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    Shooting (obviously) shotgun, rifle (22.lr, HMR and .243) and air rifle, fishing (coarse and sea), home brewing, reading, walking, snooker

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  1. Zapp

    FB democracy

    As annoying as it is, just like PW Facebook is a privately owned resource and so it's down to the owners (more likely shareholders in this case) to drive what is and isnt welcome on there.
  2. Zapp

    Masters snooker

    Higgins is my favourite player because he is so unflappable. I remember some ridiculous comebacks he made in the 90s where he went from on the ropes to shifting a gear and winning.
  3. Could be. Different taper though on the body.
  4. Looks like a mortar base section
  5. Zapp

    Masters snooker

    Chinese names are the other way round, its surname and then forename. His name in western order would be Bingtao Yan.
  6. Zapp

    Masters snooker

    Nearly 2 records in a match there
  7. Zapp

    Masters snooker

    Higgins vs O'Sullivan shaping up well.
  8. As above, fuel system would be my guess. If you leave them fuelled they get varnished up inside. I put a cheap saw away a while ago in a hurry and then forgot to empty it. It only started briefly and with a lot of smoke so I emptied it and put neat petrol in and cranked it over and let it run for less than a second. The next day I drained again, added 2 stroke mix and was back in action.
  9. Zapp

    Movie Mistakes.

    My dad was a fireman on the RAF groundcrew for the Lancs when they filmed Dambusters. Edit to clarify he was actual ground crew, not an actor portraying them.
  10. This guy is well worth a subscribe:
  11. All A scammer has been brought to our attention. His username on here was Dextron and he has contacted at least one member on here and passed an email address (cliffordemerson76@gmail.com) which we have checked and found to have been linked to scams elsewhere. If this user has contacted you or you are sent that email address please DO NOT respond and definitely do not send any money. There is a pinned thread in other sales with tips on how to avoid this sort of thing. Please if you've not read it recently go and refresh yourselves.
  12. I'll take the quad sticks please.
  13. It's a nightmare. I was looking at a gas aga a while back. A key consideration was whether it would do enough radiators so i needed the model number but luckily I got through to the salesperson of the year.
  14. Its definitely not him
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