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    1. The squabbling between you two is boring enough on the brexit thread. Take it back there, or to PMs, or we will engineer a solution.
    2. There has recently been quite a lot of evidence to suggest that child sex offenders are in some cases trying to normalise their behaviour by comparing it to transgender identities because they have recognised what they see as an opportunity for acceptance. I was only discussing this and the similarities to PIE the other day.
    3. Perfect for the job, and cavalry officers are easily entertained.
    4. It depends, it could be that he was caught out in one of the randomised checks, or he could have been royally taking the mickey. When I was with MOD I was once left with no choice but to tell an Air Commodore (the equivalent rank to this guy, but in the RAF) that I was going to have him for misappropriation of government property for bullying admin staff to give him access to one of the specialist vehicles which was allocated to my department. It came to light that he had been using it as a runaround as it was a nice vehicle but nobody had dared to tell me. In the end, because he knew he was bang to rights I had his junk out of it and keys back in my hand within 20 minutes, as otherwise it would have been the end of him and luckily none of us heard from him again. So it absolutely does happen, and it is taken seriously.
    5. That made having to trawl through this thread every day a bit more bearable. Thank you.
    6. That's not how legislation works though. Offer that argument and you'll get exactly what Teal responded with the first time. Personally I dont think that pushing colloquilisms like calling any bird a flying rat is going to be anything more than another stick to beat shooting with to be seized upon by those who are out to ge it stopped.
    7. Making new holes in leather tack for hasty repairs in the field?
    8. The individual advertising is a banned member. Because we have lost trust in his honesty as a trader we dont want him advertising on here.
    9. This subforum is for member introductions. There's a long running thread in the General Shooting Matters subforum, please use that area to discuss this.
    10. There's been a pinned thread explaining why threads about the killing of cats will be removed immediately since last year.
    11. Big red banner announcement at the top of the page
    12. Two people have now received suspensions for posting pictures with very obscene captions. Irrespective of how we feel, the house rules stand. Dont do this, or you will be suspended and you risk getting the thread locked.
    13. We dont want multiple threads all over the forum, it's untidy and confusing, so that's why we are merging threads and there is a banner announcement on all topic page on the forum.
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