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  1. Chukar

    Hello (again) from New Zealand this time!

    This is a really good thread. Enjoyed it a lot. Keep it coming
  2. Chukar

    Copying files etc onto a CD

    If it's just files/photo's/documents and you want it work on PC/laptop then as mentioned above, windows has built in software. Just copy them to your CD/DVD as you do with a normal folder and then burn. However if you want to be able to show for example photos on a CD/DVD player, you need something like Nero.
  3. Chukar

    most cash you've ever held and why...

    I already said I'm sorry but I say it again
  4. Chukar

    most cash you've ever held and why...

    So which car you ended up buying? I didn't know there was cars around couple of thousands years ago!!! :rolleyes: Sorry couldn't resist.
  5. Chukar

    Accident in the car park

    That's a good question! You probably are right. I'll do what you suggested.
  6. Chukar

    Accident in the car park

    I know it took couple of months but eventually I got the money for repair from Avanta. Now the question is should I go to local garage (paying £300 and keeping the rest for me) or it's better to hand over all of it to Toyota dealership and have a better job?
  7. Chukar

    Accident in the car park

    It's a serviced office and I'm not the only occupier. I contacted our company real estate guy and he told me the contract is a bit vague however it can interpret as landlord is responsible for this. Anyway, I just spoke to site manager and she told they are gathering all the information and I will receive a call from their management about the next step. fingers crossed they oblige to pay for this.
  8. Chukar

    Accident in the car park

    That's what I'm doing now. I went to Toyota dealership (my car is Prius) and they quote me £1700 and a week of work! Talked with a guy from local garage and he told should be around £300 and maximum 2 days job. I'm still waiting for landlord to come back to me.
  9. Chukar

    Accident in the car park

    The fact is we are paying for this parking spots. So I assume it comes with some responsibility from provider which happens to be the same entity that caused the damage.
  10. Chukar

    Accident in the car park

    I don't know. Actually it was a tenant in 4th floor that had the window open and the gust shuts the window so hard that breaks half of it. Doesn't look pure act of god to me! I had a chat with the site manager and she told me they are in talk with higher management, let's see what would be the outcome.
  11. Chukar

    Accident in the car park

    I didn't see any, however I'll double check again.
  12. Chukar

    Accident in the car park

    So you mean it's their responsibility?
  13. Our company is renting an office in a building which runs bay Avanta. I have a parking spot in the car park and today we had an accident. A piece of window glass (which broke due to strong wind) smashed into side of my car door and caused a big dent. There is also lots of scratches. I'm wondering can I claim through their building insurance? I don't want to go to my car insurance for obvious reason (increase in premium).
  14. Chukar

    unusual pigeon

    As w&d said, looks like a Gold Black-winged Archangel pigeon. http://speedfighters.weebly.com/pigeon-breeds.html
  15. Is it really PW? We didn't have a "this thread is worthless without a pic" comment.