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    Shooting (obviously) shotgun, rifle (22.lr, HMR and .243) and air rifle, fishing (coarse and sea), home brewing, reading, walking, snooker

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  1. I had a pigeon fall into a gap in my fourtrak a while back. The smell was appalling
  2. Maybe invest in some Aspen, if it wont run on that you can be more assured the mix is/isn't the problem
  3. I've done similar with my saws especially when they have sat for a bit and the pure fuel definitely seems to clean everything through. If they've really struggled I've even turned them over VERY briefly (as in less than a second) on neat and then left overnight and that's sorted it. Having said this my saws are cheap so they either run or die, i probably wouldn't do it with something quality.
  4. A file (used properly and consistently) is better all round in my humble opinion.
  5. There was a guy a while back who wanted to have a moan about PW from the safety of another site whose opening gambit was to complain about all the ads for Ukrainian and Thai mail order brides. He soon wound his turret in once others pointed out why that was....
  6. The only ads we have any control over are the shooting ones, the rest are generated by an algorithm which is steered by your general internet activity off the forum. For example after looking at boots I get lots of generic ads for footwear, or after looking for an anniversary present for Mrs Zapp I get lots of random jewelry adverts.
  7. I just want to make a general (e.g. not specific to this thread and those posting on it) observation. BASC have been posting updates on and off on PW for several years, and inevitably these have attracted an amount of justified challenge, along with a certain amount of regretable axe-grinding. BASC is not perfect, and I personally have been far from happy with some more recent developments to the extent I am no longer a member, but at least their reps are trying to engage constructively with us. It needs to be remembered that during a period in the last 18 to 24 months there was a
  8. Where is the thread you are trying to edit?
  9. I'm pretty sure Bakerboy (who talks about having one in the thread Gordon posted) got rid of his not long after and said he wouldnt go there again.
  10. Ive seen people harvesting the berries by basically pulping them direct from the plant into containers, the idea being to filter the mush later to remove the twigs.
  11. It's a software glitch. Teal is on it
  12. Zapp

    Forum change

    Agree. We dont have a huge amount of control over the interface look and this is definitely one of the better ones by a long way.
  13. Interesting. Glad you've at least got to the bottom of it.
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