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    Shooting (obviously) shotgun, rifle (22.lr, HMR and .243) and air rifle, fishing (coarse and sea), home brewing, reading, walking, snooker

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  1. Can’t stand this new layout

    Stop being a drama queen. The same content is still here and it's still free. We explained the situation well ahead of the update including how we didn't want it either.
  2. No of new posts

    No worries, it is a valid point
  3. No of new posts

    If a forum is in a position to do competitions and giveaways it's because the admin have a financial interest in getting people on there in order to profit from them. That's not why PW is here. The revenue that trade membership and the tiny amount of merchandise sales on here brings in doesn't even cover the running costs and the admin staff are all unpaid, so we don't have anything to give away other than our spare time. PW is run by shooters for shooters for the good of the sport. In answer to the OP, there's always a drop off in pace after an upgrade whilst Luddites like myself get used to the new format. Give it a couple of weeks and we will be back to normal.
  4. My first fallow

    Excellent stuff, well done.
  5. Imminent Forum Software Update

    Some posts have been removed. Don't derail this topic please - we need it to run so we can capture the issues people are having.
  6. Best trousers for beating?

    Thats what I use. I like the open fronted type on the right in that picture as you dont have a massive faff when you need a pee.
  7. Imminent Forum Software Update

    I couldnt get it to preview when I tried a minute ago.
  8. Imminent Forum Software Update

    I think its down to the number of posts made. There used to be a ranking system based on how high your post count was, and I suspect its a hangover from that
  9. Good bye

  10. Forum theme changed.

    Details of the change can be found in the thread titled "Imminert Forum Software Update"
  11. Lincolnshire Constabulary.

    I've had it happen to me on renewal where a gun I'd traded in two years previous was still showing on my sgc.
  12. Michael Fallon Steps Down

    This was my understanding, though it looks like I was wrong about it being a leak from the whips.
  13. Michael Fallon Steps Down

    Yes, the whip system is common across all parliamentary parties. The ability to control access to it will be as good or bad as internal discipline in the party I would imagine.
  14. Michael Fallon Steps Down

    Its purported to be from the Cons whip list, ie the information the whips hold on MPs to 'encourage' (blackmail) them into voting in line with party leadership on key votes.
  15. Michael Fallon Steps Down

    Hopefully this will work: https://tompride.wordpress.com/2017/10/31/the-unredacted-spreadsheet-of-40-tory-mps-accused-of-inappropriate-sexual-behaviour/