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  1. There are similar threads on the NZ hunting forum, it's not limited to the UK. Since Christchurch, there has been a lot of public discussion about gun ownership, political correctness, racism, freedom of speech, the right to hunt/fish and all sort of other things that we thought didn't really affect us. I can tell you that the average, usually moderately-minded, working/tax paying hunter/angler is pretty ****** off right now.
  2. My dad and I were walking back to the car after a day's pigeon shooting in the UK. We were carrying our shotguns. There were two policemen waiting for us at the car. Their first question was "have you been fishing?". Obviously not the brightest members of the constabulary, but friendly enough. When we explained what we doing, they were fine.
  3. Congratulations 🍺 I have been dropping hints to Mrs Houseplant about acquiring a small piece of land. For us, it would be realistic to own somewhere with a duck pond, rabbit shooting, rimfire range, and if we were very lucky, a spot where deer/pigs/goats might pass through. So far, hints haven't worked. Must try harder!
  4. She'll be drawing her pension in a couple of weeks, so some of you fellas might be in with a chance 😆
  5. Is she dead? I never found her attractive at any stage of my life, or hers. Each to their own.
  6. I've had some success with other game meats soaked overnight in buttermilk substitute (full fat milk mixed with a small volume of lemon juice). It definitely works.
  7. Thanks John. I've done something similar with the last few hares I've shot. Skinned, back legs off and remove the back straps. I discard the rest and don't go anywhere near the guts.
  8. There is the easter bunny hunt down south. I think the record is over 20 000 rabbits shot in 24 period. We don't have those numbers in the far north, but anecdotally, I think numbers are increasing despite the release of viruses and use of poisons.
  9. Yes, I have those memories too, and probably the origin of my thoughts on the matter.
  10. Thanks for the replies. What about hares then? 😊
  11. What do you think about hanging rabbits? To be honest, I never really enjoyed eating them, but want to give it another go. I have a spare fridge which would serve as a chiller. I was thinking guts out and skin on, hung for a few days. Will it help to tenderise the meat? Will it make them stronger tasting (I hope not)? Cheers.
  12. This thread is getting a bit serious, but since it's show and tell time... Having seen the negative impact of children on friends' lives, I didn't want a child, but got coerced in to it over many years. The first three years were utterly miserable. With no family support, we got very little sleep and weren't able to do any of the things we used to do as a couple, travel, diving, hiking/camping, nights out etc. Everything became ten times harder than it was previously, even going to the supermarket was a major challenge. Our boy was not easy to manage and it got to the point where I was wondering if there was something wrong with him. Wife got terrible postnatal depression and turned into someone I didn't recognise. Five years later, we have a sweet, polite little boy who is a pleasure to be around. We talk about hunting and fishing all the time and he has started joining me on a few adventures. I would not have understood this before becoming a parent, but he is the most important thing in my life now.
  13. Had my CZ452 chopped to 15 inches. I only use subsonics and no effect on accuracy 👍
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