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  1. Whereabouts are you ? I have a Beretta 301 with a short stock and it is fitted with a 303 multi choked barrel at a similar price. West Lancs, Merseyside area.
  2. Bit of a long shot, but does anyone have the wood trap forend for a Franchi Dragon or Barrage 12 bore shotgun ? Thanks ,W.
  3. Excellent, thank you for that.
  4. I used gun cleaning products for years, then I realised what a waste of money it was. I use GT85 spray down the barrel bores, ONLY if they need it (normally they do not) but I do use a 'clean' cartridge in the first place. I use Lucas red grease on the knuckle or hinge pin, Lucas gun oil for the multi chokes and my old unused engine oil (all synthetic stuff now) for wiping down the outside of the metal. I do not oil inside the bores, ever. My guns are all in gun socks in the cabinet, the S x S' s are stored muzzle down and with snap caps. The remainder are all 'nose to tail' and no snap caps. Every six months or so, I remove the bottom barrel firing pin on the Browning/Miroku guns, clean off the carbon, LIGHTLY oil and refit (dressing the point of the pin, if required). I clean out the action at the same time. I do not apply any oil to the semi auto's actions, other than a tiny amount to the bolt rails. They do not rust, break down or anything else, apart from shoot quite well.
  5. Wasn't shot with lead was it ?
  6. I did have a problem with a Teague choke backing off constantly in my Beretta auto. Changed it for a Briley, problem sorted.
  7. I thought GilAsh was a Hungarian meat and veg dish ??
  8. I did have a solar operated garden pond pump. It relied upon STRONG sunlight to work correctly, so, I gave it up as a bad job ! Several years later I did use the pump with some 1/2" plastic hose attached as a bilge pump for shifting rain water out of a 16 foot dinghy, using a 12 volt 12amp/hr battery as a power source. I would stick with a battery !
  9. I have a Browning Prosport and THAT is the same ?? I usually pick up a cut or two, when cleaning around the ejectors.
  10. It WAS £26/100 (4 tokens) they used to give you 3/25 for no birds.
  11. I am led to believe that credit will be added in exchange for any unused tokens too.
  12. Just a bit of a heads up for those that may visit the above at Sealand, they have now switched to the Promatic plastic card system (Claymaster) from the old 'token' system. This means you no longer have to shoot a full 25 at any discipline.
  13. Can you really expect anything less ? Have you noticed the standard of driving lately ? Just glad that I no longer have to scrape up the bits and then tell someone that their beloved offspring will not be coming home.
  14. There yer go, who needs Solicitors anyway ??
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