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  1. I am still waiting for the "Do it every Saturday, no problem AND.......................................with a .410" " Guy, to come along ! 'Hit em in the head at 70 yards' ! At 70 yards, I can't even see the bloody EAD !
  2. Westley

    Travel of steel shot

    I was later, a CPSA County Rep and as such, inspected grounds for suitability for Affiliated Memberships. But again, all a long time ago.
  3. Westley

    20 Bore recomendations for Game

    Should you be looking for any additional chokes, I bought a Briley flush choke in I/C for £24 from Chris Potter Guns, for my Browning.
  4. Westley

    Travel of steel shot

    No, I am sure they extended the distance when they changed the figures from imperial to metric. I will try to find my old rule book, but I feel sure it was 250 yards. They then changed it to 300 metres. The gun club that I ran had a bungalow that was right on the edge at 250 yards, BUT, it fell inside on 300 metres. Those measurements done by C.P.S.A. around1998/9 ish !
  5. Westley

    Hoggs of Fife Breeks

    Can I ask if they are lined please.
  6. Westley

    Travel of steel shot

    I seem to recall that a few years ago when steel shot was starting to be used for clay shooting, the C.P.S.A. upped the safety margins for shot fallout. My steel shot often travels as far as Scotland annually !
  7. Westley

    Mrs. webber R I P

    So sorry to hear of your sad loss John, it comes on the day that my Wife is back in hospital for her second dose of treatment.
  8. Westley

    20 Bore recomendations for Game

    Recently bought a used 20 bore Heritage, 30" m/c barrels. I would stick with 30"barrels rather than the 32", unless you are planning to use it for ultra high birds, but then I would use a 12 bore. The Heritage weighs in a shade over 7lbs. and is very well balanced, making it feel a pound lighter. I have used it with a varied mixture of cartridges, but have settled with Cheddite 7 1/2's for clays and Hull 24 gram 6's for game. Both barrels are 1/4 cokes. If I have any issues at all, it is the manual safety. I am well versed in the use of both auto and manual safety catches, but usually both in their intended environments. I never use the safety on my clay guns and they are off all of the time, however when I use the Heritage for game, I find that I am constantly thumbing back the safety catch, even though it is on. I am used to my S x S for game, which has an auto safe, which I push off as I am mounting the gun to cheek and shoulder. I have shot with the S x S for some 40 years and old habits die hard ! My previous 20, which I traded in was a Beretta 30" fixed choke 1/4 & 1/2, both guns do what I would have expected, but I think the Heritage has the edge for handling. Oh, and RC 25 gram 6's shoot very well too !
  9. Westley

    Fitbit type recommendations

    I thought words like fit and bit were banned now !
  10. Westley

    G Clamps.

    You have PM, thank you. W.
  11. Westley

    G Clamps.

    Thanks Gordon, the original 'Wicks Special' was still working then. Had a bit of an 'incident' whilst out in a boat on a reservoir ! My 2 original ;Record' clamps are still going strong after some 45 + years.
  12. Westley

    G Clamps.

    Thank you.
  13. Westley

    G Clamps.

    Thank you for that, I am willing to pay for them, plus the postage. W.
  14. Westley

    G Clamps.

    Thanks guys' I know I can buy NEW cheap enough, BUT most if not all of the threads are of the fine variety and they can strip easily (which is what has happened). I was therefore asking about the older types which had a course thread. I already use 2 of this type on my seat and they are fine. These are for my boat partners seat, to save my fishing him out of the water if the thread went again !
  15. Westley

    Extended Forcing Cones & Fibre Wads

    I use both types of wad in my 725 without any noticeable difference.