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      Shooting (obviously) shotgun, rifle (22.lr, HMR and .243) and air rifle, fishing (coarse and sea), home brewing, reading, walking, snooker

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    1. Zapp

      Mods help

      I'll let Teal know
    2. Zapp

      Alleged Russian assassins on TV

      Just a quick note to request that this thread is allowed to run without similar derailments to others recently.
    3. Zapp

      Ads all over the site

      We will post an update once we know more.
    4. Zapp

      Ads all over the site

      As I've already said, it's a fault with the site, I've contacted Teal, that's all I can do. I'm sure he will get it fixed as soon as he can.
    5. Zapp

      Ads all over the site

      I'll let Teal know
    6. I like the song and the band, but the advert, in my humble opinion, is pump.
    7. We're not having another thread derailed like this so this is the place for those who wish to continue thus line of discussion rather than the Salisbury thread
    8. Zapp


      Many thanks chaps
    9. Zapp

      First shotgun

      Black powder delflagrates (fast-burns), rather than exploding.
    10. Zapp

      Couple of lure caught chub

      Lovely fish
    11. In the last few days we have had to close yet another thread relating to cats following irresponsible comments from members. It is no secret that this has been a problem on the forum for a long time, and while we have tried our best to manage the situation in order to allow debate and discussion, we can now only conclude that trying to do so has been a waste of time for all concerned. Therefore, from the date/time of this post: 1. Threads relating to cats on the forum will be removed immediately. 2. Any member whose posts are viewed by admin to be advocating or inferring harming domestic pets will be subject to immediate sanction based on the content of their post - this may include immediate suspension or a full ban. These actions are at admin's discretion, are non-negotiable, and no leeway will be given for members attempting to test the boundaries or who subsequently try to claim they were joking. We on the admin team regret that it has come to this, we have tried very hard over the years to avoid it.
    12. Zapp

      Question on .22lr ammunition.

      I dont think it is the worst, I think that due to quietness and low velocity it is the most commonly heard.
    13. Zapp

      First shotgun

      With regard to the felt recoil issue, if we are assuming our 12 bore and 20 bore 28g cartridges have a similar velocity then the thing that will make the difference is the weight of the gun, not the relative weights of propellant. In most cases a 20 bore shotgun will be quite a bit lighter than a standard-weight 12, and so you're likely to perceive more recoil with the 20, again assuming it's 28g of shot going at the same rate. There are other factors such as the dimensions of the forcing cones, headspace (as any Greener GP owner can attest) which can increase perceived recoil, but basic physics dictates that the same projectile at the same velocity from two guns, one light and one heavy, equals more and less recoil respectively.
    14. Zapp

      Keeping Cats Indoors

      A post inferring that cats let outside should be shot has been removed. We have been very clear on this in the past - This is an open forum and posts that make shooters look like trigger happy nuts are not welcome. Please be in no doubt that anyone else dragging the thread into that territory will get more than their post removed.