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    1. Blimey. Glad to hear you were able to get help quickly.
    2. Maybe that's the key with horse chestnut then. I also found it smelled a but of wee when burning and created tons of ash.
    3. Homefire ovals are excellent with a nice steady heat. Anthracite is good also but trickier to get going and it can run away a bit and burn too hot. I've burnt most common varieties of wood at one point or another, having not had central heating for a number of years. The only one I really couldn't take to was horse chestnut but everything everything else was fine once seasoned.
    4. Zapp

      rememberance sunday

      Respect to your plans too, sounds like a good and dignified way to do justice to the day. None of us who walked that particular walk need justify anything to anyone. It's great to see the guys and girls proudly doing their stuff on the day and even nicer to see the huge affection from the wider public.
    5. Zapp

      rememberance sunday

      I don't parade anywhere. My beret and medal havent been out of the drawer in years. I stop and remember those I knew and lost and all the rest quietly, and on my own.
    6. It's in one of the shooting sections because it is about shooting.
    7. I see. Thank you for the clarification.
    8. Did anyone ever hear any more on the claim that the video was faked? I dont follow clay shooting on here or other platforms, so it seems odd that the only mention of it is from a one-time poster with not other reference to it from others.
    9. I'll take a pair of black or green please
    10. Thats really awful. In a lot of cases though these people simply hide in plain sight. I've had the lovely job of reading 3 "paedophile manuals" produced by sex offenders for sex offenders and in all of them there has been a huge amount of tradecraft advice on how to offend undetected. The level of manipulation and calculated cynicism involved really takes some grasping. We had an individual who was on here who was sent down for his part in a very serious abuse ring. You just don't know who is who in a lot of cases I'm afraid.
    11. Yikes. I believe the proportion of western men who take such offers up whilst abroad is much higher than we believe and is probably increasing. That direct solicitation openly takes place towards westeners speaks volumes in my opinion. There are parts of the Philippines where the child sex trade (prostitution and online stuff for cash) is a common form of income. In the far east more widely, child and adult prostitution operations are run in parallel. Its dreadful. There's so much exploitation involved in all forms of prostitution abroad including That involving adults, how anyone can take advantage and live with themselves I'll never know.
    12. Without being too specific I run an intelligence assesments function for a govt agency. Respect for what you do, there are some very broken folk around who need a great deal of support.
    13. The increase in this type of offending is an interesting one. Theories vary but an interesting factor has been the advent of live streamed abuse from abroad has been broadly concurrent with offenders talking about a sense of detachment leading to mental distancing from the act itself. So we see people paying for and in some cases directing the abuse of a child who will claim they aren't paedophiles because they've never physically abused a child themselves. The internet has made such material and access to it much faster, easier and less risky. Another change has been a blurring of the lines whereby sex tourists (especially in the far east) are much more likely to be offered access to children and there's evidence that uptake has increased also. It is certainly be coming more and more monetized, which attracts organised crime groups. There's already groups heavily involved in production and distribution of abuse material who are not themselves sexually motivated in the way consumers are. I hadn't heard about the case of the victim who sued those acquiring images. Once you're on a better connection I'd appreciate a link.
    14. It' can be incredibly grim but my guys have access to excellent counselling services and we all look out for one another. It can stay with you though. I totally get what you're saying as a parent, I have kids too, but at the end of the day if a bit of exposure to nasty stuff and people who've done the worst things imaginable prevents a future victim or helps safeguard one now I (along with some amazing colleagues) will happily take that hit.
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