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  1. I have a Nextbase front camera which is linked to my phone (£75 Costco) and a £15 Home Bargains special in the rear. Both are concealed wiring to the 12 volt outlets in front and rear. They have worked for the last 3 years or so. I know that the rear camera is probably not up to evidential standard, but it is the visual effect of the cameras that stop a lot of bogus insurance claims.
  2. I used a 28 bore Yildiz with 16 gram cartridge for my Grandkids first gun. They then moved on to a 20 bore Yildiz O/U with 21 gram cartridges. I would look for a used Yildiz 20 bore with 28" barrels. A bigger choice of 20 guage cartridges over 28 or 16 's.
  3. These work very well too, they are over 15 years old now.
  4. 30 plus years of using Tippex worked for me.
  5. I am probably going next Saturday, it may well have gone up by a pound or two in line with most other grounds. Only drawback with a token system is once you put the token in, your'e there for 25. Alright on skeet and DTL, but it can be a pain (literally) on the high towers. We normally split the 25 between 2 or 3 of us and have a break between each 25. Good under cover airgun ranges too, if you have an airgun. Well worth a visit.
  6. There is a website OMPS2 that I have used to source parts for my Beretta 301, but it would help if you could find the model first.
  7. They do a token system, bought from the shop on arrival I think they were 4 for £25 the last time I was there, although that may have gone up a bit by now. They also had some reasonable offers on cartridges too. Food and drink is available all day on a Saturday, so all in all, a decent days shooting. Sorry, answer to your question is 1 token per 25 clays. The Trench layout is semi covered so shooting in the rain is no problem either.
  8. I, like others here, have been a regular at Catton since the days of manual traps and trappers and I am grateful for the superb days that I have had there. I am aware that the ground has closed to clay shooters on a Saturday until October. That said, they were still the cheapest ground in the area for 100 bird practice and I have not really had any issues with 'no birds' but having run a ground for a number of years I am aware of what this weather can do to traps and clays. Some of the money made from Corporate Events I am sure is put back into the ground for the benefit of all. I think the reason for the sudden influx of Stag/Hen parties is that the restrictions on Weddings have just been lifted and there is such a backlog of deferred events, they are all cramming them in at the same time. It is unfortunate but there are still Wednesdays and the monthly registered shoots to enjoy. I have recently been to NWSS at Sealand on a Saturday and they have added a Compak layout on the Trench range which is quite challenging.
  9. Was at Paintmine a couple of weeks ago, still a great little ground and very good value at £27/100. No catering at present though. Open Thursday,Friday midweek. Lovely scenic journey from Carnforth direction too. Not been to Conniston Hall for a while. A lot of clays through trees at low level, more of an eyesight test really and the grouse butt is now closed (or it was). Crabtree is Wednesday afternoon and Saturdays. Not a bad ground either.
  10. Can I suggest that YOU TRY as many of your shortlisted guns as possible. I have accompanied many people in their search for their first or even their new gun. One guy was sold on a MK38 Gd.5. We had 3 in total before he got one that the stock did not crack within the first week. The current gun seems to holding up ok though. If you are looking for an out and out clay gun and not a clay/game gun, then also consider the 525 XS Pro and the 725 ProSport. I have had several Miroku models over the years, the last being a MK10 Gd. 3. However I was forced into getting a new 525 XS Pro, I stuck it for 3 months and could just not get on with it, I swapped it for the ProSport and my scores are back up again. I was not able to try the XS Pro, it being new, but I was able to try the demo ProSport and hit everything with it. I still do not know why I could not use the XS, as I shoot with 2 guys that shoot them very well and they are a nice gun, just not for me. So, I urge you to try the guns before you make your decision, good luck.
  11. I have learned that no matter how 'thick and fast' they come, I still shoot at the same speed and use the cartridge trick. Being more 'deliberate' with my shooting leads to fewer misses.
  12. It is indeed, I am unable to shoot a break opening gun without catching the fired cases and that includes my S x S game gun. In the case of the game gun, I use the empties to my advantage though. Shot bird empties go in front of me the misses are dropped behind me. I then know how many birds I have to pick up at the end of a drive.
  13. I agree wholeheartedly with that, but almost every week I see youngsters with a single barrel .410", most of which are full choked.
  14. IF they drop the Doctors report debacle, I will willingly oblige with a carrier bag full of fired cases ! Do they want Lead or 'Alternatives' ? 😊
  15. Spending my 6 weeks summer holidays at an Aunts' farm in the late 50's. Helping with haymaking, milking, harvesting but mainly shooting many rabbits with an old BSA air rifle. The bunnies (all head shot) were taken into Welshpool on a Monday, sold to the butcher and then round to the sports shop for more ammo. I can recall on one holiday at another relation's house, in Anglesey, setting a night line across a small sea inlet, to fish the night tide. My alarm failed to go off and it was a good hour after the tide had left. I dashed to my night line to find 4 Seagulls and a dab. The Seagulls took some releasing and the dab was a touch small. I have never set a night line since !
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