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  1. I buy cars that a gun will fit across the boot in. In the group I shoot with, I have the only car where this is possible. The others, the guns have to go in diagonally.
  2. Have a look at Eastfield Guns on YouTube. 'Miroku Matt', drop him an email, it may take a few days but he will answer it.
  3. Oh yes, it has WELL occurred to me, I can assure you. The three worst offenders were talking about their recent experiences on simulated game days. They remarked about how shooting you neighbours birds is positively encouraged. Just a shame they could not tell the difference between simulated and the REAL thing. The only good thing that came out of it, was the fact I was in the company of a novice game shooter, and I was able to explain to him how NOT to behave, with graphic pictures !
  4. BUT,unfortunately there are a few too many shoots just like that. I had the misfortune to be on such a day at the end of last season. After over 60 years of shooting, some of the things I witnessed on that day made me decide that game shooting is no longer for me. I intend to just shoot clays.
  5. I have known Matt for some years and I have always found him, a pleasure to do business with. He is a mine of information on a lot of guns, but especially Winchester, Classic Doubles and Miroku models. Although I have yet to visit his new venture, it is top of my 'to do' list.
  6. I bought a Zerofit baselayer top, having seen their advert in a fishing magazine. I have to say it is the warmest top I have ever owned ( and I have had over 60 years of shooting in all weather's and locations). I have shot clays every week right through the winter with just a windproof fleece or thin waterproof, over the baselayer. I was in a snowstorm with just a waterproof top over the Zerofit top. It was all I needed.
  7. She was getting mixed up with work on barrels requiring a re-proof. It was entered on my Certificate as sold for parts only. I was trying to get that changed to a 'working Sec 2 gun'. OMPS2 website in Italy and a retired engineer who lives locally and is a shooter. I have a mint condition 303, so was able to take the parts of that trigger assembly and have them copied.
  8. I did just that ! I bought a Beretta semi auto for 'parts' which has been scrapped. The bolt assembly and some trigger parts were missing, however, I saw that it had a later Beretta 303 barrel and decent woodwork. During 'lockdown' I rebuilt the gun completely. Sourcing bolt parts from Italy and having trigger parts fabricated here. I fitted new springs throughout and the gun became a fully operative semi auto once more. Then I notified the local Firearms Dept. A very nice young lady told me that I could not do that and it needed a Gunsmith to 'check it out'. I explained that I had done it and she may be confusing my work with the need for a reproof. As I had not done anything to the barrel, other than clean it, and had not in any way made it into a Section 1 weapon, I was .merely informing them that the gun was now functioning again and to update my Shotgun Certificate accordingly. She was making enquiries, but was adamant that not being a qualified Gunsmith, I could not carry out this work. I have since renewed my Certificate and the gun was listed on my new Certificate. I have never heard from the young lady again. Someone must have put her right on the issue.
  9. In answer to the OP. I can recall that a lot of dedicated Skeet or Trap guns did NOT have a barrel selector, some even had a locking safety catch. I have an old Franchi Trap gun with a non-selective safety, which can be locked OFF. Remember, that a misfire or rather a non-fire due to user error, is a lost target in competition. At Olympic level, it could mean get yer coat !
  10. I have a friend that did this with a Winchester pump action. He needed it to carry on his tractor, without loose ammunition rolling around. I think his holds 8 or 9 rounds in the magazine. His argument being, he can leave the breech open on the gun, when carrying on the tractor, then simply rack it to load it, to deal with whatever vermin he encountered, when out in the fields. The FLO took a lot of convincing, but eventually he had the gun put onto his Section 1 Certificate. I am sure he did the conversion himself, as all of the local gunsmiths are retired or dead. He did leave it until nearing the time of his licence renewal too.
  11. The above Trap 100's are from the 1970's. It is worth a phone call to McAvoy's, Tim may remember the powder used by Winchester. Another Winchester fan is Matt Morgan of Eastfield Guns.
  12. I used to shoot these 32 gram at clays, through my only gun, an AyA No.2. Which I still have. No wonder I have neck and shoulder problems ! 😄
  13. I too reloaded them using Nobel 80 and 82 powders. I reloaded some of the cases several times without any problems. Sorry I can't help with which powder was used by Winchester though.
  14. I look after our front garden, my Wife looks after the back garden. I had mine done with artificial turf, she has a robotic lawn mower for the rear lawn, but still insists on mowing the edges ?
  15. I shot my ProSport very well and loved the gun so much I bought it..........TWICE. I was struggling with the weight of the ProSport at just under 9lbs., due to my age and ailments. I traded it for a lighter gun, but after 2 months of shooting badly, I went and got my ProSport back. I then had the offer of a Classic Doubles and bought that. I shot that as equally well as the ProSport. So, I decided to swap the ProSport for a 525 SL, as a 21st. present for my Grandson. Otherwise, it would still be in my cabinet. Lovely guns.....get it bought !
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