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    pigeon shooting<br />grandkids<br />real ale<br />PORT
  1. Well chaps Tried the Worlds end not a bad pub. If you seen a snow man waking a great dane please escort me to the aford said rest hole.; Defrost slowly with a large one. (Glenmorangie) hopefully will organise something soon in my new neck of the woods. Lots of pigeons deer seen on my WALKIES (or draggies sometimes) BTMS
  2. BTMS


    Gentlemen all take a bow. Talk about old fasioned care. If everybody in the UK was like our shooting/fishing/hunting community. We would be a better place for all. The boss man has now realised how we work. So PW time is not frowned at, at work BTMS What white stuff....
  3. BTMS


    Thank you fellow gentlemen and fellow reprobates........... Glad too be back. times are going to be bad, but now got my head around most things. Apart from computers, numpties et all. Sweaty sock _ Jock _ The best, ie someone who is born in Gods country ie SCOTLAND.... Thanks Pete, fm, evil. bought a new gun as well BROWING ULTRA LIGHT HUNTER. Not shot for 3 months, but taking some new boys for some lessons. Persuaded 3 of them to apply for their lic and now have them so I had better produce the results. 2 of them have have tried pigeon, rabbit etc and say what have we been
  4. BTMS


    Hi Fellow reprobates. Or have you been sanctioned or have you been good....... Speak to all of you soon LB, YP, HANSER, MUNGLER ET ALL Thanks MC AND HD Brian PS What I am I now a Sweatty sock, an Essex Boy, a Suffolk Silly, or A carrot Cruncher Answer to be vetted by................. Yours sincerely confused BTMS
  5. BTMS


    Thanks Gents Its been a tough time but, life is sometimes not fair.. I can not praise Tractor boy and His good lady enough. Friends are worth more than anything you can imagine/ Will be moving hopefully within the moth ( weather and solicitors) permitting. TTFN PS Monday madness booked for 22 Mar.................
  6. BTMS


    Sory for not posting for a while... My thanks to TRACTOR BOY AND Lady Jane. They have kept me sane through a rough time. My new partner has been been diagnosed with terminal Pancrias cancer. so I am moving up to The normal side of Norfolk................ Hanser Behave....... So I have been and Essex site a Suffolk Site and Now a Norfolk site. Thanks to all. will hopefully touch base with those who have been gents and ladies. Worlds end is a good shooters pub. PS have now a 2 year old great dane who loves to run and run not well behaved not my fault so they say Will be
  7. BTMS

    very sad news

    My condolenses Rob Regards Brian
  8. Thanks again to Paul. Free pass and discount to PW what more can us Tight fisted Poor Scots (ex Essex and Now Suffolk) people want. I know we are financially bound bound by the rules (sponsers etc), but what about service and loyalty? Paul excels in both!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Mods Brian
  9. Mark, Posted cheque today for £135 as requested Brian
  10. SS, Definetley up for it. Sorry could not get back to, Will try later. Brian
  11. Always buy the cage system van 9 ft load length. BTMS LV hope everything was ok Will phone whenyou are back from US, or PM Me. Hope the boys looked after you. Mungler you will give me a bad name. A Scotsman doing a good deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does that meen I can buy your weapon??:good:? Cant wait till you try mine..
  12. Well I had better save some money beers for |Paul and SS Thank you both guys both of you have been brilliant. Paul has always been a gent, and looked after us PW members without shouting about it. A true gent. SS Thank you. Brian
  13. Welcome Brian PS Forget about the intermingling, Mungler inetermixes and Hanser has a shed And roumer control says LB originally came from Suffolk. Scarey I know but read on BTMS
  14. Starlight, Either one of those Combo, not too underpowered or try a P206 van 1.4TDCI same engine as the fiestsa. Run in excess of 69000 vehs any help I can do Just shout
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