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  1. I just drove it to dealership and as other said, no police seen on the way so no issue.
  2. It's definitely much louder than a normal car! Is saying I'm driving it to garage and showing evidence that I have an the appointment any good?
  3. Hi All, The catalytic converter has been stolen on my Toyota Prius. I arranged for the repair at Toyota dealership which is 3 miles from my home. My question is can I legally drive it there or should I two the car?
  4. Your welcome. It's Barnet. Here is the email that I got from council: "Our records show that your permit is past its expiry date and you have not yet renewed it. Due to a system problem we believe that we did not send you the intended reminder notifications before the expiry date. We are sorry for this and would like to advise you that an extension has been put in place for your permit until 31 July 2019. " Hopefully it get sorted for you as well.
  5. It may be a bit late for reply, but I just received an email from council that my parking permit has expired end of June and due to a system failure they didn’t send a reminder. They already extend my parking permit by one month (end of July) and sent me the information for renewal. They also mentioned that to send them an email if I got any ticket (which I didn’t) and they will cancel it.
  6. This is a really good thread. Enjoyed it a lot. Keep it coming
  7. If it's just files/photo's/documents and you want it work on PC/laptop then as mentioned above, windows has built in software. Just copy them to your CD/DVD as you do with a normal folder and then burn. However if you want to be able to show for example photos on a CD/DVD player, you need something like Nero.
  8. I already said I'm sorry but I say it again
  9. So which car you ended up buying? I didn't know there was cars around couple of thousands years ago!!! :rolleyes: Sorry couldn't resist.
  10. That's a good question! You probably are right. I'll do what you suggested.
  11. I know it took couple of months but eventually I got the money for repair from Avanta. Now the question is should I go to local garage (paying £300 and keeping the rest for me) or it's better to hand over all of it to Toyota dealership and have a better job?
  12. It's a serviced office and I'm not the only occupier. I contacted our company real estate guy and he told me the contract is a bit vague however it can interpret as landlord is responsible for this. Anyway, I just spoke to site manager and she told they are gathering all the information and I will receive a call from their management about the next step. fingers crossed they oblige to pay for this.
  13. That's what I'm doing now. I went to Toyota dealership (my car is Prius) and they quote me £1700 and a week of work! Talked with a guy from local garage and he told should be around £300 and maximum 2 days job. I'm still waiting for landlord to come back to me.
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