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    Shooting (obviously) shotgun, rifle (22.lr, HMR and .243) and air rifle, fishing (coarse and sea), home brewing, reading, walking, snooker

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  1. Warning points.

    Not up to me, that's the site owners call. Worth noting that if someone calls you a ****, a **** or a ****, being abusive is also against the rules and so shouldn't be happening so the point is moot. Anyway, in closing, if people are getting warnings they need to read the rules which everyone agrees to abide by on joining. If you keep getting warnings and don't read or stick to the rules, that's your problem. Simple.
  2. Warning points.

    If you blank out the words in full you'll be fine, as has always been the case. Whenever a member is warned they get a notification which thet have to acknowledge in order to post again, so you were told at the time the warnings were given.
  3. Police Interceptors - Channel5

    Completely agree with this, it's the best debate I've seen on here for a good while. No nastiness or bickering and some really interesting points made. Kudos chaps.
  4. The Countrymans Friend

    Does trying to rig a vote on a non fieldsports matter based on someones stance on what we do reflect well on us? I don't think so.
  5. Vera

    I like Brenda Blethin normally but I can't watch her in this. It's the way she runs around like she needs a wee but can't find a toilet. And the way she talks - not the accent but the cadence. It doesnt ring true IMO.
  6. Semi-Pro Drill - Advice Please

    Is this in the place you'e bought near me? If so it will be Bedfordshire brick which is like iron. I'll be getting a SDS soon for exactly that reason as normal drills won't touch it.
  7. Sporting tattoo's

    I think you'e right. I'll keep my powder dry next time round.
  8. Beaters wanted

    I wont be able to do the midweek shoots next season but am free on 27 Jan if you need bodies. Send me a message with where you are please.
  9. Blimey, what a fuss over nothing. All we asked is which mod you had approached. If anyone needs to run anything by us, please do so directly. Assuming we are going to be able to read everything posted leads to misunderstandings.
  10. Sporting tattoo's

    This is a subject that has been the cause of some of the finest PW gold ever seen. For every half decent effort there have been dozens of rabbits in wonky crosshairs and ferrets that look like Zig and Zag or otters. This should be worth a watch
  11. A number of posts have been removed. For the millionth time, this area is here for members to ask for opportunities. If you're not posting to offer a shooting opportunity you dont need to be posting replies in this section.
  12. Real emergency services car or not

    Sounds like it was just an unmarked car
  13. Hammer gun

    If it's a hammergun surely it won't be a boxlock, simce that describes a hammerless action type.
  14. Simply rude people!

    Wow. Good luck in passing your gross misconduct and utter failure as a manager off at your tribunal as a taught management strategy when you try it on someone with the gumption to have you over a barrel for it. Which department are you with?