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  1. I've flagged this to Teal
  2. Please state what you would accept for them,in accordance with site rules. Thank you
  3. Brilliant, thanks all. I (stupidly) hadnt even considered John Bowkett! I had heard they are quite rare now. I think I'm right in saying they came out just before or after the precharged Manitou, but the prospect of saving up my £12.50 a week for the rifle and charging equipment ruled that out. At the time I was really heavily into hunting with airguns and I practised until I could shoot offhand to a pretty good standard up to 40 yards on the basis that it was a waste of effort stalking up if you then fluffed the shot. This led to my becoming interested in non-recoilling rifles because this removed one of the variables, and the Mohawk being self-contained in terms of power source was the perfect choice. The rifle itself is very well made. It is long and quite heavy, which both aids and hinders offhand shooting. Cocking (or rather charging) it is an interesting operation, as the charging arm is nearly as long as the rifle. This is swung out all the way (although you can charge to lower power if you wish) and then, with the rifle held upright against the body, is brought back and locked in to compress the cylinder. Not wanting to tempt fate, but I was always surprised I never lost my grip and chinned myself with it. the important bit though is that this operation provides a full-power shot with no recoil. It is, however, quite a bit slower than a break barrel for example, and much harder to do stealthily, so follow up shots in the event of a clean miss werent easy to achieve. In terms of accuracy, I cant fault it. It could put Eley Wasps on top of each other as far as I wanted to shoot it. I'll try to get some pics later. Unfortunately it sat in a cupboard at my parents house for 20 years at least so there is some rust. I dont have a chronograph but if someone nearby has one I could borrow or use I'd be happy to provide stats etc once it is done.
  4. Hi all I have a Titan Mohawk which I bought with my wages from a job washing dishes in an Italian Restaurant a little under 30 years ago. It could definitely do with a service now as it doesnt compress consistently anymore. I'm looking for recommendations on who I could send it to to get a proper service done on it. Thanks in advance.
  5. There was a guy once moaning about how all the adverts on PW were for Ukrainian mail order brides until someone pointed out the link between ads and your browser search history...
  6. Cheque is in the post Mel 😉
  7. 😄 I dont think JDog meant anything you'd posted, it was all in good humour
  8. Kind of you, thank you Jdog 👍
  9. Let's start a rumour that I am a lady just to see how long it takes to get turned into a deeply cringey song or a video about me with subtitles that read like somebody has typed them with their forehead 😄
  10. Sorry guys, but try as you might you'll never top some of the conspiracy theories about me that I've already seen. My personal favourite is the one about me being part of an evil Irish cabal ran by Teal to protect BASC. This is hilarious because: 1. I'm English 2. I'm not a huge fan of BASC, and I'm not even a member 3. Pigeonwatch has no affiliation to BASC It's also hilarious because the main proponent thinks, based on an old quote I had as a signature, my surname is Brannigan (Ha! Got me - now I must hand over my lucky charms, to be sure) on the basis they have never seen Futurama and so dont know who Zapp Brannigan is, or know how to do even the most basic research.
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