weird and wonderful ideas to attract every pigeon in the County and the next County too, to my decoy pattern. I can recall many years ago, in what I think was Sporting Gun, reading about some top pigeon shooter or other, experimenting with the bright orange plastic netting used on roadworks, to make a hide. Guess what ?.......................it worked. I would not decry any efforts you make to increase bag size or give you an edge, after all I have probably done most of them myself in the past. When you have gone as far as to develop a a glider decoy that slid down a nylon fishing line into the pattern, then beware the men in white coats ! The only reason that I have abandoned all of these experiments ?...............................I JUST GREW OLD AND WAS UNABLE TO CARRY THEM ALL ! 😂
  14. For a hide out on a hedge or the base of a tree out on the field, I have only ever used 2 large pieces of plastic scrim. 1 dark green and 1 light green. The backing on the dark green is brown and the backing on the light green is beige (dead grass colour). Using one as a base layer and with the most appropriate on the front, this has worked for me for the last 35 years or so. The hide is thick enough to block out any 'see through' from the quarry, but remains light enough for my mid seventies, overweight frame to haul across fields etc. I recall about 5 years ago, watching 2 shooters across the field at the rear of my house. They were using one of these so called 'ghost hides'. I could see their every movement and those of their dogs from some 500 yards away. When I looked through binoculars, I could clearly see them pouring out drinks and moving around inside the hide. Suffice it to say, they did not do too much shooting, the pigeons did not need binoculars ! That sort of put me off the new netting stuff, good style.
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