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  1. Remember that the rod/reel/line combination for use on most, with the possible exception of the smallest of rivers, is perfectly adequate for a small stocked fishery too. I too would advocate at least 1 lesson where you can put your questions to, what is hoped, is an experienced angler/Instructor.
  2. My Son in Law has had the Hybrid model for 2 years (Company vehicle). He tows a large caravan with it and is currently in South of France. No problems with the vehicle BUT he is thankful he has a Company fuel card !
  3. Whatever you choose, gauge it by how much you feel the cold. I have an Alan Paine tweed jacket, which is really comfortable and well made, however it only remains comfortable IF I am standing still in minus 0 degrees. For the past 3 seasons, I think I have only had to wear a waterproof about 4 times, wearing a tweed waistcoat over a sweater and tweed breeks for all of my shooting. As such, I have gone down the road of a Barbour waterproof sweater and a very lightweight packable jacket, complete with fold away hood, made by Snowbee of fishing tackle fame. The master plan being wear the jacket to my peg, remove jacket, shoot and then replace jacket until the next drive. This should work in all but the worst of weather conditions, I think. I always take a change of clothing if I travel any distance to a shoot, that way I am at least dry on the drive home. THAT happened to ALL of my breeks, last year ! I have now had a damp course fitted to the wardrobe. 😂
  4. My first National PAA was in 1975, I was using an AyA No.2 for EVERYTHING. I finished 9th overall (combined DTL, Skeet and Sporting). I seem to recall that it was all 50 birders back then though. Them Winnie AA's 32 gram, kick like a donkey in a light S x S. I still have the bruises 44 years on !
  5. Yep, that should do it. 😮
  6. Things were not quite so serious in the clay shooting world back then though.
  7. I TOTALLY agree with that one ! I would simply ban the religious drivers, those who's heads are bowed in prayer at every set of traffic lights. Maybe they are praying for someone to actually STOP on red.
  8. I have experienced people standing directly at the back of the shooting stand, but I can not say it really bothers me. I am more intent on the target and not what is happening behind me. If you really want to see shooters get upset then go to a Trap shoot, if a cow breaks wind in the next field they are whining to the Ref. and if you really want to pea them off, turn up with an auto. 😎
  9. Westley

    GT 85

    I use nothing else for cleaning my auto, but I use Lucas gun oil (off the bay) for the bolt rails. The Lucas oil stays put even during storage and only requires a VERY small amount, I also use it on all of my multi chokes.
  10. I have the number for a direct line to the control room. They too appreciate the call to cut down possible waste of their time.
  11. So, you will NOT be getting a Doctors letter then ?
  12. With my hearing I would just not hear them !
  13. SIMPLE really ! it avoids unnecessary conflict which then allows me to shoot unhindered. It has worked for over 30 years so I see no need to change things. I agree entirely that the Police are making up the rules as they go along, but I see my course of action as a common courtesy, much the same as notifying the landowner that I will be shooting. Why spend an hour or so of good shooting time explaining what I am doing and why, for the sake of a 5 minute phone call.
  14. I shoot on the 'urban fringe' and as a result it can draw a lot of unwanted attention from people, especially the right to roam, as long as you have a dog, brigade. I just contact the local Police control room and create a log, telling them all the details and my mobile number, also when I will be shooting. I simply call them back when I have finished and close the log. I have never had the Police interrupt my shooting yet.
  15. Is this just a standard 525 invector flush choke that you require ? (NOT Inv. plus). If so, I may be able to help.
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