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    Shooting (obviously) shotgun, rifle (22.lr, HMR and .243) and air rifle, fishing (coarse and sea), home brewing, reading, walking, snooker

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  1. Zapp

    FREE !!

    You didnt send a message, you posted all your personal details onto Velocette's profile, which means your name and address is there for anyone to read. Best delete it and send them as a personal message.
  2. Not necessarily, the forum he posted that on has had a lot of PW cast-offs wash up on their shore, a fair number of whom were shown the door specifically for making any attempt to discuss the legalities of shooting impossible by bandwagoning it into another opportunity to air their personal grievances against BASC. Hopefully he will be back on here and people will give him a chance to communicate what they are trying to do, at least.
  3. Zapp


    Sounds nice enough but rather you than me as far as those temperatures are concerned.
  4. Zapp


    Sounds perfect
  5. Zapp

    Emily Thornberry isreal calibre comments?

    It is indeed more accidental that 5.56 is more likely to wound. It was adopted by NATO with weight and total ammunition carry levels in mind.
  6. Zapp

    Cool work

    Good to see you back LB
  7. Zapp

    Tour de Yorkshire

  8. Zapp

    LGBT awareness month

    On that note...
  9. Zapp

    LGBT awareness month

    This is the Off Topic section, if you check the subheading it says there that it's for topics other than shooting. If as you said earlier you're not interested and want to talk about shooting there are plenty of other topics you can do it on.
  10. Zapp

    LGBT awareness month

    Around an hour ago I said the thread would stay if it stays sensible. People being called shirtlifters and comments about member's mothers are not going to help its cause. Keep it courteous please.
  11. Zapp

    LGBT awareness month

    As long as the thread stays sensible there's no reason it will be locked - it isnt hurting anyone by being here. If you're not interested in discussing this or any other matter then move along to something you are interested in.
  12. Zapp

    A bit of info please

    Some good advice on here in my opinion. Agree regarding a springer for occasional use, and that a good domed pellet is the best choice - I used to go through tens of thousands of Eley Wasps as a lad, before the quality of them dropped way off. I try to get Crossman Accupels now, not that I do a lot of airgunning any more. Accuracy is the most important factor, power is nothing without it, but I wouldnt want to take anything that can do less than 10ft/lbs out hunting. I am also a .177 fan for rabbits, but that's a can of worms in of itself.
  13. Zapp

    Any advice on an old knife

    It's a K98 bayonet which has been reshaped, the back fuller has been ground out to make it double edged I reckon.
  14. Zapp

    Sad loss

    Sorry to hear this. I dread that time coming for my two.
  15. Zapp

    What warrants a thread to be closed here on PW?

    The forum policy is outlined in the the Guidelines on the main page, which are also accessible by clicking on the "burger" thing in the top right next to the search box if you're using a mobile.