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      Shooting (obviously) shotgun, rifle (22.lr, HMR and .243) and air rifle, fishing (coarse and sea), home brewing, reading, walking, snooker

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    1. Gone as far as I can tell.
    2. Zapp


      Interesting times ahead.
    3. My AL391 will cycle 21 gram loads no problem.
    4. That's fine, put a thread up in the general license discussion subforum.
    5. What did you post and where/when did you post it? If it was a post about shooting in one of the non shooting sections it will have been moved. If you cant find it it could be because when topics are moved they sometimes vanish into the ether. If that's what has happened your best bet is to have a look at the subforum headings and make sure you choose one that is related to what you're posting about.
    6. As annoying as the "If only I was closer" posts are....
    7. I think I'm right in saying that the walking stick gun could well be S5. I'd look to get someone with a RFD ticket to come with you.
    8. Zapp

      Editing advert?

      There's a time limit (I cant remember how long) on when a member can edit the original post to allow for mistakes, when spotted relatively quickly, to be amended. The "sold" thing happens when something sells quickly enough to still be within that time window.
    9. Zapp

      Editing advert?

      It's because we had a number of instances where sales went wrong and the seller went back and deleted or changed original details to cover their tracks. PM me the thread and what needs changing and I'll do it for you.
    10. Zapp

      Very long shot .

      Leave the namecalling out please.
    11. It's likely that western analysis of S-400 has cast doubt on F35's stealth capability to sufficiently defeat it's sensor suite.
    12. Zapp

      Le Tour

      Let's let people discuss a sport they enjoy without the usual moaning about recreational cyclists.
    13. in my opinion 28-30g of 6 and 1/4 choke.
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