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  1. Re: technology. I think it's best viewed as a backup. Don't plan on using it, use paper maps and a compass, and as mentioned your knowledge base. Don't blindly follow what a device has told you, use it to confirm your plans and of course, it's there in an emergency. As for what device to use, modern phones use the same technology as dedicated GPS units, they are waterproof and don't need a signal for the mapping apps to work. Battery will also last three or more days in flight mode which is more than can be said of GPS units. I have my doubts about Google Maps, but have no experience of the ap
  2. I don't know if iHikeGPS is available in the UK, but I highly recommend it. What3Words relies on having mobile signal, so I'd skip that one for this purpose.
  3. I'm sorry to say the UK has gone soft and doesn't have the stomach to deal with the problem. It's not just the UK, it's many westernised countries. Having said that, I would wish anyone trying to get to NZ by boat, the very best of luck!
  4. Glad I don't have to share a tent with you lot
  5. Slow cooked wallaby tagine for dinner tonight. It was very good. If I didn't know better, I would have said it was beef.
  6. I don't think the barrels are user changeable, but could be wrong. Nice hog 👍
  7. https://www.bergara.online/en/rifles/ba13-series/take-down-black-rifle/
  8. It's cool isn't it 🙂 Never thought I'd buy a single shot break action, but there you go! Rifle length is 80cm, barrel is 16.5 inch. The suppressor is an over-barrel version designed for rifles like this, it adds an additional 9.5cm to the length, so overall length is just under 90cm. Heavy little beast though! Subsonic 300BLK gives more or less identical performance to .308 subsonic and the recoil is undetectable. My slight disappointment is that it's noisier than expected. No sonic boom obviously, but the muzzle blast is pretty loud, even with the suppressor. I've been told that it
  9. I follow these things quite closely. Lots of stories in The Sun etc every summer, it sells newspapers, but no documented evidence. Regardless, if you look at a map of the established worldwide distribution of great whites, it would be a surprise if they didn't visit British waters. They have a large range and can cross the seas from one continent to another; they are also tolerant of a wide range of water temperatures. British summertime water temperature is similar to places in Australasia and South Africa where great whites are common. The seal colonies of the south coast and the northeast w
  10. That's pretty much it, but no rifle/magazine can hold more than 10 rounds. It's been an issue with rifles that are non-semi auto and have a fixed magazine that can take more than 10 rounds.
  11. Cheers. We've eaten roo in Australia and it was very good 👍
  12. Wallaby and yes, back legs and back straps are in the fridge. I'll give anything a go once. Regardless, it is a non-native pest species.
  13. Sharks live in the sea. In breaking news, bear sh*ts in the woods 🤣
  14. Thanks. It's well within the law, but that wasn't an issue. I primarily wanted a short rifle. The alternative would have been a bolt action. It's semi-autos that have been banned, but I'm not keen on those anyway.
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