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  1. Hi all I'm on the lookout for a load liner for my truck as the old one is deteriorating and is trapping dirt (and therefore moisture) between it and the bed. If anyone has or knows of one within 50 miles of Rushden, Northants, please shout.
  2. Smokeless gets a bad rap sometimes but it's actually excellent fuel once you get used to working with it. I've lit my stove this time of year and kept it in right through to march before
  3. I've not heard of that one. Supertherm is what I use and it's the same in terms of keeping a fire in. I let it go overnight, clear the ash in the morning and theres enough embers to get it going again nicely
  4. Get a multifuel rather than wood only. Good quality smokeless coal goes forever on a stove.
  5. I've asked the site owner to look into it. As soon as he is able to we will report back. In the meantime please continue to be patient with us.
  6. I once had a number 6 shot come back off a beech bough and hit me on my lower eyelid on my left eye whilst roost shooting in a small wood. I wouldnt like to think what it would have done to my eyeball, it broke the skin but only just.
  7. That's weird, no restrictions have been placed on your account
  8. This. I'm not a huge fan of the Beeb but I reckon this will be worth a watch.
  9. I'd have thought so, you'd be reducing the number of baffles acting on the expanding gasses.
  10. Unfortunately this is a factor in selling online, as anyone who has ever tried selling a used car can attest. Here is some advice specific to people requesting odd sounding meetings etc:
  11. This thread is badly in need of context please if it is going to stay on the forum.
  12. Interesting gun and comments 👍
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