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    1. Zapp

      hessian sacking

      Garden centres can be a good source
    2. If they wanted to kill Americans there are plenty of options in the Gulf before you arrive at speculatively firing on a Ukrainian airliner in case some of the Iranians on board had American accents.
    3. I only just saw this thread, so I'll just say poor comms and nervous firing battery crews again for good measure.
    4. Zapp


      I still believe it was nothing more than nervous missile battery crews and bad communications. Blunders are often what make the world go round.
    5. Zapp


      I suspect twitchy missile crews anticipating US airstrikes.
    6. Zapp


      The pic of the missile section is interesting although at the end of the day it's just a pic and therefore could be spoofed. However, it is indeed the seeker head and front canards of a SA-15 sure enough, and it being there and in one piece is plausible since the main charge blows it off in one section to allow the fragmentation section located behind to plume onto the target.
    7. This is absolutely the case with my Dad.
    8. Sorry to hear you've been unwell. I hope that your treatment goes well and that you're back up and running soon.
    9. Only just saw this sorry. No I've not been
    10. I'll take the special pigeons please
    11. Zapp

      Christmas cancelled

      Yep, same. Had a lovely time with my favourite people. If life has taught me one thing it is to grasp any opportunity to smile and laugh with those you love.
    12. I've been helping look after my parents who both have dementia for the last 2 years or so. Mum has non-fluent aphasia which first robs you of the ability to speak, then to communicate or understand at all. The wider symptoms come more slowly but are now well developed. She is now mute and so confusd/erratic that she had to go into a specialist hospital in October and is a shadow of her former self. Dad has the more well known form and is extremely forgetful and often very confused about things, but is nonetheless able to have some quality of life. We hadn't noticed there was a problem until quite a long way into mums condition as her symptoms drowned his out. It has been an extremely hard time, not least because my job means I can be anywhere in the country on any given day so I've been having to deal with the medical side while travelling or in between meetings. Watching them deteriorate and seeing dad's despair (as the one who can comprehend what is happenng) has been very sad. It's an incredibly cruel disease. Nonetheless we came together yesterday and made the most of each other's company, first at my house and then at the hospital with Mum. Make the most of time with your family as tomorrow is never promised.
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