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      Shooting (obviously) shotgun, rifle (22.lr, HMR and .243) and air rifle, fishing (coarse and sea), home brewing, reading, walking, snooker

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    1. Zapp

      Splitting Axe

      I use a roughneck axe or a maul depending on the wood. If it's softwood or has any spongyness in it I find the depth of the cutting edge of the axe more effective as the maul can just bed in. Up until last year my house was entirely heated by wood I sourced, cut and split myself and that combination worked for me for many years. Personally I wouldn't want one without the other.
    2. Zapp

      Shooting bits clear out

      Don't ask for PayPal as gift please. It denies the buyer any protection and is against the terms of use of the forum.
    3. Zapp

      BREXIT - merged threads

      I've got good news for you
    4. Zapp

      New here.... Sort of...

      If you can remember your old account details I can merge it with this one for you
    5. Zapp

      Old Topic from Germany

      No problem Martin. If memory serves his family requested that his account be deleted so you won't be able to do an author search. If however you search "konings" as a keyword a lot of his old posts will come up and hopefully you'll be able to find the one you are looking for.
    6. Zapp

      Old Topic from Germany

      That was Konings. He was a great poster, sadly missed.
    7. Zapp


      Give Teal a shout
    8. Zapp

      No Jail for Moderate Crime Convictions

      I don't disagree about the need for strong sentencing nor that it's a deterrent to some extent, but look at the number of posts on this thread suggesting that simply having harsh sentences and bad conditions will solve the problem by deterring offending in the first place. The US experience disproves that categorically. As I've said before on there threads, I'm not interested particularly in "being nice" to anyone who doesn't deserve it. I'm only interested in having a prison system that works.
    9. Zapp

      No Jail for Moderate Crime Convictions

      Wouldnt that just be exactly the same assumption, but in reverse? Except the argument I put forward is supported by evidence in the cases of of the countries I've mentioned where they have spent the money.
    10. Zapp

      No Jail for Moderate Crime Convictions

      I know, and said as much in the post after the one you quoted Our prisons and probation services are overcrowded, underfunded and understaffed which goes a long way to explaining why we are in the state we are in, and makes it extremely hard to do anything except keep a lid on a lot if them.
    11. Zapp

      No Jail for Moderate Crime Convictions

      Like the 3 strikes rule? That's hardly driving crime rates down where it is in force.
    12. Zapp

      No Jail for Moderate Crime Convictions

      It does, which is one of the reasons our system has been in such trouble of late in my opinion.
    13. Zapp

      No Jail for Moderate Crime Convictions

      This again... Based in recidivism rates, the rehabilitative approach is demonstrably working in Scandinavian and other countries such as the Netherlands. The punitive/penal approach is demonstrably failing in the US.
    14. Zapp

      The Internet...