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      Shooting (obviously) shotgun, rifle (22.lr, HMR and .243) and air rifle, fishing (coarse and sea), home brewing, reading, walking, snooker

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    1. Zapp


      We have had to remove a post this evening which was personally insulting toward another member. The poster's access to the forum has been permanently withdrawn as a result. A reminder that we will no longer tolerate personal insults on the forum and that we will now take action without further warning if it starts again, irrespective of who is involved. Please take this on board, discuss things like sportsmen, and dont be the next person we have to remove.
    2. Zapp


      In case there is any confusion, rsq3john's account has been merged with his old one (cosmicblue), for which he had forgotten the password. His new posts will show as cosmicblue but any quotations will not.
    3. I like a decent winter and feel cheated when we have yet another 4 months of 7 degrees and drizzle. We got through the weeks long freeze back in 2009 with only the fireplaces which was hard going at the time but also quite good fun.
    4. Zapp


      Ironic that the motion was passed by 52% to 48% (rounded figures).
    5. Someone got themselves an absolute bargain there.
    6. Thats the best way to look at it. Both my parents are very ill and won't be getting better, and need a lot of help from me and my wjfe. I feel terrible knowing that when the time comes it will be a release for them but that is sadly the way it is with some illnesses.
    7. Sorry to hear this
    8. Clean the gas parts but dont oil them or you will encourage coking which will build up.
    9. Zapp


      Go and get a square metre of unbleached muslin cloth from Dunelm. It'll do what you need and can be washed and reused. As far as yeast goes I dont like champagne yeast for cider as it ferments very dry. That's fine as long as you know what your blend is likely to come out like, but if you dont and you get a very thorough ferment you can end up with cider that will pucker your mouth like a cats bum. I use homebrew cider yeast and then sweeten with non -fermentable sweetener if required.
    10. Zapp


      As Teal has already stated, jndividuals will be held to account from this point forward. We tried very hard to get posters to interact respectfully but the antics on the closed thread drove away all but a handful of commenters. That thread is now closed to draw a line under it and to once again emphasise that insulting other members will not be tolerated, and that from here on this will mean direct sanction. We have done this in the hope that others who may have been put off joining the debate will now be more inclined to do so on this important matter.
    11. Due to the resumption of the name calling this thread is now closed.
    12. Zapp

      bloody spiders

      If that rash is spreading you need to go to the doctor as it could be infected.
    13. Please list any guns you wish to swap in Guns for Sale (Private). There are instructions on how to do this in the pinned topics for that forum. You will be asked to state a price, so you can either put in what you think it is worth or put '0', and then put into the free text field that you are after a swap, and what you would like in return for your gun. Guns listed in Other Sales or Wanted as swaps will be removed. Thanks
    14. State a price please in accordance with site rules.
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