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    1. Zapp

      John Wilson

      That's a shame. I used to really enjoy his tv shows and books.
    2. Zapp

      At risk of showing my ignorance...

      The Reverse Arms drill movement inverts the weapon and is used to pay respects or signal mourning.
    3. Zapp

      What a mess!

      The only mobiles that are allowed into closed prisons are for staff in very specific circumstances, and in open prisons where inmates have certain licence conditions and are employed in roles such as drop off or return from work detail where the prison may need to get hold of them or they may need to contact the prison or emergency services.
    4. Zapp

      What a mess!

      The rollout of smoke free prisons was completed earlier this year. Smoking is not permitted in any closed prison in England or Wales. I did read the link. There has yet to be a cost effective jammer system which is both fully effective across the different types of prison builds and also fully compliant with legislation.
    5. Zapp

      What a mess!

      Tech does exist to jam illicit phones but that's not all it jams, which causes all sorts of problems for implementing it. The comment about it being a lack of action based on prisoners not liking it is pretty silly, sorry.
    6. Zapp

      What a mess!

      I agree where low level non networked offenders are comcerned, but with the advent of mobile phones there has been a huge rise in criminal activity arranged and carried out from prisons. Granted it is largely to do with conveying contraband into jails but it can have severe impact on communities, especially where prison debt is concerned.
    7. Zapp

      What a mess!

      There are enough examples of members of organised crime groups serving very long sentences who are still fully active in orchestrating and profiting from criminality in the community to make the assertion about public protection being automatically ensured questionable. As I said before, what's surely in everyone's interest is a system that actuallý works. Take the recent success in countries like the Netherlands, where they are closing prisons because the spaces are no longer needed. Their system is demonstrably working. Could it be adopted here? Maybe. Would it be? Almost certainly not because the discussion is always about how tough we want to be rather than pragmatism.
    8. Zapp

      What a mess!

      I agree that the current system isn't working, but where it is operated, the hard line approach is demonstrably failing to reduce criminality or protect the public. My view is that we need a system that works, whether or not it satisfies our personal views on retribution.
    9. Zapp

      What a mess!

      The inference I draw from it is that simply having a harsh penal system is not a guarantee of deterrence.
    10. Zapp

      What a mess!

      The US has a very heavily punishment-oriented penal system and the death penalty in some states yet has extremely high crime and recidivism rates.
    11. Zapp

      Grenfell Tower Bonfire Video

      It's criminally embarrassing in its crassness, but legally actionable? I think probably not. Having said that they deserve whatever is coming to them imo.
    12. Zapp

      Front Stuffers...

      Not as far as I know but it's been a long time since I moved my muzzle loaders on.
    13. Zapp

      Wildfowling labrador

      Great, thank you
    14. Zapp

      Wildfowling labrador

      Please post prices in accordance with site rules.
    15. Zapp

      Front Stuffers...

      Is your Brown bess flint or cap lock? I understand that because they are stabilised BP substitutes aren't great as priming powder. I used pyro in my cap locks and it worked very well, but I got the impression that it was possibly even more corrosive than BP.