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  1. I wasn't unhappy in the UK, enjoyed my trout and kayak fishing and living in Devon. Just went on an adventure and didn't come back. NZ certainly suits those with an interest in outdoor activities.
  2. We are long overdue a lesbian male-to-female transgender Miss Moneypenny 😂
  3. I have sampled UK fishing 😉 Coarse fishing was a time and place for me. I don't think I could go back to it now for various reasons. Sea fishing, yeah/nah. I wasn't very successful to be honest. Knowing what I know now about lure fishing, I dare say those bass would be in trouble!
  4. Standard issue in NZ and with good reason! I have a T3x Lite 7mm08 (stainless/synthetic).
  5. An over-trouser which is dry, tough, quiet and breathable is virtually impossible to find. I'd look to the top end American brands if I was serious e.g. First Lite, Kuiu. Very expensive, but you get what you pay for in this business.
  6. Thanks for the comments. It is a nice spot and close to home.
  7. Classic day out. Early morning fishing, then met up with my wife and son who had done a big hike over a mountain to get to a secluded beach. We cooked up some fresh fish over an open fire and enjoyed the environment. As promised, I gave them a ride home when we were done.
  8. Good luck to all the pike fishermen for the coming "season". I switched over to single circles towards the end of my pike fishing career, but only fished with small baits.
  9. It's an interesting topic. Some fish release better than others and I know that deepwater release devices are used a lot in Australia. The wreckfish we caught had ruptured bowels, stomachs and swim bladders, and eyes popping out their heads. The are literally dead by the time they hit the surface. In this instance, sending them back down would just be feeding the sharks. I do see a role for deepwater release devices in our inshore fishery, particularly with snapper (Pagrus auratus) as some people are determined to practice catch and release despite the species being very susceptible to barotrauma. Personally, I have settled on catching what I need and then stopping fishing. I don't get a lot of enjoyment from sticking hooks in fish these days just to release them. It doesn't sit right with me, but definitely not judging anyone else. I was a catch and release coarse fisherman for 30+ years!
  10. Nice story. Well done.
  11. Over here in NZ, there is no power limit on springer air rifles or firearms license required. You might think it air rifle paradise, but it's not. The more powerful springers, say over 16 ft.lb are a bit of nightmare. Noisy and heavy in recoil. Inaccurate and most people seem to recommend an "artillery hold" to get the most accuracy out of them. They are also rough on scopes and will quickly trash a scope, even those designed for centrefire use. Aside from hassle factor, a PCP would seem preferable in almost every way.
  12. Just watched the "interview" on YouTube. Liam Norton is a knob. As ever, glad I'm not going to live forever!
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