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  1. You've just described the cleaning regime that I use for the external parts of my guns. Works for me. Internal/moving parts get more specialised products.
  2. I've never shot a fox in my life, so this is a question as much as anything. Why not a high shoulder shot with a centrefire? I've never seen any animal get up from a shoulder shot and there is good margin of error. It takes out one if not two shoulders, one if not two lungs and the spinal cord. I understand shooting behind the front leg on deer for meat preservation, but hopefully this isn't a consideration for foxes!
  3. Wild goat is a large part of our diet. It can be tricky to get right in the kitchen. I'm surprised you described it as tasteless, the normal complaint is that it's too strong! For this reason, I don't take older animals, especially billies. As for texture, we cook it in olive oil in a slow cooker for 9 hours. It is literally falling off the bone after this time.
  4. I like my Maxus (old version). All the guns you mention are good. For me, it came down to how the gun felt and fit. Hands down, it was the Maxus, but others may feel differently.
  5. I have seen exactly that on wild shelduck breast here in NZ.
  6. That's the funniest thing I've read in a while! Notwithstanding damage to your property of course.
  7. A couple from the archives. Float paternostered deadbaits on a 3/0 circle hook fished below a weirpool.
  8. I'll keep you updated 😀 Strong wind and rain forecast this weekend, so no adventures for me ☹️
  9. I used to love pike fishing in the UK. Towards the end of my time there, I just fished small rivers with one rod and travelled light. Got more enjoyment out of that than replicating the carp fisherman's approach of two/three rods on a rod pod with alarms, but each to their own. I was mainly lure fishing, but when using small baits under a float, I employed a single 1/0 to 3/0 circle hook and had good results.
  10. Another happy original Maxus owner here. No experience of the new version.
  11. Better than nothing! Could be worse like the UK.
  12. Steep tends to be a defining feature of public land in my area, and it somewhat holds true for the rest of the country. Areas of flat land was bought/stolen/acquired for farming long ago.
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