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  1. Next stage of goat preparation. After hanging the smaller animal for 5 days in the chiller, I skinned it and froze it. Looks pretty good.
  2. We're legally limited to 5+1 shots since Christchurch. Maxus takes 4+1. Don't always need that many, but one of the features of where I shoot is that you'll often get a large number of ducks flying over at one time, then nothing for the rest of the day, so I take full advantage of those opportunities.
  3. I traded in my Miroku for a Browning Maxus. The Miroku was a lovely gun. As a gun, I preferred it, but the Maxus is much better suited to my style of duck shooting.
  4. Maybe a bit off the mark here, but perhaps a put and take trout fishery would be a good choice. If youngsters can see fish in clear water, then it gets them fired up, plus no issues with bashing a fish on the head and taking it home for dinner. It can be expensive, but a lot of places do junior tickets. You may even get a bit of tuition thrown in for free if you explain the situation.
  5. It's a good question. With a larger calibre centrefire and classic shot placement, the shoulders are often destroyed. Goats have very small backstraps and are just not worth the effort. The smaller animal shown in the second picture was selected for cooking whole, so that was a headshot at 60 metres. It was field dressed on the spot as you can see, and is now hanging in my chiller.
  6. Finally found some goats after a dry spell. Unlike most New Zealand hunters, I treat them with respect rather than a pest or target practice and am somewhat restrained in how many I shoot. They aren't the most difficult animal to hunt, but can get a bit spooky if they receive a lot of hunting pressure. Regardless, they are a great resource for young and novice hunters. 7mm08 did the business at 60 - 100 metres. I harvested the back legs from the two larger animals and prepared the smaller animal for a spit roast. Pictures to follow...
  7. I definitely don't want my game to taste any gamier. Occasionally, I'll hang gutted deer for 5 days in a chiller, but don't always have that option. Leaving the guts in an animal is not appealing and goes against everything I understand about safe game meat processing.
  8. Houseplant


    Collective losing of the plot. Glad I'm old enough to have missed all this **** when I was growing up. I suspect NZ media, politicians and urbanised population are worse than their counterparts UK in this respect. Doesn't translate to the rest of the population though.
  9. Have got 6 baffles on the 300BLK suppressor now. Definitely quieter, but not silent with subsonics. At a guess, comparable to an unmoderated subsonic 22LR.
  10. Bit of a storm-in-teacup for me. The Fieldsports Britain video answers some of the questions that have arisen from the original video. None of it was ideal, but I've thought for a long time that British hunters are their own worst enemy in terms of criticising their fellow sportsman. It has got worse with the advent of social media. **** happens. It would take a few seconds to find far more distasteful things on YouTube. Hog hunting from a chopper with a mini-gun anyone?
  11. What baffles me (pun intended!) is why it is difficult/illegal to own a suppressor in so many countries and even some American states. Anyone who has actually fired a centrefire rifle will tell you that a suppressor does not make a rifle silent like in the movies, it's still bloody loud and a risk to hearing!
  12. It comes down to sensitivities of the bug(s) rather than a question of which antibiotic is best. As you know, this requires sputum samples being sent to a microbiology lab. Otherwise this is a reliable source of information: https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/ng114/chapter/recommendations#choice-of-antibiotic
  13. As a point of interest, I've just ordered two extra baffles from DPT for my suppressor on a 300BLK. I'm only going to use the rifle for subsonic rounds, but it is way louder than I expected with four baffles on the suppressor.
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