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  1. Thanks for your reply’s. The barrel is floating fine and nothing seems loose or out of place. Bit windy at the moment but will try some different ammo and take off the moderator. I have had a .17hmr mod blow a hole out the side before but this is a brand new one. Never had problems with a new rifle before, it’s getting a bit frustrating
  2. I have had a cz452 .17hmr and used 3 others and all where very accurate but my new cz455 .17 hmr is ****. are they not as good, any one else having problems.
  3. Let me no how you get on with it. Was told they don't have a back up key to get in to it if battery's fale
  4. I am looking at getting a new larger gun cabinet, thinking of maybe a buffalo river 18 gun gold or black diamond series. Any one have any good or bad experience with them or thoughts on them
  5. thanks for that, looks like i will be making a few phone calls Tuesday.
  6. just put my brothers pulsar n550 on my 22lr. went to set it up to find the button on the windage & elevation knob is not working so i can not zero it. has any one else had this problem and if so can it be fixed, is there a factory reset or something. many thanks.
  7. My dad moved to France 7 years ago and is now applying for a shotgun licence. Does any one no how easy it would be for me to send him his old guns over or would he be better getting new ones over there.
  8. Just called him and he said its coming up to a year old
  9. pulsar digisight n550. with batteries and charger, extra ir light that fits to the side, heavy duty carry case, car charger, remote lead and scope rail adaptor. i am selling this for my brother, he is looking for £750 for it. sorry no paypal, he is looking for face to face or cleared funds before posting. sorry can not get pics to upload but i can email them to you if u like.
  10. have a look at http://www.sixmilebottomshoot.co.uk/ you will fined the numbers and email there, i don't no if they do the simulated game through the pheasant and partridge season as they have a game shoot as well but give them a look.
  11. it was a day we took at the 6 mile bottom shoot near Newmarket. it was a very good day. good company, good shooting and good food at the end :-)
  12. after speaking to my brother again it seems that the brasses are jamming not allowing the bolt to pull back. he tells me it is clean and still home loads and new factory loads are jamming. he must of had the gun a year now and had no probs up to now.
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