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  1. Westley

    Kids and Guns.

    Can I ask any 'Dads' who are taking their Kids shooting, to ensure those Kids are well versed in basic gun safety. I have noticed a couple of incidents at local clay shooting grounds recently that should have been nipped in the bud, before they are allowed to progress. They involved the removal of a gun from both a gun rack and a gunslip. Dad was present, BUT 'blind leading blind' springs to mind. In the first incident a lad of about 11 years of age, takes a closed gun from a gunslip, a single barrel .410, with a top lever. He then begins to look for somewhere to put the gunslip, whilst waving the closed gun around. As I started to make a move towards him, Dad relieves him of the still closed gun and merely put the gun in the rack. At no time was that gun opened, prior to being put in the gun rack. The second incident involved Dad and 2 sons aged around 14 and 10. They all preferred to carry the guns around their necks, but that aside, again gun safety became an issue. The 10 year old had a single barrel Baikal .410. Now I know that the opening lever on this model of gun can be a bit tricky, due to it's location, but THAT is all the more reason why Dad should be more aware of what the young lad is doing. I have taught my 3 Grandsons (and previously my 2 Daughters) to shoot. Without exception, they all knew how to take from and replace a gun in a gun rack and a gunslip BEFORE they ever went near a shooting ground. That was hammered home in the back garden, long before they ever fired a gun. If I was teaching them, my gun stayed at home. That way they received 100 % of my attention and I ALWAYS controlled the ammunition. I dislike saying anything to Dad, in front of the kids, BUT sometimes I am made to feel that there is no other option. Dads please, if you are going to teach the kids (and NOTHING even compares with the enjoyment of doing that ) ensure that you are well versed in all aspects of gun safety and teach them correctly from the start. Thanks, rant over !
  2. Westley

    Waterproof moleskins?

    I have a pair of Musto waterproof breeks in what is their version of Moleskin. They are totally waterproof and are cut generously enough to allow them to 'fold' over the tops of wellies so the water stays on the outside. Only gripe, the pockets are not deep enough and if you sit down, you lose things !
  3. Westley

    A first for me

    Fiocchi do a 28 gram fibre wad load in 6 shot which is reasonably priced. I have used quite a few of those through my old English gun with good results. I think they tend to follow the grant of a gun licence ! 😉
  4. Westley


    If we are talking 'trousers' here and not breeks, I have just bought a pair of Rohan waterproof trousers in their sale at £59.50. I already have 1 pair (from a previous sale) and they have been great. Ideal for wearing with a pair of leather boots, but they can be a bit 'clammy' tucked inside rubber wellies. Chuck them in a washing machine, hang them out to dry and wear them again inside 3 hours. My first pair are over 12 months old now, but are still as good as new. They have a good website too (sorry can not do link things) Rohan.co.uk
  5. Westley

    GP medical

    £110 per day, so THAT is what the Diplomatic Corps are currently paying eh ??
  6. Westley

    Dash cam's

    WHY do you think there is almost anarchy on our roads ? Speed limits, well forget them, Driving down pavements to avoid a vehicle turning right, Give way, well, only if you have nothing better to do ! Red lights, well they are only a guide anyway, EVERY queue, drivers with heads bowed, presumably in prayer ? (well, they can not ALL be checking their testicles ?). I have just finished a 200 mile drive home, how many Police vehicles ? Well, just one, and that was PARKED on a dual carriageway bridge, with a radar gun ? Insurance Companies aside, WHAT the camera can help you with is, the 'crash for cash' scams. A relation, in her 70's has just been scammed by someone reversing into the front of her car and driving off. She did not get the reg. no. and 2 weeks later the Insurance letter arrived. He had obviously taken her reg. no. and claimed it was her who drove off, he produced an independent witness, who just happened to be standing at the roadside AND although he was alone in the car, injuries occurred to him and his PASSENGER. Her Insurance has settled the claim ! Perhaps a camera may have produced a different outcome
  7. Westley

    Hello from Wales

    Hi, and welcome to the Forum. I have just arrived back from somewhere not too far from you, Llan Lland Llandro Buith Wells ! 😉
  8. Westley

    28 bore v 20 bore

    Llandrindoddle Wells, we were in Caernarfon in April, stayed at the big hotel, opposite Tesco's. Very nice too. We had not been down that way for a good number of years, I used to shoot a couple of days a year at the Wern estate, Porthmadoc. Oh, happy days !
  9. Westley

    28 bore v 20 bore

    Oh great ! thanks for the weather update. I am down your way all next week (have to let the heat die down on here 😉) I was hoping to do some deer stalking, I just need to find somewhere that will allow me to use my Daystate .177 ! 🤔
  10. Westley

    28 bore v 20 bore

    I find it difficult to understand WHY ? I really do believe that we owe it, to what we shoot at, to use the best possible tool for the job. I have no problem with ANY calibre guns and the least amount of shot being used on clay targets, it does not bother me to leave wounded clays all over the place. I have listened to people boasting about shooting game with a .410", personally, I believe that they on one VERY big ego trip and do our sport no favours whatsoever ! If, through medical reasons, you are forced to use a smaller bore gun with LESS recoil, then either a 20 bore, or a 28 bore should be considered. I now use a 20 bore on game, due to age and a shoulder/neck injury. I would not consider putting anything above 28 gram of 6's through the gun, I will also reduce the ranges at which I am shooting too. If, I was fortunate enough to shoot at really high birds, then 32 gram 6's through my clay shooting 12 bore would be my choice. I find it odd that people will buy a small bore gun and then promptly start using 12 bore loads through it, why not just use a 12 bore in the first place ? Unless of course it is to bolster that Ego again ? There have been a couple of tests carried out recently on small bore guns and their suitability for use on game, both of the tests merely confirmed what, I and a lot of other experienced game shooters have always said. They are just NOT up to the job.
  11. Westley

    Chilly but chuffed

    Don't care where they come from, their wings are much sought after, by fly tyers !
  12. PM sent. Thanks. W.
  13. Westley

    Slippery ***** Gun Wax

    Brilliant..................job done ! I do not think you will be disappointed with the wax polish either.
  14. Westley

    Hide Roof?

    If the ground is hard, I simply use a hide pole with kick plate to make a hole, then push the bank stick in. The plastic pipe supports the neat right across it's width, which helps stop the net from drooping !
  15. Westley

    Hide Roof?

    I got 2 alloy extending bank sticks that extend to about 8 feet from a car boot sale for £3. I then bolted 2 x 3/4" plastic pipe clips (the snap in sort) to the tops. A 2 metre length of 3/4" plastic overflow pipe, cut in half and a plastic push fit coupler to fit. Then using a large piece of plastic scrim, thread the joined overflow pipe through one edge of the scrim. Attach the other end of the scrim to the rear hide poles. Now push the 2 bank sticks into ground either side of the hide to the rear of the front hide poles. The ends of the overflow pipe now simply snap into each clip attached to the bank sticks. The whole assembly is easily packed and carried and is lighter than a fishing umbrella, it is also more adjustable to suit varying conditions. I painted the poles and overflow pipe with blackboard paint to stop any glare. This assembly has served me for some 15 years and apart from the odd re paint is still going strong.