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  1. That's a good story. Just incase you are planning on visiting again, parries (paradise shelducks) are not only a game bird with a season, you need a licence and can only be taken with a shotgun. Bag limit is 20 per day in my region. Although an indigenous bird, they have become quite a pest in the same way that canada geese cause problems in the UK (we have those too!).
  2. Our duck season has just opened and I had an inauspicious start. Bad shooting and bad luck left me with an empty bag on opening day, but I found a farm pond which held a few ducks, so went back this morning with high hopes. Nothing turned up. After sitting it out until lunchtime, I gave up and started the long trudge back to the car. In a strange turn of events, I spotted a peacock in a paddock. Thought why not! Don't panic, they are a pest species here and are sometimes hunted as you might pheasants on a rough shoot. As I got closer, I spooked it and it started heading towards the bush. I wen
  3. Problem with the Lanksy is that the rod guide holes are too big, so getting a constant angle isn't possible unless you hold the rods down hard with your left hand assuming you're right handed. It gets uncomfortable quite quickly so a glove helps.
  4. As I get older and grumpier, I was starting to formulate a very long list of unpopular opinions, but there's a theme. Basically, my disdain for people who take the **** all the time and don't take responsibility for themselves.
  5. From my point of view, the Tikka T1x is very close to being the perfect rimfire, especially as I own a Tikka centrefire - it would make a good trainer. Stainless barrel and action would make it even better. I have handled one, but not fired one. The only thing I didn't like was the odd looking extractor wire. It looks flimsy and a quick Google suggests there have been problems with it. I'll stick with my CZ452 for now. You couldn't ask for a more accurate rimfire.
  6. It does look fun doesn't it!
  7. As above, I shoot more sitting still and being patient. Wrap up warm. It's hard to stick out if you're cold.
  8. That is one of the best things about living here, plus the relatively ease of getting a firearms license, even after Christchurch. Fishing is very good too. I've got a 1 hour drive to the nearest public forest that I can hunt on. It's just goats, but I enjoy goat hunting. As you say, just throw a rifle and a few other bits in the truck and off you go. There is no requirement to wear high visibility clothing on public land, but it might be prudent to do so in popular areas during the roar. Given the lack of regulation, accidents do happen.
  9. I'm not an expert by any means, but there is usually some practical Kiwi thinking behind these designs, so probably something along those lines. Lots of huts in the mountainous areas and usually little, or no cost to stay in them. The hunting is also free of charge on public land. The dark green and brown areas on the map below show the current open public land hunting areas. There is more land available, but hunting maybe more restricted for various reasons. As you can see, where I live in the far north, there are fewer opportunities, but there are smaller forests that hold goats and pig
  10. Chur! If I was a real Kiwi, I would have walked up and down that mountain and hunted wearing nothing but stubbies! Nothing more cunning than the fact there is not enough flat land anywhere in the immediate area to build a small bivvy with all four sides touching the ground!
  11. Thanks. Walker, you never shot a sika?! That makes me feel better!
  12. Just back from a sika hunt in the Kaweka mountains which are located in the Hawke's Bay region of New Zealand. Long drive and a helicopter flight to public hunting land. Sika are notoriously frustrating to hunt and they certainly ran rings around me. In fact, I didn't even see a deer in four days, but I got very close to roaring stags twice. Beautiful, but tough country to hunt. Below freezing temperatures were a challenge for this hunter from the sub-tropical far north!
  13. That's true. Stoats, weasels, ferrets, hedgehogs, rats and mice, as well as possums from Australia have devastated indigenous bird life according to the experts. While I agree it's a problem, I don't think air dropping thousands of tons of poison (1080) on to our forests is the solution, also killing deer and wild boar. Anyway, that's a discussion for another time. If there's one thing that raises my hackles, it's this issue!
  14. One of the Inspirons I had was an excellent machine, the other two, not so much! Hope it works out for you.
  15. Thanks Gas seal, sounds like you've had some good experiences. What you're saying about wildlife not being scared of boats makes sense. There's an Aussie guy on YouTube who does a lot of pig/boar hunting from a kayak. He gets really close, as in shotgun range during the middle of the day. That would almost be impossible on foot. "Hunting with Stu" if you're interested.
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