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      Shooting (obviously) shotgun, rifle (22.lr, HMR and .243) and air rifle, fishing (coarse and sea), home brewing, reading, walking, snooker

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    1. Is that another way of saying you were in the Navy?
    2. Yes there are a few of us on here
    3. I don't want to burst your bubble Steve but it's actually 80,000 Venezuelan Bolivar per annum. Hope you didn't take the finance out on that Ferrari...
    4. According to the news it was live streamed. Probably not the right time to start a discussion on gun rights and armed citizens though. Shocking and appalling. My thoughts go out to those affected.
    5. Final call for personal attacks and insults to be left out of it please.
    6. He did another simpler one shortly afterwards and then mixed the two. That then sat for a while and turned out to be amazing.
    7. It's not my decision, Teal is the man to put it to
    8. Go on to the search function, go to search by tags and type in swap. Select match term or tags. Ta da, all the swaps in one place. Do the same thing, enter what you're interested in with the swap tag entered, select match term and tags... all the swaps for what you're looking for. Enter a date range or sort results guns Are to get the recent ones. The functionality is already there to do everything that is being discussed but without the confusion of items for sale or swap appearing in two subforums at the same time.
    9. Ok, so someone is interested in a sale or swap. Which section does it go in?
    10. You can already ask for swaps in Wanted or offer items to swap in Other Sales. You can also swap guns via Gun Watch.
    11. They look excellent. I had game, especially pheasant, coming out of my ears this year so I'm considering revisiting sausagemaking.
    12. That's the Greener Thumb Safety. I have a Damascus boxlock Greener which I use for driven shooting, where it remains off anyway.
    13. Keep it civil please. The constant, low level name calling on this thread by one or two is getting pretty tedious now.
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