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    1. Farhunt, (Vladimir Farkas) in Croatia is excellent
    2. Zapp


      Sorry to hear that. Good luck finding what you need elsewhere.
    3. This mirrors my views to a large extent. On the back of several years of being unsure about the direction being taken, we were not consulted on the lead shot phase out and now we have not been consulted on the changes to the insurance provision. The net result is that that's enough of feeling taken for granted for me, and I'm no longer a member.
    4. If its Australian Dave he isn't...
    5. That sounds like someone on here from a while back. All of that and some nonsense about packs of bacon and RBL collection tins...
    6. It is perfectly normal to feel any and all of the above. I got suspended from Twitter for suggesting it wouldnt be a bad thing if a veru vocal MAP activist choked on a sandwich he was describing. That site really is a cesspit, there are all sorts of creeps and weirdos on there and I read somewhere that it's where more than 50% of child porn on the open web reported to the Internet Watch Foundation is found.
    7. Thanks for everything you've done over the years
    8. Basically yes. Among them the largest proportion consider themselves "child lovers" rather than abusers. They believe (or at least argue) that children are capable of consent and mutual physical relationships in the same way as adults. It's most often these "child lovers" who end up arguing for changes to the age of consent etc. Their gambit nowadays is that paedophilia is another form of gender/sexuality and like others that were socially unacceptable, it will eventually become normalised. To achieve this they are using a lot of the same arguments that have been put forward for acceptance of gay marriage etc. Its all very cynical and very messed up.
    9. Best of luck to you
    10. Given that the countdown is on until my old English game guns are effectively wallhangers I cant hang and now this, I've never felt happier about having switched to easily cancelled monthly direct debits a while back 🙃
    11. The prosecutors are throwing everything including the kitchen sink at her. I suspect they may well be doing so because they want her to enter a plea deal in exchange for testifying against big fish who have been extensively linked to Maxwell and Epstein...
    12. PIE is often thought of now as a freak anomaly splinter group but paedophile activism is alive and well, especially on social media. The term they use now is "MAPs", or Minor Attracted Persons, and there is a concerted effort by MAP activists to normalise it. It is, however, basically just sex offenders trying to open debate about ages of consent and legitimise what they want to do.
    13. I think that if its proven she did then the motive will be sexual and/or a weird power dynamic between her and Epstein. Child sex offending by women is a lot more prevalent than is often credited.
    14. Agree with what's already been said, it looks a lot like a jezail with a better quality lock fitted. Could the writing be something in German given the weird use of capital letters?
    15. Zapp

      Wasp sting

      I've got a nest in the muck heap at my allotment. They are getting the nest foam treatment tonight or tomorrow morning.
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