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  1. Just wondered how many people use this technique? Worth a Google/YouTube if you're not familiar with it. Basically, you don't open up the abdominal cavity at all, yet you can harvest the back straps, back legs and shoulders of an animal. With a slight variation, you can get the tenderloins as well. It's clean and efficient. I've used it on rabbits, hares, deer, goats and pigs.
  2. I prepare them as you would do a deer. Firstly, I'm not set up for scorching/scolding the skin. Secondly, there can be a bad taste associated with the skin and fat. This seems to be dependent upon what the animal has been eating.
  3. Read this somewhere, I like it! You have the right to be offended, but the right to be offended does not trump my right to personal opinion. You have the right to be upset about it, and I have the right not to care. Your rights do not impinge my rights.
  4. I use AliExpress all the time. Have placed over 200 orders over the last few years, mainly fishing, hunting and outdoor gear. 99% have gone well apart from long delivery times, 1 - 2 months. Where there has been a problem, AliExpress has been fast to refund the money. It fell apart a bit over the covid period. I have a few small items pending, lost in the post somewhere, maybe in NZ. I will just be patient.
  5. ...and a little brown sugar mixed with your rock salt goes well too.
  6. Looks good. I've done a bit of smoking like this. You may find that you can reduce cooking time if you experiment a little bit. All our trout gets made in to gravad lax now, but smoked is good too.
  7. When I came to a similar decision, my head said .308 and my heart said 7mm08. I went with my heart. No regrets. In reality, I don't think there is much to differentiate the two in the real world, apart from maybe the extreme ends of each loads in the two calibres. These are all toys and all the calibres mentioned will do the job, so get what you want. Life is too short!
  8. A fairly typical group. A bit worse with Eley. A lot worse with Winchester.
  9. Thanks for that Steve. Decision made. They'll go to our Department of Conservation for pest trap bait.
  10. I know some one who would like them for possum or stoat traps, seems like a better plan than eating them.
  11. That was kind of what I thinking!
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