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  1. People lose bolts in NZ frequently because of the ridiculous half-cock practice (worth a Google). General consensus over here is that you may as well buy a new rifle given the cost/hassle of acquiring a new bolt.
  2. That's a native tree! Reparations will be sought 🤣
  3. Bush tends to be denser in Northland than the rest of the country due to the sub-tropical climate. Myself and a hunting buddy went a little off-piste one afternoon and it took us nearly three hours to get back to the track which was under 0.5km away. We weren't lost, just fighting the bush. The tree roots are so dense in places that you don't realise you're walking a metre above the ground until you fall through!
  4. Good question. Worst because it is the worst region by a good degree. As to why it's the worst, hunting and freshwater fishing are separate issues. Hunting - the legal status of deer in NZ is a pest species; government and the Department of Conservation (DOC) want them gone from these lands; this is usually achieved with mass poison drops and cullers shooting from helicopters. Deer have been absent in Northland for quite some time. There are a lot of wild boar around, but there is a problem. The subtropical bush is so dense and impenetrable that hunting them without dogs is almost impossible on public land. If you are lucky and have access to private farmland, you can often shoot them at the edge to the bush. Same goes for wild goats. Having said that, DOC are working hard to eradicate pigs and goats too. Rabbits, hares, turkeys and possums are plentiful, but you need access to private land to hunt them. Fishing - trout are not indigenous to NZ, they were brought over from North America and Europe. We have many self-sustaining populations throughout the country, but the waters in Northland are too warm for trout to thrive and stocking must take place to bolster numbers. There are a few lakes which are popular with anglers in the region as rainbow trout grow in excess of 10lb, but few people fish the rivers. I had the entire river to myself yesterday, despite it being a sunny Sunday afternoon at the end of summer. The saltwater fishing is amazing, but that is another story 😀
  5. Northland where I live is the worst region in NZ for trout fishing (and hunting), but the urge overtook me yesterday and I decided to try and catch some trout. Few people target them as our saltwater fishing is world class. I went to a small area of conservation land which is freely accessible to the public. Certainly not a backcountry adventure, more suburban fishing. I haven't cast a line in to a river for a while, maybe a decade. I forgot how annoying trees can be! Had a good time and managed to land a few small fish in a couple of hours on light gear with jigs and spinners.
  6. Houseplant

    Night shifts

    I'm not on a regular shift pattern, but do work on-call out-of-hours a lot. If I'm lucky, I get to sleep and being paid to sleep is a nice feeling. I'm not always lucky though. It's tough on the body and on the mind in so many ways. Hard to eat healthily and sometimes hard to sleep during the day, especially in summer. I take the odd sleeping tablet to get back on track, prescribed by my GP of course. If you have children, it is even harder and it takes it's toll on family life. Not a lifestyle I would recommend.
  7. Houseplant

    Sharks fins

    Sharkfin soup is a sign of affluence in Chinese society. Most people think it is pretty tasteless, but it is not about taste. Shark meat is edible, some species better than others and the kind of people that go shark finning would certainly have access to shark meat markets. The simple fact is that if the fisherman keep the whole shark, then there is less room to store the highly profitable fins on the boat, so the rest of the animal is dumped. Millions of sharks are killed and dumped for their fins each year and it is big business. It is an appalling practice.
  8. Haha! I've spent many an evening trying to find my sticks. I often drop them when a prone shot present itself, go collect the animal, field dress it, then think where are those bloody sticks! Hopefully the white tape I put on the last few inchest of the short stick will help in this respect.
  9. My quad sticks are DIY made from plastic-coated garden "canes". I've just covered them in camo cloth tape. Not for camouflage as I mainly use them at night, but it makes them quieter, more comfortable to hold and the tape grips the rifle stock nicely. No downside apart from a slight increase in weight. You can get the tape cheap from AliExpress. I've also cut down the stick closest to my face for slightly easier mounting and made that pole more visible with coloured tape to get the correct orientation quicker. Lastly, I've put a short length of bicycle inner tube over the bolt heads/nuts. It reduces noise and shine, but doesn't affect deployment. Simple things, but thought I'd share.
  10. Unedited photo. Yellow/orange hue about the place. Very strange. This was early evening (it's summertime). Sky should have been blue in between clouds.
  11. I think w3w is good within it’s limitations, the main one being that you still need a form of communication to relay the 3 word “coordinates” to emergency services. I don’t think it will add much to my safety as I always have two devices that give GPS coordinates, but I accept that if the brown stuff is hitting the fan, it’s easier to say 3 words than give numerical coordinates. Having said that, I’d be activating my PLB in an emergency. As an aside, I use my phone for GPS navigation when bush hunting. Maps are pre-downloaded and no signal is required. It’s never failed, I know exactly where I am all the time, even under dense canopy.
  12. It's the other way round at my place. I've slowly lost the battle in the house and garden to my wife and son. I've retreated to the garage where I'm making my last stand. It is a bastion of order and civility and no one else may enter unless under direct supervision 😀
  13. I'm out camping with my boy tonight. The sky over northern NZ is yellow/grey with Aussie bushfire smoke.
  14. I don't think thermal spotter and cheap as chips can go in the same sentence! I recently got a Guide IR510x and seems to be good value for money at least.
  15. That is my situation exactly. My garage looks like an outdoor outfitter superstore! Just kit. No dirty tools or cars, they're somewhere else 😁To be honest , I find gear management/maintenance quite draining, but don't want to sounds like a whinging millennial with extreme first world problems 😀 I also have a wife/child and work full time, so it's hard to get a balance and I don't always get it right.
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